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Thread: University of Paderborn overlay (Germany) discussion

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    Default University of Paderborn overlay (Germany) discussion

    This is a discussion thread for the following file:

    University of Paderborn overlay (Germany)

    From Wikipedia: The University of Paderborn (German: Universität Paderborn) in Paderborn, Germany, is a university with 13,900 students (as of 2004 July 2).

    Following the guiding principle of "the university of the information community", its educational emphasis is in the fields of computer science, technology and mathematics.

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    Default wrong position

    I think the overlay is in the wrong position! When GE improved the res. the position of some cities changed. (Sounds a bit crazy, doesnīt it? )
    But the overlay itself is great. Donīt know why a city like paderborn isnīt in High-Res at all. Maybe the BF-Trainingcenter "Senne" could be the reason?
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    Itīs not a bug; Itīs a feature!

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