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Thread: Death railway discussion

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    Default Death railway discussion

    This is a discussion thread for the following file:

    Death railway

    Description: version n░ 5 (Auto update)

    Placemarks along the Thai-Burma Railway (Death railway) during WWII

    *Camps of Prisoners

    *Railway Stations

    + Some sites / Pictures (JEAHT Museum, river kwai bridge, apalon bridge, 3 pagodas, hell fire pass museum...)

    *Railway track


    3d models of Kwai brides available in 3d model post

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    Default Death RR v5 failed link

    When I tried to download 080505-__Death_railway_[73221].kmz, I got the following error message:

    Fetch of NetworkLink "Death railway" failed
    Invalid Host

    Do you want to stop fetching, continue to
    fetch with error notifications, or continue
    to fetch and ignore fetch errors?

    Can you repair the file, or if not, shouldn't the listing be removed?


    Hak Hakanson
    Chiang Mai

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    You are right. File moved to Outdated Items.

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