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Thread: Huge data update in Google Earth

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    Also a new Quiz is on

    1) This Asian city is at the center of the Hexi Corridor and Marco Polo has spent a year in this ancient city. Lanzhou

    2) The nickname "City of Lights" just gives this one away. Paris ?

    3) Tangerines were named for this city, the first one to ship the fruit to Europe. Tangier, Morocco

    4) This city has a government building named the "The Custom House".

    5) This city is home of the two time winner of the FIBA EuroLeague Women. Como, Bourges, Valencia, Moscow ?

    6) This northern Canadian city started its first oil boom when it struck oil in 1947. Edmonton

    7) This beautiful rail station is central to this Asian mega-city. Beijing

    8) A major UN convention was held in this city in 2006.

    9) This lake is a few kilometers outside the city created in 1937 to be the headquarters for the western mining group of the High Katanga Mining Association. Kolwezi, Congo
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