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Thread: Caddo Mounds State Park discussion

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    Default Caddo Mounds State Park discussion

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    Caddo Mounds State Park

    History: Caddoan Mounds State Historic Site, a 93.8-acre park in Cherokee County west of Nacogdoches, was acquired in February, 1975 from Walter E. Gundermann, Jr. Development of facilities was completed and the park opened to the public in June 1982. It was the home of Mound Builders of Caddoan origin who lived in the region for 500 years beginning about A.D. 800. Caddo Mounds State Historic Park

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    Default Let's see more of these.

    There are several of these mounds out there. I have heard of some in Kansas, Tennesee, and Iowa. Anyone know where these are? Please don't make me pull out old college books to find them.
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