I have recently uninstalled a 3-week old version of GE, and downloaded the latest-greatest today. I am experiencing the same situation with the new download that I was with the older one. After zooming around for a while, I get a little window that tells me something like "We are sorry. Google Earth has encountered an unexpected error and will shut down." then it asks me if I want to report the error, and I always do. What bugs me is, I ALWAYS DO. I have never had the pleasure of exiting the program deliberately. It always tells me, on startup, that it didn't close down properly and that I might want to delete my cache files.

I am running XPH using a 2300 Athlon with 1 gb of ram and over 300 gb of HD.
I read most of the entries on this forum, but to my knowledge, no one else reported this kind of situation.
Am I incompatable, or what?