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Antietam in detail

The Battle of Sharpsburg, also known as the Battle of Antietam, marks the single day greatest casualty count in the entire history of American warfare. On the first day of the Invasion of Normandy, the US counted around 6,603 casualties to give some perspective to the roughly 22,217 lost in one day in the area around Sharpsburg, MD.

This is a set of placemarks, some of which I have set by DEFAULT to not show. This is because there are quite a few and they can get in the way.

1) There are a set of basic placemarks showing well-known areas of the battlefield such as the cornfield, Bloody Lane, Dunker Church, and Burnside's bridge. Note that the visitor center placemark has some excellent links in it and has a different icon to more easily spot it.

2) A set of troop movements based on a map in the Wikipedia article. This isn't an overlay, but rather a folder with polygons in it. Various units with complex polygons have their own folder to allow you to turn troops off and on as you wish.

3) A placemark set of the monuments at Antietam. There are nearly 100 such markers, organized into folders. When turned on they can really clutter up the view.

Future updates: I want to add the names of the leaders of the various units shown in the overview. I'll be using polygons for that too, as placemarks would act strangely when zooming in and out. I also want to add more detailed troop movements for the various stages of the battle over the course of the day, with each phase being in its own folder.