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Thread: Flags of the World discussion

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    Default Flags of the World discussion

    This is a discussion thread for the following file:

    Flags of the World

    Please update my currently listed file with the same name.

    Please update the original file and do not create a new entry. The last time I updated, a while ago, download and voting history got deleted

    Please change the description to "V1.4 (05.09.2006)"

    Thanks for your help and keep it up ...


    I'll describe the changes in the forum.

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    Ok ... this is too bad but again the file has been "injected" again instead of being replaced. I understand that approving files is a tedious task but this time it seems that not even my description had been read.

    If you want to discuss this post, please go over to because this is the original thread ... ... well, not really, but you get it ...

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