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Thread: Some constructions into Talkamakam desert(Xinjiang,China) discussion

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    Default Some constructions into Talkamakam desert(Xinjiang,China) discussion

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    Some constructions into Talkamakam desert(Xinjiang,China)

    3 constructions

    1 cars

    1 trucks.

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    I've been looking at that area of the desert for a few days now, and this post seems to provide the missing piece of the puzzle.
    Where I was looking was about 6 km to the west where there is something like a motor pool or fuel dump (on the main highway) What I noticed was some rather large vehicles going off-road in what seems very sandy desert and tracks all over the place.
    It's seems a bit remote for weekend dune-buggy fanatics, and the vehicles are much larger that that, so it must be something more business-like.
    The structure in this latest find looks like it is probably an oil or gas well. So I think the tracks in the desert are most likely from intensive oil/gas exploration.

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    Could this be part of the Tahe Oilfield ?

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    I can't find any maps of Tahe oilfield, but this location is due south of where it is described as being in what I have found so-far.

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    The top image on this page about Tazhong oilfield could very well be the same oil platform that we are looking at here.

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