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Thread: Alang Ship Graveyard discussion

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    Default Alang Ship Graveyard discussion

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    Alang Ship Graveyard

    In Alang, Inda, some 4000 ships have been wrecked on the coast. It's a large wreckyard where condemned ships/tankers are being disassembled after years of service.

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    This appears to have been updated with a new high-res image. At least I don't remember it being that clear before. Many ships can be seen on the beach being torn apart for scrap, some of them are huge. Even an aircraft carrier is waiting offshore, unless it's there as a military presence, though I doubt it since it's so close to shore, I rather think it's about to be scrap itself.


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    The image was updated a few months ago.

    The carrier is the NAE Minas Gerais, about to be scrapped. It was previously the HMS Vengeance before being sold to Brazil. A few people seemed to think it was the Clemenceau for some reason, but the deck is wrong and the date is wrong and the Clemenceau didn't actually make it to this point in the journey before being turned around.

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    I found a link with photos of it's last jurney to Alang.

    May 2004 it was scrapped.
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