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The ten best things you can do with Google Earth

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#5 - Historical Sites

For history buffs and students, Google Earth is a gold mine. Not only can you fly to places of interest, people have added hundreds of overlays to show how areas used to look. Here are some samples:

Little Big Horn (download)
Also known as "Custer's Last Stand", this battle in 1876 is one of the more famous in American history. This overlay shows exactly how the battle went down.

Little Big Horn

Pearl Harbor Damage (download)
This overlay is a photo from December 10, 1941, showing damage from the Japanese raid three days earlier.

Pearl Harbor Damage Overlay

D-Day Normandy Invasion (download)
Overlay with details about the WWII invasion of Normandy.


For hundreds of other files similar to these, you can check our Historical Placemarks and War-Related Overlays categories.

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