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sladys has submitted 4,282 StreetView files to the site

File NameDate SubmittedRatingComments
Futuro House in Tampa01/18/201400
Futuro House Royse City01/18/201400
Futuro House in Rockwall01/18/201400
Futuro House in Rockland01/18/201400
Futuro House in Milton01/18/201400
Futuro House in Gulf Breeze01/18/201400
Futuro House in Frisco01/18/201400
Futuro House in Covington01/18/201400
Futuro Houses in Carlisle01/18/201400
Futuro Houses in Wen-Li01/18/201400
Futuro House in Örebro01/18/201400
Futuro House in Port Alfred01/18/201400
Futuro House in Warrington01/18/201400
Futuro House in Raglan01/18/201400
Futuro House in Christchurch01/18/201400
Futuro House at Felica Technical Academy, Maebashi01/18/201400
Futuro House in Frankfurt/Main01/18/201400
Futuro House in Lihula01/18/201400
Futuro House in Kaimaumau01/18/201400
Futuro House in Dickson01/18/201400
Futuro House in South Morang01/18/201400
Futuro Houses in Kvistgaard01/18/201400
Nuclear waste transportation waggons being loaded01/13/201400
Supermarine Spitfire replica10/29/201300
Supermarine Swift10/29/201300
Supermarine S.6B mosaique10/29/201300
Underground house10/29/201300
UFO shaped Earth house10/28/201300
Replica of the city hall tower of Copenhagen10/03/201300
Tupolev TU-14409/21/201300
AWACS in flight05/01/201311
Laurel & Hardy mural03/05/201300
Laurel & Hardy mural03/05/201300
Birthplace of Oliver Hardy (Site of)03/05/201300
Parential gravesite of comedy actor Oliver Hardy03/05/201300
House of Hendrik Antoon Lorentz02/20/201300
Majdanek concentration camp museum02/20/201300
Majdanek concentration camp mausoleum02/20/201300
Majdanek concentration camp memorial02/20/201300
Gate to Lenin Shipyard02/20/201300
Birthplace of Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit02/20/201300
Early Street View car11/17/201200
Early Street View car and cam11/17/201200
Street View trike from behind11/17/201200
Street View trike11/17/201200
Space Shuttle Atlantis08/02/201200
Space Shuttle Endeavour08/02/201200
Niels Bohrs family gravesite12/10/201000
Cerne Abbas giant03/10/201020
Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch Railway Station03/10/201010
Donkey on the way into a T-shirt store in Oatman02/28/201000
Donkey on the street in Oatman ghost town02/28/201000
Destroyed village Belchite02/28/201000
Destroyed village Oradour-sur-Glane02/28/201000
WoZoCo - Apartment building of 100 homes for elderly people02/28/201000
International Søndervig Sand Sculpture Festival 200902/24/201010
Dragør old lighthouse No. 202/21/201000
Dragør old lighthouse No. 102/21/201000
Train wrecks02/21/201000
German War Cemetery Esbjerg02/20/201000
Hvidsten Kro02/20/201000
Hvidsten Group Memorial02/20/201000
Bromølle Kro - Denmarks oldest inn02/20/201000
Cirkus Benneweis HQ02/20/201000
Cirkus Mascot HQ02/20/201000
Berdals Tunnel - East end02/19/201000
Nesbøgalden in Aurland Valley02/19/201000
Nesbø Tunnel - West end02/19/201000
Nesbø Tunnel - East end02/19/201000
Berdals Tunnel - West end02/19/201000
Stondals Tunnel - South end02/19/201000
Stondals Tunnel - North end02/19/201000
Stiganes Tunnel - North end02/19/201000
Stiganes Tunnel - South end02/19/201000
Eidfjord Tunnel - South end02/19/201000
Eidfjord Tunnel - North end02/19/201000
Oslofjord Tunnel - West end02/19/201000
Oslofjord Tunnel - East end02/19/201000
Vallavik Tunnel - North end02/19/201000
Vallavik Tunnel - South end02/19/201000
Bømlafjord Tunnel - South end02/19/201000
Bømlafjord Tunnel - North end02/19/201000
Holmestrand Tunnel - South end02/19/201000
Botne Tunnel - South end02/19/201000
Botne Tunnel - North end02/19/201000
Frodeås Tunnel - West end02/19/201000
Hanekleiv Tunnel - South end02/19/201000
Hanekleiv Tunnel - North end02/19/201000
Embassy of Mexico to Denmark02/19/201000
Manilla tag add for IT Factory play02/19/201000
Two policemen with bullet proof vests02/19/201000
Østre Gasværk Teater02/19/201000
Nørrebro Teater02/19/201000
Det Ny Teater02/19/201000
Graffiti vandalism02/19/201000
Trick of the Eye in Copenhagen02/19/201000
No named waterfall02/19/201000
Trick of the Eye in Montpellier No. 602/19/201000
Trick of the Eye in Montpellier No. 502/19/201000
Trick of the Eye in Montpellier No.402/19/201000
Trick of the Eye in Montpeller No. 302/19/201000
Trick of the Eye in Montpellier No. 202/19/201000
Trick of the Eye in Montpeller No. 102/19/201000
Trick of the Eye in Bedarieux02/19/201000
Trick of the Eye in Paris No. 1702/19/201000
Trick of the Eye in Paris No. 1602/19/201000
Trick of the Eye in Paris No. 1502/19/201000
Trick of the Eye in Paris No. 1402/19/201000
Trick of Eye in Paris No. 1302/19/201000
Trick of the Eye in Paris No. 1202/19/201000
Trick of the Eye in Suresnes No. 302/18/201000
Trick of the Eye in Suresnes No. 202/18/201000
Trick of the Eye in Fontenay aux Roses No. 202/18/201000
Strange music mural02/18/201000
Trick of the Eye in Fontenay aux Roses No. 102/18/201000
Trick of the Eye in Suresnes No. 102/18/201000
Trick of the Eye in Paris No. 1002/18/201000
Trick of the Eye in Paris No. 1102/18/201000
Trick of the Eye in Paris No. 902/18/201000
Trick of the Eye in Paris No. 802/18/201000
Trick of the Eye in Paris No. 702/18/201000
Trick of the Eye in Paris No. 602/18/201000
Stranded sailor with boat at light house02/18/201000
Filip Mirazovic mural02/18/201000
Elle mural02/18/201000
Trick of the Eye in Paris No. 502/18/201000
Trick of the Eye in Paris No. 402/18/201000
Trick of the Eye in Paris No. 302/18/201000
Trick of the Eye in Ambérieu-en-Bugey02/18/201000
Trick of the Eye in Paris No. 202/18/201000
Trick of the Eye in Victoria02/18/201000
Trick of the Eye in Boston02/18/201000
Trick of the Eye in St Louis No. 202/18/201000
Trick of the Eye in St. Louis No. 102/18/201000
Trick of the Eye in Louisville02/18/201000
Trick of the Eye in Winslow02/18/201000
Trick of the Eye in Santa Cruz02/18/201000
Trick of the Eye in Niagara Falls02/18/201000
Trick of the Eye in Honolulu02/18/201000
Trick of the Eye in Paris No. 102/18/201000
Giant foot in a sandal02/18/201010
Giant gren shoe02/18/201010
Trick of the Eye in Sitges02/18/201010
Trick of the Eye in Lyon No. 202/18/201000
Classic Mercedes Convertible02/16/201000
Speeding camera at Horten02/16/201000
Most northern LDS Temple in the World02/16/201000
Most northern point between two countries02/16/201001
Klondike Kates Restaurant02/16/201000
Guide with tourists02/16/201000
Dogsleigh mural02/16/201000
Parked StreetView car02/16/201000
Very small radio station - CFYT02/16/201000
Dawson City General Store mural02/16/201000
Gold City Busses - For sale02/16/201000
Paddlewheeler Keno02/16/201000
Dawson City Internet Cafe02/16/201000
Daenojà Zho Cultural Centre02/16/201000
Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in First Nation Community Center02/16/201000
Driving behind StreetView car02/16/201000
Road roller02/16/201000
On board the Yukon River ferry02/16/201000
Klondike Gold Rush memorial02/16/201000
Historic Dawson City Cemetery02/16/201000
Jack London Centre02/16/201000
Ski jumping hill Solbergbakken02/15/201000
Ski jump arena Asker02/15/201000
Ski jumping arena Les Tuffes02/15/201000
Ski jumping arena La Côté Feuillée02/15/201000
Mer de Glace Glacier02/15/201000
Ski jumping hill Tremplin Olympique aux Launes02/15/201000
Reindeers crossing the road02/15/201040
Border Finland - Norway, Most northern land border crossing02/15/201000
Border Finland - Sweden02/15/201000
Border Finland - Sweden02/15/201000
Border Sweden - Finland02/15/201000
Vikersundbakken ski flying hill02/15/201000
Worlds largest Dalecarlian horse02/15/201000
Lund Cathedral02/15/201000
Laying under the car fixing a problem02/14/201000
Buying tickets for the Olympics02/14/201000
Inukshuk at English Bay02/13/201000
Worlds largest Inukshuk02/13/201000
Icy Ilanaaq02/13/201000
Nice troll family02/13/201000
StreetView car driving down a curvy road02/13/2010-10
Really dented car02/13/201000
Frederik IX's Carillon02/13/201000
Bork Viking Harbor02/13/201000
Hedared stave church02/13/201000
Torpo stave church02/13/201000
Ringebu stave church02/13/201000
Flesberg stave church02/13/201000
Fåvang stave church02/13/201000
Heddal stave church02/13/201000
Høyjord stave church02/13/201000
Vehicle and personel control by Danish police02/13/201000
Danish police car with control trailer02/13/201000
StreetView car in Germany02/13/201000
Border Denmark - Germany for pedestrians, bicycles and mopeds02/13/201000
Gejlå Bridge02/13/201000
Immervad Bridge02/13/201000
Folkefonn Tunnel - West end02/13/201000
Folkefonn Tunnel - East end02/13/201000
Fodnes Tunnel - North end02/13/201000
Fodnes Tunnel - South end02/13/201000
Flenja Tunnel - East end02/13/201000
Flenja Tunnel - West end02/13/201000
Gudvanga Tunnel - East end02/13/201000
Gudvanga Tunnel - West end02/13/201000
Troll with Norwegian flag02/13/201000
Toget Café02/13/201000
Ferry Gudvangen02/13/201000
Tourist street train02/13/201000
MSC Orchestra02/13/201000
End of USA-Mexico iron curtain02/13/201000
Remains of a house renovation gone bad02/13/201000
Air Belfast plane outside former brewery02/13/201000
MHV 811 "Apollo"02/13/201000
A trip in the motor boat02/13/201000
MHV 809 "Antares"02/13/201000
Amanda from Kerteminde02/13/201000
MHV 801 "Aldebaran"02/13/201000
MHV 818 "Sabotøren"02/13/201000
Trans Dania02/13/201000
Peter Willemoes birthplace02/13/201000
Peter Willemoes02/13/201000
MHV 817 "Partisan"02/13/201000
MHV 815 "Kureren"02/13/201000
MHV 814 "Budstikken"02/13/201000
Vagns SAAB Museum02/13/201000
Guderup sundial02/13/201000
Ringridning in Guderup02/13/201000
The horse stable at Egen Church02/13/201000
Gunnar "Nu" Hansen02/13/201000
German WW2 Sturmgeschütz III (StuG III) assault gun02/13/201000
Finnish soldier on a bicycle02/13/201000
T-54 Ps 261-43 tank and Sturmgeschütz III assault gun02/13/201000
Comet tank and Charioteer CT tank02/13/201000
Street View trike reflection02/13/201000
Warning sign at Finnish - Russian border02/13/201000
Rajavyohyke = Border zone02/13/201000
Border Finland - Russia02/13/201000
Border Finland - Russia02/13/201000
Border Finland - Russia02/13/201000
Hans Christian Andersens first home in Copenhagen02/13/201000
Hans Christian Andersen's place of death02/13/201000
Hans Christian Andersen's former home02/13/201000
Hans Christian Andersen's last home02/13/201000
Santa Claus' Office02/12/201000
Ski jump arena Salpaussalkä02/09/201000
StreetView on snowmobile02/09/201000
Vulcan Tourism and Trek Station02/09/201000
USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)02/09/201000
Bygdøy Royal Estate02/09/201000
Snow cannon02/09/201000
Whistler ski jump arena02/09/201010
Driving along the Whistler Sliding Centre02/09/201000
Royal Yacht Norge02/09/201000
LEGO main factory and HQ02/03/201000
Jægerspris Castle01/31/201000
Frederikssund Viking Show and Museum01/31/201000
Jysk A/S Distribution Center01/29/201000
Jysk HQ01/29/201000
Cannons and anchor outside Command of the Danish Naval Operations01/29/201000
Copenhagen University01/29/201000
Copenhagen City Courthouse01/29/201000
Bridge of Sighs in Copenhagen01/29/201000
Hard Rock Cafe - Copenhagen01/29/2010-12
The footsoldier and the little hornblower01/29/201000
Lots of flags at Scientology HQ01/29/201000
Emirates Airbus A38001/28/201000
Alpacas and Buffaloes01/28/201000
Macaque monkeys01/28/201000
Przewalski's Horses01/28/201000
Wild about wild animals01/28/201000
StreetView Car in the lion area01/28/201000
Astrid Lindgrens former home01/28/201000
Masterchef Goes Large studio01/28/201000
King Frederik IX01/28/201000
King Christian IX01/28/201000
FC Copenhagen HQ and training facility01/28/201000
Former Avedøre Airfield01/28/201000
Seabath Kastrup01/28/201000
Seabath Helgoland01/28/201000
Old Arena TV advertising01/28/201000
Henry Heerups milk mural01/28/201000
Danish policeman on patrol01/28/2010-10
King Frederik VII01/28/201000
Hans Egede01/28/201000
Hans Tausen01/28/201000
Peter Palladius01/28/201000
Saint Ansgar01/28/201000
King Canute IV (The Saint)01/28/201000
N.F.S. Grundtvig01/28/201000
Electricians having a lunch break01/28/201000
Niels Juel01/28/201000
Stærekassen - The Star Case01/28/201000
King Christian IV01/28/201000
King Christian X01/28/201000
Waving to the Google car01/28/201000
Embassy of France to Denmark01/28/201000
The Yellow Palais01/28/201000
Embassy of Switzerland to Denmark01/28/201000
Embassy of Slovenia to Denmark01/28/201000
Embassy of Sweden to Denmark01/28/201000
C.F. Tietgen01/28/201000
J.P.E. Hartmann01/28/201000
Embassy of Estonia to Denmark01/28/201000
Embassy of Croatia to Denmark01/28/201000
Embassy of Chile to Denmark01/28/201000
Embassy of the UK to Denmark01/28/201000
Embassy of Spain to Denmark01/28/201000
Embassy of Egypt to Denmark01/28/201000
Embassy of the Czech Republic to Denmark01/28/201000
Embassy of Côte d'Ivoire to Denmark01/28/201000
Embassy of China to Denmark01/28/201000
Embassy of Canada to Denmark01/28/201000
USA Ambassador to Denmarks residence Rydhave01/28/201000
Embassy of Burkina Faso to Denmark01/28/201000
Embassy of Benin to Denmark01/28/201000
Pissoirs for needing stadium visitors01/28/201000
Embassy of Belgium to Denmark01/28/201000
Embassy of Austria to Denmark01/28/201000
Embassy of Australia to Denmark01/28/201000
Embassy of Algeria to Denmark01/28/201000
Tilted street lamp01/28/201000
Roof of convertible car activated01/28/201000
Former rescue boat station01/26/201000
The sandy church of Skagen01/26/201000
Skagen old lighthouse with a red band tied around it01/26/201000
Skagen Lighthouse01/26/201000
Skagen tilted fire01/26/201000
Anna and Michael Anchers house01/26/201000
Holger Drachmanns House Villa Pax01/26/201000
Swedish Seamens Church01/26/201000
Another boat used as display for a flower decoration01/26/201000
Boat used as display for a flower decoration01/26/201000
Lundsgaard Manor01/26/201000
Kurashiki Tivoli01/26/201000
Ledreborg Castle01/26/201000
Tranekær Castle01/26/201000
Holckenhavn Castle01/26/201000
Nyborg State Prison01/26/201000
Nyborg old railway station01/26/201000
Korsør old railway station 01/26/201000
Kattegat Center, Danish Shark Center01/26/201010
Bridge structures of scrapped fishing vessels01/26/201000
Anchor and naval mine as piggy bank01/26/201000
Cannons, ancors and a naval mine as piggy bank01/26/201000
Naval mine as piggy bank01/26/201000
German WW1 naval mine as piggy bank01/26/201000
Naval mine as piggy bank01/26/201000
Giant newspaper01/26/201000
Submarine S329 Springeren01/26/201000
Saab RF-35 Draken01/26/201000
Denmark’s “Flying” Museum & Air Force Museum01/26/201000
Koldinghus Castle01/26/201000
Fishing and Naval Museum01/26/201000
Blue Water Arena01/26/201000
Aalholm Castle01/26/201000
American Airmen Memorial01/26/201010
Identical twins01/25/2010-11
Arne Jacobsens gas station01/25/201000
Matador: Mads Skjerns house01/25/201000
Dyrlægens Plejebørn: The vets farm01/25/201000
Frederiksberg Kirke01/25/201000
Storm P Museum01/25/201000
Green house on top of an appartment building01/25/201000
Matador: Skjold Hansens house01/25/201000
Rold Cirkus Museum01/25/201000
Copenhagen Circus Museum01/25/201000
Beth Hart van01/25/201000
Danfoss Universe01/25/201000
BonBon Land01/25/201000
Cirkus Arena HQ01/25/201000
Cirkus Arena advertising car01/25/201000
Cirkus Dannebrog depot Mølby01/25/201000
Min søsters børn - The children of my sister, the house01/25/201000
Far til fire - Father of four, the house01/25/201000
Camp Sandholm01/25/201000
Royal Danish Lifeguard main garrison01/25/201000
Det støver movies01/25/201000
New Little Belt Bridge01/25/201000
Old Little Belt Bridge01/25/201000
StreetView car drives too fast01/25/201000
Aalborg Tower01/24/201000
Cloos Tower01/24/201000
Former German WW2 hangar01/24/201000
HDMS Esbern Snare (L17) and HDMS Absalon (L16)01/24/201000
Krudttårnet - The Gun Powder Tower01/24/201000
Niels Juel class corvette Peter Tordenskiold (F356)01/24/201000
HDMS Sehested (P547)Torpedoboat01/24/201000
Unicef Supply Division01/24/201000
Sesame Street Show01/24/201000
Big Bird 01/24/201000
Cookie Monster 01/24/201000
Kolmårdens Djurpark01/24/201000
Latter Day Saints Temple of Stockholm01/24/201000
Latter Day Saints Temple of Copenhagen01/24/201000
Bjørn Nørgaard: "The Shadow, The Travelling Companion and The Improvisator"01/24/201000
Trick of the Eye in Odense01/24/201000
Mill of Dybbøl01/23/201000
King Christan IX01/23/201000
Dybbøl Bankes flag01/23/201000
Second Schleswig War 1864 museum01/23/201000
Monument to to volunteers of the Second Schleswig War 186401/23/201000
Erling Tingkær: "Professor Labri"01/23/201000
Bengt Pontus Kjerrman: "The Shepherdess and the Sweep"01/23/201000
Susanne Ussing: "Hommage to John Lennon"01/23/201000
Jens Flemming Sørensen: "The Flying Trunk"01/23/201000
Eiler Madsen: "The Steadfast Tin Soldier"01/23/201000
Lars Ulrichs childhood home01/23/201000
Viking fortess Trelleborg01/23/201000
Embassy of Russia to Denmark01/23/201000
Embassy of Germany to Denmark01/23/201000
Vridsløselille Fængsel01/23/201000
Brøndby Stadium01/23/201000
Denmarks tallest flagpole01/23/201000
Vestre Fængsel01/23/201000
Air Greenland Boeing 757-200 "Kununnguaq"01/23/201000
M/S Kronprins Frederik01/23/201000
Russian submarine U359 in Nakskov Harbor01/23/201000
Præstø Kirke01/23/201000
The Comet in Rødekro01/23/201000
Mogelkaer Open State Prison01/22/201000
Sobysogaard Open State Prison01/22/201000
Horserod Open State Prison01/22/201000
North American Buffaloes01/22/201000
Kalundborg Transmitter01/22/201000
The Sjelbro Stone01/22/201000
Danish National Guard school in Nymindegab01/22/201000
Whale skeleton in Nymindegab01/22/201000
Kaj Munks assassination site01/22/201000
Hans Christian Andersen as traffic signal01/22/201000
Hans Christian Andersen in the windows01/22/201000
Giraf patterned smokestack01/22/201000
Hans Christian Andersens Sun Face01/22/201000
Danish TV2 broadcast center01/22/201000
Odense Zoo01/22/201000
STV Production studios01/22/201000
Danish TV2 weather studio01/22/201000
Stockholms Olympic Stadium01/22/201000
King Gustav III01/22/201000
AF Chapman01/22/201000
Globen Arena... and a house on the dome01/22/201000
Sprogø Lighthouse01/22/201000
Great Belt Bridge01/22/201000
Former Great Belt ferris ramps01/22/201000
Loading from one truck to the other01/22/201000
Læsø ferries 01/22/201000
Street View driver cleaning the cameras01/22/201000
Ribe flood column01/22/201000
Ribe old arrest house01/22/201000
Hans Adolph Brorson01/22/201000
Ribe Cathedral01/22/201000
Haderslev Cathedral01/22/201000
Helsingor Cathedral01/22/201000
Carlsbergs Elephant Gate01/22/201000
Copenhagen Metro01/22/201000
Having fun at Copenhagen Harbor Pool01/22/201000
Hans Christian Andersen01/22/201000
Bicycle rider fell off bicycle while trying to make a photo of the StreetView car01/22/201000
Odense old prison01/22/201000
Hans Christan Andersens school01/22/201000
St. Hans Church01/22/201000
Hans Christian Andersens childhood home01/22/201000
St. Albani Church01/22/201000
King Canute IV of Denmark01/22/201000
Odense Cathedral, St. Kanute Church01/22/201000
Thumbelina and Hans Christian Andersen01/22/201000
Manneken Pis01/22/201000
Hells Angels HQ Aarhus01/22/201000
Hells Angels HQ Vejle01/22/201000
Hells Angels HQ Odense (former)01/22/201000
Hells Angels HQ Copenhagen01/22/201000
Hells Angels HQ Amager01/22/201000
Frederiksborg Castle01/22/201000
Fredensborg Palace01/22/201000
Amalienborg: Christian IX's Palace, originally known as Schack's Palace01/22/201000
Amalienborg: Frederik VIII's Palace, originally known as Brockdorff's Palace01/22/201000
Amalienborg: Christian VIII's Palace, originally known as Levetzau's Palace 01/22/201000
Amalienborg: Christian VII's Palace, originally known as Moltke's Palace01/22/201000
King Frederik V 01/22/201000
Marmorkirken - Marble Church01/22/201000
Rundetaarn - The Round Tower01/22/201000
Synagogue of Copenhagen01/22/201000
Church of Our Savior01/22/201000
Copenhagen Opera House 201/22/201000
Motor Light Ship I "Horns Rev"01/22/201000
Light Ship XXI01/22/201000
Light Ship XVII "Gedser Rev"01/22/201000
Light Ship XIII01/22/201000
Light Ship XI01/22/201000
Tower on Ejer Bavnehøj, third tallest point in Denmark (170.35 meters)01/21/201000
Lalandia Holiday Resort Rodby01/21/201000
Lalandia Holiday Resort Billund01/21/201000
Graasten Castle01/21/201000
Christianskirken - Christians Church01/21/201000
Sct. Maries Church01/21/201000
Sonderborg Town Hall01/21/201000
Hans Pauli Olsen: "Ringriderstatue"01/21/201000
Eiler Madsen: "Christian II's Table"01/21/201000
Günter Grass: "Butt im Griff"01/21/201000
Statsraad Lehmkuhl01/21/201001
Danish EU-Parliament election billboard01/21/201000
Den Gamle By - The Old Town01/21/201000
Aarhus Theater01/21/201000
Aarhus Cathedral01/21/201000
Aalborg Cathedral - Budolfi Kirke01/21/201000
Tivoli Karolinelund01/21/201000
Aalborg Zoo01/21/201000
Viborg Cathedral01/21/201000
Giant Madam Blaa coffee pot01/21/201000
Danish tanks in the backyard of an inn01/21/201000
Bang & Olufsen HQ and factory01/21/201000
The Brave Soldier01/21/201000
Floral art01/21/201000
Floral anchor01/21/201000
Floral clover art01/21/201000
The Pottery House01/21/201000
Anchor of the Frigate Jylland01/21/201000
Vorbasse War Harbor01/21/201000
Submarine Sælen (The Seal)01/21/201000
Frigate Peder Skram01/21/201000
Royal Yacht Dannebrog01/21/201000
Copenhagen Opera House 101/21/201000
The old harbor yard crane01/21/201000
Isted Lion01/21/201000
Borsen, the old stock exchange01/21/201000
Royal Theater of Copenhagen01/21/201000
Embassy of Bulgaria to Denmark01/21/201000
Damhus Tivoli01/21/201000
Copenhagen Zoo01/21/201000
Nordisk Film01/21/201000
Tivoli Friheden01/21/201000
Steamboat Hjejlen 01/21/201000
Jelling Stone replica at Jelling Museum01/21/201000
Egeskov Castle01/21/201001
Plane at parking lot at Billund Airport01/21/201000
Legoland Billund01/21/201000
The bell tower of Nordby01/21/201000
Kanhave Canal on Samso01/21/201000
Flyvergrillen - The Flights Grill01/21/201000
Danish Resistance Museum of Denmark during WW201/21/201000
Gefion Fountain01/21/201000
Rottehullet from The House on Christianshavn01/21/201000
Entrance to Christiania01/21/201000
Rosenborg Castle01/21/201000
Changing the Royal Guards01/21/201000
Royal Harbor Pavillions01/21/201000
Norwegian Jewel01/21/201000
Crown of Scandinavia01/21/201000
Trekroner Fort01/21/201000
Giant Tuborg bottle01/21/201000
Parken Stadium01/21/201000
Embassy of the USA to Denmark01/21/201000
The Little Mermaid01/21/201000
Stork Fountain01/21/201000
Caritas Well01/21/201000
Copenhagen Cathedral (Church of our Lady)01/21/201000
Thorvaldsens return to Copenhagen mural01/21/201000
Thorvaldsens Museum01/20/201000
Church of Christiansborg Castle01/20/201000
Christiansborg Castle01/20/201000
Church of Holmen01/20/201000
Tivoli Garden (main entrance)01/20/201000
Roskilde Railway Station01/20/201000
Roskilde Viking Ship Museum01/20/201000
Royal Tomb at Roskilde Cathedral01/20/201000
Roskilde Cathedral01/20/201000
F-35 Draken on rooftop01/20/201000
Copenhagen City Hall01/20/201000
The Lur Players01/20/201000
The Four Winds01/20/201000
Turning Torso01/20/201000
Trollhättan Falls01/20/201000
Tonder Zeppelin Base guard house01/20/201000
Tonder Zeppelin and Garrison Museum01/20/201000
Giant Ecco boot01/20/201000
Karen Blixens house01/20/201000
Denmarks National Museum of Science and Technology01/20/201000
Kronborg Castle01/20/201000
The old town hall01/20/201000
Frigate Jylland01/20/201000
The Tirpitz Battery Bunker01/20/201000
Blaavand Lighthouse01/20/201000
Fence made of whale bones01/20/201000
Kommandørgården - The Commanders Farm01/20/201000
Warning for laserbeams01/20/201000
Stand at Romo shooting range01/20/201000
Men At Sea01/20/201000
Randers Regnskov - Randers Tropical Zoo01/20/201000
Boeing 727 used as office building01/20/201000
Danfoss HQ01/20/201000
Boffelkobbel War grave from 186401/20/201000
Kong Christian X's Bro01/20/201000
Sonderborg Castle01/20/201000
Chinese State Circus in Aberdeen01/15/201000
York Cold War Bunker01/15/201000
Guardian Exchange01/15/201000
Have been involved in an accident01/15/201000
Bugatti Veyron at Greenwich dealer01/14/201000
Beautiful Angels mural01/13/201000
Driving with a stool in the hand01/13/201000
Angels Flight01/10/201000
Vizcaya Transporter Bridge01/09/201000
Goats and ducks01/08/201000
Former drive in cinema01/08/201000
No entry for trucks01/08/201000
6 cats on the roof01/08/201000
Brandenburg Gate in Berlin - Miniuni Ostrava01/07/201000
Eiffel Tower - Miniuni Ostrava01/07/201000
Big Ben and the Leaning Tower of Pisa - Miniuni Ostrava01/07/201000
7 wonders of the ancient World: Mausoleum of Halicarnassus - Miniuni Ostrava01/07/201000
7 wonders of the ancient World: Lighthouse of Alexandria andColossus of Rhodes - Miniuni Ostrava01/07/201000
7 wonders of the ancient World: Temple of Artemis - Miniuni Ostrava01/07/201000
7 wonders of the ancient World: Hanging Gardens of Babylon - Miniuni Ostrava01/07/201000
7 wonders of the ancient World: Great Pyramid of Giza - Miniuni Ostrava01/07/201000
Stadshuset Stockholm - Miniuni Ostrava01/07/201000
Clermont-Ferrand seen from Puy-de-Dôme01/05/201000
Beautiful vue from Puy-de-Dôme01/05/201000
On the top of Puy-de-Dôme01/05/201000
Statue of Vercingétorix 01/05/201000
Cathedral of Notre-Dame de l'Assomption01/05/201000
Basilica of Notre-Dame du Port01/05/201000
Michelin Man01/05/201000
Smoking French guard01/05/201000
Bugatti Veyron assembly building01/05/201000
Bugatti Veyron parked outside the assembly building01/05/201000
Tintin: The Seven Crystal Balls - No. 5 of 601/04/201001
Tintin: The Seven Crystal Balls - No. 4 of 601/04/201001
Statue of Jacques Tati as Monsieur Hulot in "Monsieur Hulot's Holiday"01/04/201000
MSC Fantasia01/04/201000
Renault 1601/04/201000
Tintin: The Seven Crystal Balls - No. 3 of 601/04/201001
Tintin: The Seven Crystal Balls - No. 2 of 601/04/201001
Look into the U-Boat bunker of Saint-Nazaire01/04/201000
Tintin: The Seven Crystal Balls - No. 1 of 601/04/201001
Saint-Nazaire U-Boat Bunker01/04/201000
Hope 2009 is as smooth as your drive01/03/2010-10
Wrong parking by the red car01/03/201000
Saint Benezet's Bridge01/03/201000
Mural windows in Avignon01/03/201000
Palais des Papes01/03/201000
Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner01/02/201010
Laventie Military Cemetery01/02/201000
Rue-du-Bacquerot (13th. London) Graveyard01/02/201000
Royal Irish Rifles Cemetery01/02/201000
Fauquissart Military Cemetery01/02/201000
Crucifix Memorial in Neuve-Chapelle01/02/201000
Neuve-Chapelle French Memorial01/02/201000
Bulls Road Cemetery01/02/201000
Manchester Cemetery, Riencourt-Les-Bapaume01/02/201000
Bapaume Australian Cemetery01/02/201000
Euston Post Cemetery, Laventie01/02/201000
Neuve-Chapelle British Farm Cemetery01/02/201000
Neuve Chapelle Indian Army Memorial01/02/201000
Neuve Chapelle Portuguese War Cemetery01/02/201000
Gavarnie Falls01/02/201000
Sitting on the wall01/02/201000
Hurricane Katrina Memorial12/30/200900
Silent Night Chapel Replica12/26/200900
Princess of Wales conservatory 12/22/200900
The Pagoda12/22/200900
Kews Global Conservation12/22/200900
The Palm House12/22/200900
Tesla Roadster12/22/200900
Bugatti Veyron12/22/200921
The Eiger12/22/200900
Oldtimer motorcycles12/21/200900
Nice house and garden12/21/200900
Paul Bocuse's restaurant L’Auberge Du Pont De Collonges12/21/200900
Plane with chase aircrafts at each side12/19/200931
Ancre British Cemetery12/19/200900
Adanac Military Cemetery12/19/200900
Achiet-Le-Grand Communal Cemetery Extension12/19/200900
Vadencourt British Cemetery12/18/200900
Commonwealth War Cemetery Tilly-sur-Seulles12/18/200900
Commonwealth War Cemetery Hottot-les-Bagues12/18/200900
Commonwealth War Cemetery Escoublac-la-Baule12/18/200900
Bomb damage on Mansell Street12/17/200900
Airship hangar of Ecauseville12/17/200900
German War Cemetery Dagneux 12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Buzancy12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Bousbeque12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Bouchain12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Billy-Montigny12/15/200900
German-French War Cemetery Bertrimoutier12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Bastia12/15/200900
French National Cemetery Zuydcoote12/15/200900
Zuydcoote British Cemetery12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Zuydcoote12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Wicres12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Wicres-Village 12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Wervicq-Süd12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Wavrin12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Warmeriville12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Viry-Noureuil12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Vermandovillers12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Verlinghem12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Thionville12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Steenwerk12/15/200900
Italian War Cemetery Soupir12/15/200900
French National Cemetery Soupir12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Soupir12/15/200900
Sissonne British Cemetery12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Sissonne12/15/200900
Bailleul Road East Cemetery, St. Laurent-Blangy12/15/200900
German War Cemetery St. Etienne-à-Arnes12/15/200900
French National Cemetery Souain12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Souain12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Romagne-sous-Montfaucon12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Parcy-et-Tigny12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Origny-St. Benoîte12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Moulin-sous-Touvent12/15/200900
Le Cateau Military Cemetery12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Le Cateau12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Laventie12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Lambersart12/15/200900
German War Cemetery La Neuville-en-Tourne-à-Fuy12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Illies12/15/200900
French-German War Cemetery Flavigny-le-Petit12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Férin12/15/200900
Driving in and out this city12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Écourt-St.-Quentin12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Cambrai12/15/200900
Chambrechy British Cemetery12/15/200900
Italian War Cemetery Chambrecy12/15/200900
Same van turning right12/15/200900
French National Cemetery Bligny12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Billy-Berclau12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Berru12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Bauvin12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Aussonce12/15/200900
German-French War Cemetery Assevent12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Apremont12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Annoeullin12/15/200900
German War Cemetery Achiet-le-Petit12/15/200900
French National Cemetery Vauxbuin12/14/200900
German War Cemetery Vauxbuin12/14/200900
V.C. Corner Australian Cemetery, Fromelles12/14/200900
Cabaret Rouge British Cemetery, Souchez12/14/200900
A.I.F. Burial Ground, Flers12/14/200900
Hitler's regiment housing in Fournes-en-Weppes12/14/200900
Hitlers regiment housing in Fromelles12/14/200900
German bunker at Fromeles12/14/200900
German Radiocentre Prédefin12/14/200900
Thin house for someone with a fat wallet: Property 6ft wide on sale for £550,00012/08/200900
Coronation Street12/07/200900
Albert Mural 191612/07/200900
Curious George12/07/200900
Bart and Lisa Simpson12/07/200900
Marge and Homer Simpson12/07/200900
Shaggy and Scooby-Doo12/07/200900
The Mystery Machine12/07/200900
Attacked by the Mummy12/07/200900
Hi-Flyer balloon12/06/200900
Château de Bagatelle12/04/200900
Palace of Fontainebleau12/04/200911
Chateau Chambord12/04/200900
Agde Round Lock12/04/200900
La Seine12/04/200900
French Foreign Legion: Casernes Colonel de Chabrieres12/04/200900
French Foreign Legion: Quartier Capitaine Danjou12/04/200900
French Foreign Legion: Camp Raffalli12/04/200900
Antoni Gaudi: Church of Colònia Güell12/04/200900
Antoni Gaudi: Episcopal Palace of Astorga12/04/200900
Antoni Gaudi: Casa Botines12/04/200900
German War Cemetery Neuville-St Vaast12/03/200900
German War Cemetery Nampcel12/03/200900
German War Cemetery Maissemy12/03/200900
German War Cemetery Magnicourt12/03/200900
German War Cemetery La Cambe12/03/200900
German War Cemetery Hohrod12/03/200900
German War Cemetery Champigny-St.-André12/03/200900
German War Cemetery Bourdon12/03/200900
Canadian War Cemetery Calais-Leubrighen12/03/200900
Canadian War Cemetery Bretteville-Sur-Laize12/03/200900
Leaf sticking to camera lens12/03/200900
Commonwealt War Cemetery Ranville12/03/200900
Commonwealth War Cemetery Pornic12/03/200900
German War Cemetery Belleau12/03/200900
Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial12/03/200900
Bellicourt American Monument12/03/200900
Concentration Camp, Camp de Riversaltes12/03/200900
American M4 Sherman tank12/03/200900
American M10 Wolverine tank12/03/200900
British Churchill tank12/03/200900
Commonwealth War Cemetery Bayeux12/03/200900
Bell tower of Lake Resia12/03/200900
Le Mans Racetrack12/02/200900
Passing the Millau Viaduct12/02/200900
Millau Viaduct12/02/200900
Historic astronomical clock of Olomouc12/02/200900
Fountain of Wealth in Singapore12/02/200900
Singapore Flyer12/02/200900
Warwick Castle12/02/200900
Peacock at Warwick Castle12/02/200900
Knights tournament arena at Warwick Castle12/02/200900
Trebouchet at Warwick Castle12/02/200900
StreetView bike in SeaWorld12/02/200900
Flamingos in SeaWorld12/02/200900
Orcas under water in SeaWorld12/02/200900
Bamburgh Castle12/02/200900
C.S. Lewis: Statue of Digory Kirke in front of the wardrobe of his book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe12/02/200900
The Pegasus Bridge12/02/200900
British Centaur Tank12/02/200900
General Patton Memorial and a Sherman tank12/02/200900
D-Day - Private John Steele hanging from church tower12/02/200900
Chartres Cathedral12/02/200900
Oise-Aisne American Cemetery and Memorial12/02/200900
Danish War Cemetery in Braine12/02/200900
Worlds Largest Toy Museum11/27/200900
How to close a driveway with bricks - Mexican style11/24/200900
Boat in a fountain11/23/200900
Giant chef11/20/200900
Giant alien11/20/200900
Giant Cockroach11/20/200900
Allegheny Observatory11/18/200900
Russian T-54 tank11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Villajoyosa11/17/200900
Toro Osborne El Campello11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Tavernes de Valldigna11/17/200900
Toro Osborne El Rebollar11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Plasencia11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Casar de Cáceres11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Trujillo11/17/200900
Smashed insect on camera lens11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Calzadilla de los Barros11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Mérida11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Universidad Politécnica11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Valmojado11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Tembleque11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Villargordo del Cabriel11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Madridejos11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Guadalajara11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Villarejo de Salvanés11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Valdemoro11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Gumiel de Hizán11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Cogollos11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Cameno (head missing)11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Navarrete11/17/200900
Toro Osborne San Asensio11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Cordovilla11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Las Torres11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Labajos11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Fresno de la Fuente11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Portichol Monforte del Cid11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Santa Pola (Painted)11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Torremocha del Campo11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Cabañas de la Sagra11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Gajanejos11/17/200900
Toro Osborne El Puerto de Santa María /Cuesta de la Trocha11/17/200900
Toro Osborne El Bruch11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Barcial del Barco11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Medinaceli11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Betanzos11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Becerreá11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Xinzo de Limia11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Tudela11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Rivabellosa11/17/200900
Toro Osborne El Pedernoso11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Honrubia11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Castillejo de Iniesta11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Manzanares11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Almuradiel11/17/200900
Toro Osborne La Gineta11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Telde11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Santa Marina de Piedramuelle11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Llanes11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Grado11/17/200900
Toro Osborne La Barreda11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Carreño11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Pina de Ebro11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Monreal de Ariza11/17/200900
Toro Osborne La Muela11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Calatayud11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Alfajarín11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Peñalba11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Lora de Estepa11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Huévar11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Castilleja del Campo11/17/200900
Toro Osborne La Campana11/17/200900
Toro Osborne El Castillo de los Guardas11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Las Cabezas de San Juan11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Santa Elena11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Almayate11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Fuengirola11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Casabermeja11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Albolote11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Güejar-Sierra11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Córdoba11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Alcalá de los Gazules No. 211/17/200900
Toro Osborne Alcalá de los Gazules No. 111/17/200900
Toro Osborne El Puerto de Santa María/Matajaca11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Vejer de la Frontera11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Jerez de la Frontera11/17/200900
Wind park near Facinas11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Tarifa11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Los Barrios11/17/200900
Toro Osborne Benahadux11/17/200900
Charles Bronson's grave11/17/200900
Mobile amusement park11/16/200900
Museumship Mercuur A85611/16/200900
General John Wolfe Memorial11/16/200900
Roadmap decorated taxi11/14/200900
Odd van with an unusual seat11/14/200900
One work, one relax11/14/200900
Via-Agra Café and Sandwich Bar11/14/200900
A new way of repairing a vehicle11/14/2009-11
St Jame's Clerkenwell clock11/14/200900
VOR ground station Schiphol11/13/200900
Maui's Royal Family house11/12/200900
Kids playing football11/12/200900
Lahaina Train Station11/12/200900
Sugar Cane Train No. 5 11/12/200900
Sugar Cane Train No. 3 "Myrtle"11/12/200900
Car decorated as an aquarium11/12/200900
Laperouse Memorial11/12/200900
Haleakalā Volcano11/12/200900
StreetView car driving through lava11/12/200900
Swimmers and divers11/12/200900
Dole Plantation11/12/200900
Aircraft carrier in Honolulu11/12/200911
USS Arizona Memorial11/12/200900
Estadio Nuevo Los Cármenes in Granada11/11/200900
Tupperware shop in Granada11/11/200900
Estadio Nuevo Arcángel11/11/200900
Bullring of Córdoba11/11/200900
Bullring of Jaén11/11/200900
Bullring of Algeciras "Las Palomas"11/11/200900
Bullring of Nueva Andalucía11/11/200900
Bullring of El Puerto11/11/200900
Bullring of La Linea "Línea Concepción"11/11/200900
Bullring of Malaga11/11/200900
Bullring of Huelva "La Merced"11/11/200900
SEAT car plant and HQ in Martorell11/11/200900
Arenas de Barcelona bullring11/11/200900
Las Ventas bullring11/11/200900
Bullring of Roquetas de Mar11/11/200900
Granada Bullring11/11/200900
Magnum P.I.: Entrance to Robins Nest11/11/200900
Magnum P.I.: T.C. helicopter base11/11/200900
Hawaii Five-0: State Police HQ11/11/200900
Elvis Presley "Aloha from Hawaii" statue11/11/200900
Pirate Ship's Store11/11/200900
Zandvoort Racetrack11/10/200900
Scheveningen Wandelpier Lighthouse11/10/200900
Border Netherlands - Germany, Zevenaar11/10/200900
Border Netherlands - Germany, Millingen ann de Rijn11/10/200900
Border Netherlands - Germany, Ubbergen11/10/200900
Border Netherlands - Germany, Wyler11/10/200900
Houses in Germany - the road in the Netherlands11/10/200900
Border Netherlands - Germany, Gennep11/10/200900
Philips Stadium11/10/200900
Torre Latinoamericana11/10/200900
VW Beetle taxi11/10/200900
Wrong parked car11/10/200900
Bicycle taxi11/10/200900
Nice decorations hanging here11/10/200900
Milenio TV transmission van and satellite dish11/10/200900
Mexico City Cathedral11/10/200900
Shoe polisher11/10/200900
Van covered with posters11/10/200900
Trajinera boats11/10/200900
Mexico City bus terminal11/10/200900
Volkswagen lover lives here11/10/200900
Le Seu Cathedral11/10/200900
Santiago de Compostela Cathedral11/09/200900
Rock of Gibraltar11/09/200900
EasyJet plane at Gibraltar Airport11/09/200900
Border Spain - Gibraltar11/09/200901
Border Spain - Andorra11/09/200900
Vandellòs Nuclear Power Plant11/09/200900
José Cabrera nuclear power plant11/09/200900
Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant11/09/200900
Almaraz Nuclear Power Plant11/09/200900
Dodewaard nuclear power plant11/09/200900
Plaza México bullring11/09/200900
Temple of the Feathered Serpent in Teotihuacán, Mexico11/09/200900
Pyramid of the Moon in Teotihuacán, Mexico11/09/200900
Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacán, Mexico11/09/200900
Giant Mexican flag in Cozumel, Mexico11/09/200900
Disney Magic in Cozumel, Mexico11/09/200900
Giant Mexican flag in Monterrey, Mexico11/09/200900
Giant Mexican flag on San Jerónimo roundabout Mexico City11/09/200900
Giant Mexican flag on Campo Militar Marte Mexico City11/09/200900
Giant Mexican flag on Zócalo Mexico City11/09/200900
Ciudad Universitaria Mexico City11/09/200900
Estadio Olímpico Universitario Mexico City11/09/200900
Estadio Azteca Mexico City11/09/200900
Old Newgate Prison11/05/200900
Born to be wild - a guy on a chopper11/04/200900
Fiat G-91 with stars and moons and 75 on tail fin11/04/200900
Artillery cannons and jet engines11/04/200900
F-104 Starfighter11/04/200900
North West Bay Ships Pty Ltd - superfast catamaran ferry shipbuiling company11/03/200900
Roman legionaires10/30/200900
V-Force Custom Bikes10/30/200900
Roger Hodgson in concert billboard10/30/200900
Empress Consort Elisabeth (Sisi) statue10/30/200900
Giant Penny-farthing also known as Velocipede10/30/200900
Empress Consort Elisabeth (Sisi)'s murder site10/30/200900
Jet d'Eau10/30/200900
Paddle steamer Genève10/30/200900
David Ben-Gurion's former home10/30/200900
Sir Francis Beaufort's former house10/30/200900
Bela Bartok's former home10/30/200900
Harold Abrahams former house10/30/200900
Theodor Fontane's former home10/30/200900
Michael Faraday's apprentice place10/30/200900
Cirque de Soleil HQ10/29/200900
Crossing the Mississippi River10/28/200900
Studio Picture Vehicles10/28/200900
Jay Leno's Big Dog Garage with his vintage police car10/28/200900
National Marionette Theater10/28/200900
Building with crucified Jesus behind glass10/27/200900
Chateau D'Oex Cemetery: David Niven's grave10/27/200900
Audrey Hepburn's former house10/27/200910
Tolochenaz Cemetery: Audrey Hepburns grave 10/27/200900
Basilica di San Nicola 10/26/200900
Pfizer HQ10/26/200900
Georg Büchner's grave10/26/200900
Covered special bicycle10/25/200900
Sir Peter Ustinov's grave10/25/200900
Charlie Chaplin and a giant fork10/25/200900
Ernie K-Doe's Mother In Law Lounge (under construction)10/24/200900
Patriotic Mural10/24/200900
Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver10/23/200900
New animal species found in Canada?10/23/200900
The Mask - The auto repair10/22/200900
Blowup - David Hemmings’ photographic studio10/22/200900
An American Werewolf in London - nurse Alex Price's house10/22/200900
Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site10/21/200900
World Wrestling Entertainment HQ10/21/200900
Crofton Roman Villa Museum10/21/200900
Kindergarten Cop - Astoria Elementary School10/20/200900
Love Story - Oliver and Jennifer’s house10/20/200900
James Bond, Live and let die - Oh Cult Voodoo Shop10/20/200900
Murder Ahoy - Miss Marples house10/20/200900
High Noon - The church10/20/200900
The Beatles movie Help! - Their homes10/20/200910
B-52 Stratofortress10/18/200900
F-14 Tomcat10/18/200900
F-100 Super Sabre10/18/200900
F-104C Starfighter10/18/200900
Two SR-71 Blackbird's10/18/200900
F-117 Nighthawk10/18/200900
B-2 Spirit10/18/200900
Charles Dickens Coffee House10/18/200900
Setting up a scaffold10/18/200900
Vincent van Gogh's former home10/18/200900
Beetle Bailey10/18/200900
T-Rex head10/18/200900
Rock climbers10/18/200900
DeLorean DMC-12 from Back to the Future10/18/200900
Aardman Animations - "Home" of Shaun the Sheep and Wallace and Gromit10/18/200900
Packard 1 series car10/18/200900
Restaurant XIV facade10/18/200900
Rolls-Royce Corniche10/18/200910
Universal Globe Fountain10/17/200900
Back to the Future, the locomotive10/17/200900
The Shark from Jaws10/17/200900
The Simpsons in a rollercoaster waggon10/17/200900
The Simpsons10/17/200900
Alex the lion and Skipper, Kowalski, Private and Rico the Penguins10/17/200900
Woody Woodpecker10/17/200900
NBA City Restaurant10/17/200900
Hard Rock Cafe10/17/200900
Submarine HL Hunley replica10/17/200900
U.S. Navy Landing Craft (LCVP)10/17/200900
Ponte Milvio - Bridge with hundreds of padlocks10/17/200900
Ford T on roof10/16/200900
Beetle spider10/16/200900
Shark car10/16/200900
HOLE N" THE ROCK part 210/16/200900
HOLE N" THE ROCK part 110/16/200900
Bugeye Sprite 10/16/200900
The New Ford Slingshot10/16/200900
Fiats on safari10/16/200900
Honey bee on a roof10/16/200900
Venice Cafe Van10/16/200900
Tow Mater from the Pixar movie Cars10/16/200900
VW Beetle decorated with Union Jacks10/13/200900
Elvis Presley's honeymoon cottage10/13/200901
Maybach 5310/13/200911
The Naked Cowboy10/12/200910
M & M's World10/12/200900
No standing anytime10/12/200900
Canadian Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and National War Memorial10/12/200900
No parking at entrance10/12/200900
I Dream Of Jeannie Lane10/11/200900
Confederate flag10/11/200900
Lennon Wall10/11/200900
Clock in Prague10/11/200900
Franz Kafka's birthplace10/11/200900
Spanish Synagogue10/11/200900
Old New Synagogue10/11/200900
Jewish Town Hall 10/11/200900
Church of Our Lady before Týn10/11/200900
Prague Castle10/11/200900
Operation Anthropoid Memorial10/11/200900
Skoda 105 S10/11/200900
Embassy of Denmark to the Czech Republic10/11/200900
Wrong parked car being lifted on truck10/11/200900
Jan Hus Memorial10/11/200900
Skoda 10010/10/200900
Pink Trabbi as stretch limo10/10/200911
StreetView car driving inside the Olympic Stadium of Sapporo10/10/200900
Olympic and Vancouver 2010 flags10/09/200900
The White House10/09/200900
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart10/09/200910
StreetView path pointing wrong10/09/200900
Danish and US flag at Flatotel10/09/200900
Charging Bull10/09/200900
WTC Globe10/09/200900
Ground Zero of Nagasaki10/08/200900
StreetView Trike10/08/200900
Sheep and goats10/08/200900
Polar bear10/08/200900
Louisiana State Penitentiary Angola10/07/200900
Ronald Reagan Minuteman Missile Site10/07/200900
KVLY-TV mast, considered the third tallest structure ever built10/07/200900
San Miguel Chapel, oldest church in the USA10/07/200900
St. Luke's Church, oldest church in the eastern USA10/07/200900
Ralph Wilson Stadium10/07/200910
Cowboys Stadium10/07/200900
Elvis Presley's birthplace10/07/200900
C3PO and a giant frog on the wall10/07/200900
Dancing House10/07/200900
Oldtimer and sportscar10/07/200900
Charles Bridge10/07/200900
Strahov Stadium10/07/200900
Montreal Olympic Stadium10/07/200900
Hawker Siddeley AV-8A Harrier10/03/200900
Grumman F11F-1 Tiger10/03/200900
Gordon Ramsay advertising09/29/200900
Ferenbalm Covered Bridge09/29/200900
Proud Supporters Mural09/29/200900
Steam Train Mural09/29/200900
Football Heroes Mural09/28/200900
We Wont Have Homerule Mural09/28/200900
Gary Hamilton Mural09/28/200900
Village 'B' Coy Mural09/28/200900
Sealife Mural09/28/200900
Young Citizen Volunteers Mural09/28/200900
Women Too Mural09/28/200900
King William III Mural09/28/200900
Queen Elisabeth II Mural09/28/200900
South Belfast 2nd. Batalion Mural09/28/200900
The Bigger Picture Mural09/28/200900
35th. Ulster Division Mural09/28/200900
Ulster Defence Association Mural09/28/200900
Alex "Hurricane" Higgins Mural09/28/200900
George Best Memorial Mural09/28/200900
Robert Dougan Memorial Mural09/28/200900
36th. Ulster Division Mural09/28/200900
William III Prince of Orange Mural09/28/200900
Rev. Robert Bradford Mural09/28/200900
The Good, The Brave and The Fearless Mural09/28/200900
Milk cow statue09/26/200910
Children's Church - Ark-Shaped 09/26/200900
Camel Rock09/26/200900
Embassy of the UK to Portugal09/22/200900
Disney Cinemagic billboard09/22/200900
Embassy of the USA to Portugal09/22/200900
Metropolis (Daily) Planet09/22/200900
Paratrooper John Steele on Sainte-Mère-Église church mural09/22/200900
Welcome to Mertropolis sign09/22/200900
Welcome to Mertropolis sign09/22/200900
Hazel House09/22/200900
Oldest continuously operating courthouse in America09/22/200900
The Red Baron plane mailbox09/22/200900
Beach hut and chair in roundabout09/21/200900
Embassy of South Korea to Switzerland09/17/200900
Embassy of Thailand to Switzerland09/17/200900
Embassy of Tunisia to Switzerland09/17/200900
Renault 409/17/200900
Embassy of Ukraine to Switzerland09/17/200900
Security person taking on a jacket09/17/200900
Embassy of Russia to Switzerland09/17/200900
Embassy of Germany to Switzerland II09/17/200900
Embassy of Sweden to Switzerland09/17/200900
Embassy of Lebanon to Switzerland09/17/200900
Zebra patterned image09/17/200900
Embassy of the UK to Switzerland09/16/200900
Embassy of Spain to Switzerland09/16/200900
Embassy of Germany to Switzerland I09/16/200900
Embassy of France to Switzerland09/16/200900
Embassy of Denmark to Switzerland09/16/200900
Embassy of China to Switzerland09/16/200900
Embassy of Canada to Switzerland09/16/200900
Embassy of Bulgaria to Switzerland09/16/200900
Embassy of the USA to Switzerland09/16/200900
Lamborghini Gallardo09/15/200900
Barry's Speed Shop09/13/200900
Only - Double-Barrelled Cannon in the World09/04/200900
Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz as mailbox holder09/04/200900
Fosse Ardeatine massacre site in Rome March 24th. 194409/03/200900
Location Bomb-attack Rome march 23rd. 194409/03/200900
Hotel President Wilson - The most expensive hotel suite in the world is here09/01/200900
Hotel Savoy Bauer en Ville - The most expensive hotel in Zürich09/01/200900
Face Fragment08/31/200900
Fixing the lamp08/31/200900
Turtle Building08/30/200900
The Sage08/30/200900
Peter B Lewis Building08/30/200900
The Teakettle Building08/30/200900
The Tirau sheperd08/30/200900
Sheep dog building08/30/200900
Sheep building08/30/200910
Cowboy boots bathrooms08/30/200900
Puzzling World08/30/200900
Philip Garrido at road crossing08/29/200900
Philip Garrido follows the StreetView car08/29/200900
coffin at the grave08/29/200900
Russian Orthodox Church08/27/200900
Schtrumpfs Buildings08/27/200900
Stade de Suisse08/27/200900
Painting on a house08/27/200900
Cathedral of Bern08/27/200900
Clock on the Käfigturm08/27/200900
Children playing in the fountain08/27/200900
Parliament Building of Switzerland08/27/200900
Yakovlev Yak-4008/26/200900
Wrecked airport busses08/26/200900
AerMacchi AL.60-B2, I-MACM, AerMacchi 08/26/200900
Dassault Falcon 20C from "Flatfoot on the Nile"08/26/200900
UPS and DHL planes08/26/200900
Ryanair approaching Rome08/26/200900
5 italian amphibious Aircrafts08/26/200921
German War Cemetery Dourges08/26/200900
Weta Workshop08/25/200900
The Weta Cave08/25/200900
Mericourt-l'Abbe Communal Cemetery Extension08/25/200900
Dernancourt Communal Cemetery and Extension08/24/200900
Mowing a World War 1 cemetery08/24/200900
Roman numbers on wall08/24/200900
UCI HQ08/24/200900
Road to former village Fay08/24/200900
French National Cemetery Haubourdin08/23/200900
Working at the gravesite08/23/200900
French National Cemetery Haguenau08/23/200900
Ste. Marie Cemetery08/23/200900
St. Sever Communal Cemetery and Extension08/23/200900
Heilly Station Cemetery, Mericourt-l'Abbe08/23/200900
Flatiron Copse Cemetery08/23/200900
French National Cemetery Dunkerque08/23/200900
Dunkirk Town Cemetery08/23/200900
Crucifix Corner Cemetery08/23/200900
Contalmaison Chateau Cemetery08/23/200900
Alexandre Dumas, père house08/23/200900
Bapaume Post Military Cemetery08/23/200900
Giant boot with teeth08/22/200900
Hundreds of wheel sizings08/22/200900
Lucerne Kapell Bridge08/22/200900
UEFA HQ08/22/200900
Porsche on a trailer08/22/200900
Daddy, look all those balloons08/22/200910
Ferris wheel08/22/200900
Zürich Letzigrund Stadium08/22/200900
Zürich Zoo08/22/200900
FIFA HQ08/22/200900
Zürich Sechseläuten celebration preparations08/22/200900
Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall08/22/200910
Taipei 10108/22/200900
Harponville Communal Cemetery Extension08/22/200900
Daours Communal Cemetery Extension08/22/200900
La Neuville Communal Cemetery08/22/200900
Corbie Communal Cemetery Extension08/22/200900
Dartmoor Cemetery08/22/200900
Fort Nieulay08/22/200900
German bunker in Calais08/22/200900
French National Cemetery Dompierre08/22/200900
French National Cemetery Calais08/22/200900
German War Cemetery Beaucamps-Ligny08/22/200900
German - French Military Cemetery Cronenbourg08/22/200900
Douai British Cemetery08/22/200900
Geneva Sun and Laser clock08/21/200900
Geneva flower clock08/21/200910
Hotel Beau-Rivage08/21/200900
International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement HQ08/21/200900
Palais des Nations - UN HQ in Europe08/21/200900
Carrying the Olympic flag08/21/200900
Nature en kit - Nature in a kit mudac, made of flowers08/21/200900
Lausanne Cathedral08/21/200900
Federal Court of Switzerland08/21/200900
The TGV08/21/200910
International Olympic Committee HQ08/21/200900
Olympic flag08/21/200900
Olympic Museum08/21/200900
StreetView car in mirror08/21/200900
Drancy Interment Camp Memorial08/21/200900
Martinsart British Cemetery08/21/200900
Namps-au-Val British Cemetery08/21/200900
Hamel Military Cemetery08/21/200900
Villers-Bretonneux Military Cemetery and Memorial08/21/200900
Bronfay Farm Military Cemetery08/21/200900
Manfred von Richthofens last airbattle mural08/21/200900
Les Baraques Military Cemetery 08/21/200900
Bray Military Cemetery08/21/200900
Becourt Military Cemetery08/20/200900
Bernafay Wood British Cemetery08/20/200900
Quarry Cemetery, Montauban08/20/200900
Dive Copse British Cemetery08/20/200900
Ascq Communal Cemetery08/20/200900
Mazarges War Cemetery08/20/200900
Commonwealth War Cemetery La Delivrande08/20/200900
Cambes-en-Plaine War Cemetery08/20/200900
Fienvillers British Cemetery08/20/200900
Vignacourt British Cemetery08/20/200900
Picquigny British Cemetery08/20/200900
Crouy British Cemetery08/20/200900
Querrieu British Cemetery08/20/200900
Beaucourt British Cemetery08/20/200900
Hourges Orchard Cemetery08/20/200900
Hangard Communal Cemetery Extension08/20/200900
Demuin British Cemetery08/20/200900
Heath Cemetery08/20/200900
Suzanne Communal Cemetery Extension08/20/200900
Peronne Road Cemetery08/20/200900
Carnoy Military Cemetery08/20/200900
Gordon Cemetery08/20/200900
Devonshire Cemetery08/20/200900
Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz08/20/200900
Beacon Cemetery08/20/200900
Aubigny British Cemetery08/20/200900
Warloy-Baillon Communal Cemetery Extension08/20/200900
Cross of Lorraine at Juno Beach08/20/200900
Canadian Sherman Tank Memorial08/20/200900
Château de Chillon08/19/200900
Freddie Mercury Memorial08/19/200900
Bullring of Lisbon "Campo Pequeno"08/19/200900
Estádio da Luz08/19/200900
Jerónimos Monastery08/19/200900
Belém Tower08/19/200900
The Lisbon wind rose08/19/200900
South American indians playing panflute08/19/200900
Monument to the Discoveries08/19/200900
Gate to Michael Schumachers mansion08/19/200900
Border Switzerland - France, Chavannes-de-Bogis08/19/200900
Border Switzerland - France, Crassier08/19/200900
Border Switzerland - France, La Rippe08/19/200900
Border Switzerland - France, La Cure08/19/200900
Border Switzerland - France, Grand Borne08/19/200900
Border Switzerland - France, Les Verrières08/19/200900
Border Switzerland - France, Le-Col-des-Roches08/19/200900
Border Switzerland - France, Les Pargots08/19/200900
Border Switzerland - France, Boncourt08/19/200900
Border Switzerland - France, Lebetain08/19/200900
River Rhine08/19/200900
Border Switzerland - German, Altdorf08/19/200900
Swiss-German borderstone08/19/200900
Border Switzerland - Germany, Thayngen08/19/200900
Waiting for green light at the tunnel08/19/200900
Border Italy - Switzerland, Zenna08/19/200900
Border Italy - Switzerland, Ribellasca08/19/200900
Border Italy - Switzerland, Trasquera08/19/200900
Border Switzerland - France, St. Gingolph08/19/200900
Border Switzerland - France, Le Chatelard08/19/200900
Two TAP Portugal A330 planes08/19/200900
Oldtimer made to sales van08/19/200900
Zytglogge Tower08/19/200900
Zytglogge Tower08/19/200900
Bärengraben (Bear pit)08/19/200900
Taipei 10108/19/200900
Thiepval Memorial to the Missing of the Somme08/16/200900
French resistance memorial and eternan flame08/16/200900
Site where Manfred von Richthofen (The Red Baron) was shot down in battle08/15/200900
German War Cemetery Fricourt08/15/200900
Manfred von Richthofen's (The Red Baron) first gravesite08/15/200900
World War 1 items for sale08/13/200900
Lochnagar mine crater08/13/200900
Cross at road08/12/200900
Sicily-Rome American Cemetery and Memorial08/10/200900
Peake Wood Cemetery08/10/200900
Ribemont Communal Cemetery Extension08/10/200900
Mesnil Communal Cemetery Extension08/10/200900
Ovillers Military Cemetery08/10/200900
Longueval Road Cemetery08/10/200900
Longueau British Cemetery08/10/200900
Guillemont Road Cemetery08/10/200900
Gordon Dump Cemetery08/10/200900
Friocourt British Cemetery (Bray Road)08/10/200900
Bazentin-le-Petit Military Cemetery08/10/200900
Bouzincourt Communal Cemetery Extension08/10/200900
Aveluy Wood Cemetery (Lancashire Dump)08/10/200900
Allonville Communal Cemetery08/10/200900
French National Cemetery Albert08/10/200900
Cerisy-Gailly Military Cemetery08/10/200900
Cerisy-Gailly French National Cemetery08/10/200900
Flat tire?08/10/200900
Homage to Leonardo, the Vitruvian Man08/10/200900
Disneyland Hotel08/05/200900
Walt Disney Studios water tower08/05/200900
Yellow Swat Team08/05/200900
Winnie the Pooh08/05/200900
Mickey Mouse from Fantasia08/05/200900
Donald Duck08/05/200900
Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie08/05/200900
Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue08/05/200900
Armageddon: The Armadillo vehicle08/05/200910
Giant football08/05/200900
Giant pencil and red british phone booth08/05/200900
Huge outdoor chair08/05/200900
Giant mousetrap with cheese08/05/200900
Giant coffee pot08/05/200900
Giant kazoo08/05/200900
Miamisburg Mound08/05/200900
Noah's Ark-shaped Building08/05/200900
Little Graceland 08/04/200900
Elvis statue outside Lightening Joe's Guitar Heaven08/04/200900
Elvis - Follow That Dream Marker08/04/200900
Elvis' 1968 Special Edition Cadillac08/04/200900
Odd decorated walls08/04/200900
Gaelic sun wheel on garagedoor08/04/200900
Batman logo on garage door08/04/200900
Flowers on garage door08/04/200900
US flag on garage door08/04/200900
US flag on garage door08/04/200900
New Zealand’s only glockenspiel clock08/04/200900
Liberty Avenue Musicians08/04/200900
Jerry Siegel's former house08/04/200900
The Superman Museum08/04/200900
Wyatt Earp's former house08/03/200900
Wyart Earp's house08/03/200900
Kit Carson House08/03/200900
Black Hawk Statue08/03/200900
Sam Houston statue - "Tribute to Courage"08/03/200900
The Keeper of the Plains08/03/200900
Golden Driller08/03/200900
Our Lady of the Rockies08/03/200900
Crazy Horse Memorial08/03/200900
Sir Frank Whittle statue08/02/200900
The "Whittle Arch"08/02/200900
Jerry Lee Lewis' Ranch07/30/200900
Nothing fits here07/23/200900
Covered cam07/23/200900
Nothing fits here07/23/200900
Giant high heel shoe07/23/200900
Port Isabel mural07/23/200900
Giant handsaw07/23/200900
The Little Mermaid replica07/23/200900
Coat of arms on a facade07/23/200900
Hans Christian Andersen07/23/200900
Thirtynine Mile volcanic field07/22/200900
Gone With The Wind Museum07/22/200900
Giant killer bee07/22/200900
Calle Jesus de Gran Poder (Powerful Jesus Street)07/21/200900
Rue des mauvais garcons (Bad Boys Street)07/21/200900
rue de la Grande Truanderie (The Great Swindle Street)07/21/200900
Count St. and Basie Rd.07/21/200900
Ha-Ha Road07/21/200900
Cannibal Island Road07/21/200900
Bicycle police officer07/21/200900
USMC War Memorial (Iwo Jima Memorial) Newington CT07/20/200900
USMC War Memorial (Iwo Jima Memorial), Harrington TX07/20/200900
USMC War Memorial (Iwo Jima Memorial), Quantico VA07/20/200900
Runway remain of Mitchel Air Force Base07/20/200900
Gravel road warning sign and a 100 km/t speed limit sign07/18/200900
Looks like a painting07/18/200900
bus of County of LA Sheriff's Department 07/17/200900
Another house being built07/16/200900
Building a house - US style07/16/200900
Dundee United training facility Gussie Park07/16/200900
Glasgow Rangers training facility Murray Park07/16/200900
StreetView car stop at bus stop07/16/200900
Seagull in flight - Hi-res07/16/200900
StreetView car in front of the other07/16/200900
Meridian Highway Bridge07/16/2009-20
Memorial Bridge07/16/200900
Lower Hack Lift07/16/200900
Wittpenn Vertical Lift Bridge07/16/200900
William A. Stickel Memorial Bridge07/16/200900
Harlem River Lift Bridge 07/16/200900
Ward's Island Bridge07/16/200900
Upper Hack Lift Bridge07/16/200900
Union Street Railroad Bridge07/16/200900
Tennessee River Railroad Bridge07/16/200900
Norfolk Southern Tennessee River Bridge07/16/200900
James River Bridge07/16/200900
Oregon Trunk Rail Bridge07/16/200900
Fourteenth Street Bridge07/16/200900
Florida Avenue Vertical Lift Bridge07/16/200900
Commodore Schuyler F. Heim Bridge07/16/200900
Caddo Lake Drawbridge07/16/200900
Burlington Northern Railroad Bridge 5.107/16/200900
Broadway Vertical Lift Bridge07/15/200900
Roosevelt Island Vertical Lift Bridge07/15/200900
Bridge of Sighs (Oxford)07/15/200910
Benjamin Harrison Memorial Vertical Lift Bridge07/15/200900
Hood River Vertical Lift Bridge07/15/200900
Clyde River Vertical Lift Bridge07/15/200900
Bridgewater Vertical Lift Bridge07/15/200900
Ryde Vertical Lift Bridge07/15/200900
Pont levant de la rue de Crimée vertical lift bridge07/15/200900
Pont de Recouvrance vertical lift bridge07/15/200900
Pont Gustave-Flaubert lift bridge07/15/200900
Vertical Lift Steel Bridge07/15/200900
Wabash Vertical Lift Bridge07/15/200900
St. Paul Union Pacific Vertical-lift Rail Bridge07/15/200900
A flock of seagulls07/15/200910
Stillwater Vertical Lift Bridge07/15/200900
Sarah Mildred Long Vertical Lift Bridge07/15/200900
Portage Lake Lift Bridge07/15/200900
Park Avenue Vertical Lift Bridge07/15/200900
Murray Morgan Vertical Lift Bridge07/15/200901
Marine Parkway-Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge07/15/200900
FEC Strauss Trunnion Bascule Bridge07/15/200900
Main Street Vertical Lift Bridge07/15/200900
Interstate Vertical Lift Bridge07/15/200900
Hawthorne Vertical Lift Bridge07/15/200900
Prescott BNSF lift bridge07/15/200900
Hastings Rail Vertical Lift Bridge07/15/200900
Green Island Vertical Lift Bridge 07/15/200900
Danziger Vertical Lift Bridge07/15/200900
Claiborne Avenue Vertical Lift Bridge07/15/200900
Cape Fear Memorial Bridge07/15/200900
Armour-Swift-Burlington (ASB) Bridge07/15/200900
Arthur Kill Vertical Lift Bridge07/15/200900
Lockport vertical lift bridge07/15/200900
St. Charles Air Line Bridge07/15/200900
Mystic River Bascule Bridge07/15/200900
Glamis Road rolling bridge07/15/200900
BBC Broadcasting House07/15/200900
Project Runway - The designers workshop center07/15/200900
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - Chapel Addlestone07/15/200900
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - Chapel Merton07/15/200900
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - Chapel Selsdon07/15/200900
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - Chapel Balham07/15/200900
London Zoo07/15/2009-10
Coat of arms at roadside07/15/200900
Saint Pancras Churchyard07/15/200900
Breakspear Crematorium07/15/200900
California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison, Corcoran 07/15/200900
California State Prison, Solano07/15/200900
California State Prison, Sacramento07/15/200900
California State Prison, Los Angeles County07/15/200900
California State Prison, Corcoran07/15/200900
California Rehabilitation Center07/15/200900
California Medical Facility07/15/200900
California Men's Colony07/15/200900
California Institution for Women07/15/200900
California Correctional Center07/15/200900
Ventress Correctional Facility07/15/200900
Limestone Correctional Facility 07/15/200900
Fountain / JO Davis Correctional Facility07/14/200900
Draper Correctional Facility 07/14/200900
Bullock Correctional Facility 07/14/200900
Hamilton Aged & Infirmed 07/14/200900
Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women 07/14/200900
Sussex I and II State Prison 07/14/200900
Georgia Diagnostic and Classification State Prison07/14/200900
United States Penitentiary, Atlanta07/14/200900
North Carolina Correctional Institution for Women07/14/200900
Raleigh Central Prison07/14/200900
State Correctional Institution Muncy07/14/200900
Auckland Prison07/14/200900
Auckland Region Women's Corrections Facility07/14/200900
Mount Eden Prisons07/14/200900
Old Tucson Studios07/14/200900
Pruntytown Correctional Center07/14/200900
Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women07/14/200900
Pelican Bay State Prison07/14/200900
El Dorado Correctional Facility07/14/200900
Lansing Correctional Facility07/14/200900
Pocatello Womens Correctional Center07/14/200900
New Hampshire State Prison for Women07/14/200900
Tecumseh State Correctional Institution07/14/200900
Arizona State Prison Complex - Perryville07/14/200900
Maryland Correctional Adjustment Center07/14/200900
Indiana Women's Prison07/14/200900
Indiana State Prison07/14/200900
Prison guard on wall of Huntsville Unit07/14/200900
Huntsville Unit07/14/200900
Ohio State Reformatory (Historic)07/14/200900
Liberty Jail Museum07/14/200900
Charles Street Jail (Historic)07/14/200900
Portsmouth Naval Prison (Historic)07/14/200900
Old York Gaol (Historic)07/14/200900
Dubuque County Jail (Historic)07/14/200900
Old Idaho State Penitentiary (Historic)07/14/200900
Yuma Territorial Prison (Historic)07/14/200900
Lower Lake Stone Jail (Historic)07/14/200900
Greensville Correctional Center07/14/200900
Nebraska State Penitentiary07/14/200900
Nebraska Diagnostic and Evaluation Center07/14/200900
Nebraska Correctional Center for Women07/14/200900
Lee Harvey Oswald shot by Jack Ruby after JFK's assassination07/13/200900
Murder of John Dillinger site07/13/200900
No Third Runway sign07/13/200900
Cars used to make a sculpture07/13/200900
Giant tooth07/13/200900
Last place James Dean stopped for gas07/13/200900
James Dean billboard07/13/200900
Hope Barack Obama for President sign07/12/200900
Grand Central Terminal07/12/200900
Giant ants invade a building07/12/200900
Igloo House07/12/200900
Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares: Trobiano's07/12/200900
Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares: The Mixing Bowl Eatery07/12/200900
Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares UK: La Gondola07/12/200900
Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares UK: Curry Lounge07/12/200900
Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares UK: Piccolo Teatro07/12/200900
Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares: Campania07/12/200900
Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares: Finn McCool's07/12/200900
Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares: Sebastian's07/12/200900
Guitar Shaped Building07/11/200900
Navy Operational Support Center07/11/200900
Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House07/11/200900
Wing Shaped Building07/11/200900
Whipple Declaration of Independence Tree07/11/200900
Hinehopu's Tree07/11/200900
The Tree That Owns Itself 07/11/200900
Americam Dream Multiplex Bar and Restaurant07/11/200900
Good place to park07/11/200900
Blues Brothers: Cook County Assessor's Office crash site07/11/200900
Blues Brothers: Dead end freeway ramp07/11/200900
Blues Brothers: Police car pile up07/11/200900
Blues Brothers: Jump over police car07/11/200900
Blues Brothers: Lower Wacker Drive07/11/200900
Blues Brothers: Police Crash Site07/11/200900
Blues Brothers: West Wind Motel07/11/200900
Blues Brothers: The schoolyard07/11/200900
Blues Brothers: The Nazi rally bridge07/11/200900
Blues Brothers: Chez Paul Restaurant07/11/200900
Blues Brothers: Holiday Inn Hotel07/11/200900
Blues Brothers: Mrs Tarantino's House07/11/200900
Blues Brothers: Elwood's Plymouth Hotel07/11/200900
Blues Brothers: Drive to Hotel07/11/200900
Blues Brothers: The shopping center chase07/11/200900
Blues Brothers: Car chase intersection07/11/200900
Blues Brothers: Pulled over07/11/200900
Blues Brothers: Elwood runs the red light07/11/200900
Blues Brothers: The church07/11/200900
Blues Brothers: St Helen of the Blessed Shroud Orphanage07/11/200900
Gare Saint-Lazare in Paris07/11/200900
Clock sculpture at Gare St. Lazare in Paris07/11/200900
Gare Montparnasse in Paris07/11/200900
Gare de Lyon in Paris07/11/200900
Gare de l'Est in Paris07/11/200900
Gare de Bercy in Paris07/11/200900
Gare d'Austerlitz in Paris07/11/200900
ESA (European Space Agency) HQ07/11/200900
FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile) HQ07/11/200900
Basilica of St Denis07/11/200900
Château de Vincennes07/11/200900
Elvis Presleys origin gravesite07/10/200900
Ferncliff Cemetery and Mausoleum - Greenburgh NY07/09/200900
Green Mount Cemetery - Baltimore MD07/09/200900
Westlawn Cemetery - Norridge IL07/09/200900
Mount Carmel Cemetery - Hillside IL07/09/200900
Oak Woods Cemetery - Chicago IL07/09/200900
Woodlawn Memorial Cemetery - Santa Monica CA07/09/200900
Holy Cross Cemetery, Colma CA07/09/200900
Exit of the catacombs of Paris07/08/200900
Entrance to the catacombs of Paris07/08/200900
Montmartre Cemetery - Paris07/08/200900
Montparnasse Cemetery - Paris07/08/200900
Passy Cemetery - Paris07/08/200900
Père Lachaise Cemetery - Paris07/08/200900
Gate to Neverland Ranch07/07/200900
Bunhill Fields Cemetery - London07/07/200900
Highgate Cemetery (West) - London07/07/200900
Highgate Cemetery (East) - London07/07/200900
Golders Green Crematorium07/07/200900
Calvary Cemetery - East Los Angeles CA07/07/200900
Chapel of the Pines Crematory - Los Angeles CA07/07/200900
Eden Memorial Park Cemetery - San Fernando CA07/07/200900
Evergreen Cemetery - Belvedere CA07/07/200900
San Fernando Mission Cemetery - San Fernando CA07/07/200900
Rose Hills Memorial Park - South El Monte CA07/07/200900
Oakwood Memorial Park Cemetery - Calabasas CA07/07/200900
Mount Sinai Memorial Park Cemetery - Burbank CA07/07/200900
Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery - Westwood CA07/07/200900
Pierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial Park Cemetery - Burbank CA07/07/200900
Army vehicles07/07/200900
Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery - Ladera Heights CA07/07/200900
Inglewood Park Cemetery - Inglewood CA07/07/200900
Holy Cross Cemetery, Culver City CA07/07/200900
Hollywood Forever Cemetery - West Hollywood CA07/07/200900
Forest Lawn Memorial Park - Cathedral City CA07/07/200900
Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Long Beach CA07/07/200900
Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Covina Hills - Charter Oak CA07/07/200900
Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Cypress - Hawaiian Gardens CA07/07/200900
Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Hollywood Hills - Burbank CA07/07/200900
Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale CA07/07/200900
Jesse James' murder site07/07/200900
Orville Wright's mansion07/05/200900
Howard Hughes' grave07/05/200900
Karl Malden's former house07/05/200900
Wilbur and Orville Wrights Memorial Arch07/05/200900
Wilbur and Orville Wright's childhood house07/05/200900
Wilbur and Orville Wrights 3rd. bicycle shop07/05/200900
Wilbur and Orville Wrights 4th. bicycle shop07/05/200900
Wrong street location07/05/200900
Tesla Motors car plant07/04/200900
Tesla cars07/04/200900
Hells Angels HQ London07/04/200900
Road through tall building07/04/200900
Michael Jackson's Thriller - The dance scene06/27/200910
Michael Jackson's former house06/27/200900
Michael Jackson's death: UCLA Medical Center06/27/200900
Michael Jackson's death: Fire Station 7106/27/200900
Michael Jackson's Thriller - The cinema06/26/200900
Michael Jackson's Thriller - The zombies cemetery06/26/200900
Michael Jackson's Thriller - The house06/26/200900
Two VW Beetles painted with emus06/20/200900
Giant BBC TV screen in Manchester06/19/200900
Giant cat06/19/200900
Red Plaque: Battle of Cable Street06/18/200900
Battle of Cable Street mural06/18/200900
Former Nike Missile Site Base SF-8806/18/200910
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre06/18/200900
Sadler's Wells Theatre: West Side Story06/18/200900
Royal Court Theatre: Free Outgoing06/18/200900
Royal National Theatre06/18/200900
The Old Vic: Pygmalion06/18/200900
Victoria Palace Theatre: Billy Elliot the Musical06/18/200900
Vaudeville Theatre: The Deep Blue Sea06/18/200900
Trafalgar Studios: Fat Pig06/18/200900
Shaftesbury Theatre: Hairspray - The Musical06/18/200900
Savoy Theatre: Never Forget06/18/200900
Royal Opera House06/18/200900
Prince Edward Theatre: Jersey Boys06/18/200900
Playhouse Theatre: The Harder They Come06/18/200900
Phoenix Theatre: Blood Brothers06/18/200900
Novello Theatre: Into the Hoods06/18/200900
New London Theatre: Imagine This06/18/200900
Lyric Theatre: Cabaret06/18/200900
Theatre Royal Haymarket: Marguerite06/18/200900
Gielgud Theatre06/18/200900
Fortune Theatre: The Woman in Black06/18/200900
Duchess Theatre: Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story. 06/18/200900
Dominion Theatre: We Will Rock You06/18/200900
Theatre Royal, Drury Lane: French & Saunders06/18/200900
Lyceum Theatre: The Lion King06/18/200900
Prince of Wales Theatre: Mamma Mia06/18/200900
Criterion Theatre: The 39 Steps06/18/200900
Cambridge Theatre: Chicago06/18/200900
Apollo Theatre: Rainman06/18/200900
Apollo Victoria Theatre: Wicked06/18/200900
Wyndham's Theatre: Ivanov (and future plays)06/18/200900
Noël Coward Theatre: Avenue Q06/18/200900
Queen's Theatre: Les Misérables06/18/200900
Garrick Theatre: Zorro06/18/200900
Her Majesty's Theatre: The Phantom of the Opera06/18/200900
Ambassadors Theatre: Stomp06/18/200900
St Martin's Theatre: The Mousetrap06/18/200900
Palace Theatre: Monty Python's Spamalot06/18/200900
Aldwych Theatre: Dirty Dancing06/18/200900
Adelphi Theatre: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat06/18/200900
Steam train and Santa06/17/200900
Buddy Holly's parential house06/17/200900
Strange building - The Dome House06/16/200900
Seven Foot Knoll Light06/16/200900
Former Hinesville Coca-Cola Bottling Co.06/16/200900
Duke of Wellington - with traffic cone as hat06/16/200900
The Rheinland Restaurant06/15/200900
Chuck Wagon Shaped Eatery06/15/200900
Strange building - Maritime Discovery Centre06/15/200900
Strange building - National Museum of the American Indian06/15/200900
Nice stretchlimo - allmost06/15/200900
Two wheeled car06/15/200900
Pumpkin Man 106/12/200900
Phantom Manor06/12/200900
Buzz Lightyear06/12/200900
Lumière from Beauty and the Beast06/12/200900
StreetView Bicycle06/08/200900
Albert Communal Cemetery Extension05/26/200900
Adelaide Cemetery05/26/200900
Canadian War Cemetery Bény-sur-Mer05/26/200900
Suresnes American Cemetery and Memorial05/26/200900
StreetView car on a flooded bridge05/23/200910
Fats Domino's former house05/23/200900
Fry's Electronics Train05/18/200900
Kangaroos and wombats crossing05/18/200900
Fremantle Prison (Historic)05/15/200900
Air mail letterbox05/15/200900
Decca Studios: One of the biggest mistakes in music history happened here05/13/200900
Orange County Choppers new site05/11/200900
De Zandweg windmill05/09/200900
De Distilleerketel windmill05/09/200900
De Speelman windmill05/09/200900
Zuidpoldermolen windmill05/09/200900
Het Prinsenhof windmill05/09/200900
De Schoolmeester windmill05/09/200900
De Ooijevaar windmill05/09/200900
De Bleeke Dood windmill05/09/200900
De Eendragt windmill05/08/200900
De Vriendschap windmill05/08/200900
De Zwaan windmill05/08/200900
Het Pink windmill05/08/200900
De Held Jozua windmill05/08/200900
Gemeenschapsmolen windmill05/08/200900
De Dikkert windmill05/08/200900
De 1100 Roe windmill05/08/200900
Molen van Sloten windmill05/08/200900
De Riekermolen windmill05/08/200910
D'Admiraal windmill05/08/200900
De Otter windmill05/08/200900
De Gooyer windmill05/08/200910
De 1200 Roe windmill05/08/200900
De Bloem/De Blom windmill05/08/200900
Sir Joseph Bazalgette's former house05/08/200900
The Bill - Sun Hill Police Station05/07/200900
Austin Mini Van05/06/200900
Chrysler C300 stretchlimo05/06/200900
Viasat Broadcasting Center05/06/200900
Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum05/05/200900
Weird boat05/04/200900
Nice trike05/04/200900
David in color05/04/200900
Brig Amity replica05/04/200900
German ICE 3 high speed train05/04/200910
StreetView car with older camera05/04/200900
Wallace and Gromit on a motorcycle05/04/200900
Willem Barents arctic map mural05/04/200900
Willem Barents mural05/04/200900
Tent blown down by storm at Dallas Cowboys HQ05/03/200900
Two dutch police vessels05/01/200900
Unusual taxi04/30/200900
Pegman being build up04/30/200900
Pegman at Groningen Central Station04/30/200900
Pegman sitting at Europark Stadium04/30/200900
Pegman sitting on the stairs04/30/200900
The Gros-Horloge clock04/29/200900
America's Cup yacht Jayhawk04/29/200900
Pablo Picasso's former home and studio04/29/200900
Picasso mural04/29/200900
That's not cleaver04/29/200900
Giant champagne bottle04/29/200900
Musée de la Reddition -The Surrender Museum04/29/200900
Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Reims04/29/200900
Porte de Mars in Reims04/29/200900
Jeanne d'Arcs execution place04/29/200900
Tour Jeanne d'Arc04/29/200900
Statue of Liberty replica in Poitiers04/29/200900
Église Notre-Dame-la-Grande04/29/200900
Baptistère Saint-Jean in Poitiers04/29/200900
Poitiers Cathedral04/29/200900
Boy and dolphin04/27/200900
La Delivrance04/27/200900
Paddock war rooms04/27/200900
Castel Gandolfo - The Popes summer residence04/27/200900
Rem Koolhaas Urinal04/27/200900
Painted elephant04/27/200900
Two prisoner transporters04/26/200900
StreetView car being fixed at a car repair04/26/200900
Bridge to and from - Nowhere04/26/200900
Odd shaped trees along the highway04/25/200900
Giant footprints04/24/2009-10
Walking with Pegmans head04/23/200900
ING Group HQ04/23/200900
Clock need to be adjusted04/23/200900
Crashed Boeing 777 from British Airways04/22/200900
Wimbledon Tennis Club04/22/200900
Hard Rock Cafe - Cardiff04/22/200900
Hard Rock Cafe - London04/22/200900
The Analematic Sundial04/22/200900
Cannabis plant in the window04/22/200900
Electric Dolls video Baps R Bakin' set04/21/200910
Ladbrokes gambling HQ04/21/200902
Hiding behind Pegman04/20/200910
Going back to car with Pegman parts04/20/200900
Mary Poppins04/20/200910
Female Yeomen Warder04/20/200900
Female Sherlock Holmes04/20/200900
First Regiment of the French Forein Legion in Aubagne04/19/200900
Panhard AML armored vehicle04/19/200900
People at open door arrangement at the French Foreign Legion04/19/200900
Armored personnel carrier MT-LB04/19/200900
Legionaire Etrangere - Foreign Legion soldier04/19/200900
Paddington Bear number 404/19/200900
Jysk Amsterdam Westpoort 04/18/200900
Jysk Amsterdam Noord04/18/200900
Jysk Rotterdam04/18/200900
Euro tunnel entrance Calais04/16/200901
Channel tunnel boring machine04/16/200900
Camera crev at Arsenal sign04/16/200900
The Arsenal Clock04/16/200900
Two gunners as sign04/16/200900
Grande Arche de la Fraternite04/15/200900
Weird decorated cars04/14/200900
Keeping Up Appearances - Onslow's home04/13/200900
Edinburgh Zoo04/13/200910
Alexander Graham Bell's birthplace04/13/200900
Edinburgh Girafs04/13/200900
Sherlock Holmes statue04/13/200900
Bracken House astronomical clock04/13/200900
Herbie - The Love Bug04/13/200900
Sud Aviation SE 210 Caravelle 1204/11/200900
Four StreetView cars in a row04/11/200902
Carabinieri sitting out of an armoured car window04/10/200900
Space Shuttle before launch04/10/200900
Keith Richards on a Louis Vuitton commercial04/08/200900
Beautiful decorated house04/07/200900
Strasbourg Cathedral04/07/200900
Statue of Gutenberg in Strasbourg04/07/200900
Merry-go-round in Strasbourg04/07/200900
Human Rights Court of Europe in Strasbourg04/07/200900
Brasserie Kronenbourg04/07/200900
European Parliament in Strasbourg04/07/200900
Pont de l'Europe04/07/200900
The David Beckham Academy 04/07/200900
First bomb target from a Zeppelin in London04/06/200900
Queen Elisabeth II's birthplace04/06/200900
Neal's Yard water clock04/06/200900
The Persuaders: Lord Brett Sinclairs home04/06/200900
Queen Anne statue04/06/200900
Elephant and a circus04/06/200910
The Headington Shark04/06/200900
King Edward III's residence04/06/200900
Elton John's birthplace04/06/2009-10
Here Elton John began his musical career04/05/200900
Monty Python's Flying Circus: The Cheese Shop sketch04/05/200900
David Bowie's birthplace04/05/200900
Paul McCartney's house04/05/200900
Sir Edmond Halley's house04/05/200900
Paddington Bear number 204/02/200900
Paddington Bear number 104/02/200900
Milk delivery van04/02/200900
Young man with a Bobby helmet04/02/200900
Dunlop Motorsport truck04/02/200900
Fortnum & Mason - Oldest department store in London03/31/200900
Hatchards - Oldest bookshop in London03/31/200900
Manchester United - Munich air disaster memorial03/30/200900
Manchester United - Munich air disaster clock03/30/200900
John Lennon and Yoko Ono: The Bed-in03/30/200900
The Beatles: Last public concert03/30/200900
Oldest church in london: All Hallows-by-the-Tower03/30/200900
Hellraiser: The house03/30/200900
London cab with Elvis on side door03/30/200900
The London Stone03/30/200900
The Beatles Story03/30/200900
Very very very small house03/30/200900
Warr's Harley-Davidson shop03/30/200900
Mini Cooper with Union Jack on roof03/30/200900
Need an armor?03/29/200900
Bagpipe player03/29/200920
Sir Thomas More statue03/29/200900
George Harrison's birthplace03/29/200900
Liverpool Hope Street Suitcases03/29/200900
The Beatles: Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band03/29/200900
The Beatles: Penny Lane03/29/200900
Ringo Starr's former house03/29/200900
Ringo Starr's birthplace03/29/200900
The Beatles Abbey Road zebra crossing03/29/200900
Abbey Road Studios03/29/200900
Edgar Wallace's birthplace03/28/200900
Edgar Wallace's former home03/28/200900
Bram Stoker's former house03/28/200900
Boris Karloff's birthplace03/28/2009-10
Alfred Hitchcock's former house03/28/200900
Benjamin Franklin's former house03/28/200900
First flying bomb target in London03/28/200900
Ian Fleming's former house03/28/200900
Film crew outside Mozart's London Residence03/28/200900
Sir Alexander Fleming's former home03/28/200900
Friedrich Engels' former home03/28/200900
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's former house03/28/200900
Benjamin Britten's former house03/28/200900
Enid Blyton's former house03/28/200900
Commander William Bligh's former house03/28/200900
Robert Baden-Powell's former home03/28/200900
Clement Richard Attlee's former house03/28/200900
Statue of Billy Bremner03/28/200900
Ozzy Osbourne's Star on Birmingham's Walk of Stars03/26/200900
Marc Bolan's former home03/26/200900
Marc Bolan's childhood and youth home03/26/200900
Here Marc Bolan was killed in a car accident03/26/200901
David Livingstones birthplace03/25/200900
Fake house on Leinster Terrace03/25/200900
Robert F. Scott's former home03/22/200900
Jimi Hendrix's former home03/22/200900
Charlie Chaplin's childhood home03/22/200900
Charles Dickens' house03/22/200900
Sigmund Freud's house03/22/200900
Meadow Lane Stadium03/22/200900
Liberty Stadium03/22/200900
St. Mary's Stadium03/22/200900
Ninian Park Stadium03/22/200900
Hillsborough Stadium03/21/200900
Bramall Lane Stadium03/21/200900
Loftus Road Stadium03/21/200900
City Ground Stadium03/21/200900
Carrow Road Stadium03/21/200900
Elland Road Stadium03/21/200900
Pride Park Stadium03/21/200900
Selhurst Park Stadium03/21/200900
Coventry Cathedral ruins03/21/200900
Coventry Cathedral (new)03/21/200900
Ricoh Arena Stadium03/21/200900
The Valley Stadium03/21/200900
Valley Parade or Coral Windows Stadium03/21/200900
St Andrew's Stadium03/21/200900
Vicarage Road Stadium03/21/200900
Painted T-34 tank03/21/200900
Robbie Williams' house03/21/200900
Mini Cooper with flag of Norway on roof03/21/200900
Simon Cowell's house03/21/200900
Freddie Mercury's former house03/21/200900
Sculptures made of roadsigns03/21/200910
Millennium Stadium03/21/200900
Old Bailey03/21/200900
British Museum03/21/200900
Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum03/21/200900
Horse Guards parade03/21/200900
St. Pauls Cathedral03/21/200900
Airbus A38003/21/200900
Sherlock Holmes adress: Bakerstreet 221B03/20/200900
Relaxing taxi driver03/20/200900
Westminster Abbey03/20/200900
Traffic light tree03/20/200910
George Best's childhood home03/19/200900
Twickenham Rugby Stadium03/19/200900
Royal Albert Hall03/19/200900
Little Ben03/19/200910
Maybach 5703/19/200900
StreetView car meeting StreetView car03/19/200910
Royal Yacht Britannia03/19/200901
StreetView car in a magic roundabout03/19/2009-10
St. James' Park Stadium03/19/200900
City of Manchester Stadium03/19/200900
Old Trafford Stadium03/19/200900
White Hart Lane Stadium03/19/200900
You'll never walk alone03/19/200900
Liverpool Memorial for the Hillsborough disaster03/19/200910
Anfield Stadium03/19/200900
Goodison Park Stadium03/19/200900
Villa Park Stadium03/19/200900
Craven Cottage Stadium03/19/200900
The FA HQ03/19/200900
Karl Marx's former home03/19/200900
Georg Friedrich Händels house03/19/200900
Gordon Ramsey's Foxtrot Oscar03/19/200900
Gordon Ramsey's Maze and Maze Grill03/19/200900
Gordon Ramsay's Boxwood Cafe03/19/200900
Gordon Ramsay at Claridge's03/19/200900
Gordon Ramsay Restaurant03/19/200900
Stamford Bridge03/19/200900
Upton Park03/19/200910
Emirates Stadium03/19/200920
Highbury Stadium03/19/200900
Wembley Stadium03/19/200910
Downing Street03/19/200900
London Eye03/19/200910
Big Ben03/19/200910
Creflo Dollar's house03/18/200900
StreetView car driving with racing cars03/18/200910
Golden Jeanne d'Arc statue - replica03/18/200900
Pilgrim's Pride Corp. HQ03/18/200900
Cowboy mural03/18/200900
Dan Blocker's former house03/18/200900
Ferrari Formula 1 racer03/15/200900
Two Amish men on a waggon03/12/200910
Abandoned church01/29/200900
Abandoned Buffalo Central Railroad Terminal01/29/200900
The Pink House01/29/200900
Giant Santa statue01/26/200900
US flags along the road01/26/200900
The Laurel and Hardy Museum01/24/200900
Oliver Hardy on a water tower01/24/200900
Eiffel Tower replica01/23/200900
Cabooses used as hotel01/23/200900
Steam locomotive in Elbe01/23/200900
Clock in roundabout01/22/200900
Sasha Bruce Youthwork01/19/200900
Two US Marines standing guard01/19/200900
Chicago Picasso01/17/200900
Llagas Creek Bridge01/14/200900
Skijump arena Steamboat Springs01/13/200900
John Wayne Gacy's former house01/13/200901
Leonardo DiCaprio's house01/13/200910
Richard Dean Anderson's house01/13/200931
Josh Groban's house01/13/200900
Fran Drescher's house01/13/200900
Weber Bros Circus in Queenstown01/12/200900
Eglise Réformée de France‎01/12/200900
Eglise Luthérienne‎01/12/200900
Grace, Princess of Monaco memorial01/12/200900
Whitewater rafting01/12/200900
Norwegian Jade01/12/200900
Freedom of the Seas01/12/200910
Lights on?01/12/200900
Chiesa di Dio Padre Misericordioso01/12/200900
Chiesa di Santa Susanna alle Terme di Diocleziano01/12/200900
Basilica di Santa Croce in Gerusalemme01/12/200900
Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano01/12/200900
Preparations for a concert01/12/200900
Santi Quattro Coronati01/12/200900
San Martino ai Monti01/12/200900
Bigfoot Monster Trucks01/07/200900
Gravedigger Monster Trucks01/07/200900
Oasis Motel 01/07/200900
Spencer's Grill01/07/200900
Aztec Hotel01/07/200900
Embassy of Portugal to Spain01/06/200900
Embassy of Slovakia to Spain01/06/200900
Embassy of Italy to Spain01/06/200900
Embassy of Argentina to Spain01/06/200900
Embassy of Greece to Spain01/06/200900
Embassy of Sweden to Spain01/06/200900
Embassy of Brazil to Spain01/06/200900
Embassy of Germany to Spain01/06/200900
Embassy of Ireland to Spain01/06/200900
Embassy of Finland to Spain01/06/200900
Fats Domino's former house01/06/200901
Wigwam Motel of Holbrook01/05/200910
The Skyliner Motel01/05/200900
Admiral Twin Drive-In Theatre01/05/200900
Lucille Hamon's Famous Route 66 Gas Station01/05/200900
Embassy of South Africa to Spain01/05/200900
Embassy of Spain to the Vatican01/05/200900
Embassy of France to Spain01/05/200900
Embassy of Vietnam to Spain01/05/200900
Embassy of Uruguay to Spain01/05/200900
Embassy of the USA to Spain01/05/200900
Embassy of UK to Spain01/05/200900
Embassy of Ukraine to Italy01/05/200900
Embassy of Turkey to Italy01/05/200900
Embassy of Syria to Italy01/05/200900
Embassy of Hungary to Italy01/04/200900
Embassy of Honduras to Italy01/04/200900
Embassy of Haiti to Italy01/04/200900
Embassy of South Korea to Italy01/04/200900
Embassy of Sudan to Italy01/04/200900
Embassy of Sri Lanka to Italy01/04/200900
Embassy of Spain to Italy01/04/200900
Embassy of Zimbabwe to Italy01/04/200900
Embassy of Yemen to Italy01/04/200900
Embassy of Vietnam to Italy01/04/200900
Embassy of Venezuela to Italy01/04/200900
Embassy of Estonia to Italy01/04/200900
Embassy of El Salvador to Italy01/04/200900
Embassy of Georgia to Italy01/04/200900
Embassy of Slovenia to Italy01/04/200900
Embassy of Slovakia to Italy01/04/200900
Embassy of Australia to the Vatican01/04/200900
Embassy of Sweden to Italy01/03/200900
Embassy of Finland to Italy01/03/200900
Embassy of San Marino to Italy01/03/200900
Embassy of Romania to Italy01/03/200900
Embassy of Qatar to Italy01/03/200910
Embassy of Portugal to Italy01/03/200900
Embassy of Pakistan to Italy01/03/200900
Embassy Of Oman to Italy01/03/200900
Embassy of Norway to Italy01/03/200900
Embassy of the Netherlands to Italy01/03/200900
Embassy of Mozambique to Italy01/03/200900
Embassy of Mexico to Italy01/03/200900
Embassy of Morocco to Italy01/03/200900
Embassy of Mauritius to Italy01/03/200900
Embassy of Malta to Italy01/03/200900
Embassy of Malaysia to Italy01/03/200900
Embassy of Iran to Italy01/03/200900
Roadside gas station01/03/200900
Embassy of Madagascar to Italy01/03/200900
Embassy of Macedonia to Italy01/03/200900
Embassy of Luxembourg to Italy01/03/200900
Embassy of Lithuania to Italy01/03/200900
Mount Diogenes - Hanging Rock01/03/200900
Embassy of Chile to Italy01/03/200900
Embassy of Cameroon to Italy01/03/200900
Embassy of Canada to Italy01/03/200900
Embassy of Liberia to Italy01/03/200900
Embassy of Lesotho to Italy01/03/200900
Embassy of South Korea to the Vatican01/03/200900
Embassy of Hungary to the Vatican01/03/200900
Embassy of Bolivia to the Vatican01/03/200900
Embassy of Greece to the Vatican01/03/200900
Embassy of Peru to the Vatican01/03/200900
Embassy of Mexico to the Vatican01/03/200900
Embassy of France to the Vatican01/03/200900
Embassy of Albania to the Vatican01/03/200900
Embassy of Russiaand Slovenia to the Vatican01/03/200900
Embassy of Uruguay to the Vatican01/03/200900
Car in cage01/03/200900
Embassy of Belgium to the Vatican01/03/200900
Embassy of Argentina to the Vatican01/03/200900
Embassy of Poland to the Vatican01/03/200900
Embassy of Austria to the Vatican01/03/200900
Embassy of Macedonia to the Vatican01/03/200900
Embassy of Ireland to the Vatican01/03/200900
Embasssy of Japan to the Vatican01/03/200900
Embassy of Guatemala to the Vatican01/03/200900
Embassy of Brazil to the Vatican01/03/200900
Embassy of Canada to the Vatican01/03/200900
Embassy of Senegal to the Vatican01/03/200900
Embassy of Serbia to Italy and the Vatican01/03/200900
San Andreas Fault01/02/200900
Embassy of the Czech Republic to Italy01/02/200900
Embassy of Cuba to Italy01/02/200900
Embassy of India to Italy01/02/200900
Embassy of China to Italy01/02/200900
Embassy of Lebanon to Italy01/02/200900
Embassy of Greece to the Italy01/02/200900
Embassy of Latvia to Italy01/02/200900
Embassy of Kuwait to Italy01/02/200900
Embassy of Kenya to the Italy01/02/200900
Embassy of Kazakhstan to Italy01/02/200900
Embassy of Jordan to Italy01/02/200900
Embassy of Japan to the Italy01/02/200900
Embassy of Israel to Italy01/02/200900
Embassy of Ireland to Italy01/02/200900
Embassy of Indonesia to the Vatican01/02/200900
Embassy of Indonesia to Italy01/02/200900
Madonna and child mosaique01/01/200900
Bags and suitcases for sale01/01/200900
Embassy of Lebanon to the Vatican01/01/200900
Embassy of Germany to the Vatican01/01/200900
Embassy of Bulgaria to Italy01/01/200900
Embassy of Poland to Italy01/01/200900
Embassy of Russia to Italy01/01/200900
Embassy of the USA to Italy01/01/200900
Embassy of the USA to New Zealand01/01/200900
Embassy of Thailand to New Zealand01/01/200900
Embassy of Indonesia to New Zealand01/01/200900
Embassy of Chile to New Zealand01/01/200900
Embassy of Russia to New Zealand01/01/200900
Embassy of the Philippines to New Zealand01/01/200900
Embassy of Italy to New Zealand01/01/200900
Embassy of Australia to New Zealand01/01/200900
Embassy of Cuba to New Zealand01/01/200900
Embassy of China to New Zealand01/01/200900
Embassy of France to New Zealand01/01/200900
Embassy of Greece to New Zealand01/01/200900
Embassy of Germany to New Zealand01/01/200900
Embassy of Belgium to Italy01/01/200900
Embassy of Denmark to Italy01/01/200900
Embassy of Belarus to Italy01/01/200900
Embassy of Ecuador to Italy01/01/200900
Embassy of Azerbaijan to Italy01/01/200900
Embassy of Mali to Italy01/01/200900
Embassy of Australia to Italy01/01/200900
Embassy of Armenia to Italy01/01/200900
Embassy of Argentina to Italy01/01/200900
Embassy of Angola to Italy01/01/200900
Embassy of Algeria to Italy01/01/200900
Embassy of Switzerland to Italy01/01/200900
Embassy of Albania to Italy01/01/200900
Embassy of Tunisia to Italy and the Vatican01/01/200900
Embassy of Afghanistan to Italy01/01/200900
Embassy of France to Italy01/01/200900
Embassy of Cyprus to the Vatican01/01/200900
Embassy of Germany to Italy01/01/200900
Embassy of Germany to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Croatia to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Cameroon to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Cambodia to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Burkina Faso to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Botswana to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Brazil to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Bolivia to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Serbia to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Benin to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Spain to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Belgium to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Barbados to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of the Bahamas to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Singapore to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Israel to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Ghana to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Ethiopia to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Bahrain to the USA01/01/200910
Embassy of the United Arab Emirates to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Slovakia to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Pakistan to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Nigeria to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Malaysia to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Egypt to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Brunei Darussalam to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Austria to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Australia to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Argentina to the USA01/01/200900
Embassies of Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Angola to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Morocco to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Afghanistan to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Albania to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Bangladesh to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Jordan to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Lebanon to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of France to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Greece to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Georgia to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Turkmenistan to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Mali to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Zimbabwe to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Finland to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Estonia to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Moldova to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Micronesia to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Belize to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Cyprus to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Turkey to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Russia to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of South Korea to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Nepal to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Papua New Guinea to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of the Dominican Republic to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Sri Lanka to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Zambia to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Luxembourg to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Thailand to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of China to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Peru to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Algeria to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Grenada to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Jamaica to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Bulgaria to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Kazakstan to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of South Africa to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Costa Rica to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Laos to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Japan to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Saudi Arabia to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Haiti to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of the Philippines to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Ireland to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Mexico to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Kenya to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Switzerland to the USA01/01/200900
Embassy of Armenia to the USA01/01/200900
Houchens Industries - L. T. Smith Stadium01/01/200900
Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium01/01/200900
Notre Dame Stadium01/01/200900
Yale University01/01/200902
Harvard University01/01/200900
University of Barcelona01/01/200900
Sapienza University of Rome01/01/200900
University of Paris - The Sorbonne01/01/200900
Worlds largest rotating globe12/31/200800
Giant water can12/31/200800
Rapunzel and her savior12/31/200800
Worlds largest teapot12/31/200800
Out-of-Control Christmas House12/31/200800
Worlds tallest man statue12/31/200800
Worlds largest office chair12/31/200800
Blues Brothers: Dancing act on street12/31/200800
Colt's Manufacturing Company12/30/200800
Smith & Wesson handgun factory12/30/200800
Tallest flagpole in the USA12/30/200801
Very tall flagpole in the USA12/30/200800
Route 66 Carousel Park12/30/200800
Boots Motel12/30/200800
Cactus Inn Motel12/30/200800
Meramec Barn12/30/200800
Bouncing Orange12/30/200800
Magnolia Service Station12/30/200800
The Bent Door12/30/200800
Robin Hood Muffler Shop12/30/200800
Beck's Garage 12/30/200800
Raccoon Mountain Pumped Station Dam12/30/200800
Nickajack Dam12/30/200800
Cheoah Dam12/30/200800
Chilhowee Dam12/30/200800
Douglas Dam12/30/200800
Fort Loudoun Dam12/30/200800
Chickamauga Dam12/30/200800
Wachusett Reservoir Dam12/30/200800
Stevens Creek Dam12/30/200800
Quanah Parker Dam12/30/200800
Silverton Reservoir12/30/200800
Cowans Ford Dam12/30/200800
Old Michigan City Light12/30/200800
Grosse Point Light12/30/200800
Gordon Dam12/30/200800
Big Tujunga Dam12/30/200800
Monticello Dam12/30/200800
Woolen Mill Dam12/30/200800
Cherry Creek Dam12/30/200800
Lars Ulrich's house12/30/200800
Madonna's former house12/30/200800
Justin Timberlake's house12/30/200800
Will Rogers Theater12/29/200800
Cadillac Ranch12/29/200800
Ollie's Station12/29/200800
Circle Theater12/29/200800
Magnolia Service Station12/29/200800
66 Bowl12/29/200800
Dot's Mini Museum12/29/200800
Cindy Lyn Motel12/29/200800
Santa Monica Pier sign12/29/200800
Linoma Beach Lighthouse12/29/200820
Pigeon Point Light12/29/200810
Coleman Theatre12/29/200800
Tally's Good Food Cafe12/29/200800
Fabulous 40 Motel12/29/200800
Western Motel12/29/200800
Sid's Diner12/29/200800
Eat Rite Diner12/29/200800
Eisler Bros. Old Riverton Store12/28/200800
Waylan's KuKu Burger12/28/200800
Art's Motel & Restaurant12/28/200800
Classics Club Bar & Grill12/28/200800
Cozy Drive Inn12/28/200800
Gay Parita Garage12/28/200800
Flying A Service Station12/28/200800
Santa Anita Park12/28/200800
Route 66 Art Deco Store12/28/200800
Saga Moter Hotel12/28/200800
Route 66 Cafe12/28/200800
Murphey's Restaurant12/28/200800
Route 66 sign on road #812/28/200800
Paddoc Gas and Liquor12/28/200800
Route 66 welcome sign12/28/200800
Tiger O'Stylies Public House12/28/200800
Split Point Lighthouse12/28/200800
Lou Mitchell's - First stop on Route 6612/28/200800
Snuffy's 24 HR Grill12/28/200800
Route 66 map mural12/28/200800
The Glancy Motor Hotel12/28/200800
Ted Drewes Frozen Custard12/28/200800
Route 66 "Mother Road" Museum12/28/200800
Route 66 sign on road #712/28/200800
Former service center on Route 6612/28/200800
Route 66 sign on road #612/28/200800
Route 66 sign on road #512/28/200800
Route 66 sign on road #412/28/200800
Route 66 sign on road #312/28/200800
Route 66 sign on road #212/28/200800
Route 66 sign on road #112/28/200800
Shea's Gas Station Route 66 Museum12/28/200800
Kan-O-Tex Service Station12/28/200800
Twin Arrows12/28/200800
Twin Arrows Trading Post12/28/200800
California Route 66 Museum12/28/200800
Giant Route 66 sign12/28/200800
Amboy Crater12/27/200800
Gene Simmons' house12/27/200800
National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame 12/27/200800
Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum12/27/200800
College Football Hall of Fame12/27/200800
TITANIC Museum12/27/200800
Ritchie Valens, Buddy Holly, and J.P.Richardson statues12/27/200800
James Brown statue12/27/200800
Dolly Parton statue12/27/200800
Elvis Presley and James Burton statues12/27/200800
Harpo Marx statue12/27/200800
Elvis Presley statue12/27/200800
Spruce Goose at Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum12/27/200800
Elvis Presley statue12/27/200800
Rodeo cowboy12/27/200800
Merced Muffler Man12/27/200800
Nebraska Prairie Museum12/27/200800
Seneca Falls windmill12/27/200800
Denny's Restaurant windmill12/27/200800
Faux windmill12/27/200800
Longchamp windmill12/27/200800
Volant Watermill12/27/200800
Dutch Mill Family Restaurant12/27/200800
Bewo windmill12/27/200800
Lumberjack Muffler Man12/27/200800
Muffler Man Stan12/26/200800
Man and woman sucked into tranmissions12/26/200800
Muffler Man Tony12/26/200800
Muffler Man Indian 12/26/200800
Callington Mill12/26/200800
Danish split flag in Solvang12/26/200800
Ingeborg's Danish Chocolate12/26/200800
Danish bakery in Solvang12/26/200800
Round Tower replica12/26/200800
Danish windmill in Solvang12/26/200800
Cambern Dutch Shop Windmill12/26/200800
StreetView car passing train at RR crossing12/26/200800
Victoria Grist Windmill12/26/200800
Bailey Farm Windmill12/26/200800
Dutch wind mill in Pella12/26/200800
Wyatt Earp's former house12/26/200800
Samuel L. Jackson's former house12/26/200810
43rd. President George W. Bush's house after jan. 20th. 200912/26/200800
Alex Trebek's former house12/26/200800
Tupelo Hardware Co. Inc.12/25/200800
Sign towards Elvis Presley's birthplace12/25/200800
Statue of Liberty in Lebanon12/25/200800
Christian Statue of Liberty in Memphis12/25/200800
Statue of Liberty in Telequah12/25/200800
Bullfight ring of Gustine "Bella Vista Park"12/24/200800
Bullfight ring of Tracy "Campo Pequeno"12/24/200800
Bullfight ring of Thornton "São João"12/24/200800
Bullfight ring of Escalon "Campo Bravo"12/24/200800
Bullfight ring of Laton12/24/200800
Bullfight ring of Stevinson12/24/200800
Truck with a huge load of cans12/24/200800
It's a Wonderful Life: The bridge of Bedford Falls12/24/200800
It's a Wonderful Life: The dance contest12/24/200800
It's a Wonderful Life: Interiour scenes12/24/200800
Here stood the Millennium California Live Oak Tree12/24/200800
It's a Wonderful Life: Bedford Falls12/24/200800
Railroad Park Resort12/23/200800
Steam locomotive "Old Duke"12/23/200810
Rail crane on bridge12/23/200810
Oklahoma State Fairground Monorail12/23/200800
Six Flags Magic Mountain12/22/200800
Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom12/22/200800
The Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom12/22/200800
Six Flags Fiesta Texas12/22/200800
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom12/22/200800
Six Flags Astroworld12/22/200800
Six Flags Great Adventure12/22/200800
Six Flags Great America12/22/200800
Cirque Grand Celeste at Paris12/22/200800
Circus in Indianapolis12/22/200800
Circus trailer in Dallas12/22/200800
Bullock Correctional Facility12/22/2008-10
La Santé Prison12/22/200800
Fannie Bay Gaol (Historic)12/22/200800
Long Bay Correctional Centre12/22/200800
Darlinghurst Gaol (Historic)12/22/200800
Wentworth Gaol (Historic)12/22/200800
Trial Bay Gaol (Historic)12/22/200800
Maitland Gaol (Historic)12/22/200800
Hay Gaol (Historic)12/22/200800
Utah State Prison12/22/200800
Giant pitch fork12/21/2008-10
Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares: Lela's12/21/200800
Santa's Workshop12/21/200800
Dolly Parton's house12/21/200800
Roy's Motel and Cafe12/20/200800
Bonnie and Clyde Ambush site12/20/200800
Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Museum12/20/200800
Giant clarinet on Hotel Holiday Inn12/19/200800
Holiday Streetcar Restaurant mural12/19/200800
Heaviest rotary snowplow ever built12/19/200800
Sign with a buffalo12/19/200800
US Civil War: Battle of Stones River12/19/200800
US Civil War: Battle of Chickamauga12/19/200800
Avenal State Prison12/19/200800
Federal Correctional Complex, Butner12/19/200800
Tiny Town steam train12/18/200800
Tiny Town12/18/200800
Errol Flynn's former house12/18/200800
Errol Flynn's boyhood home 212/18/200800
Errol Flynn's boyhood home 112/18/200800
Sheridan Inn once opearated by Buffalo Bill12/18/200800
CB&Q #5631 locomotive on display12/18/200800
Heart Mountain War Relocation Center12/18/200800
Y-Bridge of Zanesville12/18/200800
Y-Bridge of Galena12/18/200810
TWA Corporate Headquarters' Building12/18/200800
Pony Express Stables12/18/200810
Jesse James' home12/18/200800
Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices State Historic Site12/18/200800
The Godfather: Corleone Mansion12/18/200800
Scientology's Golden Era Film Studio12/17/200800
Gilman Springs Scientology Church12/17/200800
PGM-19 Jupiter12/17/200800
Camp Chase12/17/200800
Andersonville prison, officially known as Camp Sumter12/17/200800
40th. President Ronald Reagan assassination attempt12/17/200800
5th. President James Monroe's origin grave12/17/200800
29th. President Warren Gamaliel Harding's grave12/17/200800
41st. President George H. W. Bush's former house12/17/200800
41st. President George H. W. Bush's former house12/17/200800
The Presidential Museum and Leadership Library12/17/200800
43rd. President George W. Bush's Presidential Library12/17/200800
41st. President George H. W. Bush's George Bush Presidential Library12/17/200800
38th. President Gerald R. Ford's Presidential Library12/17/200800
38th. President Gerald R. Ford's Presidential Museum12/17/200800
37th. President Richard M. Nixon's Presidential Library, Museum and birthplace12/17/200800
Confederate President Jefferson Davis' Home and Presidential Library (Beauvoir)12/16/200800
Confederate President Jefferson Davis' birthplace12/16/200800
39th. President Jimmy Carter's Library and Museum12/16/200800
36th. President Lyndon B. Johnson's Library and Museum12/16/200800
33rd. President Harry S. Truman's Presidential Library and Museum12/16/200800
33rd. President Harry S. Truman's birthplace12/16/200800
33rd. President Harry S. Truman's Farm12/16/200800
33rd. President Harry S. Truman's house12/16/200800
30th. President Calvin Coolidge Presidential Library & Museum 12/16/200800
25th. President William McKinley Presidential Library, Museum and Mausoleum12/16/200800
Jimmy Carter Peanut12/16/200800
Carter Family's : Carter Warehouse12/16/200800
Billy Carters gas station12/16/200800
Jimmy Carter National Historic Site12/16/200800
9th. President William Henry Harrison's Tomb12/16/200800
9th. President William Henry Harrison's birthplace12/16/200800
39th. President Jimmy Carter's campaign HQ12/16/200800
39th. President Jimmy Carter's house12/16/200800
36th. President Lyndon B. Johnson's birthplace, Ranch and grave12/16/200800
36th. President Lyndon B. Johnson's boyhood home12/16/200800
39th. President Jimmy Carter's birthplace12/16/200800
43rd. President George W. Bush's childhood home12/16/200800
31st. President Herbert Hoover's boyhood home12/16/200800
2nd. and 6th. President John and John Quincy Adams' origin grave12/16/200800
2nd. and 6th. Presidents John and John Quincy Adams gravesite12/16/200800
Martin Luther King Jr. assassination site12/15/200800
Uluru - Ayers Rock12/15/200800
Worlds largest roadrunner12/14/200800
London Bridge sign12/14/200800
London Bridge12/14/200800
Swinging bridge to nowhere12/14/200800
Danish church in Solvang12/14/200800
Robin Gibb's house12/14/200800
Barry Gibb's house12/14/200800
Johnny Cash's former house12/14/200800
Alice Cooper's house12/14/200800
Stage coach in Tombstone 212/14/200800
UFO shaped house12/14/200800
UFO Welcome Center12/14/200800
Pearl Fryar's Topiary Garden 12/14/200800
Catlin Covered Bridge12/14/200800
Horton Mill Covered Bridge12/14/200800
42nd. President Bill Clinton's birthplace12/13/200800
The real O.K.Coral gunfight scene12/13/200810
People watching the famous O.K.Battle at the theater12/13/200800
Stage coach in Tombstone 112/13/200800
Prairie wagon in Tombstone12/13/200800
Tombstone City Hall12/13/200800
Gunfight at the O.K. Corral theater12/13/200800
Stuffed cattle on a gallow12/13/200800
Billy The Kid's grave12/13/200800
Four corners ahead12/13/200800
World's smallest police station 12/12/200800
UFO Museum12/12/200800
Cano's Castle - Beer Can Folk Art Environment 12/11/200800
A lot of satellite dishes12/11/200800
World's Largest Elkhorn Arch 12/11/200800
Final flow towards American Falls12/11/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - Niagara Falls12/11/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - Gatlinburg12/11/200800
Bush Family Compound12/11/200800
Pink dinosauer12/11/200800
Governor of New Mexico Mansion12/11/200800
Governor of New Jersey Mansion, Drumthwacket12/11/200800
Governor of Montana Mansion (former)12/11/200800
Governor of Montana Mansion12/11/200800
Governor of Missouri Mansion12/11/200800
Governor of Michigan Mansion12/11/200800
Governor of Maryland Mansion, Government House12/11/200800
Governor of Maine Mansion, The Blaine House12/11/200800
Governor of Kentucky Mansion12/11/200800
Governor of North Dakota Mansion12/11/200800
Governor of Virginia Mansion12/11/200800
Governor of West Virginia Mansion12/11/200800
Governor of Wyoming mansion12/11/200800
Drive through this tree?12/11/200801
Governor of Alabama Mansion12/11/200800
Ronald McDonald's plane12/11/200800
Tent City Jail12/11/200800
Laura Ingalls Wilder's house12/11/200800
Lambeau Field12/10/200800
Oprah Winfreys mansion12/10/200800
John Wayne's birthplace12/10/200800
Movie star Mount Rushmore12/10/200800
Mikoyan-Gurevich MIG-2112/10/200800
Rotary Rocket Roton ATV 12/10/200800
North American F-100F Super Sabre 12/10/200800
Paramedics helicopter12/10/200800
Saab TF-35 Draken12/10/200800
Space Shuttle booster12/10/200800
Weird decorated house12/10/200800
Space Alien's Grill & Bar 12/10/200800
4-Headed Thunderbird Sculpture 12/10/200800
Cars: Conoco Tower and U-Drop Inn 12/10/200800
The Rock Cafe12/10/200800
The Christmas tree in Christmas12/10/200800
Kennedy Space Center: Vehicle Assembly building12/10/200800
Space Shuttle launch platform LC39B12/10/200810
The Grapevine Calaboose (Historic)12/10/200800
Half Moon Bay jail (Historic)12/10/200800
Ohio Bicentennial Barn12/10/200800
The Beatles mural12/10/200800
Egyptian themed building12/10/200800
Giant alligator with a hat12/10/200800
Happy Chef switches to advertising 12/10/200800
Farris truck on pole12/10/200800
Gol stave church replica12/09/200810
The Dala Horse12/09/200800
Airplane graveyard12/09/200800
FedEx Forum12/09/200800
Sun Studio12/09/200810
Elvis Presley's planes12/09/200800
Elvis Presley's house Graceland12/09/200810
Kansas City Public Library12/06/200810
Harley Davidson Cafe12/04/200800
The Shining: The Overlook Hotel12/04/200800
Madame Tussauds Wax Museum12/04/200800
Canton Ave., the steepest road in the USA12/03/200800
Baldwin St., steepest road in the world12/03/200802
North American AT-6 Harvard IIA 12/03/200800
Welcome to Bulls12/03/200800
Welcome to Dannevirke12/02/200800
Playground with vikingship12/02/200800
Antarctic Center12/02/200800
Inflatable Uncle Sam12/01/200800
Le Gay Transports Truck11/29/200800
StreetView car reflection11/29/200800
Highrise U-Haul11/29/200800
Blue Cadillac11/29/200800
Elevated horse and carriage 11/29/200800
Giant inverted umbrella11/29/200800
Giant Dunlop tyre arch11/29/200800
Giant thermometer11/29/200800
Giant muscle arm with weight handle11/29/200800
Giant standard lamp11/29/200800
Giant drawer11/29/200800
Bright idea sign - The Lightbulb Shop sign11/29/200800
The beehive house11/29/200800
Cow with rocket engine11/29/200800
Giant beehive11/29/200800
Giant abacus11/29/200800
Identical house and mailbox11/29/200800
Seahorse mailbox11/29/200800
BJ's Velvet Freez11/29/200800
Gigantic mortarboard11/28/200800
BIG glass of water11/28/200800
Big matchsticks11/28/200800
Giant needle sewing on a button11/28/200800
Giant human heart11/28/200800
Coal dredging bucket and coal mining winch11/28/200800
Giant miners lamp11/28/200800
Ariane 5 rocket11/28/200800
Zinedine Zidane's house11/28/200810
Trick of the Eye in Lyon No. 311/28/200800
Odd painted polar bear sculpture11/28/200800
Trick of the Eye in Lyon No. 111/28/200800
Amphitheatre of Lugdunum (Lyon)11/28/200800
Riding on a lion in a fountain11/28/200800
Polar bear in fountain11/28/200800
Merry-go-round in Lyon11/28/200800
Flower Tree11/28/200810
First clock in Paris11/26/200800
Chrysler Belvidere Assembly11/26/200800
Fannie Mae HQ11/26/200800
Hells Angels HQ NYC11/26/200800
Eagle on a motor home11/26/200800
Computer game figures from Pacman11/26/200800
Computer game figure from Pacman,11/26/200800
Computer street game symbol: Space Invaders #811/26/200800
Computer street game symbol: Space Invaders #711/26/200800
Computer game figure: Monster from Doom11/26/200800
Computer street game symbol: Space Invaders #611/26/200800
Computer street game symbol: Space Invaders #511/26/200800
Computer street game symbol: Space Invaders #411/26/200800
Computer street game symbol: Space Invaders #311/26/200800
Computer street game symbol: Space Invaders #211/26/200800
Computer street game symbol: Space Invaders #111/26/200800
Computer game figures11/26/200800
VW Beetle on a smokestack11/25/200800
Truck with snowplough11/25/200800
Oven used as mailbox11/25/200800
Laurence "Mr. T" Tureaud's house11/22/200800
Kiefer Sutherland's house11/22/200800
Kristy McNichol's house11/22/200800
Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares: The Mixing Bowl11/18/200800
Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares: Dillon's11/18/200800
Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares: Peter's Italian Restaurant11/18/200800
National Carillon11/15/200800
Paso Robles fountain with purple water11/14/200800
Stanford Radio Telescope11/14/200800
Spaceshuttle Challenger Disaster Memorial11/14/200810
First Starbucks cafe's second location11/14/200800
Old tractor seats used as a bench11/14/200800
Starbucks HQ11/14/200800
Tokyo 1964 Olympic cauldron11/13/200800
News vans covering the I-35 bridge disaster11/13/200810
Journalists overlooking thw I-35 bridge disaster11/13/200800
I-35 bridge disaster11/13/200800
Cars parked the unusual way11/13/200801
Chromemasters inc. and the Liberty Bike11/13/200800
Vue to Mount Fuji11/13/200800
Seattle skyline mural11/13/200800
Graffiti under a bridge II11/13/200800
Graffiti under a bridge I11/13/200800
Pro Football Hall of Fame11/13/200800
Puerto Rican flag gateway11/13/200800
Stubbs Tower before implosion11/13/200800
House sliding down11/13/200800
Building being demolished11/13/200800
Car on way out of phone shop11/13/200800
Katz giant bagel11/13/200800
Obama 08 election signs11/13/200800
Split photo of Osama Bin Laden11/13/200800
Star Trek roads11/12/200800
Panther Crossing sign11/12/200800
St. Louis 1904 Olympic golf course11/12/200800
Olympic cauldron of the 1996 sailing venue11/12/200800
Rowing finish line for 1932 Olympic Games11/12/200800
Oldest continually operating theatre in the USA11/12/200800
Savannah Movie Tours truck11/12/200800
Morro Rock11/12/200800
Lowest point on the California highway system11/12/200800
Oldest continuous little theatre company11/12/200800
Oldest continuously running bar in the North America11/12/200800
Mini Cooper with Union Jack roof11/11/200800
Nippon Maru11/11/200800
Jim Morrison's former home11/11/200800
Where Janis Joplin died11/11/200800
Janis Joplin's former house11/11/200800
Janis Joplin's former home11/11/200800
HMAS Otway (S 59)11/11/200800
Statue of Liberty in Everett11/11/200800
Statue of Liberty in Seminole11/11/200800
Statue of Liberty in Pittsburgh11/11/200800
Boat shaped restaurant11/10/200800
Building used for a Led Zeppelin LP cover11/10/200800
Submarine car11/10/200800
Doorway to St. Petersburg's first hospital11/10/200800
First KFC in the world11/10/200800
First Dunkin' Donuts store11/10/200800
First cathedral in the United States11/10/200800
First church in Chicago11/10/200800
First General Store in Gardner, Kansas11/10/200800
First Constitutional Session of the Georgia Legislature11/10/200800
World's oldest baseball diamond11/09/200800
Pink Angry Pork Racing convertible11/09/200800
Georgia´s first hospital11/09/200800
38th. President Gerald R. Ford's childhood home11/09/200800
43rd. President George W. Bush's childhood home11/09/200800
Farmer and his son11/09/200800
Giant miner11/09/200800
Obviously real stuffed elephant used as sign11/08/200800
Apollo command module11/08/200800
Veteran's Memorial with eternal flame11/08/200800
Tomb of the unknown soldier11/08/200800
Battle Monument11/08/200800
United States Department of Education11/07/200800
United States Department of Energy11/07/200800
United States Department of Transportation11/07/200800
United States Department of Housing and Urban Development11/07/200800
United States Department of Health and Human Services11/07/200800
United States Department of Labor11/07/200800
United States Department of Commerce11/07/200800
United States Department of Homeland Security11/07/200800
United States Department of Agriculture11/07/200800
United States Department of Justice11/07/200800
United States Department of the Treasury11/07/200800
Train with 3 Boeing plane parts11/07/200801
Streetname sign pointing the wrong way11/07/200800
Veeeeeery looooooooooong train11/07/200800
ESPN HQ11/07/200800
Hummer Stretch limo11/06/200800
Democratic Party HQ11/06/200800
Republican Party HQ11/06/200800
Edgar Allan Poe's former house11/06/200800
Center of the Universe pole11/06/200800
Ballistic missile attached to a facade11/06/200800
Troll under the bridge11/06/200811
Worlds largest paper plane11/06/200811
Lenin statue in Seattle11/06/200800
Hammering Man11/06/200800
Jimi Hendrix's grave11/06/200800
Safeco Field11/06/200800
Bremerton Reserve Fleet11/06/200800
Mount St. Helens11/06/200800
Giant pink flamingo11/06/200800
World of Maryland Globe11/06/200800
Giant Santa11/06/200800
Babe Ruth's birthplace11/06/200800
Oriole Park at Camden Yard11/06/200800
National Security Agency (NSA)11/06/200800
Discovery Channel HQ11/06/200800
Thanksgiving Parade banner11/06/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - Washington DC11/06/200800
SS John W. Brown11/06/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - Baltimore11/06/200800
USS Constellation11/06/200800
USCGC Taney11/06/200800
P-51 Mustang on restaurant rooftop11/06/200800
Sun, moon, stars and other symbols in a parkinglot11/06/200800
Chinese Friendship Archway11/06/200800
Mahatma Gandhi sculpture11/06/200800
Giant green chair11/05/200800
Dumbarton Bridge11/05/200800
Edward Kennedy's house11/05/200800
Curtis Brothers Furniture Company's chair11/05/200800
The Exorcist: The house11/05/200800
The Exorcist: The stairway11/05/200800
28th. President Woodrow Wilson's house11/05/200800
George Washington Masonic National Memorial 11/05/200800
Friendship Fire House 11/05/200800
Playing baseball/softball11/05/200800
Federal Reserve Building11/05/200800
United States Department of the Interior11/05/200800
United States Department of State11/05/200800
American Red Cross HQ11/05/200800
Armoured vehicle11/05/200800
Interesting car11/05/200800
Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium11/05/200800
USS Barry11/05/200800
The Watergate Complex11/05/200800
Market at Washington National Cathedral 11/05/200800
Washington National Cathedral 11/05/200800
International Spy Museum11/05/200800
USMC War Memorial (Iwo Jima Memorial), Arlington VA11/05/200800
Giant mexican flag11/04/200800
QWEST Field11/04/200800
Seattle Seahawks HQ and training facility11/04/200800
M and T Bank Stadium11/04/200800
FedEx Field11/04/200800
The Petersen House11/04/200800
Ford Theatre11/04/200800
United States Department of Defense (The Pentagon)11/04/200800
Jefferson Memorial11/04/200800
Washington Monument11/04/200800
Lincoln Memorial11/04/200800
The White House11/04/200800
Sean Connery's former house11/04/200800
George Clooney's italian house11/03/200800
Saddam Hussein's former yacht11/03/200800
AUDI TT Roadster11/03/2008-10
Marching French Repubican Guard11/03/200800
Red Carpet rolled out11/03/200800
Music Corps of the Republican Guard11/03/200800
EU flags on a cone11/02/200800
Welcome sign to Pope Benedict XVI11/02/200800
Tennisgame at townhall square11/02/200800
Alfred Nobel's former home11/02/200800
Brigitte Bardot's home11/02/200800
Moliere's former home11/02/200800
Marie and Pierre Curie's former home11/02/200800
Maria Callas' former home11/02/200800
Victor Hugo's former home11/02/200800
Edith Piaf's former home11/02/200800
Frederic Chopin's former home11/02/200800
Ernest Hemmingway's former home in Paris11/02/200800
Ferrari 612 Scaglietti11/01/200800
Roman legionaire III11/01/200800
Roman legionaire II11/01/200811
Hard Rock Cafe - Madrid11/01/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - Barcelona11/01/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - Rome11/01/200800
Standing around kilometerstone 011/01/200800
Antoni Gaudi: Casa Batlló11/01/200800
Antoni Gaudi: Casa Mila11/01/200800
Antoni Gaudi: Two street lamps11/01/200800
Antoni Gaudi: Bellesguard Tower11/01/200800
Antoni Gaudi: Colegio Teresiano11/01/200800
Antoni Gaudi: Miralles Property Fence with sculpture of Gaudi11/01/200800
Antoni Gaudi: Andreu Calvet House11/01/200800
Antoni Gaudi: Palau Güell11/01/200800
Antoni Gaudi: Casa Vicens11/01/200800
Antoni Gaudi: Güell Pavillions11/01/200800
Antoni Gaudi: Sagrada Família Schools11/01/200800
Two police motorcycles10/31/200800
Fiat 50010/31/200800
Pope Benedict XVI coat of arms10/30/200800
Fourwheeled bicycle10/30/200800
Roman legionaire I10/30/200800
Ponte Milvio (Pons Mulvius)10/30/200800
Pons Fabricius10/30/200800
Pons Cestius10/30/200800
Ponte Sant'Angelo (Pons Aelius)10/30/200800
Pons Aemilius10/30/200800
Via Salaria10/30/200800
Via Cassia10/30/200800
Via Aurelia Antica10/30/200800
Baths of Caracalla10/30/200800
Nero’s Aqueduct10/30/200800
Where the Pope gets his clothings10/30/200800
Police officer in rome10/30/200800
Giuseppe Verdi10/30/200800
Casa di Riposo per Musicisti10/30/200800
Teatro Alla Scala10/30/200800
Here Il Duce held his speaches10/30/200800
Horse carriage in Rome10/30/200800
Estadio Olimpico10/30/200800
FIAT 50010/30/200800
BMW Oracle10/29/200800
StreetView car reflected in window10/29/200800
Formula 1 pit lane under construction10/29/200800
Camera not turned on yet?10/29/200800
Plaza de Toros de Valencia10/29/200800
Estadio Mestalla10/29/200800
Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys10/29/200800
Palacio de los Deportes10/29/200800
Royal Palace of Madrid10/29/200800
Congreso de los Diputados10/29/200800
Bullring of Sevilla "Real Maestranza"10/29/200800
Estadio Santiago Bernabeu10/29/200800
Estadio Manuel Ruiz de Lopera10/29/200800
Estadio La Cartuja10/29/200800
Estadio Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán10/29/200800
Giant Gulliver10/27/200811
Residence of the australian Prime Minister10/26/200800
Embassy of the UK to Australia10/26/200800
Embassy of the USA to Australia10/26/200800
Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Australia10/26/200800
Embassy of Afghanistan to Australia10/26/200800
Embassy of Russia to Australia10/26/200800
Embassy of China to Australia10/26/200800
Embassy of Bulgaria to Australia10/25/200800
Embassies of Denmark and Norway to Australia10/25/200800
Embassy of Germany to Australia10/25/200800
Embassy of Romania to France10/25/200800
Embassy of Bolivia to France10/25/200800
Embassy of Benin to France10/25/200800
Embassy of Belarus to France10/25/200800
Embassy of Bahrain to France10/25/200811
Embassy of Saudi Arabia to France10/25/200800
Embassy of Angola to France10/25/200800
Embassy of Andorra to France10/25/200800
Embassy of Algeria to France10/25/200800
Embassy of Afghanistan to France10/25/200800
General Charles de Gaulle10/21/200800
Sir Winston Churchill10/21/200800
Well done parking10/21/2008-11
Wilcox Octagon House10/21/200800
Grease: Closing scene10/21/200800
Grease: Rydell High School10/21/200800
Hotel Le Meurice - most expensive hotelroom in Paris10/19/200800
French Football Federation HQ10/19/200800
Scooter with missing parts10/19/200800
Foreign Legion billboard10/18/200800
Fort of the French Foreign Legion10/18/200800
Embassy of Bulgaria to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Senegal to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Kenya to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Tanzania to France10/16/200800
Embassy of New Zealand to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Serbia to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Ukraine to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Russia to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Brazil to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Indonesia to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Japan to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Luxembourg to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Poland to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Denmark to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Mongolia to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Australia to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Canada to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Italy to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Albania to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Argentina to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Slovenia to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Lebanon to France10/16/200800
Consulate of Greece10/16/200800
Embassy of Germany to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Norway to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Spain to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Comoros to France10/16/200800
Embassy of China to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Sweden to France10/16/200800
Embassy of the Czech Republic to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Egypt to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Pakistan to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Guatemala to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Hungary to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Armenia to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Finland to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Austria to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Cameroon to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Peru to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Cambodia to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Ireland to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Switzerland to France10/16/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - Paris10/16/200800
Embassy of Iceland to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Thailand to France10/16/200800
Embassy of Brunei Darussalam to France10/16/200800
Embassy of the UK to France10/16/2008-10
Embassy of South Africa to France10/16/200800
Utah State Capitol10/16/200800
North Carolina State Capitol10/16/200800
New Mexico State Capitol10/16/200800
Nevada State Capitol10/16/200800
Nebraska State Capitol10/16/200800
Mississippi State Capitol10/16/200800
Minnesota State Capitol10/16/200800
Michigan State Capitol10/16/200800
Massachusetts State House10/16/200800
Louisiana State Capitol10/16/200800
Kansas State Capitol10/16/200800
Iowa State Capitol10/16/200800
Indiana Statehouse10/16/200800
Illinois State Capitol10/16/200800
Connecticut State Capitol10/16/200800
California State Capitol10/16/200800
Arizona State Capitol10/16/200800
Alaska State Capitol10/16/200800
Praying Hands10/16/200801
Palais de l'Elysee10/16/200800
UNESCO HQ10/16/200800
Palais Omnisport10/16/200800
Palais des Sports10/16/200800
Stadium Parc des Princes10/16/200800
Four legged man10/15/200800
The Mosque of Paris10/15/200800
Clock in Paris10/15/200800
Wrong parked cars blocked and ready to be towed away10/15/200800
Here stood the Bastille10/15/200800
Centre Georges Pompidou10/15/200800
Bruce Springsteen gig billboard10/15/200800
Stade de France10/15/200800
Tourists in a queue at the Eiffel-Tower10/15/200800
Palais Garnier opera house10/15/200800
La Madeleine church10/15/200800
Mirage III10/15/200810
Stade Roland Garros10/15/200800
55th ½ St. sign10/14/2008-11
Stairway with mosaique10/14/200800
La Poudre Pass Lake (Colorado river spring)10/14/200802
tortoises crossing sign09/30/200800
Drive thru church09/13/200810
French wedding09/13/200800
Maure de Bretagne09/13/200800
Small excavator09/13/200800
Extreme Makeover, Home Edition: The Harper Family09/08/200800
Old Denver International Airport tower09/08/200800
Giant clockface09/08/200800
A-26 Invader09/08/200800
Lucas Oil Stadium under construction09/08/200800
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center09/05/200800
Walk-of-fame stars at hospiltal09/05/200810
John McCain's house09/05/200800
Grumman F9F Panther09/04/200800
Edgar Degas' house09/04/200800
Flatiron building extreme09/04/200800
Do not use this container09/04/200800
Looking for birds?09/03/200811
Football/soccer mural09/03/200800
Santa on sleigh on roof09/03/200800
M60A3 Main Battle Tank09/03/200800
Titan I Intercontinental Ballistic Missle 09/03/200800
50mm anti-aircraft gun09/03/200800
M-901 ITV anti-tank vehicle 09/03/200800
StreetView driver stopped by security09/03/200800
Welcome To Georgia sign with a lot of infos09/03/200800
Karl Malone's house09/02/200800
Australian War Memorial09/02/200800
Governor of Illinois Mansion09/01/200800
Governor of New York State Mansion09/01/200800
Governor of Louisiana Mansion09/01/200800
I'm a Celebrity... Get Me out of Here!09/01/200800
Turner Broadcasting Center08/31/200800
Last peachtree on Peachtree Road08/31/200800
Amanda Bearse's house08/31/200800
Tampa Hindu Temple08/31/200800
St. Louis Hindu Temple08/31/200800
McDonalds bus restaurant08/31/200800
Giant US flag on wall08/31/200800
British red phone booth #808/31/200800
House moved by hurricane Katrina flooding08/31/200810
Hurricane Evacuation Route sign08/31/200800
New Orleans Saints HQ and training facility08/31/200800
Stuffed animal house08/28/200812
Italy map shaped sign08/28/200800
Los Angeles 1984 bicycle finish line08/27/200800
Sydney 2000 Olympic Cauldron08/27/200800
The Bubblegum Alley08/27/200800
T-33 Jet Trainer08/27/200800
Grumman Tiger in Blue Angels Colours08/27/200800
The Beatles - Yellow Submarine08/26/200800
Once Worlds largest totem pole08/26/200800
Gallow at a jail08/26/200800
Giant casino chips08/26/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - Surfers Paradise08/26/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - Yokohama08/26/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - Tokyo08/26/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - Osaka08/26/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - New Orleans08/26/200800
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - Tampa08/26/200800
Steinway & Sons Piano Factory08/25/200800
Giant merino sheep08/25/200800
Giant teacup08/25/200800
Open air cinema sign with a car on top08/25/200800
Paying at toll station08/25/200800
Giant painted shell08/25/200800
Giant painted starfish08/25/200800
Giant painted fish08/25/200800
Winston Cup #14 Bar08/25/200800
The Millennium Bell08/25/200800
Parkes Observatory08/18/200800
Giant Buddy Holly glasses08/16/2008-10
Staten Island and the Statue of Liberty08/14/200800
Canada Geese08/14/2008-10
Staten Island Ferry08/14/200800
Indy-Car finish line08/14/200800
Classic american car08/14/200800
Antique racing car08/14/200800
Nice old convertible 08/14/200800
Salvador Dali on the Salvador Dali Museum08/14/200800
Ford T 08/14/200800
Giant pineapple08/12/200800
The Australian Easel08/12/200800
Giant beach boy08/12/200800
Tennessee welcomes you08/08/200800
Coober Pedy opal mines08/07/200800
Denmark Co-Operative Co. LTD.08/07/200800
Giant pair of legs08/07/200800
Giant root beer mug08/06/200800
Sydney Harbour Bridge08/06/200800
Steve Irwins Australia Zoo08/06/200800
Am I late?07/31/200810
Should be in a parking area07/31/200812
Penn & Teller at The Rio07/31/200800
Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Protection07/31/200800
St. Nicholas Church07/31/200800
Nativity of the Ever-Virgin Mary Church07/31/200800
Holy Trinity Church07/31/200800
St. Nicholas Church07/31/200800
SS. Peter and Paul Church07/31/200800
St. George Church07/31/200800
Church of the Holy Trinity07/31/200800
Union Pacific Big Boy Nr. 401807/31/200800
Joyce Meyer Ministries 07/30/2008-10
World Changers Church International07/30/200800
Holy Myrrhbearing Women Church07/30/200800
Holy Cross Church07/30/200800
Christ the Saviour Church07/30/200800
First orthodox Cathedral in the USA07/30/200800
St. Nicholas Church07/30/200800
Holy Cross Mission07/30/200800
St. Nicholas Church07/30/200800
SS. Michael and Gabriel Church07/30/200800
Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel Church07/30/200800
St. Andrew the Apostle Mission07/30/200800
Nativity of the Holy Virgin Church07/30/200800
St. John the Baptist Church07/30/200800
St. Kliment of Ochrid Church07/30/200800
Holy Trinity Church Glendale07/30/200800
Holy Virgin Mary Cathedral07/30/200800
Holy Resurrection Church07/30/200800
St. Michael the Archangel Church07/30/200800
Holy Assumption Monastery07/30/200800
St. John the Baptist Church07/30/200800
St. John the Baptizer Church07/30/200800
SS. Peter and Paul Church07/30/200800
St. Nicholas Church07/30/200800
St. Innocent Cathedral07/30/200800
Holy Trinity Chapel07/30/200800
Truck with scrapped compressed cars07/29/200800
Bogart, Monroe and Brando mural07/29/200800
Old Coca-Cola mural sign07/29/200800
Marilyn Monroe mural 07/29/200800
Hot air balloon mural07/29/200800
StreetView camera07/29/200800
StreetViev car meets StreetView car07/29/200840
Multnomah Falls07/29/200800
Cohoes Falls07/29/200800
Russian Orthodox Holy Virgin Cathedral07/28/200800
People shooting with arches07/28/200800
TV-show "Hotel"07/28/200800
How do I get out of here?07/27/200800
Ivan Lendl's house07/23/200800
Anna Kournikova's house07/23/200800
Lance Armstrong's house07/23/200800
Andre Agassi & Steffi Graf's former house07/23/200800
Squaw Valley 1960 Winter Olympic village07/21/200800
Squaw Valley 1960 Winter Olympics resort07/21/200800
Olympic Rings07/21/200800
Karl Eid Ski jump Complex07/21/200800
Skijump arena Bush Lake 07/21/200800
Timbaland's house07/21/200810
Melissa Gilbert & Bruce Boxleitner's house07/21/200800
Bubba Smith's house07/21/200800
Ben Roethlisberger's house07/21/200810
Adam Vinatieri's house07/21/200800
Peter Graves' house07/21/2008-10
Michael Keaton's house07/21/200800
Cuba Gooding Jr.'s house07/21/200800
Patrick Stewart's former house07/21/200800
Adam Sandler's house07/21/200800
Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn's house07/21/200800
Walter Matthau's former house07/21/200800
Will Smith's house07/21/200800
Giant red arrow07/21/200800
Hot air balloons07/21/200800
Amish buggy #307/21/200800
Amish buggy #207/21/200800
Amish buggy #107/21/200800
Sidney Poitier's house07/21/200800
Paris Hilton's parents house07/21/200800
Paris Hilton's former house07/21/200800
Nancy & Ronald Reagan's former house07/21/200800
Charles Laughton's former house07/21/200800
Kelly LeBrock's house07/21/200800
Fort Christina07/20/200800
British red phone booth #707/20/200800
Benicia Capitol07/19/200800
Governor of Wisconsin Mansion07/19/200800
Governor of Utah Mansion07/19/200800
Governor of Texas Mansion07/19/200800
Governor of Tennessee Mansion07/19/2008-21
Governor of South Carolina Mansion07/19/200800
Governor of Oregon Mansion (former)07/19/200800
Governor of Oregon Mansion (former)07/19/200800
Governor of Oregon Mansion07/19/200800
Governor of Oklahoma Mansion07/19/200800
Governor of California Mansion (former)07/19/200800
Governor of Ohio Mansion07/19/200800
Governor of North Carolina Mansion07/19/200800
Governor of Nevada Mansion07/19/200800
Governor of Mississippi Mansion07/19/200800
Governor of Minnesota Residence07/19/200800
Governor of Kansas Mansion07/19/200800
Governor of Indiana Mansion07/19/200800
Governor of Idaho Mansion, The Idaho House07/19/200800
Governor of Georgia Mansion07/19/200800
Governor of Colorado Mansion07/19/200800
Governor of Arkansas Mansion07/19/200800
New York City Mayor's Residence07/19/200800
Pepsi bottling facility07/19/200800
Watch out when you park here07/19/200800
Small roadside chapel07/19/200800
Car turned round because of blocked road07/19/200800
Road blocked by snow07/19/200800
3M Company07/19/200800
Miller Brewing Company07/19/200800
Coors Brewing Company07/19/200800
Anheuser-Busch Brewery and World HQ07/19/200800
Bahai Temple 07/19/200800
Saint Valentine's Day massacre location07/19/200800
Statue of Liberty in Dallas07/18/200800
Statue of Liberty in Columbia07/18/200800
Statue of Liberty in Tulsa07/18/200800
Statue of Liberty in Toledo07/18/200800
Statue of Liberty in Montrose07/18/200800
Statue of Liberty in Liberty07/18/200800
Statue of Liberty in Kansas City07/18/200800
Statue of Liberty in Mission Hills07/18/200800
Statue of Liberty in Topeka07/18/200800
Statue of Liberty in Mission07/18/200800
Diamond Jo07/18/200800
Statue of Liberty in Dubuque07/18/200800
Statue of Liberty in Longmont07/18/200800
Statue of Liberty in Johnstown07/18/200800
Statue of Liberty in Pine Bluff07/18/200800
Statue of Liberty in Greeley07/18/200800
Statue of Liberty in Fort Collins07/18/200800
Statue of Liberty in Orlando07/18/200800
Dinosaur Ridge07/18/200800
Statue of Liberty in Loveland07/18/200800
Giant candle07/18/200800
Howdy Folks! Welcome to Golden07/18/200800
Welcomo to Ohio07/18/200800
Versailles Castle 07/17/200800
Worlds largest Bourbon Whiskey bottle07/17/200800
Worlds largest bat07/17/200800
Kaelin's Restaurant - birthplace of the cheeseburger?07/17/200800
Louisville Derby Clock 07/17/200800
Bondurant's Pharmacy - huge mortar and pestle07/17/200800
Notre Dame Cathedral replica 07/17/200800
Justin Timberlake concert ad on HBO07/17/200800
Versace Mansion07/17/200800
Clepsydra Davis07/16/200800
Plaza tower07/16/200800
British red phone booth #607/16/200800
Two Route 66 roadsigns on the asphalt07/15/200800
The Alamo replica07/15/200800
The Spitz Clock07/15/200800
Route 66 end sign07/15/200800
Trolley car mural07/15/200800
Incorporated 1844 Pioneers 07/15/200800
Pioneer mural07/15/200800
Clock in Norcross07/15/200800
Mercantile Building Clock07/15/200800
Duquesne Incline07/15/200800
Monongahela Incline07/15/200800
The Pioneer07/15/200800
WWII German V-I bomb07/15/200800
Helicopter 07/15/200800
Palm Springs Aerial Tramway sign #107/14/200800
Palm Springs Aerial Tramway sign #207/14/200800
WBT&S #1 locomotive07/14/200800
Southern Pacific Locomotive 79407/14/200800
Alaska Railroad 55607/14/200800
Small steam locomotive07/14/200800
Clock in Belmont07/14/200800
Pink Cadillac on Route 6607/13/200800
Old patrol car07/13/200800
Round barn of Arcadia07/13/200800
Historic Route 66 gas station sign07/13/200800
Antonio Banderas Intersection07/13/200800
Hitchcock's "The Birds"07/12/2008-10
Kissing Rocks07/12/200800
James Belushi's house07/12/200800
Drew Barrymore's house07/12/200800
Drew Barrymore's former house07/12/200800
The Amityville Horror house07/12/200800
Jerry Lewis' house07/12/200800
Snoop Dog's house07/12/200800
Sean Connery's house07/12/200800
Loni Anderson's house07/12/200800
Clark Gable's former house07/12/200800
Steve Martin's house07/12/200800
Frank Sinatra's former house07/12/200800
Liberace's former house07/12/200800
Liberace's former house07/12/200800
Lighthouse mailbox07/12/200800
Train engine mailbox07/12/200800
British red phone booth #507/12/200800
British red phone booth #407/12/200800
British red phone booth #307/12/200800
British red phone booth #207/12/200800
British red phone booth #107/12/200800
V-22 Osprey07/11/200800
Four helicopters07/11/200800
Dragon on hillside07/11/200800
Donald Trump's house Maison de l'Amitié07/11/200810
Pixar Animation Studios07/11/200810
Birds taking off or landing07/11/2008-10
Station 51 from the series Emergency!07/11/200800
Shell shaped Shell gas station07/11/200800
Plane on plane on building07/11/200800
House on a pole07/11/200800
Igloo shaped building07/11/200800
McDonalds meal shaped building07/11/200800
Giant Coca-Cola cup07/11/200800
Giant Weber grill07/11/200800
Giant basketball decorated gas tank07/11/200800
Giant door07/11/200800
Giant pair of Levi's pants07/11/200800
Giant soda bottle07/11/200800
Giant and very long rattlesnake07/11/200800
Giant Texas star07/11/200800
Surfers along the roof07/11/200800
Two giant surfboards07/11/200800
Two giant football/soccer balls07/11/200800
Giant chain07/11/200800
Indian and buffalo07/11/200800
Antique agricultural machines07/11/200800
Giant boot house sign07/11/200800
Giant paint can and brush07/11/200800
Giant rotating hockey puck07/11/200800
Chirac emprisonne07/10/200800
Giant clothes hanger07/10/200800
Giant paper flyer07/10/200800
Virtuoso - The celloplayer07/10/200800
Baseball bat and a ball07/10/200800
Howling coyote07/10/200800
Giant basketball in a basket07/10/200800
Giant toysoldiers07/10/200800
Giant tuning fork07/10/200800
F-18A Hornet07/10/200800
Elevated pink Cadillac07/10/200800
Giant Marlin07/10/200800
Al Capones former house07/10/200800
Sweeping snow07/10/200800
Walk in the snow07/10/200800
Tractor used as StreetView vehicle07/10/200800
General Motors HQ07/10/200800
Paddle boats07/10/200800
Whoopi Goldberg on a billboard07/10/200800
Pizza Hut mopeds07/09/200800
Jules Verne's birthplace07/09/200800
Embassy of Belgium to France07/09/200800
Cardriver having a ticket and car moved away07/09/200800
Land Rover, Aprilia and Moto Guzzi07/09/200800
Velo Solex07/09/200800
Snowboard and sleigh billboard07/09/200800
Greeting to Lance07/09/200800
Piste preparation vehicles07/09/200800
Dixie Coca-Cola Bottling Company Plant07/08/200800
Swedenborgian Church 07/08/200800
Paramount Theatre07/08/200800
CORONADO sign in sand07/08/200800
Hotel del Coronado07/08/2008-10
Fort Ross07/08/200800
Warner Grand Theatre07/08/200800
Hollywood Studio Club07/08/200800
Lakers mural07/08/200800
United Artists Theater07/08/200800
Orpheum Theater07/08/200800
Rialto Theater07/08/200800
Tower Theater07/08/200800
Globe Theater07/08/200800
Loew's State Theater07/08/200800
Palace Theater07/08/200800
Arcade Theater07/08/200800
Cameo Theater07/08/200800
Roxie Theater07/08/200800
Million Dollar Theater07/08/200800
Los Angeles Theater07/08/200800
Angelus Temple07/08/200800
Old State House 07/08/200800
Little Rock Central High School07/08/200800
Daisy Bates House07/08/200800
Now you see it, now you dont - The Tricolore07/08/200811
yawning man07/08/200800
Citroen 2CV07/08/200800
Small newspaper and magasin sale07/08/200800
Virgin Cola07/08/200800
Large children crossing sign07/08/200800
Le Tour de France flag07/08/200800
Golden statue of Jeanne d'Arc07/08/200801
23rd. President Benjamin Harrison's residence07/08/200800
2nd. and 6th. Presidents John Adams' and John Quincy Adams' residence Peacefield07/08/200800
41st. President George H. W. Bush's birthplace07/07/200800
27th. President William Howard Taft's birthplace07/07/200800
26th. President Theodore Roosevelt's birthplace07/07/200800
President William Henry Harrison's birthplace07/07/200800
6th. President John Quincy Adams' birthplace07/07/200800
2nd. President John Adams' birthplace07/07/200800
Trick of the Eye in Columbia07/07/200810
Coffee pot water tower07/07/200800
Desk shaped tombstone07/07/200800
Building in shape of a covered waggon07/07/200800
Very small police station07/07/200800
Strategic Air and Space Museum07/07/200801
Santa Monica Looff Hippodrome07/07/200800
Stagecoach mural07/07/200800
Worlds first solar powered merry-go-round07/07/200800
Grounded boats07/04/200800
Here stood the Guillotine during the french revolution07/03/200800
Replica of flame of Statue of Liberty07/03/200800
Here Lady Di was killed07/03/200800
Statue of Liberty in Paris07/03/200800
Hi-flyer balloon in Paris07/03/200800
Asterix and Obelix poster07/03/200810
Santana concert poster07/03/200800
Recycling station07/03/200800
Speedy Pizz07/03/200800
Pilgrims in Lourdes07/03/200800
Amphitheatre in Nimes07/03/200800
The Meteor Flag07/03/200800
Extreme Makeover, Home Edition: Wofford family07/03/200800
Extreme Makeover, Home Edition: The Sears family07/03/200800
Extreme Makeover, Home Edition: The Pope family07/03/200800
Extreme Makeover, Home Edition: The Dolan family07/03/2008-10
Extreme Makeover, Home Edition: The Broadbent family07/03/200800
Extreme Makeover, Home Edition: The Tate family07/03/200800
Extreme Makeover, Home Edition: The Hawkins family07/03/200800
Santa sitting on roof07/03/200800
Mission San Xavier del Bac07/03/200800
Passing Hoover Dam07/03/200800
Atlas Missile07/03/200810
Camera crew at a house with a lot of junk07/03/200810
fire trucks at a fire07/03/200810
Embassy of the USA to France07/03/200800
Maxim's Restaurant07/03/200800
Pissoir of Paris07/03/200810
The Danish House07/03/200800
Arc de Triomphe07/03/200800
Totempole at Alaska Governor's Mansion07/02/200800
Governor of Alaska Mansion07/02/200800
Robie House07/02/200800
Dragon in Philadelphia07/02/200800
US flag anno 1795 - 181807/02/200800
Sundial on Murdock Hall07/02/200800
Truck with wrath on front07/02/200800
Sundial on wall in NYC07/02/200800
Sundial in Albuquerque07/02/200800
Sundial at Explora Children's Science Museum07/02/200800
Sundial in Hayes Square07/02/200800
Sundial at Phillips Academy07/02/200800
Sundial in a col du sac07/02/200800
Sundial at Adler Planetarium07/02/200800
Sundial in Atlanta07/02/200800
Sundial in Cranmer Park07/02/200800
Sundial at ferry terminal07/02/200800
Sundial at De Young Museum07/02/200800
Taking a nap on the bench07/02/200800
Sundial in San Francisco07/02/200800
Sundial in Riverside07/02/200800
Sundial in Los Altos07/02/200800
Sundial in Huntington Beach07/02/200800
Sundial in El Cajon07/02/200800
Sundial in Claremont07/02/200800
Nanini Building sundial07/02/200800
Mickey Mouse profiled arches07/01/200800
Sundial Disney style07/01/200800
Sundial in Ingleside07/01/200800
Giant freeway decoration07/01/200800
Sundial in Sun City07/01/200800
Amanda Darling Memorial Tennis Center 07/01/200800
Lindner Family Tennis Center07/01/200800
Delray Beach Tennis Center07/01/200800
Tennis Center at Crandon Park07/01/200800
West Side Tennis Club07/01/200800
Indian Wells Tennis Garden07/01/200800
Arthur Ashe Stadium07/01/200800
San Jose Municipal Stadium07/01/200800
Spartan Stadium 07/01/200800
ebay HQ07/01/200800
Golden pyramid in Salt Lake City07/01/200800
Giant neon bowling pin 07/01/200800
Krishna's Lotus Temple 07/01/200800
Astronaut on McDonalds rooof07/01/200800
Bridgeport Covered Bridge07/01/200800
Jews at the synagogue07/01/200800
Congregation Shearith Israel07/01/200800
First Shearith Israel Graveyard - New York City07/01/200800
Fairmount Water Works07/01/200800
Friendship Arch07/01/200800
Rocky statue07/01/200800
Eastern State Penitentiary (Historic)07/01/200800
Elfreth's Alley - oldest continuously inhabited residential street in the USA07/01/200800
KING TUT signs07/01/200800
Rodin's The Thinker07/01/200800
LOVE sculpture07/01/200800
Flag of Latvia07/01/200800
Flag of Kenya07/01/200800
Flag of Lebanon07/01/200800
Flag of Jordan07/01/200800
Flag of Japan07/01/200800
Flag of Liberia07/01/200800
Flag of Lithuania07/01/200800
Flag of Jamaica07/01/200800
Flag of Luxembourg07/01/200800
Flag of Côte d'Ivoire07/01/200800
Flag of Malawi07/01/200800
Flag of Ireland07/01/200800
Flag of Malaysia07/01/200800
Flag of India07/01/200800
Flag of Iceland07/01/200800
Flag of Mexico07/01/200800
Flag of Monaco07/01/200800
Flag of Hungary07/01/200800
Flag of Honduras07/01/200800
Flag Morocco07/01/200800
Flag of the Netherlands07/01/200800
Flag of Haiti07/01/200800
Flag of New Zealand07/01/200800
Flag of Guatemala07/01/200800
Flag of Nicaragua07/01/200800
Flag of Greece07/01/200800
Flag of Nigeria07/01/200800
Flag of Ghana07/01/200800
Flag of Germany07/01/200800
Flag of Norway07/01/200800
Flag of Pakistan07/01/200800
Flag of France07/01/200800
Flag of Finland07/01/200800
Flag of Panama07/01/200800
Flag of Peru07/01/200800
Flag of Ethiopia07/01/200800
Flag of Somalia07/01/200800
Flag of South Korea07/01/200800
Flag of Spain07/01/200800
Flag of Sri Lanka07/01/200800
Flag of Albania07/01/200800
Flag of Algeria07/01/200800
Flag of Israel07/01/200800
Flag of Wales07/01/200800
Flag of Argentina07/01/200800
Flag of Armenia07/01/200800
Flag of Uruguay07/01/200800
Flag of Australia07/01/200800
Flag of Austria07/01/200800
Flag of the United Kingdom07/01/200800
Flag of the United Arab Emirates07/01/200800
Flag of Bahamas07/01/200800
Flag of Ukraine07/01/200800
Flag of Barbados07/01/200800
Flag of Turkey07/01/200800
Flag of Bolivia07/01/200800
Flag of Thailand07/01/200800
Flag of Switzerland07/01/200800
Flag of Brazil07/01/200800
Flag of Sweden07/01/200800
Flag of Cameroon07/01/200800
Flag of Swaziland07/01/200800
Flag of Poland07/01/200800
Flag of Vatican07/01/200800
Flag of Italy07/01/200800
Flag of Canada07/01/200800
Flag of Estonia07/01/200800
Flag of the Philippines07/01/200800
Flag of Eritrea07/01/200800
Flag of Portugal07/01/200800
Flag of Egypt07/01/200800
Flag of Puerto Rico07/01/200800
Flag of Ecuador07/01/200800
Flag of Romania07/01/200800
Flag of Russia07/01/200800
Flag of Costa Rica07/01/200800
Flag of China07/01/200800
Flag of Colombia07/01/200800
Flag of Singapore07/01/200800
Flag of Slovakia07/01/200800
Flag of the Dominican Republic07/01/200800
Flag of Denmark07/01/200800
Flag of Scotland07/01/200800
Flag of South Africa07/01/200800
Flag of Slovenia07/01/200800
Flag of Cyprus07/01/200800
Flag of Czech Republic07/01/200800
Allstate Arena06/30/200800
Commonwealth Stadium 06/30/200800
Rice Stadium06/30/200800
California Memorial Stadium06/30/200800
Williams-Brice Stadium06/30/200800
Camp Randall Stadium 06/30/200800
Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium06/30/200800
Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium06/30/200800
Neyland Stadium06/30/200800
Michigan Stadium06/30/200800
Lonely pallet on interstate06/30/200800
Painted bison figure with mustang motive06/30/200800
Car with wheels in front and caterpillar tracks rear06/30/200810
Hides on display06/30/200800
Truck with a load of compressed cardboard06/30/200800
Art gallery with wild west items06/30/200800
Log house being build06/30/200800
Man tieing his shoes06/30/200800
RV 4 rent06/30/200800
People looking at boiling water hole06/30/200800
Erupting geysir06/30/200800
People at a funeral06/30/200800
Steamboat Delta King Hotel06/30/200800
The Ziggurat06/30/200800
Tower Bridge06/30/200800
Welcome to Ft. Myers Beach06/30/200800
Alva Bridge06/30/200800
Antioch Bridge06/30/200800
Chain of Rocks Bridge06/30/200800
Big Dam Bridge06/30/200800
Toyota Speedway at Irwindale06/30/200800
Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca06/30/200800
Portland International Raceway06/30/200800
University of Kansas Memorial Stadium06/30/200800
Icahn Stadium06/30/200800
Franklin Field06/30/200800
Xcel Energy Center06/30/200800
St. Pete Times Forum06/30/200800
Sommet Center06/30/200800
Scottrade Center06/30/200800
Carter-Finley Stadium06/30/200800
RBC Center06/30/200800
Prudential Center06/30/200800
Nationwide Arena06/30/200800
Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum06/30/200800
University of Phoenix Stadium06/30/200800 Arena06/30/200800
HSBC Arena06/30/200800
Buffalo Sabres mural06/30/200800
HP Pavilion at San Jose06/30/200800
Wrong inserted image06/30/200800
British Fish'n chips shop06/30/200800
Giant full McDonalds chips bag 06/30/200800
Giant empty McDonalds chips bag06/30/200800
Mickey Mouse in Santa clothes06/30/200800
Honda Center06/29/200800
Memorial Coliseum 06/29/200800
Fifth Third Field (Dayton)06/29/200800
Richmond International Raceway06/29/200800
Phoenix International Raceway06/29/200800
O'Reilly Raceway Park at Indianapolis06/29/200800
Milwaukee Mile06/29/200800
Lowe's Motor Speedway06/29/200800
Kansas Speedway06/29/200800
Infineon Raceway06/29/200800
Indianapolis Motor Speedway06/29/200800
Homestead-Miami Speedway06/29/200800
Gateway International Raceway06/29/200800
Daytona International Speedway06/29/200800
Auto Club Speedway06/29/200800
Atlanta Motor Speedway06/29/200800
Glenn Field 06/29/200800
Alexander Memorial Coliseum06/29/200800
Fluor Field at the West End06/29/200800
NewBridge Bank Park06/29/200800
Classic Park06/29/200800
Applebee's Park06/29/200800
Drillers Stadium06/29/200800
Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville06/29/200800
Toyota Center 06/29/200800
American Airlines Center06/29/200800
Kemper Arena06/29/200800
ARCO Arena06/29/200800
US Airways Center06/29/200800
Oracle Arena06/29/200800
EnergySolutions Arena06/29/200800
Tucson Electric Park06/29/200800
Franklin Covey Field06/29/200800
Raley Field06/29/200800
Dell Diamond06/29/200800
AT&T Bricktown Ballpark06/29/200800
Chukchansi Park06/29/200800
Isotopes Park06/29/200800
Louisville Slugger Field06/29/200800
Fifth Third Field (Toledo)06/29/200800
Cooper Stadium06/29/200800
Knights Stadium06/29/200800
Harbor Park06/29/200800
Durham Bulls Athletic Park06/29/200800
The Diamond06/29/200800
Frontier Field06/29/200800
Alliance Bank Stadium06/29/200800
Victory Field06/29/200800
Dunn Tire Park06/29/200800
Tropicana Field06/29/200800
PNC Park06/29/200800
PGE Park06/29/200800
Wrigley Field06/29/200800
Remember September 11th.06/29/200800
Rose Garden 06/29/200800
Target Center06/29/200800
Pepsi Center06/29/200800
Amway Arena06/29/200800
American Airlines Arena06/29/200800
Time Warner Cable Arena06/29/200800
U.S. Cellular Arena06/29/200800
Bradley Center06/29/200800
Conseco Fieldhouse06/29/200800
United Center06/29/200800
Wachovia Center06/29/200800
Madison Square Garden06/29/200800
Izod Center06/29/200800
TD Banknorth Garden06/29/200800
Quicken Loans Arena06/29/200800
Rangers Ballpark 06/29/200800
University Stadium06/29/200800
Minute Maid Park06/29/200800
AT&T Park06/29/200800
Gerald J. Ford Stadium06/29/200800
Papa John's Cardinal Stadium06/29/200800
Miami Orange Bowl06/28/200800
War Memorial Stadium06/28/200800
Chase Field06/28/200800
Citrus Bowl Stadium06/28/200800
Rice-Eccles Stadium06/28/200800
Cotton Bowl Stadium06/28/200800
Dragon Stadium06/28/200800
Dick's Sporting Goods Park06/28/200800
Ohio Stadium (The Horseshoe)06/28/200800
CommunityAmerica Ballpark06/28/200800
Columbus Crew Stadium06/28/200800
Toyota Park06/28/200800
Shea Stadium06/28/200800
Citi Field (under construction)06/28/200800
Giant LEGO bricks06/28/200800
Truck flushing the street06/28/200800
International Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame06/28/200800
Busch Memorial Stadium06/28/200800
NFL game announcement06/28/200800
New Meadowlands Stadium (under construction)06/28/200800
LP Field06/28/200800
Candlestick Park06/28/200800
San Francisco 49'ers HQ and trainings facility06/28/200800
St. Louis 1904 Olympic Stadium06/28/200800
Edward Jones Dome06/28/200800
St. Louis Rams HQ and training facility06/28/200800
Tampa Bay Buccaneers HQ and training facility06/28/200800
Carolina Panthers HQ06/28/200800
Falcon on the road06/28/200800
Philips Arena06/28/200800
Georgia Dome06/28/200800
Detroit Lions HQ and training facility06/28/200800
Chicago Bears HQ and training facility06/28/200800
Citizens Bank Park06/28/200800
Lincoln Financial Field06/28/200800
Giants Stadium06/28/200800
Texas Stadium06/28/200800
Dallas Cowboys HQ and training facility06/28/200800
Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum06/28/200800
Oakland Raiders HQ and training facility06/28/200800
Invesco Field at Mile High06/28/200800
Denver Broncos HQ and training facility06/28/200800
Tennessee Titans HQ and training facility06/28/200800
Jacksonville Municipal Stadium06/28/200800
Reliant Stadium06/28/200800
Cleveland Browns HQ and training facility06/28/200800
Great American Ballpark06/28/200800
Paul Brown Stadium06/28/200800
Gilette Stadium06/28/200800
St. Augustine's old jail building (Historic)06/27/200800
Old jail waggon (Historic)06/27/200800
St.Augustine's merry-go-round06/27/200800
St. Augustine sightseeing train06/27/200800
Paddle steamer shaped carwash tunnel06/27/200800
Boathouse with lighthouse06/27/200800
Boeing B-52 Stratofortress06/27/200800
Boeing B-1 Lancer bomber06/27/200820
Boeing C-135B Stratolifter06/27/200800
Lockheed Constellation06/27/200800
Totally messed up images06/27/200800
Graceland replica06/27/200800
Upside-down house06/27/200820
Plane in building06/27/200800
Space Shuttle at astronaut hall of fame06/27/200800
Giant alligator jaws06/27/200800
Ice cream cone-shaped building 06/27/200810
Airstream ranch06/27/200800
Daytona drive-in church06/27/200800
Presidents hall of fame06/27/200800
USMC War Memorial (Iwo Jima Memorial), Cape Coral FL06/27/200800
Everglades Wonder Gardens06/27/200800
Ancient egypt pyramid house06/27/200800
Abraham Lincoln sitting on a bench06/27/200800
Oldtimer in a driveway06/27/200810
Children running on track and field lane06/27/200800
40th. President Ronald Reagan's childhood home06/27/200800
Red Weber grill06/26/200800
FOX Theatre06/26/200800
54 Columns06/26/200800
World's largest Virgin Mary mosaic06/26/200800
All year round Christmas house06/26/200800
Giant cowboy boots06/26/200800
Giant soda cans06/26/200800
Giant shrimp or prawn06/26/200800
Giant cornet06/26/200800
Surfboard shark-man 06/26/200800
Giant jackalope statue 06/26/200800
Boeing 377 Stratocruiser 06/25/200800
Ghost town sign06/25/200800
Transporting a house06/25/200810
Sequoia tree in a park in Salem06/25/200800
Giant red jug06/25/200800
Statue of Liberty in Jennings Lodge06/25/200800
B-17 bomber at gas station06/25/200810
Restored Flying A gas station 06/25/200800
Harvey the giant humanoid rabbit 06/25/200800
Reiff's front lawn gas station 06/25/200800
Binocular building06/25/200800
Bulldozer shaped office building06/25/200810
Pink Caddilac shaped building06/25/200800
Lots of windmills06/25/200800
Furniture hanging out the building06/25/200800
Site of words first McDonalds restaurant06/25/200800
Hunter Park train car06/25/200800
Worlds Largest paper cup06/25/200800
WigWam Motel no 706/25/200800
Cow dressed as Marilyn Monroe06/25/200800
Another VW Beetle spider06/25/200800
Praying Mantis 06/25/200800
Ship shaped Coca-Cola building06/25/200800
99 Cents shop06/25/200800
UFO crashed onto a roof06/25/200821
Kermit the frog as Charlie Chaplin06/25/2008-10
Smiley gas storage tank06/25/200800
Upside-down airplane 06/25/200800
World's oldest operating Mcdonald's 06/25/200800
Giant artichoke06/24/200800
Crashed fighter plane on gas station06/24/200800
PEZ Museum06/24/200800
UFO crashed in building06/24/200800
Painted fire hydrants06/24/200800
Kites, kites, kites06/24/200800
Bakersfield sign06/24/200800
Giant white shoe06/24/200800
Victorian house on top of a factory06/24/200800
Statue of Liberty in Schenectady06/24/200800
Colonial McDonald's 06/24/200800
Giant indian chief06/24/200800
The Mushroom House06/24/200800
Liberty Building06/24/200800
The Victorian head06/24/200800
Capt. Harry's Fishing supply06/24/200800
Huge numbers on a building06/24/200800
Google Earth van?06/24/200802
Hi-flyer balloon in Miami06/24/200800
David Beckham sign06/23/200800
Lunar landing module06/22/200800
Channel 6 HI-flyer balloon06/22/200800
Gustorf boat house06/21/200800
Former house of Johnny Cash's parents06/20/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - San Diego06/20/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - Pittsburgh06/20/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - Phoenix06/20/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - Louisville06/20/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - La Jolla06/20/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - Key West06/20/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - Detroit06/20/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - Denver06/20/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - Cleveland06/20/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - Dallas06/20/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - San Antonio06/20/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - Atlanta06/20/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - Houston06/20/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - Chicago06/20/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - Indianapolis06/20/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - Minneapolis06/20/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - Los Angeles06/20/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - Philadelphia06/20/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - Salt Lake City06/20/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - New York City06/20/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - San Francisco06/20/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - Miami06/20/200810
Funny small ship06/20/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - Las Vegas06/20/200800
Hard Rock Cafe - Nashville06/20/200800
Johnny Cash's former house06/19/200800
Bank of America Stadium06/19/200800
Weird image with different vertical colours06/19/200810
Christmas decorations in the front yard of house06/17/200800
Strange looking street sweeper06/11/200800
Sloppy Joe's Bar06/11/200800
Elvis Presley's former house06/11/200800
Elvis Presley's former house 06/11/200800
Reno sign06/11/200800
National Bowling Stadium06/11/200800
Tin man with US flag06/11/200800
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 06/11/200800
Progressive Field06/11/200800
Wind generator in Cleveland06/11/200800
The Great Fish06/10/200800
Bikers on the way down Lombard Street06/10/200800
Historic fire truck06/10/200810
The giant spider06/10/200810
San Quentin State Prison06/10/200800
Birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr.06/10/200800
Tomb of Martin Luther and Coretta Scott King06/10/200800
Ebenezer Historic Baptist Church 06/10/200800
CNN sign06/10/200800
Olympic Rings and cauldron06/10/200800
Space Shuttle06/10/200800
Saturn 1B rocket06/10/200801
Charlene Tilton's house06/10/200800
Bruce Lee's former house06/10/200800
Beverly D'Angelo's house06/10/200800
Bette Midler's house06/10/200810
Micheal J. Fox's house06/10/200800
Ashley Olsen's house06/10/200800
Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones LA house06/10/200800
Armin Müller-Stahl's house06/10/200800
Donald Sutherland's house06/10/200800
John Travolta's LA house06/10/200800
Angela Lansbury's house06/10/200800
US flag on half mast06/10/200800
Bootshaped car06/10/200820
Walking the horse06/02/200800
Jackson Family house06/02/200800
W. C. Fields' former house06/02/200800
Gary Coopers former house06/02/200800
35th. President John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum06/02/200800
Bus front in facade window05/31/200800
Betsy Ross House with the Betsy Ross flag05/31/200800
Agecroft Hall05/31/2008-10
35th. President John F. Kennedy assassination site 205/31/200800
Medieval Times restaurant Chicago05/30/200800
Medieval Times restaurant Dallas05/30/200800
McDonalds restaurant with animals05/30/200801
Oak Lawn Tank Memorial 05/22/200800
Giant vacuum cleaner on sign05/22/200800
Strange sign in garden05/22/200800
A farmer and his Bobcat05/22/200800
Giant wine bottle05/21/200800
Rattle snake bridge05/21/200800
T-Rex at McDonalds restaurant05/21/200800
Gold mine used as sign05/21/200800
Prairie waggon on a stone05/21/200800
Prairie waggon used as sign05/21/200800
Easter Island head05/21/200800
Molly Brown House05/18/200800
Dancers by Jonathan Borofsky05/18/200800
VW van T2 with surfboard on roof05/17/200800
Old army truck with US flag05/16/200800
Boatshaped apartments of Encinitas05/16/200800
Flatiron Building in Squirrel Hill05/16/200800
Castle Car Wash05/16/200800
Celebrity Moving truck05/14/200800
Old Yankee Stadium05/14/200800
New Yankee Stadium under construction05/14/200800
New Yankee Stadium05/14/200800
The Peking05/14/200800
Missing image05/14/200800
Maserati GranTurismo05/13/200800
Rainbow over New York City05/13/200800
BRINKS security truck05/13/200800
Snowbird truck05/13/200800
Hey Taxi05/13/200800
David Hasselhoff's house05/12/200810
Crooked old house of Beverly Hills05/12/200810
Olivia de Havilland's house05/12/200800
Bette Davis' former house05/12/200800
Alaskan inuit art on wall05/11/200800
Clock in Juneau05/11/200800
Mt. Roberts Tram station05/11/200800
Dinosaurs breaking out of building05/11/200820
50 ft tall saxophone made of VW Beetle parts05/11/200800
Railroad waggon on pillars used as hotel05/11/200820
Anchorage Light Speed Planet Walk (the sun)05/11/200800
The Fishing Reel Bridge05/10/200800
The Trans-Alaskan oil pipeline05/10/200800
Worlds smallest park05/10/200800
Al Gore's house05/05/200800
Dirk Nowitzki's house05/05/200800
Tommy Lee Jones' house05/05/200800
Whoopi Goldberg's house05/05/200800
William Shatner's house05/05/200800
Alice Cooper'stown05/02/200800
Flag of Germany and Europe04/30/200810
Alanis Morissette's House04/30/200800
Nishi Hongwanji Buddhist Temple04/29/200800
Will Smith's house04/29/200800
Larry King's house04/29/200800
Pete Sampras' house04/29/200800
Elisabeth Taylor's house04/29/200800
Pat Boone's house04/29/200800
Kelsey Grammer's house04/29/200800
Dr. Phils house04/29/200800
Christina Aguilera's house04/29/200800
Bang & Olufsen (B&O) shop in San Francisco04/29/200800
Bang & Olufsen (B&O) shop in Denver04/29/2008-10
I-35W Mississippi River Bridge repair before collapse04/29/200810
Joan Crawford's former house04/28/200800
Julie Andrews' house04/28/200800
Ursula Andress' house04/28/200800
Oliver Hardy's former house04/28/200800
Bill Cosby's house04/28/200800
Jay Leno's house04/28/200800
Man unloading a Coca-Cola truck04/26/200800
Jigsaw painted wall04/26/200800
VW Beetle classic convertible04/26/200800
Best StreetView car image yet04/26/200800
Ghostbusters: Ectomobile04/26/200820
7th. Heaven: The church04/26/200800
Charlies Angels: Townsend Investigations04/26/200800
A Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy Kruegers house04/26/200800
When Harry met Sally: The fake orgasm scene04/26/200800
Mrs. Doubtfire: The house04/26/200800
Ghostbusters: Headquarter interiour04/26/200800
Pimp My Ride: The workshop04/25/200800
Mork & Mindy: Mindy's house04/25/200800
Hill Street Blues: Precinct Building04/25/200811
The Colt Tower04/25/200800
Odd painted house in San Francisco04/25/200800
The Simpson's: Simpson family house04/25/200800
Six feet under: The house 04/24/200800
The Osbournes: The house04/24/200800
Happy Days: Fonz home04/24/200800
Laurel & Hardy: The Music Box04/24/200800
Back to the future: Marty McFly's home04/24/200800
Cheers: Sams Bar04/24/200800
Cessna on rooftop04/24/200800
Born Again Believers In Christ‎ Church04/24/200800
LDS church of Fairbanks04/24/200800
Ugliest house in the world?04/24/200800
Pole painted as totem pole04/24/200800
35th. President John F. Kennedy's birthplace04/23/200800
Girl changing clothes at car04/22/200890
Danish and US flag next to each other04/22/200800
Fishermans Wharf of San Francisco sign04/22/200800
Two giant cameras04/21/200800
Strange ugly figure04/21/200800
Steamboat paddlewheel04/21/200800
Ropeswinging pirate04/21/200810
Watts Towers04/21/200810
The Cosby Show: Entrace door04/21/200800
Angel Stadium of Anaheim04/21/2008-10
Bicycle on bus front04/21/200800
Clock in Minneapolis04/21/200800
Giant chair04/20/200800
Top Gun: The bar04/20/200800
Winchester Mystery House04/20/200800
Larry Fine mural04/20/200800
Anchor of USS Arizona04/20/200800
New York Metropolitan Opera House04/20/200810
Terrible accident in Phoenix04/20/200801
Clock in Chicago04/20/200800
Clocks in New York City04/20/200800
Clock in Chicago04/19/200800
McDonalds restaurant in Chicago04/19/2008-10
Odd looking vehicle04/19/200801
Street View car shadow04/19/200800
42nd. President William J. Clinton Presidential Center and Park04/19/200800
Walt Disney Co. Studios04/19/200800
OH Danish Bakery04/19/200800
The Liberty Bell Center04/19/2008-10
Paul Revere House04/19/200810
Carpenter's Hall04/19/200810
First Bank of the United States04/19/200820
Second Bank of the United States04/19/200800
Independence Hall04/19/200800
Hidden road sign04/19/200800
35th. President John F. Kennedy assassination site 104/18/200800
The longhorns in Dallas04/18/200800
Ghostbusters: Headquarter.04/18/200831
Giant Coca-Cola bottle04/18/200820
Stratosphere Tower04/18/200800
Hotel Paris04/18/200800
Excalibur Hotel and Casino04/18/200800
Mandalay Bay Hotel04/18/200800
The Dakota Building in New York04/18/200820
Ryman Auditorium / former Grand Ole Opry04/18/200800
Dallas Cowboys new stadium under construction04/18/200800
Hotel Sheraton Fisherman's Wharf04/18/200810
Lombard Street04/18/200820
Cupids Span in San Francisco04/18/200830
Raymond James Stadium04/18/200800
Empire State Building04/17/200810
Late Show with David Letterman04/17/200820
LDS Temple04/17/200820
Crystal Cathedral04/17/200800


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