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Thread: Huangyangtan Mystery

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dom88

    I've found similar huge numbers near the border between China and Kyrgyzstan.
    2 numbers 1
    2 numbers 2
    3 numbers 3.

    Near home on the ground.

    It's very"communistic". when Armenia was a communistic country on the mountains along the main roads there were huge sentences, written with white stones. They meant stuff like "we are glorious", "Lenin is the best, comunism is even better", "Comunism is the only way to happyness and peace" etc. Considering that China is still comunistic, and "Stans" are not completly capitalistic I belive that words ar kind of political ads. Yet have no Idea about numbers.

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    I think it is now fairly well established that the numbers are probably part of a tank training facility.
    It may be a coincidence that this one has 18 'holes' (or maybe they play a version of 'ballistic golf' as part of their training )

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