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Thread: Riga International Airport, LATVIA discussion

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    Riga International Airport, LATVIA

    Western Europe destinations dominate the flight map of Riga Airport.

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    Rīga International Airport is located about eight miles (13km) southwest from Rīga, the capital of Latvia. Its IATA airport code is RIX.
    It is the largest airport in the Baltic states and is directly connected to 27 countries: Sweden, Finland, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Poland, Israel, Turkey, USA, Spain, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Egypt.
    Riga International Airport was built in 1973. Renovation and modernization of the RIX ended in 2001, coinciding with the Rīga's 800th anniversary. The airport is a state-owned joint-stock company, with the owner of all shares being the Latvian government. The holder of state capital share is the Latvia's Ministry of Transport.
    In 2005, the airport served 2 million passengers. In 2006 the new north terminal was opened. RIX plans to build a new terminal, able to handle about 10 million passengers a year.
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