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Thread: Gret Belt Bridge, Denmark discussion

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    Default Gret Belt Bridge, Denmark discussion

    This is a discussion thread for the following file:

    Gret Belt Bridge, Denmark

    Gret Belt Bridge, Denmark ( 1.624 Meters ). The Artificial Island of Sprog° connecting the East and West road- and rail link across The Great Belt, Denmark.

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    Question Perhaps a more general note

    The header of this file says. Gret Belt Bridge, Denmark. As you can see the spelling is wrong: Gret should be Great. Furthermore the file shows the island connecting the eastern and the western part of the fixed link and not the bridge - which in fact is 2 bridges: the lowlevel west bridge with road and railway and the eastern bridge - the suspension bridge for road traffic. The eastern railwaylink is in a bored tunnel with an alignment north of the suspension bridge

    How are such erorrs corrected or should they be corrected?

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    I think they should be corrected. Here is a link to the connection in its entirety:
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