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D-Day - First movements of 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment

Known by the computer game Brothers in Arms

Roll of honor

502nd Parachute Infantry Rgt : Colonel George Moseley (WIA 6 June), Lt Col. John H. Michaelis (From 9 June)

Rgt Hq Co : Captain Rudolph M. Jones

Rgt Service Co : Captain Eldia R. Haire

1/502nd : Lt Col. Patrick F. Cassidy

Hq Co : Captain James J. Hatch

A Co : Captain Richard L. Davidson (KIA 6 June), 1st/Lt. Wallace A. Swanson (From 6 June)

B Co : Captain Cleveland R. Fitzgerald (WIA 6 June)

C Co : Captain Fred A. Hancock

2/502nd : Lt Col. Steve A. Chapuis

Hq Co : Captain James R. Martin, Jr

D Co : Captain William A. Bolton (WIA)

E Co : 1st/Lt. Fred O. Drennan

F Co : Captain Legrand K. Johnson

3/502nd : Lt Col. Robert G. Cole

Hq Co : Captain Raymond T. Smith

G Co : Captain Robert L. Clements (WIA 11 June)

H Co : Captain Cecil L. Simmons

I Co : Captain Ivan R. Hershner, Jr