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    Default Yard Art discussion

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    Yard Art

    Just north of Dodgeville Wi. on Rt23. Don't have a clue to why it's there of what type it is.

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    Default Yard Art

    Did some research::
    thank you,
    There are more ground pics there.
    The most remarkable aspect of the Dodgeville Airport is its resident Boeing C-97G,which serves as a static display at the Don Q Inn which sits adjacent to the south side of the airport.
    Dodgeville's C-97G was built in 1952, and it has logged a total of 10,068 hours of flight.
    This particular C-97G was used to film two commercials for the Mercury Cougar in 1975,and Farrah Fawcett's autograph appears on the lower fuselage.
    It was purchased in 1977 from a bankrupt company in Long Beach, CA.

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    Default "yard art"

    yep, it's the don q inn near dodgeville, wisconsin. i've driven past it many times.

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    Default you can go inside it and look around... even in the cockpit

    its a cool plane... you can go inside, i was just out there at governor dodge state park and went in the plane at night on the way home... there are stairs up to the door and lights on inside.

    the explanation inside on the table says it burned 600 gallons of fuel per hour... each spark plug cost $100 bucks because they're made of platinum.... 28 cylinders per engine... that particular plane served as a troop transport in the korean war among other things.... it was also a refueling aircraft from what i could see..

    the cockpit reminded me of the b-52 cockpit in "Dr. Strangelove"... it had that military surplus smell even.

    if you're driving past its free to go in and look and definitely worth the 5 minutes... but i ended up looking around for longer.

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