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Thread: Our First Contest - Counting to 1,000

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    Default Our First Contest - Counting to 1,000

    OK - here comes the very first Google Earth Hacks contest. We have grown from zero members to over 600 (636 right this moment) members in a week.

    What day and time will the 1,000th member sign up to GEH?

    Post your estimate here on this thread. Post only two items - the day and the time. Like this:

    Sunday, 13:13

    Use military time to avoid confusion. The time zone will be Mountain Daylight time, just because that is where I live and what my computer's clock says. In other words, you figure out the time difference to me instead of vice-versa.

    First prize will be your choice of a beautiful coffee mug or a mouse pad, with a full color photograph of your favorite kmz file. It can be a file on the site, or you can send a favorite file.

    CAVEAT - If the winner lives outside of the USA, the prize will be a mouse pad; you don't have the choice of a mug. I am not shipping a coffee mug around the world, but I will spring for postage to ship a mouse pad anywhere on the earth.

    There rules are simple -

    1 - In this thread type the day and time you think the 1,000th person will become a GEH member.

    2 - Absolutely no entries after the 900th member joins. We will lock this thread as soon as possible after number 900 signs up.

    3 - We will take the day, hour, and minute that person 1,000 signs up and then figure out who was closest. It doesn't matter if your guess is prior to or after number 1,000. (example - #1,000 signs up at 1:00 PM on Thursday. Andy guessed Thursday 12:55 and Betty guessed Thursday 13:05. They both missed by five minutes.)

    4 - In the event of a tie, whoever submitted the winning entry earlier will be the winner.

    5 - One entry per member, and you cannot change your guess after you have posted it.

    6 - If we forgot something, we will change the rules in the middle of the contest.

    7 - The judges' decision is final.

    8 - It is all for fun.

    9 - Allow about a week after the contest ends for shipping.
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