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Thread: Odd wave formation, Bahamas discussion

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    Default Odd wave formation, Bahamas discussion

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    Odd wave formation, Bahamas

    I found this wave formation and don't know what it is -- any ideas? Earthquake artifact?

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    Its a pretty typical wave pattern wraping around a couple of shoals.

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    Default hey

    this was posted to th forums actually a few days ago.
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    Default interfering waves

    I don't think an earthquake is a likely cause, as the waves have interference and overlap. A tsunami, the real wave caused by earthquakes, wouldn't be such a small point, but rather a broader line. Likewise, an impact should make more concentric circles than this.

    Likely, the weirdness is the result of wave reflection--waves hitting then bouncing back, as if on the edge of a swimming pool--from some topographic high point. Very interesting pattern!

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    ^^^that sounds like the most likely cause

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