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The ten best things you can do with Google Earth

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#10 - Find Your House

One of the first things that people want to do when they fire up Google Earth is to find their house. Finding it is easy enough. In the top-left corner of your screen is a search box. Make sure the tab above it is set to "Fly To", and then just type your address. For most people, "Street Address, ZIP" will work.

Entering your street address into Google Earth

Pressing [enter] or clicking on the search icon should send Google Earth flying to your house.

Zoomed in on a house

Where it gets real cool is when you have it fly you from one location to another along the roads. Before we do that, let's adjust a few settings. Assuming it's a local route (from your house to your church, for example), I like to set the tour settings to be zoomed in very tight and to go pretty slow. Go to [Tools] and then [Options] and then click on the "Touring" tab at the top. In there, look at the "Driving Directions Tour Options" section at the bottom and set things as follows:

- Camera Tilt - 80.0 Degrees
- Camera Range - 150 meters
- Speed - As slow as you can set it

Then "Apply Settings" and "Ok".

Now, let's search for an address to drive to. Type in your office, your church, your friend's house, etc. It will fly you there and now you'll have two items listed in the search box on the left. Right-click on your house and choose "Directions From Here". Then right-click on the other address you added and choose "Directions To Here".

Once Google Earth calculates the route, it will zoom out and give you an overview of the trip, similar to how MapQuest or Google Maps might do it. Now look for the little "play" button at the bottom of the Search window, as shown below.

Play Tour Button

Click that button and Google Earth will swoop down and drive you along the route!

Drive a route

You can go back into [Tools] --> [Options] and adjust those Touring options and see where you like it best.

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