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D-Day - First movements of 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment

Known from the miniseries Band of brothers

Roll of honor

506th Parachute Infantry Rgt : Colonel Robert Sink

Rgt Hq Co : Captain Edward A. Peters (KIA 6 June)

Rgt Service Co : Captain George L. Barton III

1/506th : Lt Col. William L. Turner (KIA 7 June), Lt Col. James L. LaPrade (From 7 June)

Hq Co : Captain Lloyd E. Patch

A Co : Captain Melvin O. Davis

B Co : Captain Clovis Y. Tollett

C Co : Captain Knut H. Raudstein (WIA)

2/506th : Lt Col. Robert L. Strayer

Hq Co : Captain Lloyd J. Cox

D Co : Captain Jerre S. Grosse (KIA 8 June), 1st/Lt. Joseph F. McMillan (From 8 June)

E Co : 1st Lt Thomas Meehan III (KIA 6 June), Captain Richard D. Winters (From 6 June)

F Co : Captain Thomas P. Mulvey

3/506th : Lt Col. Robert L. Wolverton (KIA 6 June), Captain Robert F. Harwick (Acting 9 June), Major Oliver M. Horton (From June)

G Co : Captain Harold Van Antwerp (KIA 6 June), Captain Joseph B. Doughty (From 6 June)

H Co : Captain Robert F. Harwick (POW), 1st/Lt. Richard P. Meason (From 7 June)

I Co : Captain John T. McKnight (POW)