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01.04.1945 - The Ruhr trap is closed

On April 1st 1945 15:10 on position 43184012* Sergeant Snodgrass of the 67th Armored Regiment and parts of Task Force Kane of the 3rd Armored Division met on open field in Lippstadt between the Westernkötter Strasse and Böckenförder Strasse - the Ruhr pocket is closed.

Ca. 430,000 soldiers of the Heeresgruppe B under command of Field Marshall Walter Model are trapped. 20 days later, Model released the remaining troops from duty and committed suicide in a forrest near Duisburg.

Source: Willi Mues, Der große Kessel, Selbstverlag, ISBN 3-98 00 968-2-3

*Military coordinates used by Allies in WWII.