I'm at a PK-12 school and we downloaded the latest version of Google Earth (4.0.2413) and installed on iMacs (intel) and eMacs (power PC). There are two browsers installed - Firefox 1.5.08 and Safari 2.0.4. We can use either browser, but prefer Firefox as our class managment program is Moodle and that runs best within Firefox. Google Earth is not loading.

The issue as we see it is:

Google earth appears to be trying to access a server other then one of the three published. We had Google Earth running on Friday, if all of Google.com was allowed through the proxy server without the need for a login. However, that is unacceptable, given all of the contents of Google and we don't filter. As soon as we limited the servers to earth.google.com and kh.google.com, Google Earth began asking for the proxy info, which does not work, as the proxy login box is hidden beneath an dialog box (error message). The dialog box cannot be moved, can't login to proxy. If I am using a Windows (XP) workstation or laptop on the same network, I don't have this issue.

Has anyone else encountered this? Our proxy software is Squid.

Are there other servers Google Earth is trying to access, so we can pass it through the proxy without need for login? Or, is there something we are missing?