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Second Chechen War - Battle of Grozny 1999 - 2000Oct 1, 200789,5600Approved
Warsaw Ghetto MapAug 17, 200837,8510.5Approved
Russian Nuclear Submarine underwayMar 9, 200910,6040Approved
German airfields in World War II (V1.0)Jul 24, 200610,4391Approved
B-24J from the 859th Bomb Squadron near MagdeburgNov 8, 20097,1670Approved
British air photo after the bombing of Koblenz on November 6th 1944Nov 30, 20097,0070.333333Approved
Aerial Picture of the B-2 Bomber Crash at Anderson AFBMar 13, 20086,9960Approved
LHC - Large Hadron Collider, CERN, SwitzerlandSep 8, 20056,6311.33333Approved
Imagery Layer for Haiti Earthquake -January 13, 2009Jan 14, 20106,5020Approved
D-Day Landings at Juno BeachDec 1, 20095,2180Approved
Tsunami Khao Lak BayAug 21, 20054,9350Approved
Military Jets refueling over the Californian DesertNov 27, 20074,6731Approved
The German Wehrmacht Prison Fort Zinna in TorgauMar 3, 20104,6001Approved
Wreck of the HANS EGEDESep 24, 20074,4670Approved
Wreck of an Il-76 Cargo Plane at Mogadishu AirportAug 5, 20094,4360Approved
I.G. Farben Complex Monowice (Oswiecim), 26 June 1944Jun 28, 20074,3750Approved
USAAF B-17E Bomber Swamp GhostMar 17, 20084,3270Approved
Katyn Wood - Massacre against Polish OfficersSep 18, 20084,2581Approved
B-1B Lancer in flight over South DakotaMay 22, 20074,1740Approved
Tornado Damage in Moore, OklahomaAug 13, 20084,0140Approved
NASA - Aero Spacelines 377SGT Super Guppy TurbineSep 14, 20073,9910Approved
Saint Martin airportJun 19, 20063,9720Approved
Beached in a bend on the Pripet River, Chernobyl regionApr 24, 20083,9680Approved
Allied submarine losses 1939 - 1945Jun 5, 20063,9110.833333Approved
Vomit Comet - NASA Zero Gravity Test BedSep 14, 20073,8441Approved
Harry Potter Hogwards 1Dec 12, 20053,8320Approved
British Airways B747 take off from London GatwickJun 5, 20073,7160Approved
Omaha Beach - D-Day plus 6 at 12 June 1944Dec 9, 20093,6470.666667Approved
Worldwide Dornier Do328 and Do328JetDec 16, 20083,5871.33333Approved
Lady of the Lake - B-29 Bomber at Eielson AFBApr 2, 20083,5821Approved
Axis ships sunk by U.S.N. submarines (V1.0)Jul 24, 20063,5660.5Approved
Crashed McDonnell Douglas DC-10 at Chittagong AirportNov 22, 20073,4840Approved
Lockheed C-5 Galaxy in flight with contrailFeb 2, 20103,4060.833333Approved
Longest ship in use - Emma Maersk at Odense ShipyardDec 17, 20073,3860Approved
SSV-33 Project 1941Jul 3, 20063,3100.666667Approved
Biggest Front Shovel Excavator, Aurora Oil Shale Mine, CanadaFeb 20, 20073,2791Approved
Indonesian Navy in SurabayaOct 30, 20093,2300Approved
Satellite Image of President Obamas Inauguration in Google EarthJan 21, 20093,1330Approved
Southwest Airlines - Maryland One over Harbor IslandDec 4, 20083,0210Approved
Thai plane crash in Phuket kills 88, 16 September 2007Sep 16, 20072,8110Approved
Greece wildfires from 26 August 2007Aug 27, 20072,7881Approved
Jeddah 2001 (OL)Oct 27, 20052,7650Approved
Camp Arifjan near Kuwait city (OL)Oct 19, 20052,7470.5Approved
Train Crane Accident in SydneyJun 16, 20082,7470Approved
Aerial view of the Ghost Fleet in Mallows Bay 1942Nov 26, 20072,7380.833333Approved
Strange glare from solar panelsJul 24, 20082,7340Approved
Same Air France A319 three timesMay 30, 20072,7190Approved
Southwest Airlines B737 accidentDec 16, 20052,6720Approved
Bombing target near Holloman AFB from WWIIJan 15, 20072,6461.66667Approved
Helgoland before and after the RAF bomb raid in April 1945Oct 22, 20082,6190Approved
Obersalzberg in May 1945 Overlay CompilationAug 5, 20082,5190Approved
Sunken Russian Light Cruiser MurmanskSep 11, 20092,5133Approved
Crashsite of a Boeing B-29A SuperfortressNov 17, 20092,5001Approved
Titan Floating Crane - Herman the German in PanamaSep 10, 20092,4941Approved
Union Pacific Big Boy CollectionAug 12, 20082,4770.333333Approved
House on fire in Tustin, CAOct 9, 20072,4660Approved
German Light Cruiser Koeln moored in a Norwegian Fjord - Part 3Mar 3, 20102,4631.33333Approved
TAM Airbus A320 crashed in TAM building, Sao PauloJul 17, 20072,4550Approved
German carrier Graf Zeppelin 1943 in StettinSep 22, 20082,4420.5Approved
Alang Shipbreaking by DetailJul 31, 20092,4230Approved
Minot AFBAug 28, 20052,4210Approved
Russian battleship MARATMay 24, 20062,4100Approved
7th Ace of the Deep - Karl-Friedrich MertenMar 23, 20062,3981Approved
Aerial View of Fort Eben Emael before the German Assault in May 1940Mar 3, 20102,3790Approved
RC-135 at Kadena AFBOct 6, 20092,3670.5Approved
Derailed train hauling toxic chemicals allowed to burnJan 16, 20072,3580Approved
Burned out FedEx DC-10 at Stewart InternationalDec 4, 20072,3510Approved
6th Ace of the Deep - Heinrich Lehmann-WillenbrockMar 16, 20062,3410Approved
10th Ace of the Deep - Georg LassenFeb 9, 20062,3300.333333Approved
SAIPEM 7000 - World Second Largest Crane VesselMar 25, 20102,3130Approved
Giant Waves in Lituya Bay, AlaskaJul 13, 20062,2911Approved
Spirit of Disneyland Logo Jet at Sacramento AirportNov 6, 20092,2890Approved
Aerial View of the Trinity Test SiteAug 23, 20072,2850Approved
Ngorongoro Crater, TanzaniaAug 21, 20052,2810Approved
The Ace of the Deep - Otto KretschmerApr 12, 20062,2790Approved
Lorient submarine pensJun 24, 20062,2690Approved
SAAF 1716 - Avro Shackleton MR3Jul 14, 20102,2210Approved
Concentration Camp Bergen-Belsen OverlayMay 11, 20062,2080Approved
German pocket battleship DeutschlandJun 17, 20102,1990Approved
2 destroyed Shorts SC-7 SkyvanSep 21, 20052,1920.5Approved
Large penis on a frozen lake near GreenwichOct 23, 20072,1880Approved
Messerschmitt Aircraft Plant in Augsburg-Haunstetten, 11 August 1944Dec 21, 20082,1880Approved
U-Boat Bunker BRUNO in BergenOct 17, 20062,1840Approved
Small airplane crash in New York CityOct 11, 20062,1831Approved
Battleships sunk in WWIIAug 5, 20052,1820Approved
Lockheed C-5 Galaxy crashApr 3, 20062,1821Approved
Mittelland Canal near Minden after USAAF attackMar 9, 20092,1541Approved
Military Jets Flying in FormationMar 9, 20092,1440Approved
WWII U-Boat Bunker, Brest, FranceAug 5, 20052,1250.333333Approved
Kissimmee Skycoaster - Tallest Skycoaster in the WorldJan 19, 20102,1240Approved
1994 Fairchild Air Force Base B-52 crashSep 17, 20072,1190Approved
43 F-16 parked at the Konya Air BaseJul 17, 20092,1180Approved
Virgin Atlantic - Lady Penelope - Boeing 747-4Q8 at London HeathrowSep 17, 20092,1041.5Approved
Hibernia Oil PlatformAug 1, 20062,0990Approved
Big Crow I and II sitting at the Davis-Monthan AFB BoneyardMay 3, 20102,0970.666667Approved
Old city of Jerusalem (overlay)Sep 6, 20052,0890Approved
5th Ace of the Deep - Viktor SchuetzeMar 9, 20062,0870Approved
Dornier Aircraft at the Kaduna Old AirportDec 4, 20092,0751Approved
Ancient Inca city MayapanSep 5, 20052,0670Approved
RP FLIPFeb 1, 20072,0610Approved
Concentration Camp Buchenwald OverlaysAug 5, 20082,0500Approved
Crater of a 5 tons Tallboy bomb at HeligolandOct 23, 20072,0370Approved
Airbus A320 departure from Stuttgart EchterdingenJun 5, 20072,0290.333333Approved
D-Day - Juno Beach, 6 June 1944Dec 16, 20082,0040Approved
EPA - Deep Water Horizon oil spillJun 23, 20101,9920.333333Approved
V1 launching site at Yvrench, FranceAug 16, 20081,9870Approved
Airbus A380 at Heathrow AirportApr 22, 20091,9850Approved
South African Airways - Boeing 747 parked at the SAA technical area in JohaNov 15, 20071,9720Approved
D-Day at Juno Beach, 6 June 1944Jun 24, 20071,9670Approved
Capital warships sunk by german U-BoatsMay 15, 20061,9540.333333Approved
Lockheed U-2R in flight over KuwaitJan 7, 20091,9490Approved
REIMAHG Me 262 Production Site near KahlaJun 27, 20061,9440Approved
C-46 crash near Churchill airportOct 11, 20051,9350Approved
Pocket battleship Admiral ScheerOct 25, 20051,9320Approved
Emirates Airbus A380 In FlightOct 6, 20101,9101Approved
Normandy Memorial, FranceAug 22, 20051,9070Approved
Monrovia, LiberiaOct 5, 20051,8940Approved
V1 Flying Bomb Site At La BoissaisJan 14, 20101,8920Approved
Aerial Picture of Ypres with the Menin GateNov 4, 20081,8850Approved
Predator Film LocationJul 15, 20101,8720.5Approved
American Airlines Boeing 767 burned during engine runJan 22, 20081,8610Approved
Remains of the TACA Flight 390 which crashed near at May 30, 2008Mar 11, 20101,8430Approved
Royal Navy of OmanJun 29, 20061,8420.5Approved
4 overlays from Peenemuende, GermanyOct 8, 20051,8400Approved
USS George H. W. Bush (CVN-77) out of the dockFeb 19, 20081,8310Approved
Montego Bay, JamaicaSep 9, 20051,8260Approved
Maunsell Forts in Thames estuaryJul 25, 20061,8220Approved
Glider Landings in the Early Hours of D-Day - 6 June 1944Dec 2, 20091,8060.333333Approved
Airplane Crash at Gisenyi AirportNov 4, 20081,8051Approved
U-Boat bunker Valentin near Bremen, GermanyAug 4, 20051,7980.5Approved
3rd Ace of the Deep - Erich ToppFeb 28, 20061,7910.333333Approved
458th BG (H), Lechfeld Airfield, 9 April 1945 - B-24 goes downDec 18, 20081,7900Approved
Three Skytech Helicopters Mil Mi-26 at Brugge HarborDec 15, 20091,7840.666667Approved
Southwest Airlines - Boeing 737 - ShamuDec 12, 20071,7832Approved
WWII German submarines U-051 to U-100Aug 16, 20051,7770.5Approved
Sunken allied ships by U-99Jan 30, 20061,7670Approved
Operation Hailstorm - Raid on Truk (Chuuk)Aug 11, 20061,7670Approved
Dunstanburgh Castle near CrasterNov 4, 20081,7580Approved
German Battlecruisers Gneisenau and Scharnhorst in BrestAug 4, 20081,7510Approved
FSO Cidade de Macae MV15 in SingaporeJun 23, 20081,7490Approved
Nis downtown street mapDec 11, 20071,7380Approved
Sentimental Journey - Boeing B-17 Flying FortressMay 6, 20081,7331Approved
Natanz nulear facility, Iran (overlay)Sep 14, 20051,7280.5Approved
9th Ace of the Deep - Guenther PrienFeb 22, 20061,7281Approved
A-90 Orlyonok (S-25) Ekranoplan in Kaspijsk Aug 21, 20061,7280Approved
Detailed Photograph of Helgoland after the Bomb RaidOct 22, 20081,7270Approved
4th Ace of the Deep - Heinrich LiebeMar 9, 20061,7190Approved
WWII German submarines U-801 to U-850Dec 23, 20051,7180Approved
Airbus A380 in Hamburg FinkenwerderOct 23, 20071,7120Approved
2 Blackhawk UH-60 over Taji, IraqFeb 15, 20071,7060Approved
Warsaw Ghetto StationAug 17, 20081,7020Approved
Sword Beach - 6th June 1944May 16, 20071,6960.333333Approved
Dresden after the air raids 1945Jun 24, 20071,6940Approved
301st BG (H), Mission 412, Maribor Marshalling Yard, SloweniaJul 13, 20071,6930Approved
Wreck of a Lockheed Tristar at Ouagadougou AirportNov 23, 20091,6900.5Approved
Turkish Navy visible in Google EarthApr 19, 20101,6810Approved
Project 1154 Yastreb - Neustrashimy class frigateFeb 23, 20101,6750.833333Approved
8th Ace of the Deep - Herbert SchultzeMay 9, 20061,6730Approved
US Airways climbing upApr 7, 20081,6680Approved
Slava class Cruiser Ukrayina in MykolaivSep 25, 20091,6680Approved
Engels Air BaseJul 3, 20061,6630Approved
Maleme airfield at 26th May 1941, Crete, GreeceJul 2, 20071,6601Approved
Two F-18EF Super Hornets leaving NAS OceanaMay 14, 20101,6440Approved
Hadrians Wall in DetailJun 1, 20101,6400Approved
Aerial Photograph of Pearl Harbor, 17 January 1941Jul 7, 20071,6170Approved
WWII German submarines U-001 to U-050Aug 16, 20051,6161Approved
WWII German submarines U-101 to U-150Aug 18, 20051,6110.5Approved
Dornier Do328-110 at Hannover AirportJun 3, 20071,6090.5Approved
RAF photo The Hague 18 March 1945Oct 13, 20081,6090Approved
President Kennedys Fallout Shelter on Peanut IslandMay 31, 20101,6090.333333Approved
Auschwitz I Concentration Camp - 25 August 1944Nov 15, 20091,6060Approved
Fliegerhorst Wertheim 1944Jan 28, 20081,5950Approved
Two British Eurofighter Typhoon in SingaporeJun 1, 20081,5890Approved
Operation Market Garden - Nijmegen bridges OverlayMay 12, 20061,5880Approved
Aerial Photo of Opladen at 22 March 1945Aug 6, 20081,5880Approved
B-24 Liberator bomber raiding the Japanese airfields at Cape GloucesterApr 15, 20101,5850Approved
PIA - Fokker F-27-200 Friendship crashed at Chitral, PakistanAug 8, 20071,5840Approved
WWII German submarines U-2321 to U-4712Dec 28, 20051,5740Approved
USAF McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle near GerolsteinSep 28, 20071,5740Approved
Destruction of the Historical Sofia in 1944Nov 7, 20091,5660Approved
East Coast Flight Services Dornier 328Jet-300 accident at Manassas RegionalJan 10, 20071,5650Approved
Aerial photo of Giebelstadt Flugplatz after an air raid by the Allies - 194Aug 23, 20071,5640Approved
Flak-Grossbatterie Panzerkaserne, SchweinfurtJun 27, 20061,5610Approved
Crashed Boeing 777 from British AirwaysApr 22, 20091,5570Approved
Japanese Seaplane Base on Wotje Island, Wotje AtollDec 16, 20091,5570Approved
Submarine heading South near DenmarkJan 11, 20111,5490Approved
Duxford American Museum overlayDec 6, 20051,5430Approved
Machynlleth Loop - Mach LoopApr 17, 20081,5400Approved
Satellite image of people lined up to view Pope John Paul II body, RomeMar 10, 20071,5390Approved
Sainte Mere Eglise, 6 June 1944May 25, 20071,5360Approved
D-Day - Juno Beach at 12 June 1944Dec 16, 20081,5290.5Approved
2 Mil Mi-24 Hind from the russian army south of GroznySep 26, 20071,5230Approved
Anti Tank Defences at Moss Bay, WorkingtonApr 17, 20081,5200Approved
Kenya Airways - Boeing 707-351B overrun runway at Addis AbabaAug 8, 20071,5190Approved
Avro Lincoln Bomber crashed into Mount Superbus on 9 April 1955May 22, 20071,5180Approved
Checkerboard from the old Kai Tak Hongkong AirportJul 31, 20071,5160Approved
WWII German submarines U-501 to U-550Oct 24, 20051,5150Approved
Royal Navy ships in PortsmouthOct 24, 20071,5150Approved
2 Concorde at HeathrowDec 4, 20051,5000Approved
G Class Frigate of the turkish navySep 19, 20071,5000Approved
Car accident in Youngstown, OhioOct 22, 20071,5000Approved
Matsuwa Island, Kuril Island Chain OverlayMay 12, 20061,4990Approved
Mine Fire in CentraliaFeb 27, 20081,4990Approved
Fort SumterAug 3, 20051,4970Approved
Allianz Arena, Munich July 2005 (OL)Oct 8, 20051,4950Approved
INS Kursura as a museumMay 4, 20091,4940Approved
USS Des Moines (CA-134) - The Last Heavy CruiserNov 22, 20091,4910Approved
Utah Beach Aerial PhotographsDec 1, 20091,4790Approved
WWII German submarines U-151 to U-200Aug 29, 20051,4710Approved
D-Day gun turretsAug 4, 20051,4690Approved
Mount Suribachi, Iwo JimaFeb 8, 20071,4630Approved
RAF Great Ashfield airfield in April 1944Aug 28, 20071,4610Approved
Le Hamel near the crash site of the Red Baron Manfred von RichthofenOct 8, 20071,4541Approved
WWII German submarines U-1101 to U-1407Jan 23, 20061,4490Approved
McGuire AFB BOMARC Missile Site, New Egypt, NJMay 2, 20071,4460Approved
Mikoyan Project 1.44 at Moscow-RamenskoyeJan 18, 20101,4430Approved
WWII German submarines U-1051 to U-1100Jan 23, 20061,4390Approved
Omaha Beach, 6 June 1944 (Overlay II)May 29, 20071,4380Approved
North Sentinel Island uplifted after the 2004 Sumatra EarthquakeOct 28, 20091,4310.833333Approved
Three egyptian F-16 Falcons at the Beni Suef AirbaseOct 14, 20071,4290Approved
Bombing raid on Wangerooge, 25 April 1944Jul 25, 20071,4220Approved
Airbus A340 from Qatar AirwaysJun 4, 20091,4210.333333Approved
WWII German submarines U-351 to U-400Sep 28, 20051,4190Approved
A close-up of B-17 bombers on Buckinghams ramp, from the April 14 1944Apr 26, 20071,4180Approved
Soudan Iron Mine - Oldest Mine in MinnesotaJan 23, 20071,4172Approved
Southwest Airlines - Slam Dunk One - Boeing 737-7H4 at Chicago MidwaySep 15, 20081,4150Approved
Camp Lucky Strike near Le HavreJun 28, 20071,4120Approved
Remains of the British Battleship HMS Prince GeorgeFeb 9, 20101,4120Approved
Aerial View of the RAF Fauld ExplosionOct 28, 20081,4040.5Approved
D-Day - Caen bombing on 6 June 1944Jun 28, 20071,4021Approved
Operation Market Garden - Arnhem bridge after battle OverlayMay 12, 20061,4000Approved
Aerial Photography of North Erfurt, June 1945May 29, 20081,4000.5Approved
WWII German submarines U-751 to U-800Dec 22, 20051,3970Approved
SS Conte di Savoia in Venice 1943Feb 4, 20101,3970Approved
WWII German submarines U-201 to U-250Sep 12, 20051,3960Approved
Takali or Ta-Qali airfield during the Malta siege 1942Jul 30, 20081,3960.666667Approved
Savatiya Airbase with many MIG-31May 11, 20071,3950Approved
Bielefeld viaduct 22-23 February 1945Oct 24, 20051,3940Approved
WWII German submarines U-701 to U-750Dec 21, 20051,3940Approved
Atomic Bomb Loading Pits at Wendover AirfieldNov 27, 20081,3940Approved
WWII German submarines U-301 to U-350Sep 22, 20051,3860Approved
Battle of Passchendaele 1917May 22, 20071,3851.5Approved
MIG-23. Kaechon AB, North KoreaOct 10, 20051,3810Approved
ex- Malev Airlines Tupolev Tu-154 in ThessalonikiJun 21, 20091,3780Approved
Trenches between Loos and Hulluch, FranceSep 21, 20071,3770.333333Approved
Kirov class battlecruiser RFS Pyotr VelikiyAug 17, 20071,3740Approved
Boeing 737 in flight over Thessaloniki HarbourJun 21, 20091,3730Approved
Japanese Unryu Class Aircraft Carrier under Attack at Mitsuko-jimaFeb 9, 20101,3711.16667Approved
Car accident on the Theodor-Heuss-Bridge in NiederkasselOct 23, 20071,3670Approved
D-Day - Juno Beach, Courseulles-sur-MerJun 24, 20071,3601Approved
Grumman F-14A Tomcat at Fentress NOLFMay 4, 20071,3570Approved
Krupp works at Essen before and after the attack of the RAF, 23-24 OctoberFeb 11, 20071,3540Approved
Fort Terry on Plum Island, NY (blurred)Apr 22, 20071,3540Approved
Crashed Boeing 747 at Sharjah Airport, UAENov 22, 20071,3540Approved
Airbus A320 from TAM Airlines over CuritibaAug 3, 20091,3530Approved
San Zhi Ghost Resort in TaiwanJan 13, 20101,3491Approved
Soccer gameDec 14, 20051,3450Approved
Powell River BreakwaterJan 13, 20111,3452Approved
9th Air Force aircraft bombing the oil depot at Deggendorf, Germany, in AprNov 30, 20091,3440.333333Approved
Launch Pads for the Bachem Natter Ba 349 near Kirchheim TeckJan 28, 20101,3423.66667Approved
Omaha Beach - The Advance Between D-3 and E-1 DrawsMay 10, 20061,3410Approved
Russian submarine near PetropavloskMay 4, 20091,3410Approved
Airplane crash 1987, Munich, GermanySep 29, 20051,3370Approved
Sainte Mere Eglise - Operation Detroit, 6 June 1944May 29, 20071,3360Approved
Operation Chastise 16th - 17th May 1943Oct 5, 20051,3350Approved
Al Maktoum International Airport under ConstructionJan 14, 20101,3320Approved
U-boat bunker Fink IIJun 24, 20071,3310Approved
Venlo Airfield after heavy allied Bomber RaidsOct 22, 20081,3290Approved
Air New Zealand - Lord of the Rings - Frodo Boeing 747-419Sep 28, 20061,3280Approved
D-Day Mullberry HarbourAug 5, 20051,3260Approved
Omaha Beach, 6 June 1944 (Overlay III)May 29, 20071,3230Approved
Paratroopers in action, North KoreaOct 10, 20051,3220Approved
Remains of a crashed Boeing 727 at Dundo Airfield, AngolaNov 25, 20071,3171Approved
Stapleton International Airport, Denver (aerial view 1993)Aug 18, 20081,3160Approved
Container Ship MV APL Panama beached at Ensenada - February 14, 2006Mar 11, 20101,3160Approved
Hamburg, 1940Oct 20, 20051,3150Approved
Iranian AWACS at Shiraz Air BaseSep 24, 20091,3150Approved
Aerial View of Bailleul, France (After Bombing, 1918)Feb 26, 20071,3030Approved
Omaha Beach - 6th June 1944May 16, 20071,3030Approved
Massacre At Malmedy During the Battle of the BulgeFeb 11, 20071,3020.5Approved
TI ASIA under conversion to FSO ASIA at Dubai DrydocksDec 15, 20091,3010Approved
River Kwai Bridges and Work CampMay 17, 20071,2980Approved
San Bruno Fire - September 10, 2010Sep 14, 20101,2970Approved
Turkish Flag Painted on the RocksFeb 17, 20101,2960Approved
WWII German submarines U-601 to U-650Dec 20, 20051,2890Approved
KODA Air Cargo Boeing 707 burned out at Sabiha GokcenNov 5, 20071,2870Approved
Nuclear Bomber of the 107th Air Regiment at LintongFeb 25, 20101,2860Approved
Fort George - Highland - InvernessNov 12, 20081,2840Approved
Myasishchev M-17 Stratosfera - CCCP-17401Apr 19, 20101,2820Approved
Boeing 707 Restaurant in DamascusNov 5, 20071,2790Approved
Chittagong Shipbreaking in DetailAug 13, 20091,2781Approved
EF-2000 Eurofighter TyphoonOct 24, 20061,2770Approved
America West Airlines - Boeing 757 - Nevada at PhoenixDec 3, 20071,2730Approved
Airfield at Juvincourt, FranceMay 31, 20071,2690Approved
Stuetzpunktgruppe (Strongpoint) LoekkenMar 5, 20071,2640Approved
Pontrilas Army Training Area (PATA)Jul 25, 20071,2640Approved
Worlds largest floating coal transshipment terminalMar 11, 20081,2631Approved
RAF bombing Darmstadt, 1944Oct 19, 20051,2621Approved
F-14A Tomcat of the Iran Air Force 82 TFS (Tactical Fighter Squadron)Feb 4, 20071,2620Approved
Syrian MiG-21 with Shadow approaching Tabqa Air BaseJan 17, 20101,2620Approved
Razorback Range, a moonscape on earthApr 3, 20071,2581Approved
WWII German submarines U-400 to U-451Oct 11, 20051,2560Approved
US Airways Express (PSA Airlines) - Canadair Regional Jet CRJ-200ERJan 10, 20071,2530Approved
Brindisi in June 1941Mar 8, 20101,2520Approved
Flattops of the worldSep 20, 20051,2500Approved
Hellenic Navy Submarine underwayMar 9, 20091,2480Approved
301st BG (H), Mission 355, Blechhammer Synthetic Oil Plant SouthJul 31, 20071,2450Approved
Underground Factory Project Weingut IJun 27, 20061,2420Approved
Lockheed C-5 Galaxy in flight with contrailMar 25, 20101,2410Approved
Crash site of the Atlantic Airways Flight RC670Jul 31, 20071,2401Approved
Airbus A380 Overland Transport RouteJan 27, 20101,2400Approved
Crash site of two B-24 Bombers from 392nd BG near MeitzeJun 25, 20071,2390Approved
WWII German submarines U-551 to U-600Dec 2, 20051,2370Approved
Kodiak Harbor DefensesApr 18, 20071,2370Approved
Jumping Jet Ski at the Shore near Cotton TreeOct 19, 20091,2340Approved
Fort Douaumont after the Battle of Verdun 1917Nov 4, 20081,2280Approved
Small Aircraft Taking Off from Kooshk-e-Nosrat Air BaseFeb 16, 20101,2270Approved
WWII U-Boat Bunker, Bordeaux, FranceAug 15, 20051,2250Approved
Omaha Beach, 6 June 1944 (Overlay I)May 29, 20071,2220Approved
Aircraft at Prague Ruzyne International AirportSep 16, 20081,2191Approved
Former Stapleton Airport Control TowerAug 19, 20081,2150Approved
WWII German submarines U-251 to U-300Sep 21, 20051,2130Approved
Stranded MV River Princess near GoaJan 25, 20071,2130Approved
D-Day - Juno Beach, Saint-Aubin-sur-MerJun 24, 20071,2130Approved
Attack of the ORYOKU MARU at Olongapo Point, December 1944Jul 4, 20071,2131Approved
PLAAF - Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker - In FlightSep 3, 20101,2081Approved
Abandoned Airport near Dallas-Fort WorthSep 14, 20051,2050Approved
WWII German submarines U-1001 to U-1050Jan 23, 20061,2040Approved
LARC LX Vehicles Around The WorldNov 7, 20091,2042Approved
Station SMKF1Oct 27, 20051,2030Approved
Old Boeing B707 stored at Addis Abeba AirportMar 7, 20101,2030Approved
D-Day Gun Emplacement, FranceAug 15, 20051,2020Approved
North Korean Military HovercraftMar 9, 20091,2020.333333Approved
British Gliders at 7 June 1944 (D-Day plus 1) north of RanvilleMay 11, 20071,1990Approved
Gliders near Wolfheze, September 1944Mar 22, 20071,1970Approved
Harry Potter Railway ViaductDec 12, 20051,1960Approved
Toulon November 1942, FranceOct 9, 20051,1950Approved
Nikolaev Navy Base in 1941 with Russian Battleship Soviet UkraineFeb 9, 20101,1950Approved
Boeing 737 with contrail near Ugglarp, SwedenFeb 11, 20081,1940Approved
Cavite Navy Yard, PhilippinesJun 5, 20061,1920Approved
Landfront VlissingenSep 25, 20061,1900Approved
La Coupole - V2 rocket base near WizernesJul 25, 20071,1900Approved
Fort Douaumont before the Battle of Verdun 1916Nov 4, 20081,1900Approved
B-1B Lancer Bomber north of Dyess AFBOct 11, 20071,1880Approved
Northwest Airlines Accident - Boeing 747-251B, GuamOct 10, 20061,1861Approved
Operation Market Garden - Arnhem railway bridge OverlayMay 11, 20061,1850Approved
Hey V-1 flying bomb launch siteFeb 20, 20071,1851Approved
Mariel Naval Base 1962, CubaMay 17, 20071,1820Approved
Belaya Airbase with many Tu-22M BomberMay 11, 20071,1790Approved
Transformer explosion rattles ManhattanJul 18, 20071,1790Approved
Air China - Boeing 747-4J6M at San Francisco InternationalFeb 19, 20081,1760Approved
Maracana stadiumAug 5, 20051,1750Approved
Metro (Subway) accident in Rome 17.10.2006Oct 17, 20061,1750Approved
La Pallice german U-Boat Bunker, FranceJan 29, 20071,1730Approved
WWII German submarines U-451 to U-500Oct 12, 20051,1710Approved
Many retired F-104G Starfighters at Agrinion Air BaseJun 28, 20081,1710Approved
Bunker of the II. Jagdkorps, ChantillyJul 6, 20061,1680Approved
Boston Aerial photo from 1946Mar 10, 20071,1680Approved
JetBlue Airways Airbus A320 landing at Fort MyersApr 25, 20071,1680Approved
The Bournemouth Eye - Hi-Flyer BalloonNov 8, 20071,1680Approved
Remains of McDonnell Douglas DC-8 at Mwanza Airport, TanzaniaNov 20, 20071,1681Approved
Cologne under attack by the 8th US AirforceMay 17, 20071,1670Approved
Johnston Island - Atomic Test FacilityApr 28, 20081,1670Approved
Russian 406mm Heavy Cruiser GunMar 8, 20101,1660Approved
Bomb craters near RemagenJun 22, 20071,1650Approved
Crash site of a USAAF RB-29A Superfortress in 1948Nov 12, 20071,1652Approved
B-29 Superfortress wreckage on China Lake Naval Air Weapons StationOct 30, 20091,1640Approved
Peenemuede Test Stand XII OverlayJan 11, 20101,1641.33333Approved
Battery Merville, FranceOct 19, 20051,1630.833333Approved
Boeing 747 in flight near the Japanese CoastJun 9, 20081,1620Approved
POW camp Oflag 79 at Brunswick-QuerumFeb 21, 20071,1611Approved
Faucett Peru - Boeing 737 abandoned at Lima InternationalNov 6, 20071,1610Approved
USCG Coastal Buoy Tender Katherine WalkerJul 19, 20101,1580Approved
D-Day - Juno Beach, Bernieres-sur-Mer (Overlay II)Jun 28, 20071,1550Approved
Dock area during the attack on Pearl Harbor, 7th December 1941Jul 7, 20071,1530Approved
RAF Fauld Explosion near Tutbury, Burton-upon-Trent in StaffordshireSep 24, 20071,1490Approved
Destruction of 17th SS Panzer Grenadier Division Command PostJun 1, 20071,1480Approved
Plane wreck ToulouseSep 12, 20051,1460.333333Approved
Guided Missile Cruiser Moskva 121Jul 4, 20061,1450Approved
Herrenchiemsee OverlaySep 4, 20051,1440Approved
Bonnieres-Beauvior V-1 Weapon SiteDec 1, 20091,1440.666667Approved
Carolina Panthers Logo Jet at Tampa AirportNov 6, 20091,1430Approved
C-17 Globemaster III in flight over KuwaitJan 7, 20091,1400Approved
Battlecruiser Gneisenau in drydock GdyniaOct 8, 20071,1360Approved
Fort Michie - Great Gull Island, NYApr 22, 20071,1341Approved
Basdorf BMW Engine Factory, 6 August 1944Dec 21, 20081,1320Approved
NS Savannah, the first nuclear-powered cargo-passenger shipNov 26, 20071,1310Approved
Ariane 5 rocket, Le BourgetMay 1, 20061,1300.5Approved
Haunstetten airfield, Augsburg, 1960sFeb 9, 20071,1300Approved
Seven ex-S7Airline Boeing 737-500 at Lasham AirportOct 30, 20081,1300Approved
Crash site of a RAF Vickers Wellington bomber on 30th Jan 1943Nov 12, 20071,1290Approved
Argentine NavyJul 24, 20061,1260.5Approved
Boeing E-3 Sentry in flight over OntarioJan 29, 20081,1260Approved
Hundertwasserhouse, ViennaOct 21, 20051,1250.5Approved
Eritrean Republic Air ForceJun 28, 20061,1230Approved
Boeing 747 with contrails over GeorgiaJun 2, 20091,1191Approved
Many MIG-23 and MIG-25 at Ashkhabad BezmeinJun 26, 20061,1180Approved
Censored Area - Salem Harbor Power PlantJul 24, 20081,1160Approved
WWII German submarines U-851 to U-900Dec 28, 20051,1150Approved
Japanese World War II Midget Submarine at KiskaJul 17, 20091,1150Approved
Hercules C-130H is leaving Dobbins ARBFeb 10, 20081,1140Approved
Polygon Wood Corner July 1917Nov 17, 20091,1140Approved
Douglas C-54 Skymaster (DC-4) near AleppoNov 5, 20071,1120Approved
Boeing 747 in flight over Yellowstone National ParkSep 25, 20071,1110Approved
Vertical aerial view of Battersea taken on 12 May 1955Oct 28, 20081,1080Approved
USS Stewart (DE-238) at Galveston Seawolf ParkMar 19, 20081,1070Approved
Container Ship Capsized in Antwerp Harbor - March 8, 2007Mar 11, 20101,1040Approved
1118 feet SupertankerJun 19, 20061,1031Approved
Chinese J-7 Chengdu (MiG-21) in flightApr 23, 20081,1030Approved
Precision Bombing of MarienburgJun 24, 20061,1020Approved
Plattenbau in ZanzibarJul 16, 20081,1020Approved
2nd Ace of the Deep - Wolfgang LuethFeb 2, 20061,1000Approved
Sukhoi Su-25KM Scorpion at Ashkhabad Bezmein airportJun 26, 20061,0970Approved
Herdla Luftwaffe airfield summer 1943Oct 4, 20071,0970Approved
Covered Boeing Plant Seattle in 1944-45Oct 29, 20081,0970Approved
Fritzlers Corn MazeSep 5, 20051,0960Approved
Residenz Building in Munich after Bombing Raid - April 1944Aug 16, 20081,0960Approved
Air raid on Koblenz by the US Air Force, September 19th 1944Nov 30, 20091,0960Approved
Submerged Cultural Resources Study USS ArizonaAug 4, 20061,0930Approved
Namibia OverlayAug 20, 20051,0900Approved
Remains of a crashed Antonov AN-26 at Cuamba Airport, MozambiqueNov 26, 20071,0870Approved
Syrian Air Base Tyias - Home of the MiG-25 FoxbatJan 18, 20101,0870Approved
Wilhelmshaven 1940Oct 25, 20071,0850Approved
Slava class Cruiser Varyag in VladivostokSep 25, 20091,0810Approved
Destroyed airplane at Wau airfield, SudanNov 19, 20071,0800.5Approved
301st BG (H), Mission 348, Sava Railroad Bridge BelgradeDec 11, 20071,0780Approved
Image with Camera ArtifactNov 26, 20081,0780Approved
Boeing EC-135E ARIA at Lake Charles Chennault AirportAug 4, 20091,0780Approved
Ingolstadt 19.4.1945Oct 13, 20051,0770Approved
Dnieper dam blown up in 1941May 17, 20071,0750Approved
Saint-Nazaire U-Boat BunkerJan 29, 20071,0710Approved
LPH-7 USS GuadalcanalSep 16, 20051,0700Approved
Flyglobespan - Boeing 737-683Jan 17, 20071,0700Approved
D-Day - Juno Beach, Bernieres-sur-Mer (Overlay I)Jun 24, 20071,0690Approved
Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress over Stave LakeSep 26, 20071,0690Approved
BAC Concorde G-BOAD in New YorkDec 15, 20081,0681Approved
Utah Beach OverlayAug 28, 20051,0670Approved
Boeing B777 with shadow south of CairoSep 26, 20071,0670Approved
Mimoyecques V-Weapon Site, 1944Oct 20, 20051,0650Approved
Obertraubling Airfield with Messerschmitt Me321 GiantsMar 3, 20101,0640.833333Approved
Cologne, 24 February 1945Oct 24, 20051,0610Approved
Alaska Airlines - Tinker Bell at LAXJun 16, 20101,0600.5Approved
Montdidier Airfield, 17 July 1944Dec 21, 20081,0590Approved
WWII German submarines U-651 to U-700Dec 11, 20051,0580Approved
Mississippi Basin Model, JacksonDec 9, 20071,0570Approved
Fort Gorges, Portland, MaineApr 3, 20071,0550Approved
AMARC Rockwell B-1B LancersOct 26, 20071,0540Approved
RAF Debden taken on 9 July 1946Jun 5, 20081,0530Approved
Mistel Type 1 aircraft at Prague RuzyneJul 16, 20081,0520.5Approved
WWII German submarines U-901 to U-950Jan 23, 20061,0510Approved
RAF attack of the Eagles Nest at BerchtesgadenFeb 16, 20071,0500Approved
3 Lions in Zoo Hellabrunn, MunichSep 28, 20061,0490Approved
Northrop YF-23 Prototype in El Segundo, CAJan 23, 20081,0490Approved
House On The Move in ProvidenceJun 23, 20101,0490Approved
Saumur Tunnel, 9th June 1944Feb 8, 20071,0481Approved
Royal Rush SkycoasterJan 19, 20101,0460Approved
Ainring Airfield 9th April 1945Aug 5, 20081,0450.5Approved
Airbus Ship Ville de BordeauxApr 7, 20081,0440Approved
German Cruisers at Copenhagen - 4 May 1945Oct 21, 20081,0430Approved
Lybian Foxtrot Class Submarine in BenghaziSep 7, 20091,0380Approved
Indian Air Force - Sukhoi Su-30MKI - In FlightSep 3, 20101,0380.5Approved
Point du Hoc Battery, Normandy - May 1944Aug 16, 20081,0370Approved
Image Failure - San Marcos is moving from Texas to NebraskaSep 10, 20091,0370Approved
CV-22 Osprey at Kirtland AFBSep 16, 20091,0360Approved
Operation Crossroads, Marshall ISlandsSep 26, 20061,0350Approved
Trondheim submarine pensJun 25, 20061,0340Approved
WWII Torretta Airfield, ItalySep 13, 20051,0330Approved
Japanese submarine looses 1941-45Aug 10, 20061,0310Approved
Pegasus Bridge with Horsa GliderOct 22, 20081,0310Approved
Crash Site of a Boeing 707 near Mwanza Airport, TanzaniaNov 20, 20071,0301Approved
Aerial of Hatfield Airf. - Home of the de Havilland Mosquito - 31.01.1940Jan 14, 20091,0290Approved
Croft Race CircuitJul 6, 20071,0280Approved
Battlecruiser Gneisenau in GdyniaOct 8, 20071,0280Approved
Bremen under Attack by RAF Bombers - March 1945Oct 27, 20081,0270Approved
30.5 cm-50 coastal defense gun near CadizSep 19, 20071,0260Approved
301st BG (H), Mission 329, Flak-Tower, ViennaNov 29, 20051,0230Approved
WWII German submarines U-951 to U-1000Jan 23, 20061,0230Approved
Ohio class submarine comes homeOct 3, 20071,0160Approved
Aerial Photo of Boulogne-Sur-Mer Harbour - September 25, 1944Apr 15, 20101,0161.5Approved
Transport Helicopter lost Airplane during flight in Upper FranconiaNov 6, 20071,0150Approved
F-18 in flight, North CarolinaAug 21, 20051,0140Approved
Dutch Harbor Defenses, Unalaska IslandApr 15, 20071,0140Approved
Tripoli in Autumn 1941Mar 8, 20101,0130Approved
Mackinac Island, Michigan (overlay)Sep 19, 20051,0120Approved
Many ships on land after Hurricane KatrinaJan 7, 20081,0120Approved
Military Jets in formation over KuwaitMar 9, 20091,0120Approved
Kitzingen, 23.02.1945 Bombing RaidJun 24, 20061,0100Approved
Former Airship Hangars in RigaNov 18, 20081,0100Approved
Crash of the Bomber Hard to Get in Brunkensen at 7 April 1945Jun 22, 20071,0090Approved
Halberstadt Airfield with a He111Z Zwilling - 7 July 1944Dec 16, 20081,0080Approved
2S3 Akatsiya and 2S1 Gvozdika from the Iraq ArmyFeb 15, 20071,0061.5Approved
Plane crash near the Outeniqua Pass in June 2002, South AfricaNov 19, 20071,0020Approved
Lonely Chung Hai Class LST near Ma-kungSep 25, 20081,0010Approved
Decimomannu air base with six runways for multiple takeoff in 1944Feb 22, 20109990Approved
Goodyear Blimp Spirit of Innovation near Key BiscayneJul 5, 20109980Approved
Norfolk Naval Base, Virginia 1944May 29, 20069950Approved
Aerial View of Hilbeck, Werl - May 17, 1943Mar 3, 20109950.666667Approved
Aerial photo of the Dzerzhinsky tractor factory after German troops took itFeb 11, 20109940.5Approved
Gablingen Airfield 24.4.1944 near AugsburgFeb 5, 20079930Approved
Maleme airfield under bombs 1940Oct 8, 20079920Approved
SAC bunker from the cold warOct 15, 20079920Approved
Boeing Dreamlifter at Portland InternationalFeb 19, 20089921Approved
NS 50 Years Since Victory, the largest icebreaker in the worldNov 26, 20079910Approved
Crash site of a USAAF C-47 Dakota in 1944Nov 13, 20079900Approved
Tolverne D-Day Loading Hard for Omaha BeachSep 30, 20089900.333333Approved
Stalag Luft 1 at Barth-VogelsangFeb 21, 20079871Approved
Southwest Airlines - Boeing 737-3H4 - Silver One at Warwick AirportDec 12, 20079870Approved
Airfield Memmingerberg near Memmingen 1945May 20, 20089870Approved
F-117 Nighthawk from the 49th Tactical Fighter Wing at Holloman AFBJan 15, 20079850Approved
Niigata POW Camp 1947Jun 28, 20079850Approved
Remains of the Abbey of Monte Cassino 1944Mar 16, 20079830Approved
F-86D at Birmingham, AlJun 9, 20089820Approved
Grumman HU-16A Albatross at CuritibaAug 3, 20099820Approved
Fort Douaumont WWIAug 2, 20059810Approved
Alamut FortressJan 31, 20079810.333333Approved
Stornara Airfield - Home of the 456th Bomb GroupJun 26, 20079810.333333Approved
Dortmund Airfield in World War IIJul 30, 20089790Approved
Mine barrages in the Gulf of Finland, 1941-1945Jun 19, 20069780Approved
STALAG Luft VI HeydekrugDec 7, 20099760Approved
WILHELM GUSTLOFF - The greatest sea tragedy of all time January, 30th 1945Jan 16, 20079750Approved
NAS Glynco, Brunswick, GAMay 2, 20079750Approved
The Raid on St. NazaireJun 20, 20069720Approved
Aerial photo of Polygon Wood race track on 7 July 1917Nov 4, 20089700Approved
Two Northwest Airlines DC-9 accidents at St. Paul InternationalNov 12, 20079690Approved
Two Airbus A319 over ChicagoSep 15, 20089690Approved
Normandy dock before destruction, Saint NazaireSep 18, 20079680Approved
Kirov class battlecruiser Admiral LazarevAug 20, 20079660Approved
Snow Storm Buries the U.S. East Coast - December 20, 2009Jan 14, 20109660Approved
D-Day Sausage Camp at Wheal Busy, ChacewaterDec 3, 20099660Approved
Russian-Chinese Maneuvers - Peace Mission 2007Feb 16, 20109660.5Approved
748 Air Services - Hawker Siddeley HS-780 Andover C1 crashed after engine fAug 8, 20079650.5Approved
Regunning USS California (BB-44) at Pearl HarborFeb 8, 20079640Approved
Sverdlov Class Cruiser - RFS Mikhail KutuzovAug 20, 20079640Approved
Dassault Mirage III on displayJan 21, 20099630.5Approved
The Arab fort in ZanzibarJul 16, 20089620Approved
HMAS Perth (FFH 157) in Melbourne HarborMay 19, 20089610Approved
Fort Stark, PortsmouthApr 4, 20079600Approved
4 Plane Formation, offshore, FranceSep 12, 20059590Approved
USS Arthur W. Radford (DD-968)Aug 20, 20079540Approved
West Japan Railway Company - Hakata Shinkansen DepotMay 31, 20109530Approved
Phytoplankton Bloom off Argentina, 18 December 2006Sep 12, 20079500Approved
USS Edson (DD-946) in Philadelphia Naval ReserveFeb 19, 20089500Approved
Great Man Made River ProjectAug 19, 20059480Approved
Aerial Overview of NAS Barbers Point in October 1946Oct 29, 20089481Approved
Lockheed C-130J-30 Super HerculesDec 16, 20099470Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 35, Wels Aircraft FactoryJan 21, 20099460.5Approved
KC-135 Stratotanker approaching Amarillo AirportDec 16, 20099460Approved
Remains of the RNAS Howden Airship Station near to SpaldingtonDec 1, 20099441Approved
3 Predator UAV at El Mirage Adelanto FieldMay 3, 20079430Approved
Two Shenyang J-8 In Flight Nortwest Of ShenyangOct 2, 20099430Approved
Brandenburg-Neuendorf Airfield, 6 August 1944Dec 17, 20089430Approved
The capture of Ie Shima, Okinawa 16-24 April 1945Nov 9, 20059420Approved
Aerial Photo from Kure Harbour - 22 June 1945Oct 20, 20089410Approved
Gold Coast Squadron over Heligoland during RAF raid of 18 April 1945Oct 12, 20079400Approved
Lockheed U-2 Dragon Lady in flight near Beale AFBDec 16, 20099400Approved
RAF bombing Brest, France 1944Oct 19, 20059380Approved
Citadel of Bam, Iran (overlay)Aug 29, 20059380Approved
CSO Deep Blue - World Largest Pipelay Vessel in TampaNov 4, 20099380Approved
USS North Carolina (SSN-777)Aug 20, 20079370Approved
Harry Potter Hoagsmead StationDec 12, 20059360Approved
Deutschlandhalle, Berlin 1945Oct 27, 20059350Approved
RAF Warmwell Aerial Photo - 16 August 1943May 30, 20089320Approved
Hamburg Finkenwerder - Home of the Bv222 VikingNov 19, 20099300Approved
301st BG (H), Mission 341, Oradea Marshalling YardJul 13, 20079300Approved
BC Gneisenau in KielJun 25, 20069290Approved
St. Martin, Netherlands Antilles (Overlay)Oct 8, 20059270Approved
1-130th Aviation Battalion North Carolina National GuardOct 13, 20079260Approved
Crashed Boeing 707 at Juba Airport, SudanNov 20, 20079260Approved
Cologne 22 June 1945May 15, 20079240Approved
The Jailbird from Con Air at Wendover AirfieldNov 27, 20089240Approved
Sommervieu Airfield, 5 July 1944Jun 3, 20079230Approved
Amsterdam-Schiphol Bombed by the RAF in 1940Dec 16, 20099230Approved
Mil Mi-14 at Mather Air Force Base, SacramentoNov 5, 20099210Approved
Enschede Fireworks Factory Hours before the ExplosionOct 29, 20089200Approved
Extreme points on EarthAug 7, 20069200Approved
Fort Foster, Kittery, MaineApr 4, 20079190Approved
The USS Arizona during the Pearl Harbor Attack, 7 December 1941Jul 17, 20079190Approved
The aftermath of Hurricane IkeSep 17, 20089160.333333Approved
NEEDLES on the roof of an old hangarJul 29, 20079151Approved
Sottevast V2 FacilityJan 11, 20109150Approved
Medicopter MBB-Kawasaki BK-117B-2Apr 29, 20089140Approved
Hercules Floating Crane in PanamaSep 15, 20099110.5Approved
Airbus A320 Final Assembly Line in TianjinMay 31, 20109080Approved
Bombing of the Marshalling yard in Straubing, 20.4.1945Feb 6, 20079070Approved
Mount Fleury Battery at Ver-sur-Mer, Normandy - May 1944Aug 16, 20089060Approved
Oschersleben Airfield, 30 May 1944Dec 21, 20089060Approved
RAF bombing Kiel 1942Oct 20, 20059050Approved
Air Portugal heading for London HeathrowJun 25, 20089050Approved
Aerial Photo of the Airfield at Cape Gloucester - June 16, 1944Apr 15, 20109030Approved
Burning Mountain oldest known coal fireFeb 25, 20079020Approved
Beirut Harbour overlaySep 11, 20058990Approved
Bombing of Kiel, GermanyOct 18, 20058980Approved
Place of the largest explosive detonation in the worldOct 23, 20078980Approved
Airfield B4 near Beny-sur-Mer, NormandyOct 21, 20088980Approved
Stendal Airfield near Berlin, 6 August 1944Dec 16, 20088981Approved
Rheine Railway Yards after RAF Attack March 1945Oct 27, 20088980Approved
F-22 type aircraftSep 14, 20058960Approved
Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery at Maker HeightsDec 2, 20098960Approved
Air Force One at Yuma MCASJan 27, 20108940Approved
Russian Project 667BDRM Delta IV submarineJun 28, 20068932Approved
RAF Andrews Field taken on 26 July 1948May 30, 20088920Approved
Heinkel He111 over London 1940Feb 11, 20078910Approved
Liberty Ships of WWIIOct 5, 20058900Approved
Naval Coast Battery M.K.B. Vineta, Hoek van HollandSep 28, 20068900Approved
Bomb raid against Aunay-sur-Odon, 12 June 1944Jul 25, 20078890Approved
Mauna Kea observatory, HawaiSep 9, 20058880Approved
The Battle of Messines, 1917Nov 16, 20058880Approved
Washington Hoover Airport, Arlington, VAMay 4, 20078870Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 179, Rijeka (Fiume) ShipyardMay 11, 20078871Approved
301st BG (H), Mission unknown, Argos BridgeDec 12, 20078870Approved
Rockwell B-1B Lancer - UncagedOct 26, 20078860Approved
The BC Gneisenau in drydock at Deutsche Werke in KielJun 25, 20068850Approved
BB Scharnhorst, KielOct 18, 20058840Approved
Harbin SH-5 SeaplanesJun 13, 20068830Approved
Circus spectacle in the Monumental Bullring, BarcelonaJul 16, 20088830Approved
5 planes in South KoreaSep 26, 20058820Approved
Bombs Away at Iwo JimaFeb 20, 20078820Approved
Hutchinson Naval Air Station - Sunflower Gliderport (SN76), YoderMay 4, 20078820Approved
Monte Cassino before the BattleNov 4, 20088820Approved
Operation Deadlight, UK WatersSep 7, 20058810Approved
United Malika wreckJan 7, 20078810Approved
Oktoberfest 2004 overlayOct 3, 20058800Approved
USAV TSV-1X SpearheadMar 21, 20078800Approved
Vienna Flak-TowersNov 23, 20058790Approved
Five B-1B Lancer bomber at Al Udeid Ab ABOct 3, 20078790Approved
HSV-X1 Joint Venture - HSC Manannan - Incat Hull 050Jul 20, 20108791Approved
Griffon 8000TD hovercraft of the Indian Coast GuardMar 9, 20098780Approved
DirecTV Blimp in BeverlySep 6, 20108780Approved
Frankfurt 1945Sep 13, 20058770Approved
Hi-Flyer balloon in HamburgNov 8, 20078770Approved
Mingaladon airfield, Rangoon, December 1944Feb 28, 20078750Approved
RAF Dyce airfield 1941May 17, 20078750.5Approved
Magic Roundabout Hemel HampsteadJul 3, 20078750Approved
USS Makin Island (LHD-8) at Ingalls ShipbuildingMay 31, 20108750Approved
Sainte Mere Eglise, 24 May 1944May 29, 20078720Approved
Two Xian JH-7 Fighter-Bomber from the 17th Regiment in YiwuDec 4, 20088720Approved
Nagasaki, days before the atomic missionOct 8, 20078711Approved
Atlantic Wall at ThyboronJul 9, 20068690Approved
Syracuse, Sicily in October 1941Mar 8, 20108690Approved
Bunker Caesar of the german Luftwaffe in DriebergenSep 21, 20068680Approved
301st BG (H), Mission 356, Vienna Florisdorf Oil RefineryJul 13, 20078670Approved
Tupolev Tu-16 at the Poltava AirbaseApr 17, 20088670Approved
Crashsite of a Boeing B-17G Flying FortressNov 11, 20098670Approved
Rockwell B-1B Lancer in Flight near DavidsonFeb 9, 20108670.333333Approved
UPS Hub, Louisville, KYSep 19, 20058650Approved
BB Scharnhorst shortly after Operation CerberusJun 22, 20068650Approved
Greatest purely vertical dropAug 3, 20068650Approved
NAS Hitchcock, TexasMay 2, 20078642Approved
USS San Antonio (LPD-17) at Norfolk Naval BaseOct 6, 20098640Approved
MIM-14 Nike-Hercules Missile at PadovaNov 24, 20098640Approved
Royal Navy Ships in Plymouth - DevenportOct 24, 20078630Approved
Ingolstadt Ordnance Depot 5 April 1945Oct 13, 20078610Approved
Baarle-Hertog and Baarle-Nassau border complicationJul 24, 20088610Approved
A photo of Stalag VII A, ca. 1945, MoosburgFeb 23, 20078591Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 83, Frejus BeachMay 30, 20078590Approved
Prototype of the Boeing 767 at VictorvilleJan 21, 20088591Approved
Sunken Torpedo boats near Dranske, RuegenMay 11, 20068580Approved
Ahlhorn Airfield after the attack of 21 February 1944Jun 3, 20078570Approved
Allied Gliders near Bastogne - January 1945Oct 22, 20088570Approved
Fort Charles, Saint KittsApr 25, 20078560Approved
Doctor Yellow - High-speed Test Train in FukuokaMay 3, 20108560Approved
C-130 Hercules in flightDec 6, 20058551Approved
Airbus A300-600ST Beluga No. 3Jun 3, 20078550Approved
Fires in Russias Far East, 15 July 2007Aug 29, 20078550Approved
Two Tupolev Tu-134 at Jorge Chavez International, LimaNov 6, 20078550.333333Approved
301st BG (H), Mission 331, Nis airfieldDec 11, 20078550Approved
Japanese Airfield, Kuril Island Chain OverlayMay 12, 20068530Approved
Boss 400 shipwreckJan 16, 20068510Approved
ANTILLA - german freighter sunk 1940Jul 19, 20068511Approved
RAF Steeple Morden on 13 April 1947May 30, 20088500Approved
Charlestown Naval Auxiliary Air Station, Charlestown RIJun 21, 20068490Approved
Sinking of the ENOURA MARU in Takao (Kao-hsiung) on 9th January 1945Jun 25, 20078490Approved
Air Namibia - Boeing 747 at Frankfurt am Main AirportDec 9, 20078490Approved
Agdam Ghost Town in AzerbaijanJan 13, 20108490Approved
Cuban Mil Mi-17 Helicopter over San Antonio ABFeb 16, 20108480Approved
Aerial photograph of Vimy RidgeMar 19, 20078480Approved
Aerial View of Hickham Field - 29 March 1948Oct 28, 20088470Approved
Floods in Pakistan, June 2007Aug 29, 20078450Approved
Explotion of the USS Arizona during the attack of Pearl HarborJul 17, 20078440Approved
Floods in the Midwestern United States, August 2007Sep 11, 20078430.833333Approved
Fort Popham, PhippsburgApr 3, 20078430Approved
Blyth Battery, BlythSep 30, 20088430.333333Approved
Cuban Navy 390 Rio DamujiFeb 16, 20108430Approved
Battle of Taranto, 11th November 1940Oct 19, 20058420Approved
Republic of the GambiaJun 9, 20098420Approved
Semlin camp after the allied bombing of April 1944Jan 21, 20098410.333333Approved
BAE Harrier II in flight near Market DeepingSep 25, 20078400Approved
Muehldorf-Mettenheim airfieldJun 27, 20068390Approved
Gotthard base tunnelSep 14, 20058380Approved
Ocean Color in the Gulf of Alaska, 7 January 2007Aug 29, 20078370Approved
Fans from the Netherlands during the World Football Cup 2006Dec 18, 20078370Approved
Naval ships at Simons Town SAN Naval BaseNov 4, 20098370Approved
Ship Happens - MV Safmarine Agulhas breaks in half near East LondonMar 10, 20108372Approved
Fort Rodman, New BedfordApr 10, 20078361Approved
Area of Beirut after Israeli bombardement 2006May 22, 20078360Approved
Saturn 1B AS-211 at the Alabama Welcome CenterApr 24, 20088340Approved
Sightseeing bus in MunichJul 15, 20088340Approved
Hanstholm - 38 cm naval coastal batteryMar 2, 20078330Approved
Sinking of the Light Cruiser Koenigsberg 1940 in BergenJan 25, 20078320Approved
301st BG (H), Mission 350, Debrecen Marshalling YardJul 31, 20078320Approved
Antitank ditch Meerholz - RothMar 13, 20068310Approved
Downtown Beirut 1995May 22, 20078300Approved
Southwest Airlines - Boeing B737 - Nevada One at John Wayne AirportDec 12, 20078300Approved
458th BG (H), Bad Reichenhall, 25 April 1945Dec 18, 20088300Approved
IX-515 Sea Flyer prototype at HawaiiMar 9, 20098300Approved
Colditz Castle - POW CampMay 17, 20078290Approved
London aerial view 1940May 16, 20078290Approved
Dismantled Soviet submarine TK-202Aug 17, 20078290Approved
Bridge at Nijmegen, NetherlandsMar 16, 20078281Approved
Trawniki - Jewish Labour Camp and SS Training CampDec 1, 20098270Approved
456th B.G. (H), MunichNov 29, 20058260Approved
303th B.G. (H), HeligolandNov 30, 20058260Approved
Japan Airlines - Yokoso Japan - Boeing 747-446 at Chicago OHareSep 15, 20088261Approved
Le Culot, Belgium 1944Oct 19, 20058250Approved
Foundation of a Wassermann Radar Station, SchiermonnikoogSep 21, 20068250Approved
Concorde 216 at FiltonJun 5, 20078250Approved
Barque Marjorie GlenJan 12, 20078240Approved
Star Wars Incom T-65B X-Wing at Disneyland ParisSep 26, 20078240Approved
Grob D-500 Egrett II at Van Nuys AirportJun 21, 20098230Approved
Tractor Trail Maze near CobourgNov 5, 20098230Approved
Herbert Island, Aleutian Islands (Overlay)Jun 15, 20068210Approved
Ilyushin Il-76 crashed at BamakoNov 4, 20098210Approved
Lange Anna on the north western shore of HeligolandOct 23, 20078200Approved
Wreck of a B-29 Superfortress at China LakeOct 30, 20098200Approved
Aircraft Approaching Mumbai AirportApr 19, 20108200Approved
The Historic Centre of Warsaw in the change of Time 1935-1990Mar 13, 20078190Approved
301st BG (H), Mission 343, Vienna Schwechat oil refineryJul 13, 20078191Approved
Green Point Stadium for the 2010 FIFA World CupNov 22, 20098190Approved
Boeing B747SP at Akron Canton AirportJan 11, 20108190Approved
Frankfurt railway station 1945Jul 18, 20068180Approved
World War 2 - Patrol Torpedo Boat PT 659May 6, 20088180Approved
398th BG (H), Lichtenfels, Germany - 23 February 1945Nov 18, 20098171Approved
RAF bombing of Heligoland 1945Nov 30, 20058150Approved
USS McKee (AS-41)May 30, 20078150Approved
USS Midway (CV-41)Oct 17, 20058140Approved
Victoria Lines Fortifications, Malta - UNESCO World HeritageOct 10, 20068140Approved
Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress (299P) - Homesick AngelJun 20, 20088140.333333Approved
Lingshui Airbase, ChinaOct 8, 20058120Approved
Jiuquan Space Center (OL)Oct 17, 20058110Approved
Airbus Industrie Airbus A380 at Dubai InternationalJan 20, 20108101Approved
The destroyed old part of Heilbronn after the December 1944 bombingsMay 31, 20078090Approved
Fort Dearborn, PortsmouthApr 4, 20078080Approved
USS Simon Lake (AS 33)May 30, 20078080Approved
NAS Tillamook, OregonMay 2, 20078070Approved
The Fortress of KninNov 19, 20098070Approved
Lavenham Airfield - 3 April 1946 OverlayFeb 15, 20078060Approved
The Flying Bulls - Aircraft rarities at their airborne bestApr 4, 20078060Approved
Hurricane Flossie, 13 August 2007Aug 28, 20078060Approved
Russian submarine RFS Dmitri Donskoi - TK-208Aug 17, 20078060Approved
Phantom with drogue parachuteJul 18, 20088050Approved
Spider MazeDec 5, 20058040Approved
Alekseyevka (Mongokhto) Air Base, Russian Far EastSep 26, 20068040Approved
Charles de Gaulle (R 91) in ToulonOct 3, 20078040Approved
Picture Failure - Twice the Congress Court in PerpignanJan 19, 20098040Approved
Antonov An-225 in TexasAug 12, 20098030Approved
HMAS J3 Submarine near Swan Island in QueenscliffApr 18, 20078020Approved
464th BG (H), Mission 127, Devinska Nova Ves - Marshalling YardJun 25, 20078020Approved
The Incredible Corn MazeDec 5, 20058000Approved
First attack of the RAFs new Lancaster bomber against AugsburgMay 16, 20078000Approved
Fort Tyler - Gardiners Point, NYApr 22, 20077980Approved
Smoke from Fires in Greece, 26 - 27 August 2007Aug 29, 20077980Approved
Saipan airfieldsJun 27, 20067960Approved
Eleven Douglas DC-3 at Toncontin Airport, HondurasDec 18, 20097960.333333Approved
Fort de Cerfontaine near Maubeuge 1914Jan 11, 20107950Approved
West Epsilon Deepwater Drilling RigApr 19, 20107950Approved
Citadel of Bam, Iran (overlay No.2)Sep 9, 20057930Approved
Frankfurt in the change of time 1927-1945-1977-PresentJul 6, 20077920Approved
Ilyushin Il-76TD crashed in DushanbeAug 8, 20077920Approved
Before and after aerial photos of the bombing of WilhelmshavenAug 4, 20087920Approved
Boeing B757 Approaching Tampa InternationalNov 4, 20097920Approved
Northwest part of DresdenJan 24, 20067910Approved
USAAF bombing raid Conde-sur-Noireau, 7 June 1944Jul 25, 20077910Approved
Bangladesh Airforce Helicopter in flightSep 25, 20077910Approved
457th BG (H), Mission 174May 14, 20067890Approved
Freedom Air Accident - Shorts 330-200, GuamOct 10, 20067890Approved
Downtown Beirut 1982May 22, 20077890Approved
Ingolstadt Marshaling Yard after the strafing raid from 10 April 1945Oct 13, 20077890Approved
A-10 Thunderbolt in Flight over OsanMay 4, 20097890Approved
Kuivasaari island, 10-inch gun positions, 1921Jul 4, 20067881Approved
Evergreen Boeing B747 Supertanker at MaranaApr 28, 20107880Approved
Borovnica Railway ViaductDec 11, 20077870Approved
You Make America ProudApr 3, 20077860Approved
Fire and Rescue Training at Auckland InternationalMar 11, 20087860Approved
Hopsten Airfield in 1945Nov 17, 20097860Approved
Gulfport Biloxi Airport - Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker in FlightJul 5, 20107850.5Approved
Bandaranaike International Airport suicide attackOct 17, 20067840Approved
Bharat Earth Movers Factory with Test TrackJul 15, 20097830Approved
Hamburgs air shelter and AA-TowersDec 27, 20057820Approved
Point 34 - Dragon teeth, Julianadorp aan ZeeSep 19, 20067820Approved
Severodvinsk shipyard 1969Feb 20, 20077820Approved
USCG Lockheed Hercules take off from St. PetersburgSep 13, 20087820.333333Approved
JASDF KC-767 TankerSep 2, 20107810Approved
Operation Tungsten, April 1944Oct 27, 20057800Approved
Two F-18 Hornet near Beaufort MCASOct 11, 20077800Approved
Pressure Dock for Submarines at HDW in Kiel HarborNov 8, 20097800Approved
Recon photo of Kassel, 1944May 15, 20067780Approved
German cruiser Seydlitz in Bremen 1942Sep 22, 20087780Approved
The Bridge over the River Kshatrunji CollapsedMay 26, 20107781Approved
Airplane approaching Antalya AirportJun 16, 20097771Approved
458th BG (H), Lechfeld Airfield, 9 April 1945Jul 30, 20097761Approved
Centralwings - Boeing 737-45D at London Gatwick AirportDec 5, 20087760Approved
303rd BG (H), Mission 130, Dijon AirfieldSep 24, 20077750Approved
Mullberry B at Arromanches - September 1944Oct 22, 20087750.333333Approved
USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) in dry dock, Newport NewsFeb 26, 20077731Approved
Polish Highway Strip - Dogowy odcinek lotniskowy DOLMay 3, 20107730Approved
Republic of China Air Force Beech B-1900CJul 19, 20107730Approved
Vertical View of the Terrace of Persepolis 1936Mar 13, 20077720Approved
General Dynamics F-16 in flight near Carswell AFBSep 25, 20077720Approved
Remains of crashed Lockheed Hercules at Luzamba airfield, AngolaNov 25, 20077720Approved
Ohio-Class submarine with open missile tubesFeb 26, 20077710Approved
96th BG (H), Mission 300, Hagen - Hengstey Marshalling YardsMay 9, 20077710Approved
4 Cruise Ships, Marseille, FranceSep 9, 20057700Approved
Nore Fort remainsSep 24, 20077700Approved
Antonov AN-124 at Istres AirbaseApr 9, 20087700Approved
Fort Vredeburg, YogyakartaJan 29, 20077690Approved
Eschweiler, GermanyJun 25, 20077690Approved
Sail of USS Tautog (SSN-639)Jan 20, 20107690Approved
Crossing Children SignDec 27, 20057680Approved
Sherman tank on a pillboxMay 11, 20067680Approved
World busiest airportsJul 24, 20067680Approved
Airbus A310 MRTT August Euler of the Luftwaffe at Hamburg-FuhlsbuttelOct 23, 20077680Approved
Saint Vith during the Ardennes Offensive - January 1945Oct 22, 20087680Approved
MC-130H Combat Talon I-II at Kirtland AFBOct 6, 20097680Approved
Fort Segarra, U.S. Virgin IslandsApr 18, 20077670Approved
Coutances 1944 - The day when the German front line collapsedJun 28, 20077670Approved
United Airlines Airbus in flight over Richmond, CAJun 5, 20087660Approved
From 3 to 1300 feet depth, Lake PeigneurDec 1, 20057650Approved
Three fighter in formationJun 15, 20067650Approved
AirTran - Boeing 717 - Sir Elton John at BaltimoreDec 3, 20077650Approved
Two F-18 Super Hornet approaching NAS OceanaMay 12, 20107650Approved
Four E-2C Hawkeye in Formation at Newport NewsMay 12, 20107650Approved
Dust Plume off the Coast of Northern Africa, 9 June 2007Aug 28, 20077641Approved
Two military jets flies over the Korat AirbaseApr 23, 20087631.33333Approved
USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) at Norfolk Navy YardMar 21, 20077620Approved
RAF Chelveston - Aerial photo from May 1945May 8, 20077620Approved
Megami Ohashi Bridge under construction, NagasakiAug 21, 20077620Approved
8th Air Force, Stralsund, 6 October 1944Nov 23, 20087620Approved
EC-130Q Hercules, Jeffco Airport, COSep 29, 20057610Approved
Aircraft flies a loopingApr 16, 20077600Approved
USNS Comfort (T-AH-20) at Baltimore HarbourAug 22, 20077600Approved
Harbin Airfield with many Antonov An-2 in the AirNov 17, 20097600Approved
Yakovlev Yak-40 approaching Moscow VnukovoFeb 2, 20107580Approved
The Advance From Easy RedMay 10, 20067570Approved
Kiel, 14.05 1943 Bombing RaidJun 24, 20067560Approved
Fort Flagler, Marrowstone IslandApr 2, 20077560Approved
Dueren before the raid from 16. November 1944Feb 22, 20077530.333333Approved
JUNO Beach - Nan Green, Courseulles-sur-Mer - May 1944Aug 16, 20087530Approved
Heavy Snow in U.S. Midwest, 3 December 2006Sep 12, 20077520.5Approved
Arromanches radar station siteMay 10, 20067510Approved
Aerial Photo of RAF Hethel Airfield - 16 April 1946Nov 4, 20087510Approved
Cliffe Marshes WWI munition factorySep 24, 20077510Approved
Lockheed Martin F-22 RaptorOct 10, 20067500Approved
City of Rotterdam April 1945Mar 13, 20077500Approved
2 fighter jet takeoffs, Suwon AirbaseSep 26, 20057490.5Approved
301st BG (H), Mission 219, Marshalling Yard VeronaNov 29, 20057490Approved
Hi-Flyer Balloon at the Swiss Transportation Museum LucerneNov 8, 20077481Approved
Admiral Gorshkov in drydock at Severodvinsk, RussiaDec 17, 20077480Approved
Military jets, offshore TaiwanSep 26, 20057470Approved
Union Pacific 3977 ChallengerAug 12, 20087460Approved
USS Triton (SSRN-586)Mar 20, 20077450Approved
Submarines of the Russian Pacific Fleet at VilyuchinskSep 7, 20097450.5Approved
Fort Campbell near Mellieha, MaltaOct 9, 20067440Approved
Post-strike photo of Cologne raid, 2 March 1945Feb 14, 20077440Approved
Aerial view of Garbutt airfield in 1943, TownsvilleMay 30, 20077430Approved
World War 2 Aircraft Hangars at RAF WarmwellMay 30, 20087430Approved
Venlo Railway Bridge - 19 November 1944Oct 27, 20087430Approved
E-4B National Airborne Operations CenterNov 6, 20057420Approved
Ahlhorn Airfield before the attack of 21 February 1944Jun 3, 20077420Approved
Attack on the Sui-ho DamSep 18, 20077420Approved
Crash site of a RAF Handley Page Hampden bomber on 30th Sept 1940Nov 12, 20077420Approved
BMW AeroEngine Plant in Munich-Allach, 11 August 1944Dec 21, 20087420Approved
Wreck of the German Destroyer SMS B-98 in the Bay of Lopness, SandayNov 11, 20097420Approved
Uruguay NavyDec 11, 20057400Approved
Princess Anne Battery, GibraltarMar 29, 20077391Approved
CH-53-2000 in flight north of Ovda AirbaseOct 24, 20077390Approved
301st BG (H), Mission 396, Medvedov Road BridgeDec 12, 20077390Approved
398th BG (H), Mission 76, Ludwigshafen Oil PlantJun 1, 20077380Approved
Hull of the USS Long Beach (CGN-9)Mar 20, 20077370Approved
Marry me TammyMay 30, 20077370Approved
Superbowl XXXIX Corn MazeOct 22, 20077370Approved
Castelvetrano Airfield after a Bombing Raid - 3 January 1942Aug 16, 20087370Approved
Harbor Of Dakar in 1942Nov 7, 20097370Approved
Hermeskeil Air MuseumMar 27, 20067360Approved
GCHQ Blakehill FarmSep 23, 20077360Approved
Boeing 737-800 take off from Sydney International AirportDec 19, 20077360Approved
MetLife Blimp over Sugarloaf Golf CourseJun 24, 20087361Approved
Battery Oldenburg near CalaisAug 22, 20067350Approved
Two E-6 Mercury at Al Udeid Ab AB, QuatarOct 3, 20077350Approved
U. S. Naval Air Station (LTA) WeeksvilleAug 19, 20087350.5Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 188, Graz Marshalling YardsNov 18, 20097351Approved
Aerial Photo of Uebach - 5 October 1944Dec 16, 20097340Approved
Real Time Earthquake SFOct 6, 20057320Approved
Scraped AircraftDec 4, 20057320.5Approved
The Mulberry at ArromanchesOct 21, 20087310Approved
Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport in 1936Dec 17, 20097311Approved
301st BG (H), Mission 340, Budapest Railroad BridgeJul 12, 20077301Approved
301st BG (H), Mission 398, Oil Depot RegensburgNov 29, 20057290Approved
Nuernberg 2-3 January 1945Oct 24, 20057280Approved
(Original) Norfolk Naval Air Station - Chambers Field, Norfolk, VAMay 4, 20077280Approved
Asiana Airlines - Airbus A330-323XJun 3, 20077280Approved
E-6B Mercurys, USAOct 6, 20057270Approved
De Redin Towers, MaltaOct 9, 20067270Approved
Delhi class destroyerFeb 19, 20087270Approved
SVANEN Crane from Ballast Nedam in RotterdamMar 30, 20107270Approved
U.S. Disciplinary BarracksNov 17, 20057260Approved
Bellows Field in 1942, HawaiiJul 17, 20077260Approved
Carnival Cruise Ship at Ensenada HarbourOct 4, 20097260Approved
301st BG (H), Mission 273, Wollersdorf Aircraft FactoryJul 4, 20077250Approved
NASAs StratofortressSep 13, 20057240Approved
NAS Richmond, Miami, FLMay 1, 20077240Approved
Vaires-sur-Marne Marshalling Yard attacked by RAF on 27-28 June 1944Jun 28, 20077240Approved
Hi-Flyer balloon in Istanbul - KadikoyNov 8, 20077243Approved
Crashed Antonov AN-26 at Geneina, SudanJan 21, 20087240Approved
Berlin Hi-Flyer captive balloonOct 4, 20057230Approved
Matsuwa Airfield 1945, Kuril Island Chain OverlayMay 12, 20067230Approved
C-160 Transall starting at Sarajevo airportJul 31, 20077230.5Approved
This is a strike photo of a target in Luxembourg by an unidentified Bomb GrMar 23, 20077230Approved
Remains of an Antonov AN-8 at Dongu airfield, AngolaNov 25, 20077230.333333Approved
Sasayama CastleApr 9, 20087230Approved
M1A1 Abrams tanks on an exerciseApr 28, 20087230Approved
Punta Camorro Bajo Battery near TarifaNov 16, 20097230Approved
Illyushin IL-96 heading into TaiwanSep 26, 20057220Approved
457th BG (H), Mission 213May 14, 20067220.5Approved
Junkers Ju-52 3m - Argentina Air ForceMay 22, 20077220Approved
2005 Hertfordshire Oil Storage Terminal fireJul 3, 20077220Approved
456th BG (H), Mission 158, Hodonin Marshalling YardJun 25, 20077211Approved
Naples Harbor in 1941Mar 8, 20107210Approved
Boston restricted areaMar 10, 20077200Approved
Castillo de Real Felipe, CallaoApr 21, 20077190Approved
LCM-8 - Mike Boats near KangerlussuaqOct 4, 20097180Approved
Prototype of the Myasishchev VM-T Atlant - RA-01402Apr 1, 20107180.5Approved
Northrup Strip - White Sands Space Harbor, White Sands, NMDec 21, 20067170Approved
XTW-4 Ekranoplan in QingdaoJun 13, 20067160Approved
Calypso - Jacques-Yves Cousteau Research ShipNov 23, 20097160Approved
POW camp Stalag Luft VIIaOct 27, 20057150Approved
Airfield St. Avord 1944May 14, 20067150Approved
First RAF raid against Stuttgart, 24-25 July 1944Feb 8, 20077130Approved
8th Airforce Bombing Raid against the Submarine Pens of St. Nazaire, 29 MayFeb 11, 20077130Approved
Russian Knights aerial demonstration teamAug 17, 20077130Approved
Fort Saint Elmo, Valletta, MaltaOct 11, 20067120.333333Approved
Aerial photo of the Micro Beach area of SaipanMar 16, 20077120Approved
Floating crane SAMSON in Aarhus HarborDec 17, 20077120Approved
Antonov An-22 CollectionNov 4, 20097120Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 50, Korneuburg RefineriesMay 14, 20077110Approved
Naval AA Battery (Marine Flak Batterie) M.Fl.B. TermuntenSep 21, 20067090Approved
Angora Fire, 27 June 2007Aug 30, 20077090Approved
Floods in Kansas and Missouri, May-July 2007Aug 28, 20077090Approved
RAF Duxford on 9 July 1946May 29, 20087090Approved
Mantua Causeway, Italy, 1944Oct 12, 20057080Approved
320th BG April 1945Nov 28, 20057080Approved
USS Mount Whitney (LCC-20), Gaeta, ItalyApr 23, 20077080Approved
Hi-Flyer balloon in BeirutNov 8, 20077081Approved
Large Sign in a dry lake near Mountain Home AFBFeb 10, 20087080Approved
Bombing of Le Havre - 16 April 1942Aug 16, 20087080Approved
Erickson Air-Crane at Melbourne - EssendonMay 19, 20087080Approved
Atlantic City Aerial Photo 1944Feb 20, 20077070Approved
Thai military jet approaching Korat AirbaseApr 23, 20087070Approved
USS Albacore (AGSS-569)Mar 19, 20077060Approved
Scuttled french fleet in ToulonJun 20, 20067050Approved
Port Chicago Disaster 1944Jan 31, 20067040Approved
Boeing Train at CathcartDec 6, 20077040Approved
Auxiliary Repair Docks (ARD) of the Chilenean NavyNov 19, 20097040.333333Approved
Observation bunker in BraunschweigJun 27, 20067030Approved
Haubourdin Aerodrome under Attack - 17 October 1918Nov 4, 20087030Approved
Demonstration Team MiG - MiG-29OVT and MiG-35 at MAKS 2009Jan 29, 20107030Approved
Offshore Oil Rig Ocean Prospector at GalvestonMay 19, 20107030Approved
Blasdell, Hamburg, New YorkMar 13, 20077020Approved
Naval Harbour Chatham 1939Oct 20, 20057010Approved
Convair B-36J Peacemaker wing section at Carswell AFBOct 13, 20077000Approved
USAAF raid on Dueren, 16. November 1944Feb 22, 20076991Approved
Fleet Air Arms airfield Burscough (HMS Ringtail)May 17, 20076990Approved
301st BG (H), Mission 362, Maribor Marshalling YardDec 12, 20076990Approved
Largest weather vane in Whitehorse, YukonMar 12, 20086991Approved
NHIndustries NH90 at Marseilles AirportNov 23, 20096980Approved
Tinian North Airfield OverlayJun 27, 20066970.333333Approved
Raids against belgian airfields, like this one at St.Trond, 15 August 1944Feb 21, 20076970Approved
Marine Corps Air Station Tustin, Santa Ana, CAMay 2, 20076970Approved
Malaysia Airlines - Boeing 747-4H6 at Auckland InternationalFeb 19, 20086970Approved
Real Time Earthquake LAOct 6, 20056960Approved
Speicherstadt Heeresverpflegungsamt Muenster in 1945Jan 18, 20106960Approved
Nakwon Munitions Plant, 1952Jun 27, 20066950Approved
Air Atlanta Icelandic - Boeing 747-267BNov 1, 20066950Approved
Battery Paloma AltaMar 27, 20076950Approved
457th BG (H), Mission 221May 14, 20066940Approved
Remains of a Antonov AN-26 at Luzamba airfield, AngolaNov 25, 20076930Approved
Aerial photo of a U.S. Army Air Forces attack on Kiska island, AlaskaApr 15, 20106930Approved
Guernsey OverlaySep 4, 20056920Approved
Anguilla, Caribbean Sea (OL)Oct 8, 20056920Approved
1961 aerial view of the Cahill Expressway, showing the construction of theMay 23, 20076921.33333Approved
All Nippon Airlines - Boeing 747 - Pocket Monsters at Naha, OkinawaDec 3, 20076910Approved
D-Day Embarkation Point at Barn Pool, Mount EdgcumbeDec 2, 20096910Approved
Eglin Air Force Base, Florida (complete)Sep 19, 20056900Approved
US Navy Base Facilities in Brisbane AreaJun 15, 20066900Approved
Naval Coast Battery M.K.B. 4.-507 OerlandetOct 17, 20066900Approved
Remains of an outburned Lockheed Hercules at Malange airfield, AngolaNov 20, 20076900Approved
320th BG December 1943Nov 21, 20056890Approved
The 100 Ton Armstrong Gun at Fort RinellaOct 5, 20066890.333333Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 51, City of Bucharest on PathfinderMay 14, 20076890Approved
M65 Atomic Cannon, Junction CityJan 11, 20066880Approved
Yerevan TV TowerApr 15, 20076880Approved
Llagas Creek BridgeJan 12, 20096880Approved
Airfield Penzing after an air raid in spring 1945Feb 27, 20076870Approved
Boeing B737 over Taji, IraqFeb 15, 20076860Approved
Helicopter in flight at RAF DishforthJun 25, 20086861Approved
Hanau, 6-7 January 1945Oct 24, 20056850Approved
Aerial photograph from the Marpi area, SaipanMar 16, 20076850Approved
FIBUA EastmereSep 24, 20076850Approved
320th BG September 1943Nov 15, 20056840Approved
Dueren, GermanyJun 25, 20076840Approved
Global Peace Ambassadors - Boeing 747SP-09 at TijuanaSep 14, 20076840Approved
Wreck of Consolidated Catalina JX273 near to BhatarsaighNov 12, 20096840Approved
Pearl Harbor Navy Yard - Vertical aerial view of the drydock area, 28 JulyFeb 22, 20106841Approved
Walrus class submarine in PortsmouthOct 24, 20076830Approved
Atlas Air - Boeing 747-212B(SF) after accidentOct 4, 20066800Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 177, Trieste ShipyardsMay 11, 20076801Approved
301st BG (H), Mission 399, Castelfranco Locomotive Repair DepotJul 4, 20076800Approved
Aerial Bombing of Railroad Yards at SienaNov 17, 20096800Approved
Airforce B-29s strike railroad bridgesSep 18, 20076790Approved
2x RAF Nimrod, BasrahOct 9, 20056780Approved
RAF bombing Morlaix, 1943Oct 20, 20056780Approved
Fort Marlborough, BengkuluJan 29, 20076780Approved
8th Air Force, Stargard Airfield, 6 October 1944Nov 23, 20086770Approved
Fort Trumbull, New LondonApr 22, 20076760Approved
Motor Sail Yacht Wind Surf Operated by Windstar CruisesApr 19, 20106760Approved
Aerial photo of Attu Naval Air Station, 1944Apr 15, 20106760Approved
RAF attack on Wanne-Eickel, 12 October 1944May 22, 20076750Approved
Cavite Navy Yard, Philippines, 27 October 1941Mar 8, 20106750Approved
Post-raid photo of Rangoon railway yard, November 1944Mar 2, 20076740Approved
The 486th strikes a secret airfield at Essay, FranceFeb 22, 20076730Approved
Lancaster Bomber over Stadtlohn - 21 March 1945Oct 21, 20086730Approved
Wreck of the RV Sarsia at BirkenheadDec 15, 20096720.5Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 197, Wels Marshalling YardMay 12, 20076710Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 173, Maribor Marshalling YardsMay 11, 20076710Approved
Global Peace Ambassadors - Boeing 747SP-09 at Thunder BaySep 14, 20076710Approved
Twin Jet, north coast TaiwanSep 26, 20056700Approved
US Flag at Philadelphia AirportJan 15, 20086690Approved
The Former Nazi Yacht Hela in SevastopolSep 25, 20096690Approved
320th BG. August 1943Nov 14, 20056680Approved
Luftwaffenmuseum (Airforce Museum) Berlin-GatowMar 7, 20066680Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 43, Porto Marghera RefineryMay 13, 20076680Approved
340th BG, Mission 704, Bressana-Buttarone Railroad BridgeMay 25, 20076680Approved
Recon over Juelich, GermanyJun 25, 20076680Approved
Northrop F-5 approaching Gwangju ABOct 14, 20076680Approved
RAF St Eval taken on 11 March 1975May 30, 20086680Approved
Chateau De Bosmelet V-Weapon SiteNov 18, 20096680Approved
Celle Air Base during the Berlin Air Lift, 1949Feb 22, 20106680Approved
Fort H. G. Wright, Fisher Island, NYApr 26, 20076670Approved
Yamagata ShinkansenMay 4, 20106670Approved
Iranian Hovercraft at a Naval Base near Bandar-e-AbbasFeb 16, 20106670Approved
USAAF Wiener-Neustadt, 1944Oct 25, 20056660Approved
No.3 Antonov AN-2 at a McDonalds Restaurant in BudapestAug 9, 20076660Approved
The Same Shadows TwiceNov 27, 20086660Approved
Gibraltar airport 1943May 29, 20066650Approved
Chiseldon Camp, Aerial View 1943Aug 4, 20086650Approved
Indian Air Force - Beriev A-50EI Mainstay at Agra Air BaseNov 23, 20096650.333333Approved
Red Bull Air Race New York 2010Jul 15, 20106650.333333Approved
Attack on the Maybach Engine Works, FriedrichshafenFeb 16, 20076641Approved
96th BG (H), Mission 300, Hagen - Hengstey Marshalling Yards (after)May 9, 20076640Approved
HMS Sheffield sunk in 1982Jul 19, 20066630Approved
Attacks on Yalu River Bridges, November 1950Nov 1, 20066630Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 37, Szolnok Marshalling YardMay 13, 20076630Approved
Yuanwang 6 - Space Tracking ShipMay 17, 20106630Approved
Road and Rail Bridge at Zutphen Destroyed, 1944Oct 19, 20056620Approved
Pre-Raid photo of Rangoon railway yard, November 1944Feb 28, 20076620Approved
Graffiti on a roof in St. EtienneOct 22, 20076620Approved
Volkswagen Air Services - Airbus A319-133X CJ at Brunswick AirportApr 28, 20086620Approved
Avro Shackleton on the roof of a garageMay 27, 20086620Approved
New Northwest Runway Frankfurt AirportAug 18, 20066610Approved
486th BG (H), Target map of BreslauJun 5, 20076610Approved
Boeing B17-G on display at Base Aerea do Recife, Recife, BrazilMar 15, 20076600Approved
Mullion Admiralty Airship Station - HMS BonythonDec 1, 20096600Approved
Many Gloster Meteors at Rasin El Aboud Air BaseJan 14, 20106600Approved
CGS Vigilant of the Mauritius Coast GuardSep 2, 20106600.666667Approved
Duesseldorf, 11-12 June 1943Oct 25, 20056590Approved
Fukuoka dome, JapanNov 8, 20056590Approved
RFS Pyotr VelikiyJun 28, 20066590Approved
Mount Pleasant Heavy Anti-aircraft Artillery Battery, LytteltonOct 13, 20066590Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 56, Aviano Oil StorageMay 14, 20076590Approved
2 F-16 on runwayDec 5, 20056580Approved
Looks like HSC Jaume I arriving at TangerMar 23, 20076580Approved
Two F-16 Falcon southwest from PhoenixOct 14, 20076580.5Approved
Japan Airlines JAL - Boeing 747-446 at San Francisco InternationalFeb 19, 20086580Approved
376th BG (H) - Mission 436 - Neuburg AirfieldJan 19, 20096580Approved
Stonara Airfield, ItalyNov 28, 20056570Approved
Kahuku Army Airfield - October 1941Oct 28, 20086570Approved
Yakovlev Yak-40 VZLU Testbed at BuboviceFeb 2, 20106570Approved
Mariendorf district of Berlin, August 6, 1944Feb 21, 20076560Approved
BAP Almirante Grau (CLM-81)Dec 17, 20096560Approved
Plane take off BangkokOct 19, 20056551Approved
Rothenberg Fortress Ruins, SchnaittachJan 31, 20076550Approved
Attack on Toulon harbor before Operation DragoonMay 22, 20076550Approved
ANA - Boeing 747-481D at Tokyo Haneda - PokemonDec 16, 20076550Approved
French Frigate Floreal F730 at Darwin HarbourJun 24, 20086550Approved
Fort Cornwallis, PenangJan 29, 20076540Approved
Football Golf - Soccer GolfSep 28, 20106540Approved
Wreck of the SS Werner Kunstmann at GoswickApr 19, 20106540Approved
Lockheed D-21 drones at Edward AFBOct 7, 20076530Approved
Remains of the Mulberry Harbour - Phoenix BreakwaterNov 30, 20096531Approved
Long Island overlaySep 12, 20056520.333333Approved
Japanese Suribachi Airfield, OverlayMay 12, 20066520Approved
Attack on Belloy-Sur-Somme V-Weapon site, 6 July 1944Feb 14, 20076520Approved
USS Utah BB-31 (AG-16)Apr 10, 20076520Approved
B747 takeoff, TaiwanSep 26, 20056510Approved
Dodge City Army Airfield - Ford County Airport, Dodge CityMay 4, 20076510Approved
Eder Dam three days before operation ChastiseMay 16, 20076510.333333Approved
457th BG (H), Mission 236, Seddin Marshalling YardsJun 1, 20076510Approved
Crashsite of a Vickers VC1 Viking near to Blairpark, North AyrshireNov 12, 20096510Approved
Black Strip near RouenOct 27, 20086500Approved
Emirates Airlines Airbus A380 at Dubai AirportDec 15, 20096501Approved
Fedala harbour, September 1942Jun 5, 20066490Approved
KC-135R Stratotanker in flight near Seymour Johnson AFB, NCOct 7, 20076490Approved
TBM-3E Avenger near Silver CreekJan 24, 20086490Approved
German Coastal Defence - Battery Memel-NorthJan 28, 20106490Approved
WR967 - Avro Shackleton T2 at CyprusSep 3, 20106481Approved
320th BG, Mission 363, Peschiera del Garda Railroad Bridge (Bomb Plot)May 10, 20076475Approved
Lisunov Li-2 P near Bocsa, HungaryJul 15, 20106470Approved
Kornwerderzand bunker complexSep 26, 20066460Approved
Purfleet Oil Refinery attacked by the german Luftwaffe at 7th Sept. 1940Jul 2, 20076460Approved
Lockheed U-2 TR-1 at Palmdale Skunk WorksOct 2, 20076460Approved
Panavia Tornado GR.4 in flight near Downham MarketSep 25, 20076460Approved
USNS Cape May (T-AKR 5063)Aug 20, 20076450Approved
US Navy amphibious warfare ships at Subic BayFeb 28, 20106450Approved
Semisopochnoi Island (overlay)Oct 27, 20056440Approved
Sea Lions in Monterey, CADec 1, 20056440Approved
Operation SEALION barges at Dunkirk - 19 September 1940Aug 16, 20086440.833333Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 176, Rosenheim - Kolbermoor Marshalling YardsMay 11, 20076430Approved
White lizard in the mexican desertOct 22, 20076430Approved
Helicopter in flight at Sydney Bankstown AirportJun 5, 20086430Approved
John H. Dillinger Grave at Crown Hill CemeteryAug 6, 20096430Approved
WL790 - Avro Shackleton AEW2Sep 3, 20106430Approved
B-Werk in BesseringenSep 26, 20066410Approved
Main Landing on Okinawa 1-3 April 1945Nov 9, 20056400Approved
Knickebein (crooked leg) K12 near Loerrach, GermanyFeb 11, 20076400Approved
Kassel-Waldau Airfield in July-August 1944Dec 21, 20086401Approved
Cape May Point Aerial Photo 1920Feb 20, 20076390Approved
Aerial picture from the FLAK-Barracks Hausen, 23 March 1945Feb 21, 20076390Approved
Whiskey Class Submarine moored in St. PetersburgSep 22, 20096390Approved
Castillo de San Antonio de la Eminencia , VenezuelaApr 25, 20076380Approved
Freital Industry Complex, 24 August 1944Jan 7, 20096380Approved
Aermacchi MB-326 Impala in Rio Grande CityJun 16, 20086370Approved
Sukhoi Su-80 at Moscow-RamenskoyeJan 18, 20106370Approved
Beluga Airbus Taxiing at Dakar Yoff AirportFeb 11, 20106370Approved
Agusta HH-3F (AS-61R) in flight Pratica di MareOct 11, 20076360Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 73, Prahova Oil RefineryMay 15, 20076351Approved
8th Air Force, Hamburg ShipyardNov 23, 20086350Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 185 (Red Force), Ora Marshalling YardMay 12, 20076340Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 41, Antheor Railroad ViaductMay 13, 20076340Approved
C-17A Globemaster III at low alltitude near Great County AirportSep 26, 20076341Approved
Hi-Flyer balloon at Angkor WatNov 8, 20076330Approved
Crane collapse at oil refinery kills 4Jul 27, 20106330Approved
Pulkovo Airlines - Tupolev Tu-154M at Hamburg FuhlsbuttelOct 23, 20076320Approved
Three RF-4C Phantom with drogue parachute at Suwon ABOct 15, 20076320Approved
RAF Chipping Ongar Airfield on 21 June 1947Jun 9, 20086310.333333Approved
Emirates Airlines Airbus A380 at Sydney Kingsford SmithJan 20, 20106310Approved
Oil storage facilities near Ghent destroyed, 18-19 August 1944Feb 21, 20076300Approved
Bridges across the Orne River south of CaenJun 3, 20076300Approved
Boeing 737 EAWC at Boeing Field SeattleApr 3, 20086300Approved
Aerial View of Monte Cassino during the Third Battle - March 1944Nov 4, 20086301Approved
Lockheed P-3 Orion near the Maine coastJun 2, 20096300Approved
Bomb run photo of Rangoon railway yard, November 1944Feb 28, 20076280Approved
Landing Ship Tank LST - HMS StalkerDec 15, 20096280.333333Approved
St. Olafs Castle, SavonlinnaJan 31, 20076270Approved
491st BG (H), Mission 27, Villacoublay AirfieldJun 5, 20076270Approved
FIBUA Copehill DownSep 24, 20076270Approved
Fort Rodney, St. LuciaApr 25, 20076260.333333Approved
Kongbang class Air-Cushioned Vehicles in North KoreaJun 2, 20096260Approved
US Customs Border Protection - Lockheed P-3AEW-C OrionSep 9, 20106260Approved
Marifu Marshalling Yard bombed 14 August 1945Jun 28, 20076251Approved
Wanstead Park taken on 7 August 1944, East End, LondonJun 5, 20086250Approved
C-130 Hercules for drone operationsSep 14, 20056240Approved
Dunkerque, 1940Oct 20, 20056240Approved
Bandimere Speedway, ColoradoApr 25, 20076240Approved
RAF Bombing Raid at Brest on 18 December 1941Aug 4, 20086240Approved
Hong Kong Fire Department Command BoatsMay 18, 20106220Approved
Dragon teeth near CamperduinSep 19, 20066210Approved
Kobe Bombing, 5 Mar 1945Feb 21, 20076210Approved
Short S-25 Sunderland V at MOTAT 2, AucklandMay 17, 20076210Approved
Vrutky - railway depot during bombing on September 13, 1944.Jun 25, 20076200Approved
Austin Dam DisasterJan 15, 20096200Approved
Blackhawk UH-60 in flightDec 4, 20056190Approved
Douglas A-26B Invader at John Wayne AirportJan 19, 20096190Approved
Alaska Airlines - Spirt of Make-A-WishJul 13, 20106190Approved
301st BG (H), Mission 467, Peschiera del Garda Supply DumpMay 9, 20076180Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 201, Ceske Budejovice Marshalling YardMay 11, 20076180Approved
RAF Bury St Edmunds - Rougham AirfieldDec 8, 20096180Approved
Romanian Air Force Base - Caracal - DeveseluJan 31, 20106180Approved
Hawkins Powers Aviation Inc., Wyoming, USSep 16, 20056170Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 46, Szony Oil StorageMay 14, 20076170Approved
Flooding on the Lena River, May 2007Aug 29, 20076170Approved
Orbital Sciences Stargazer at Mojave AirportJun 11, 20086170Approved
Panama Canal Expansion Project OverlaySep 15, 20096170.5Approved
Qantas - Nalanji Dreaming - Her Final Fate at AvalonAug 24, 20106170Approved
Ilyushin Il-78 Midas at Boufarik Air BaseSep 22, 20096160.5Approved
Approach to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, AZSep 8, 20056150Approved
301st BG (H), Mission 374, Salzburg Marshalling YardJul 13, 20076150Approved
Landslide Buries Valley of the Geysers, 11 June 2007Aug 27, 20076150Approved
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 Fishbed stands on the runway of Tezpur AFSOct 14, 20076150Approved
Airventure 2004 OshkoshSep 11, 20056140Approved
Arg e TabrizFeb 6, 20076140.333333Approved
MQ-1 Predator drones at Creech Air Force BaseOct 3, 20076140Approved
China Cargo Airlines - Boeing 747-40BF-ER-SCD at ChicagoSep 16, 20086140Approved
Juan Sebastian de Elcano in BostonSep 6, 20106140Approved
IL-28 Beagle at Al Taqaddum airportDec 7, 20056130Approved
Hazebrouck Railway Yard, 29 June 1942Jul 25, 20076131Approved
Golubac fortress near GolubacJan 29, 20076120Approved
KCTV TowerApr 15, 20076121Approved
Crash of a Boeing 737 from Air Guinee Express at FreetownNov 12, 20076120Approved
Maglev ShanghaiAug 18, 20056110Approved
Dubova refinery before bombing by 15th Air ForceJun 25, 20076110Approved
Huge dancing figure in the sandOct 22, 20076110Approved
Zzyzx, CANov 7, 20056100Approved
Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, San FranciscoMar 13, 20076101Approved
AMARC Lockheed C-5A GalaxysOct 25, 20076090Approved
Wreck of HMVS CerberusJun 19, 20086090Approved
Skydiver over Korotych Airfield near KharkovMar 2, 20106090.5Approved
US flag on rooftopSep 19, 20056080Approved
Carlstrom Field 1943, Arcadia, FLApr 26, 20076080Approved
Ilyushin Il-62 as a Restaurant in HateOct 15, 20096070Approved
Chikurachki volcano, April 2003 OverlayMay 12, 20066060Approved
Fort Manoel, Valletta, MaltaOct 11, 20066060.333333Approved
Fort Ward, AlexandriaMar 30, 20076060Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 65, Munich - Oberschleissheim AerodromeMay 15, 20076060Approved
White Sands Missile Range Museum and Missile ParkDec 21, 20066050Approved
Airforce bomb drop at railway bridges in SeoulSep 18, 20076050Approved
Northrops BAC 1-11 Avionics Testbed at Baltimore airportSep 25, 20076040Approved
Fires and Deforestation in the Amazon, 12 August 2007Aug 28, 20076040Approved
Naval Coast Battery (M.K.B.) Malo TerminusDec 19, 20076040.333333Approved
SNJ-4 Texan near Silver CreekJan 24, 20086040.333333Approved
Douglas DC-3 approaching FriedrichshafenApr 29, 20086040Approved
RAF Bassingborne 1955May 29, 20086040Approved
Borgo Airfield - Home of the 3rd Photo Reconnaissance Group in August 1944Feb 22, 20106040.333333Approved
E-2T Hawkeye 2000E in flight over Pingtung North airfieldOct 10, 20076030Approved
458th BG (H), Bad Reichenhall, 25 April 1945Jul 30, 20096030Approved
320th BG, Mission 418, Pizzighettone Railroad BridgeMay 8, 20076020Approved
Royal Jordanian Airlines in Flight south of AmmanJun 16, 20096020Approved
Neptune Aviation Services, Fire FightersApr 3, 20076010Approved
Sud-Quest Aircraft Factory after Bombing Raid - 11 March 1944Aug 16, 20086010Approved
Wreck of Douglas C-54G at NenanaNov 4, 20096010Approved
Long red train, CANov 14, 20056000Approved
Penfoi japanese airfield, 1943Jun 15, 20066000Approved
Air Canada Airbus A320 near Milton, OntarioSep 25, 20076000Approved
RAF Welford on May 1944May 30, 20086000Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 13, Bad Voslau AirdromeJan 21, 20096000Approved
Sunken LTTE Supply FreighterJul 15, 20096000Approved
Boeing 747 Test Bed, Plattsburgh AFBDec 11, 20055990Approved
Donges Oil Refinery, 23-24 July 1944Jan 29, 20075990Approved
Laon-Couvron Airfield, 9 May 1944Feb 14, 20075990Approved
Fort Mott, Finns PointApr 12, 20075990Approved
Dreamlifter at the Snohomish County Paine FieldApr 3, 20085990Approved
Modified Romeo Class Submarine PZS-50 (ex- SS-49) at SevastopolSep 25, 20095990Approved
Small twin engine aircraft landing at Ohakea AirportApr 21, 20075980Approved
Typhoon Usagi, 2 August 2007Aug 28, 20075980Approved
Oroville Army Air Field in 1943Oct 4, 20075980Approved
Bombing of the Devres Airfield - 21 June 1941Aug 16, 20085980.333333Approved
USAAF raid against the Gear Factory FriedrichshafenFeb 16, 20075970Approved
Citadel of Salah Ed-DinJun 16, 20095970Approved
Chesapeake Bay Bridge-TunnelJan 14, 20065960.5Approved
Aerial View of Bailleul, France (Before Bombing, 1918)Feb 23, 20075960Approved
Another Boeing 747 in flight near the Japanese CoastJun 9, 20085960Approved
Saint Eustatius, Netherlands Antilles (Overlay)Oct 8, 20055950Approved
ClosedApr 16, 20075950Approved
Remains of Hunting Jet Provost T.3 (XM410)Apr 24, 20085950Approved
Magic Roundabout, SwindonOct 4, 20055940Approved
(Original) Flagler Beach Airport, Flagler Beach, FLApr 26, 20075940.5Approved
486th BG (H), Target map of Rouen Marshalling YardJun 5, 20075940Approved
Appledore Island Base-End - Radar Station - Location 141Apr 9, 20075930Approved
Saint Vith during an RAF bomardement in December 1944Oct 22, 20085930Approved
Kemps Dam, 7 October 1944Oct 19, 20055920Approved
Artillery bunker R612, South FranceJul 6, 20065920Approved
Aerial photo of a French attack on the naval base at TriesteMar 10, 20075920Approved
Jordan Government Airbus A340 Taking Off from Queen Alia AirportFeb 12, 20105920Approved
Molesworth 1945 overlayDec 12, 20055910Approved
HSV-2 Swift High Speed VesselMar 21, 20075910Approved
466th BG (H), Mission 137, Karlsruhe Marshalling YardJun 3, 20075910Approved
RAF Seething, 16 October 1945May 30, 20075900Approved
Three McDonnell Douglas DC-10 at ex-RAF KembleNov 15, 20075904Approved
NAS Mayport - Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk in FlightJul 5, 20105880Approved
Clear AFSNov 6, 20055880Approved
First McDonalds in Germany (Munich)Sep 8, 20055870Approved
All West Freight - Fairchild C-123J ProviderDec 22, 20065860Approved
Fountain on the Karlsplatz in MunichJul 15, 20085860Approved
German Navigation Beacon Station near PettenOct 3, 20095860Approved
Dewberry Farm Corn Maze in TexasOct 22, 20075851Approved
DeLorean Motor Company with 11 Cars in FrontSep 24, 20095850Approved
Dubai Airwing HangarJul 23, 20065840Approved
467th BG (H), Mission 94, Clastres AirfieldJun 1, 20075840Approved
Many Su-25 Frogfoot of the 55th Air RegimentOct 14, 20075840Approved
FSPO Alvheim at Haugesund ShipyardNov 10, 20095840Approved
Remains of the Mulberry Harbour - Phoenix ElementNov 30, 20095841Approved
Beriev Aircraft CompanyAug 18, 20065820Approved
University of Vermont Overlay 1937Mar 16, 20075820Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 53, Budapest Rakos Marshalling YardMay 14, 20075820Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 59, Toulon Submarine BaseMay 15, 20075820Approved
Red carpet from the Pope Benedikt XVI visit in MunichJun 5, 20075820Approved
El Al Israel Airlines - Boeing 747-458 at JFKJul 15, 20105820Approved
C-130 Hercules near Touchdown at NAS ChambersMay 12, 20105820.5Approved
Point 29 - Naval AA Group Command Complex, Den HelderSep 19, 20065810Approved
Boeing 727 over Esfahan InternationalFeb 4, 20075810Approved
First major raid against Germany, Target Luebeck, 28-29 March 1942Feb 8, 20075810Approved
Fort Pannerden near NijmegenJun 28, 20085810Approved
Command Bunker Texla on TexelSep 18, 20065800Approved
WITI TV Tower, ShorewoodApr 15, 20075801Approved
Helicopter in flight near Fujairah InternationalOct 10, 20075800Approved
320th BG October 1943Nov 17, 20055790Approved
Rusted Andrea Doria Salvage Sub Quester IAug 24, 20105780Approved
461st Bomb Group (H), Mission 202, Wels AirdromeJun 3, 20095780.333333Approved
Chinese Navy 60th Anniversary Fleet Review at QuingdaoMar 9, 20105780Approved
Closeup View of Imperial Palace Grounds, Tokyo, Early 1945Feb 12, 20075770Approved
Ameriquest Blimp at Long BeachAug 8, 20075770Approved
Cloud Streets over the Great Lakes, 7 February 2007Aug 27, 20075770Approved
Hand shaped golf green - bunkerOct 22, 20075770Approved
Helicopter with Camo, GreeceOct 7, 20055760Approved
Aberfan Disaster 1966Oct 25, 20055760Approved
Cliffe FortSep 24, 20075761Approved
Moulmein dock area 19.10.1944 (2), Myanmar (Burma)Feb 27, 20075750Approved
3 A-4 Skyhawks at MCOLF AtlanticSep 18, 20085751Approved
Deserted Walled Town Craco in ItalyJan 19, 20105750Approved
Kara Class Cruiser Ochakov in SevastopolJun 16, 20105740Approved
First Boeing B747Sep 14, 20055740Approved
Guided Missile Corvette Bora 615, Project 1239Jul 4, 20065730Approved
Myasishchev M-17 Stratosfera - CCCP-17103Apr 19, 20105730.5Approved
Gunfleet LighthouseJul 25, 20065720Approved
Russian Tall Ship Pallada in VladivostokSep 25, 20095720Approved
Italian Aircraft Carrier Aquila in GenoaNov 7, 20095721Approved
Lorient, 17.05.1943 Bombing RaidJun 24, 20065710Approved
Battery Farnsworth out of Fort ConstitutionApr 9, 20075710Approved
KC-135R Stratotanker south from MaricopaOct 14, 20075710Approved
RAF Hullavington Gliding School in 1946Jul 30, 20085710Approved
Ilyushin Il-18D near Bakov nad JizerouOct 15, 20095710Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 164, Linz Marshalling YardNov 18, 20095710Approved
320th BG. July 1943Oct 27, 20055700Approved
Panavia Tornado at Holloman AFBJan 15, 20075700Approved
Dornier Do17Z over the Thames River in 1940Feb 11, 20075700Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 38, Orelle Railroad Bridge and ViaductMay 13, 20075700Approved
Ninth Fort northwest of KaunasJan 25, 20075690Approved
RAF Fowlmere on 13 April 1947May 29, 20085690Approved
Highway Strips of CyprusJun 17, 20105690Approved
BUGA, Munich July 2005 (OL)Oct 8, 20055680Approved
Mongolian Airlines - Boeing 737-8CX at Berlin Tegel AirportDec 3, 20075680Approved
Canadair CL-13A Sabre 5 at Hickory National, NCNov 11, 20075670Approved
Airplane leaving Cairns airportJul 29, 20085671Approved
Aerial View of the Warsaw Tramway Power Station in World War IINov 15, 20095670Approved
M.K.B. Vogelnest - M.K.B. Tirpitz near Oxby, DenmarkMar 2, 20075660Approved
303rd BG (H), Mission 164 - Posen Aircraft PlantNov 8, 20095660Approved
Burned out Tank Car Train near Sermaise - August 1944Oct 21, 20085650.5Approved
Bangkok arrivalApr 23, 20085651Approved
RAF Great Dunmow taken on 2 June 1947Jun 5, 20085650Approved
Douglas C-47A Skytrain in UshuaiaJun 16, 20085650Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 76, Miramas Marshalling YardMay 15, 20075640Approved
Munda Point airfield 1943Oct 4, 20075640Approved
Halibut Point Base-End Station - Location 136Apr 9, 20075630Approved
St. Pauls Cathedral in World War IIJun 3, 20075630Approved
Venosa Airfield - 485th Bombardment Group - Apr 1944-15 May 1945Nov 18, 20095630.5Approved
All fortifications around PlymouthDec 15, 20055620Approved
Tanambogo and Gavutu Seaplane Base, Solomon Islands - April 1942Oct 27, 20085620Approved
Boeing B-17G Fortress Gas StationNov 9, 20055610Approved
Recon over Muenster, GermanyJun 25, 20075610Approved
Russian submarine RFS Arkhangelsk - TK-17Aug 17, 20075610Approved
Liverpool Airport Hangar 1937-39Sep 30, 20085610Approved
North Atlantic Bloom, 15 July 2007Aug 27, 20075600Approved
Korean Air Cargo - Boeing 747-2S4F at Anchorage InternationalOct 8, 20075600Approved
Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor at Nellis AFBSep 2, 20105590Approved
Anti-Aircraft Batteries in WellingtonOct 12, 20065591Approved
Frighter William A. Irvin, DuluthJan 23, 20075590Approved
Northern Air Cargo - Boeing 727-46(F) on the ramp at AnchorageOct 8, 20075590Approved
RAF Birch in September 1944Jun 9, 20085590Approved
Blangermont V-Weapon SiteNov 8, 20095590Approved
Sail of USS Sturgeon (SSN-637)Jan 20, 20105590Approved
43rd Independent Naval Aviation Attack SquadronJul 4, 20065580Approved
Coastal Battery Den Hoorn on TexelSep 18, 20065580Approved
USS Tarawa (LHA-1) at NASSCO shipyardAug 20, 20075580Approved
RAF Exeter taken on 20 May 1944May 30, 20085580Approved
Grob STRATO 2CMar 29, 20065570.5Approved
Fort Gaines, AlabamaJan 30, 20075570Approved
Saylor Creek Air Force Range Target Airfield, Hot Spring, IDMar 14, 20075570Approved
320th BG, Mission 398, Voghera Railroad BridgeMay 10, 20075570Approved
Northrop F-5E Tiger II - Taiwan Air ForceOct 14, 20075570Approved
Bombing of the pontoon bridge near Dinant - 15 May 1940Aug 16, 20085570Approved
Southwest Airlines On Approach to AlbuquerqueSep 22, 20095570Approved
Milgem class corvette F-511 TCG Heybeliada in DrydockFeb 18, 20105570Approved
Eva Air Boeing 777-300ER approaching LAXJun 16, 20105570.5Approved
MetLife Blimp Snoopy One at VandenbergMay 12, 20105571.5Approved
Naples-Foggia - Fifth Army Landings, 9 - 13 September 1943 (OL)Oct 9, 20055560Approved
Bombs away over Frankfurt, March 9th, 1945Feb 21, 20075560Approved
Indian Air Force - Ilyushin Il-76MD Gajaraj at New Delhi airportOct 1, 20075560Approved
Airplane leaving Beirut International AirportJun 16, 20095560Approved
461st BG (H(, Mission 181, Kempten Marshalling YardMay 11, 20075550Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 60, Nimes Marshalling YardMay 15, 20075550Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 78, Almasfuzito Oil RefineryMay 30, 20075550Approved
CMA CGM Nabucco in Hamburg HarborNov 28, 20075550Approved
Moated Manor House at Penhallam, JacobstowDec 2, 20095550Approved
340th BG (M), Mission, Sofia Marshalling YardJun 5, 20075541Approved
340th BG, Mission, Pizzighettone Railroad BridgeJun 5, 20075540Approved
Short Sunderland flying boats at Mount Batten, PlymouthDec 1, 20095541Approved
D-Day Embarkation Point at Turneaware Point in the Fal EstuaryDec 3, 20095540Approved
Big Smilie, SpokaneMay 9, 20065530Approved
Tours-Parcay Airfield, 7-8 May 1944Feb 7, 20075530Approved
Newport Naval Outer Landing Field, Newport, MIMay 6, 20075531Approved
Oktoberfest HannoverJun 3, 20075531Approved
Plane over FranceOct 19, 20055520Approved
A380 Maintenance Base, Frankfurt AirportAug 18, 20065510Approved
Kawasaki Aircraft Plant, AkashiMar 19, 20075510Approved
Torpedobatterie NordlandetOct 17, 20065500Approved
44th BG (H), Mission, Livorno (Leghorn) Marshalling YardJun 24, 20075500Approved
LOT SP-LKI - Lisunov Li-2P in WieruszowOct 2, 20075500Approved
Bombing the Fives-Lille Steel Plant - 6 July 1941Aug 16, 20085500Approved
Port en Bassin shortly before D-DayOct 21, 20085500Approved
Blimp, Puerto RicoSep 8, 20055490.5Approved
Labour camp at Brandenburg-WilhelmshofMar 23, 20075490Approved
Blue Star Train in AugsburgJun 4, 20095490Approved
Starformations of the skyAug 23, 20055480Approved
Ski Area KillingtonOct 10, 20055480Approved
461st BG, May 1944Nov 13, 20055480.5Approved
Flers V-Weapon SiteNov 25, 20095480Approved
Steam Tanker at the oil pier, QuerquevilleJun 28, 20075470Approved
Cartrace in Progress at Colorados premier race track at CentennialDec 10, 20095470Approved
Spandau Citadel October 1944Nov 12, 20095470Approved
Fort Saint Charles, Basse-Terre, GuadeloupeApr 25, 20075460Approved
Former Airship Shed partial destroyed in DolgoprudnyNov 19, 20085460Approved
3 Boeing B737 Fuselages On Railway CarsSep 27, 20095460Approved
320th BG May 1945Nov 28, 20055440Approved
Hundsbach Espionage School DamageFeb 6, 20075440Approved
320th BG, Mission 397, Cismon Del Grappa Railroad BridgeMay 9, 20075440Approved
Wanstone Farm BatteryJul 31, 20065430Approved
Oil Drilling Rig - Bulford DolphinJan 13, 20065430Approved
Hangar Y - A Former Airship Shed at Chalais MeudonNov 19, 20085430Approved
Boeing 720-051B parked near KalavritaApr 2, 20085430Approved
Another plane over FranceOct 19, 20055420Approved
Flers Marshalling Yard , 7 June 1944Jun 28, 20075420Approved
Strongpoint Torring, 180 HKARJul 9, 20065420Approved
Edna G. The last coal-fired, steam-powered tugboat on Lake SuperiorJan 23, 20075420Approved
Cebu Pacific Air - Airbus A319-112 at Hamburg FinkenwerderApr 29, 20085420Approved
Punta Palmera Battery near TarifaJan 14, 20095420Approved
Remains of the Mulberry Harbour - Whale UnitsNov 30, 20095421Approved
Iranian Harbor Tug fires Water CannonFeb 16, 20105420Approved
CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent, Canadian Coast Guard icebreakerFeb 11, 20075410Approved
Pyinmana railway yard 26 November 1944, Myanmar (Burma)Feb 27, 20075410Approved
Fort Casey, Whidbey IslandApr 2, 20075410Approved
Fort Charles, NevisApr 25, 20075410Approved
RAF Gosfield photographed in March 1945Jun 5, 20085410Approved
Boeing B757 Approaching Tianjin AirportMay 31, 20105411Approved
Camden Aerodrome 3. Sept 1942, New South Wales, AustraliaMar 16, 20075400Approved
HSC Elanora in harbor HurghadaMar 24, 20075400Approved
Bairnsdale airfield, AustraliaOct 4, 20075400.333333Approved
USS Wasp (LHD-1) in Boston HarbourOct 24, 20075400Approved
RAF Thurleigh January 1943May 29, 20085400Approved
RAF YatesburyMar 15, 20075391Approved
University of Missouri-Rolla Golf Course - PublicApr 3, 20075390Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 39, Fornovo di Taro Railroad BridgeMay 13, 20075390Approved
Lunar Landing Research Facility, Hampton, VirginiaApr 4, 20075380Approved
Two European Aircharter Boeing B747-200 with cutted wingsDec 2, 20075380Approved
Fortress of TorunNov 16, 20095380Approved
320th BG, June 1943Oct 27, 20055370Approved
Turboprop near JamaicaOct 8, 20055360Approved
South African Airways - Boeing 747-312 at JohannesburgAug 17, 20075360Approved
The Zeppelin base in TonderJan 11, 20105360Approved
Gulstream Collides with Fuel Truck at Boeing FieldJul 29, 20105360.333333Approved
SANHA LPG FPSO at IHI Shipyard, KureOct 23, 20075350Approved
305th BG (H), Mission, Renault Armament Works ParisJun 5, 20075350Approved
German Light Cruiser Koeln moored in a Norwegian Fjord - Part 2Feb 11, 20105350Approved
Ghent Airfield 1944Nov 7, 20095340Approved
Aft Section of a Submarine under WayJun 16, 20105340Approved
Mamayev Kurgan, VolgogradJul 2, 20065330Approved
Post Incendiary Strikes, Tokyo, 28 May 1945Feb 12, 20075330Approved
Bomb pattern shot near Kyaukpyu, Myanmar (Burma) 21.01.1944Feb 27, 20075320Approved
Puunene Naval Air Station, HawaiiMar 2, 20075320.5Approved
Castillo de San Marcos, St. AugustineMar 30, 20075320Approved
SS Meteor located off SuperiorMay 6, 20085320Approved
C-2 Greyhound in Flight near Little CreekMay 12, 20105320Approved
Fortress Modlin before World War IIMar 16, 20075310Approved
Ypenburg Airfield - Now and 25 Years beforeSep 18, 20085310Approved
Osumi class LST - Kunisaki (LST 4003)Aug 21, 20075300Approved
NASA B-52B - Balls 8 at Edwards AFBOct 7, 20075300Approved
Hercules takes off from Seoul ABAug 4, 20095300Approved
The James Joyce TowerMar 26, 20075290Approved
Uncorrect soccer field at Brentwood School, CaJun 9, 20085290Approved
Dragon Teeth near AeschSep 21, 20095290Approved
RAF bombing of the Gnome-Rhone factory, ParisOct 20, 20055280Approved
Aircraft on static display at Kadena AirbaseMay 27, 20085280.333333Approved
SWATH Navatek II in HonoluluNov 19, 20095270Approved
Remains of the Mulberry Harbour - Whale Element near ManicampDec 1, 20095270Approved
Largest Yacht Built By CRN Ferretti - MY Clarena IINov 8, 20095260Approved
Abeele Aerodrome in World War INov 17, 20095260Approved
Manzanar Relocation Center 1944Sep 21, 20075250Approved
Hurricane Cosme, 16 July 2007Aug 28, 20075250Approved
IL-86WKP Airborne Commando PostOct 19, 20055240Approved
Parsons Lodge Battery, GibraltarMar 29, 20075240.333333Approved
Cohoes Falls, New YorkJul 29, 20085240Approved
Capsized Ship in Surabaya HarborNov 4, 20095240Approved
Airbus A380 Worldwide Production SiteMay 30, 20105240Approved
B-24 Liberator, SarasotaOct 6, 20055230Approved
Six C-17A Globemaster III at Al Udeid Ab AB, QuatarOct 3, 20075230Approved
Las Vegas Sands - Boeing B747SPMay 3, 20105230.5Approved
Ijmuiden Steelworks, 9 January 1943Feb 11, 20075220Approved
Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Waterpark under constructionJun 3, 20075220.5Approved
Ilyushin Il-14 airliner at CaemmerswaldeOct 1, 20075220Approved
Antonov An-124 Fuselage and Wing at Kiev - SvyatoshinoJan 13, 20105220Approved
Wildfires near Salerno, ItalyOct 12, 20055210Approved
Nakwon munitions complex after being bombedJun 27, 20065210Approved
Mistra Battery, Mellieha area, MaltaOct 11, 20065210Approved
Overtoun Bridge - The Dog Suicide BridgeMar 9, 20105210Approved
The federal fortress UlmMar 21, 20065200Approved
Orote Peninsula, Guam, 6 June 1945Feb 14, 20075200Approved
Rouen night photopraphy - August 1944Oct 27, 20085190Approved
Headquarter of the 205th Navy Artillery Unit, Hoek van HollandSep 28, 20065190Approved
97th BG (H), Mission 285, St. Etienne Marshalling YardMay 15, 20075190.5Approved
Japanese Airfield at Taroa Island, Maloelap AtollDec 16, 20095190Approved
Neunkirchen Marshalling Yard DamageFeb 6, 20075180.5Approved
Shiveluch Volcano, Kamchatka Peninsula , 29 March 2007Aug 29, 20075180Approved
American Airlines MD-80 series near the arrivalApr 4, 20085180Approved
Bruges Railway Yard and Industry Complex, 21 July 1944Jan 7, 20095180Approved
Mare Island Naval Shipyard, 12 July 1960Feb 22, 20105180Approved
320th BG, May 1943Oct 27, 20055170Approved
RAF Bottisham on 7 May 1946May 29, 20085170Approved
Boeing 737 AEW-C Wedgetail at the George AFBFeb 1, 20105170Approved
Cape Neddick Base-End Station - Location 151Apr 9, 20075160Approved
Aerial View of Hickham Field - 1 October 1941Oct 28, 20085161Approved
Arbergen - Dreye Railway BridgeOct 27, 20085160Approved
Godley Head Battery, LytteltonOct 13, 20065150Approved
Aircraft leaving Vancouver International AirportJun 9, 20085151Approved
Helicopter in flight to Brands HatchJun 25, 20085150Approved
Circus Knie in Zurich, May 2008Mar 9, 20095150Approved
Zeppelin in FriedrichshafenSep 14, 20085150Approved
Strongpoint von Kleist, WalcherenSep 25, 20065140Approved
Dorr Field 1943, Arcadia, FLApr 26, 20075140Approved
Cargomaster as Fire Trainer at Atlantic City InternationalJun 19, 20085140Approved
320th BG, Mission 127, Piombino Iron and Steel WorkApr 15, 20075130Approved
Grounded PRINCESS I in Guayanilla Bay, Puerto RicoApr 20, 20075130Approved
Birthplace Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and GothaAug 18, 20055120Approved
Naval coast battery Wijk near IjmuidenSep 19, 20065120Approved
Lascaris Towers, MaltaOct 9, 20065121Approved
4th Brigade - 1st Cavalry Division sign at Taji airfieldFeb 15, 20075120Approved
Khaeng Khoi, Thailand. 2 April 1945Feb 27, 20075120Approved
Aitape Landings 22 April 1944Jun 15, 20065110Approved
The so-called Mystery TowersMar 19, 20075110Approved
Dubova refinery during the bomb raid by 15th Air ForceJun 25, 20075110Approved
Indian Navy went out to naval maneuversJun 23, 20085110Approved
US Army Singal Intelligence site Finthen AAFApr 29, 20085110Approved
Flying Fortress B-17G Liberty BelleJul 5, 20105110Approved
German Light Cruiser Koeln moored in a Norwegian FjordFeb 9, 20105110Approved
Hermann Monument, New UlmJan 23, 20075100Approved
Red Bull Hangars 7 and 8 under contsruction, Salzburg AirportDec 18, 20075100.5Approved
Sicily - Assault on Sicily, 10 July 1943 (OL)Oct 9, 20055090Approved
Sikorsky HH-60J Jayhawk (S-70B-5)Feb 1, 20075091Approved
Bombs away near Brest, FranceFeb 22, 20075090Approved
Wreck of the Sea Belle near Holy IslandApr 19, 20105090Approved
Fogle V333 Skycat - Experimental Tilt-rotor AircraftJan 10, 20075080Approved
Rail bridge at Verberie 9.8.1944Feb 5, 20075080.5Approved
JAL Cargo - Boeing 747-446(BCF) at San Francisco InternationalFeb 19, 20085080Approved
Korean Air - Boeing 747-4B5 at Auckland InternationalFeb 19, 20085070Approved
McDonnell Model 220, El Paso, TXSep 28, 20055060Approved
Haze over the Mid-Atlantic States, 25 August 2007Aug 28, 20075060Approved
Suchoi Su-20R at Powidz airbaseOct 14, 20075060Approved
SH-60 inflightSep 19, 20055050Approved
Misburg Refinery, 15-16 March 1945Oct 25, 20055050Approved
Warsaw FortsDec 13, 20055050Approved
Ruins of Bomarsund Fortress, AlandJan 31, 20075050Approved
HSC INCAT 046Mar 22, 20075050Approved
Blister Hangar at RAF Oatlands HillApr 17, 20085040Approved
Douglas C-47 with Invasion Strips at Geneva AirportMay 5, 20095040Approved
Boeing 707 on Final ApproachJul 12, 20095041Approved
Ball Bearing Factory at Annecy, 9-10 May 1944Feb 7, 20075030Approved
WWII Heavy Anti Aircraft gun battery at Ballymenach near CampbeltownJul 17, 20095031Approved
Martaban railway yard, Mynmar (Burma) 7 March 1945Feb 27, 20075020Approved
Taylorcraft Factory Airfield, Alliance, OHMar 14, 20075020Approved
B-2 Spirit Test Team FacilitySep 30, 20095020Approved
M109A6 Paladin - Self Propelled HowitzerNov 30, 20095020Approved
London Stansted LogoDec 11, 20055010Approved
Fortifications around PortsmouthDec 14, 20055011Approved
Ilyushin Il-38 in flight southeast of VladivostokJan 23, 20085010Approved
Goleta Slough near Santa Barbara in the change of timeJan 14, 20095010Approved
RAF bombing of Cherbourg September 1942Oct 20, 20055000Approved
Fort Napoleon, OostendeJan 28, 20075001Approved
Base End Station B2 S2 for Battery 291, Ataku IslandApr 12, 20075000Approved
Bow Section of a Type 45 class DestroyerOct 24, 20075000Approved
Dornier Do 228 in Flight over MauritiusSep 2, 20105000Approved
Zeppelin NT Airship at Osaka Kansai AirportJan 7, 20104991Approved
Airbus A380 Wing Transfer Facility at MostynSep 9, 20094990Approved
USS George Washington (CVN-73) in SingaporeSep 2, 20104990Approved
Bombing of the Yap Island airfield, 22 June 1944Feb 21, 20074980Approved
Concorde in BrooklynJun 11, 20084980Approved
El Cascabel Battery near TarifaNov 12, 20084980Approved
Naval AA Battery (Marine Flak Batterie) M.Fl.B. NansunSep 21, 20064971Approved
CCGS Terry Fox, Canadian Coast Guard Heavy Gulf icebreakerFeb 11, 20074970Approved
Volcanic Activity on Dukono, 5 December 2006Sep 12, 20074970Approved
RAF Glatton on 16 Oct 1945May 29, 20084970Approved
Asiana Airlines Cargo - Boeing 747-48EF SCDDec 22, 20064960Approved
Haleiwa Fighter Strip, Haleiwa HawaiiMar 2, 20074960Approved
Diving Support Vessel CSO OreliaJun 17, 20104960Approved
Shipyard Blohm Voss 1940 overlayMar 21, 20064950Approved
Banff Springs HotelFeb 22, 20074950Approved
Battle at Rorkes Drift, 1879Feb 20, 20074950Approved
North American Rockwell T-2C BuckeyeMay 15, 20074950.5Approved
RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 in Port Rashid, DubaiDec 15, 20094950Approved
Fort Zachary Taylor, Key WestMar 30, 20074940Approved
Boeing 747SP from the FAA at Atlantic City InternationalJun 19, 20084940Approved
USNS Howard O. Lorenzen (T-AGM-25)Nov 5, 20104940Approved
Roadblock near ZwolleSep 21, 20064930Approved
Fairchild C-119L Flying BoxcarDec 22, 20064930Approved
AmeriJet International - Boeing 727 - G-Force One at Miami InternationalDec 3, 20074930Approved
CHC Helicopter Super Puma in flight at Esbjerg AirportDec 17, 20074930Approved
Douglas C-47D Skytrain at William P. Hobby AirportMay 27, 20084930Approved
Cable Ship KDD Pacific LinkApr 28, 20104930Approved
320th BG, April 1943Oct 27, 20054921Approved
USS Oriskany (CV-34) in Corpus ChristiOct 4, 20064920Approved
Moulmein dock area 22.10.1944 (1), Myanmar (Burma)Feb 27, 20074920Approved
Cape Priorino and Cape Prior BatteriesMar 29, 20074920.5Approved
320th BG, Mission 124, January 1944Apr 15, 20074920Approved
320th BG, Mission 408, Voghera Railroad BridgeMay 10, 20074920Approved
AMSA Aero Rescue - Dornier Do328-110 at BrisbaneJul 29, 20084920Approved
University of Washington Commencement 2010Sep 2, 20104920Approved
Wreck of the CANADIANAMar 2, 20074910Approved
De Havilland Sea Vixen FAW.2 XP919 at WalpoleSep 19, 20074910Approved
Modlin FortressDec 13, 20054900Approved
Amarapura Bombing raid, Myanmar (Burma) 25 January 1945Feb 27, 20074900Approved
The Island (tower part) of the Aircraft Carrier USS Iwo JimaSep 26, 20074900Approved
KJ-2000 Mainring und Y-8W Balance BeamSep 2, 20104900.333333Approved
Royal Gorge Bridge - Highest Suspension Bridge in the WorldJan 19, 20104900Approved
Oneworld LAN Airlines - Boeing 767-316ER at JFKJul 15, 20104900Approved
Sicily - The Fight for Sicily, 12 July - 17 August 1943 (OL)Oct 9, 20054890Approved
Le Bourget 2005 OverlayNov 9, 20054890Approved
Small Plane near EleutheraDec 11, 20054890Approved
Oberpfaffenhofen Airfield 1948 OverlayMar 1, 20064890Approved
Strongpoint Fichte, AA Battery, Vlissingen (Walcheren)Sep 25, 20064891Approved
CCGS Sir William Alexander, Canadian Coast Guard ShipFeb 11, 20074891Approved
Nice Marshalling Yard 1944May 22, 20074890Approved
USAF C-130J Super Hercules at Cologne-Bonn airportJul 27, 20074890Approved
13 Lockheed F-22A Raptors at Tyndall AFBSep 27, 20094890Approved
Wrights Hill Fortress, WellingtonOct 12, 20064880Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 55, Beziers Marshalling YardMay 14, 20074880Approved
All Nippon Airways - Boeing B777-381ERJul 6, 20104880Approved
Ilyushin Il-82 (Il-76VKP) Airborne Command PostNov 2, 20094880Approved
V1 Weapon Site near BricquebecJan 14, 20104880Approved
The Faculty of Engineering in Kiel, GermanyJan 29, 20074870Approved
Grumman F11F-1 Tiger On DisplaySep 30, 20094870Approved
Take off from ClevelandFeb 19, 20084870Approved
Boeing 720 at Parnitha MountainJan 11, 20104870Approved
Photoresolution Road, Edwards AFBJan 16, 20064860Approved
Boulogne-sur-Mer docks, 17 May 1942Feb 8, 20074860Approved
Aerial photo of Station 137 - Lavenham-AlphetonFeb 14, 20074860Approved
Munich Oktoberfest 2007 preperationJul 15, 20084850Approved
Results of the Plymouth Blitz in 1940 - TorpointDec 1, 20094850Approved
German C-160D Transall approaching Wunstorf AirbaseDec 2, 20074840Approved
Nord N-2501 Noratlas at Caen AirportMay 27, 20084840Approved
Two MiG-29 of the Yemeni Air Force at SanaaNov 4, 20094840Approved
Natchan World - Incat Hull 065Jul 20, 20104840Approved
Destroyer D186 Moelders as museum shipOct 23, 20074830Approved
Kerama Islands 26-29th March 1945Nov 9, 20054820Approved
108th Air Refueling Wing at McGuire AFB, New JerseySep 17, 20074820Approved
MV Cape Wrath (T-AKR 9962) in Drydock at CharlestonSep 7, 20094810Approved
C-5 Galaxy, San AntonioAug 21, 20054800Approved
Phoenix Sign, ArizonaSep 7, 20054800Approved
Paris-Poissy 1942Oct 20, 20054800Approved
Strongpoint Rebhuhn, Vlissingen (Walcheren)Sep 25, 20064800Approved
Catch the Spirit Maze north of Toston, MontanaDec 7, 20074800Approved
Canadian anti-submarine maneuver in progressJun 20, 20084800Approved
C-130 Hercules In Flight over Hurlburt AFBSep 30, 20094800Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 63, Aircraft Engine Factory OstmarkNov 17, 20094800Approved
Gudrun-Maersk-Class Containership at Odense Steel ShipyardMar 2, 20074790Approved
320th BG, Mission 141, Terni Marshalling YardApr 15, 20074790Approved
Two Beriev A-50 Mainstay at RamenskoyeJan 7, 20084790Approved
Barrage Balloon hovers over Mount EdgcumbeDec 2, 20094790Approved
Attu Island (overlay)Oct 27, 20054780Approved
Shadow of a planeJan 9, 20074780Approved
Fortin San Juan de la CruzApr 3, 20074781Approved
Tug PAWNEE in Guayanilla Bay, Puerto RicoApr 20, 20074780Approved
Airbus Beluga No.1 in Hamburg FinkenwerderOct 23, 20074780Approved
Crashsite of English Electric Canberra B.2 near Carn an T-Sagairt MorNov 11, 20094780Approved
Agricultural Crash MonumentMay 28, 20104780Approved
Butterfly lake, TashkentOct 27, 20054770Approved
German Navy in KielApr 28, 20064770Approved
Naval Coast Battery Zanddijk near Julianadorp en ZeeSep 19, 20064760Approved
5 elephants in Zoo Hellabrunn, MunichSep 28, 20064760Approved
Tokyo Haneda InternationalOct 17, 20064760Approved
Aviation Australia - Boeing 727-77C at Brisbane airportJul 29, 20084760Approved
Conning Tower of USS Lewis and Clark (SSBN-644) at Patriots PointOct 4, 20094760Approved
Mulberry Harbour Prototype - Beetle Pontoon near to GarliestonNov 30, 20094760Approved
Moulmein dock area 22.10.44 (2), Myanmar (Burma)Feb 27, 20074750Approved
DC-6A or B with shadow leaving AlaskaOct 8, 20074750Approved
Ilyushin Il-76 in flight north of MoscowJan 23, 20084750Approved
All Nippon Airways - Boeing 767-381 - Woody WoodpeckerDec 21, 20074750.5Approved
Agadez Grand Mosque, NigerApr 17, 20084750Approved
Schriever Air Force Base near Colorado SpringsNov 8, 20094750Approved
St. Evals Airfield in June 1941Dec 1, 20094750Approved
German Coastal Battery Vara near MovikFeb 10, 20104750Approved
Asiana Airlines Boeing 777-28E-ER approaching LAXJun 16, 20104750Approved
Replica of Fort William HenryDec 10, 20054740Approved
Another Tall Ship moored at VladivostokSep 25, 20094740Approved
320th BG, Mission 483, Haslach Marshalling YardApr 15, 20074740Approved
Handley Page Victor K.2 XH673 at RAF MarhamSep 19, 20074740Approved
Boeing 747 on arrival near Bangkok InternationalApr 23, 20084740Approved
World War 2 Aircraft Hangars at BassingborneMay 29, 20084740Approved
AIDAdiva Cruise Ship in FuerteventuraNov 23, 20094740Approved
Blackhawk UH-60 #2 in flightDec 4, 20054730Approved
Lebach Supply Depot and SidingsFeb 6, 20074730.5Approved
320th BG, Mission 409, Ala Railroad BridgeMay 10, 20074730Approved
Remains of RNAS Longside (Lenabo) near to SmallburnDec 16, 20094731Approved
Sail of USS Hawkbill (SSN 666)Jan 20, 20104730Approved
Bombed railway yard at Valenciennes , 15-16 June 1944Feb 8, 20074720Approved
Battery San Pedro, La CorunaMar 27, 20074720Approved
USAAF B-17G Flying Fortress at DanburyMar 17, 20084720Approved
Able UK Shipbreaking in HartlepoolSep 8, 20094720Approved
KC-767 Tanker at Wichita McConnell AFBSep 27, 20094720Approved
Wreck of the Steamship SS Catalan near Ocean ShoresNov 11, 20094720Approved
Oriental Pearl Tower overlayAug 27, 20054710Approved
Volcanic Activity on Manam, 18 June 2007Aug 28, 20074710Approved
Southwest Airlines - Boeing 737-3H4 - California One at HoustonDec 12, 20074710Approved
Radio Beam Remote V2 Guidance Bunker at RoquetoireJan 11, 20104710Approved
2 Hangars at Flushing Airport (FLU), Queens, NYMar 14, 20074700.5Approved
Martello Tower, Ferry Reach, BermudaMar 26, 20074700Approved
320th BG, Mission 477, Standenbuhl Railroad BridgeMay 7, 20074700Approved
SYNGENTA cutted in fieldsMay 30, 20074700Approved
Shinkansen in JapanJun 15, 20064690Approved
Soccer game at a saturday in springSep 28, 20064690Approved
Volcanic Plume from Mount Semeru, Java, 3 May 2007Aug 28, 20074690Approved
El Vigia Battery near TarifaNov 12, 20084690Approved
Cessna 525B CitationJet CJ3 Test AircraftOct 27, 20094690Approved
Amiot A.A.C. 1 Toucan - French Version of the Junkers Ju 52Nov 30, 20094691Approved
UK village Burton Bradstock 1942Mar 16, 20074680Approved
Loire Bridges and Railway Yard of Angers, FranceJan 7, 20094680Approved
Drill Barge Thor in the Panama ChannelSep 15, 20094680.833333Approved
SH-60 Seahawk in Flight over Mayport NASSep 24, 20094680Approved
Turkish Letters on a hill near FethiyeApr 19, 20104680Approved
Fortress of Isabel II, MinorcaMar 27, 20074670Approved
Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 take off from John WayneDec 17, 20074670Approved
Five Points of the Old Duck Creek Road, CincinnatiMar 13, 20074660Approved
320th BG, Mission 390, Ossenigo Railroad CornicheMay 9, 20074660Approved
Sukhoi Su-20R at a car wash in WejcherowoOct 1, 20074660Approved
Buisness Jet arriving at Westchester County AirportFeb 16, 20104650Approved
Padworth Common GPSS fuel storageJul 3, 20074650Approved
Geomagnetic picture of the roman castel RuffenhofenJul 22, 20064640Approved
HMAS Sydney (FFG 03)Mar 25, 20074640Approved
Hawker Sea Hawk FB.3 WN105 at BirlinghamSep 19, 20074640Approved
Dornier Do328, EnglandAug 18, 20054630Approved
Replica of Fort StanwixDec 11, 20054630Approved
Airbus A300B4-608ST Beluga at Madrid - GetafeOct 24, 20064630Approved
Canadian National Depot, WarroadJan 23, 20074630.333333Approved
Type 22 Frigate entering Plymouth HarborJun 5, 20074630Approved
Douglas DC-3 at a McDonalds Restaurant, TaupoAug 9, 20074630Approved
Remains of the Mulberry Harbour - Whale Element near CunelieresDec 1, 20094630Approved
446th Airlift Wing at McChord AFB, WashingtonSep 17, 20074620Approved
Ilyushin Il-28 at a Crossroad in SurabayaNov 2, 20094620Approved
Temporary STALAG Luft VI for Enlisted Men at St WendelDec 3, 20094620Approved
US Customs Border Protection - Lockheed P-3 LRT OrionSep 9, 20104620Approved
Huascar, Armoured Turret ShipMar 19, 20074610Approved
Grumman HU-16B Albatross at Ohio State UniversityApr 18, 20074610Approved
Waterskiing in a small lake near San DimasOct 14, 20074610Approved
Milton - Cambridgeshire in World War IIAug 17, 20084610Approved
Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge, BostonMar 10, 20074600Approved
Delta IV Common Booster Core (CBC) rocketApr 24, 20084600Approved
HMS Plymouth (F126) - Vittoria Dock, BirkenheadDec 15, 20094600Approved
Dispersed aircraft pens at St Eval airfield in 1942Dec 1, 20094600Approved
Point 38 east of JulianadorpSep 19, 20064590Approved
CFB Borden Airshow 2006Apr 28, 20084590Approved
USS Horne (CG-30) at Port RichmondJul 13, 20094590Approved
The Former Presidental Yacht USS Williamsburg in La SpeziaMay 31, 20104590Approved
Arleigh Burke class destroyer at Bath Iron Works in MaineMay 31, 20104590Approved
Gleneagles, ScotlandOct 7, 20054580Approved
Tulagi Island prior to allied invasion - Summer 1942Oct 27, 20084580Approved
Railway Bridge Destroyed at Saumur, 31 May-1 June 1944Feb 8, 20074570Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 218, Lusia Road BridgeMay 11, 20074570Approved
Wreck of the Austrian Steamship Laura near to Speeton, North YorkshireNov 11, 20094570Approved
MAKS 2009 Air Show at Moscow Zhukovsky-RamenskoyeJan 29, 20104570Approved
Point 37 in JulianadorpSep 19, 20064560Approved
2 F-16 at Tucson International AirportNov 1, 20064560Approved
Germanys largest Automobil scrapyard, Kiesow in NorderstedtFeb 28, 20074560Approved
Starfighters Demo Team - Canadair CF-104D Starfighter (CL-90), St. PetersbuApr 25, 20074560Approved
Emirates Airlines Airbus A380 at Dubai InternationalJan 20, 20104560Approved
HMAS Manoora (L 52) in Sydney HarborMar 25, 20074550Approved
320th BG, Mission 126, Grosseto Marshalling YardApr 15, 20074551Approved
Lockheed TF-104G Starfighter- Taiwan Air ForceOct 14, 20074550Approved
LAX - Los Angeles InternationalOct 17, 20064540Approved
Culmont Railway Depot, 12-13 July 1944Feb 8, 20074540Approved
Turkish Airlines Cargo - Airbus A310-304 at Zurich-KlotenSep 18, 20084540Approved
B-2 Spirit at Whiteman Air Force BaseSep 23, 20094540.5Approved
General Dynamics F-16A Block 10 at the SABCA FactoryJul 28, 20104540Approved
Roof sign of the harness racing ground Munich DaglfingSep 28, 20064530Approved
Star Tower, CinncinnatiApr 15, 20074530Approved
Red Checkers - Aerobatic flying team of the Royal New Zealand Air ForceApr 21, 20074530Approved
Antonov AN-2 at a McDonalds Restaurant in BudapestAug 9, 20074530Approved
Lockheed TF-104G Starfighter - Taiwan Air ForceOct 14, 20074530Approved
Crash site of an Antonov AN-24RV near Varandey, RussiaNov 20, 20074530Approved
Stuetzpunkt Dorade near CoudekerqueDec 19, 20074530.333333Approved
All Nippon Airways - Boeing 767-381at KobeSep 16, 20084530Approved
Republic F-105G Thunderchief At Former Mather AFBNov 6, 20094530Approved
Sukhoi Su-30 Flanker-C at Barcelona - General Jose Antonio Anzoategui AirpoJan 29, 20104530Approved
Tooele Army Depot, UtahSep 28, 20054520Approved
Ski Area Mount SunapeeOct 10, 20054520Approved
C-32A Air Force Two, Andrews AFBNov 24, 20054520Approved
Coburg FortressMar 28, 20064520Approved
Flyers Welcome with SmilieMay 9, 20064520Approved
Tunisair - Boeing 737-6H3 approaching Orly AirportJun 16, 20084520Approved
Douglas A-26C Invader at Portland Hillsboro AirportNov 23, 20094520Approved
Bar-Cafeteria IL-62, HavannaSep 26, 20054510Approved
J.A. Jones Construction Company, BrunswickFeb 26, 20074510Approved
Activity on Nyiragongo, 19 June 2007Aug 27, 20074510Approved
Mount Suribachi - Iwo Jima - February 1945Oct 27, 20084510Approved
P-47D Thunderbolt in CuritibaNov 19, 20094510Approved
St Eval airfield in early 1942Dec 1, 20094510Approved
Bombing of Woleai Island, 1944Feb 21, 20074500Approved
St. Patricks Tree Sign in South BendSep 18, 20084500Approved
RAF Davidstow on 2 June 1951May 30, 20084500Approved
Mamo Tower near Marsaskala, MaltaOct 9, 20064490Approved
Moody Point Base-End Station - Location 153Apr 9, 20074490Approved
Boeing PT-17 Kaydet at Tokyo Disney ResortOct 19, 20094490Approved
Douglas D-558-I SkystreakJan 10, 20074480Approved
7 F-16CD of the 18th Fighter Squadron at Eielson AFBJan 22, 20074480Approved
Saint Thomas Alma College destroyed by FireJul 19, 20104480Approved
LOT Base, WarsawSep 14, 20054470Approved
Destroyed Bridge at OrleansFeb 7, 20074470Approved
Moulmein Dock Area 19.10.44 (1), Myanmar (Burma)Feb 27, 20074470Approved
Castle SpilberkMar 23, 20074470Approved
Junkers Ju52 from Lufthansa in EgelsbachOct 22, 20094470Approved
De Havilland Australia Vampire T35 at Beverley Aeronautical MuseumOct 19, 20094470Approved
Bulk Carrier Egasco FortuneJan 12, 20074460Approved
USS Trout (SS-566) at INACTSHIPS in PhiladelphiaOct 4, 20094460.333333Approved
Finnestone Crane in GlasgowNov 8, 20094460Approved
Aerial Photo of Alsdorf - Schaufenberg - BlumenrathDec 16, 20094460Approved
Swap Meet at Mission Tiki Drive-In TheaterFeb 2, 20104460Approved
Boeing 757-200 F-22 Avionics TestbedJun 16, 20104460Approved
USS Enterprise leaving Jebel AliNov 20, 20124461Approved
Saliba Tower, MaltaOct 10, 20064450Approved
Spanish-American War Fort Ruin, North End WassawMar 29, 20074450Approved
Another very long train north of PuebloDec 11, 20074450Approved
13 aircraft in row....Aug 20, 20054440Approved
USS Turner Joy (DD-951)Mar 20, 20074440Approved
Post Incendiary Strike, Nagoya, 13 March 1945Feb 13, 20074430Approved
Plume from Bagana, Bougainville Island, 28 July 2007Aug 27, 20074430Approved
CCGS Des Groseilliers, Canadian Coast Guard ShipFeb 14, 20074420Approved
320th BG, Mission 426, Breisach Railroad BridgeMay 7, 20074420Approved
320th BG, Mission 362, Pastrengo Dump AreaMay 10, 20074420Approved
Four Tupolev Tu-154 stored at PermFeb 2, 20104420Approved
Type 054 (Jiangkai-I Class) Missile FrigateApr 15, 20104420Approved
CMA CGM Andromeda at Port TangierMay 28, 20104410Approved
University of Massachusetts AmherstApr 3, 20074401Approved
Mistral (L9013) in Toulon dockOct 3, 20074400Approved
Damage of the Yap airfield, 1944Feb 21, 20074390Approved
Falls of Clyde, Tall ShipApr 10, 20074390Approved
Bombing of the Power Station at Comines - 28 June 1941Aug 16, 20084390Approved
Radio Guidance and Radar - Wn149 - La PernelleJan 14, 20104390Approved
Pusan, South Korea (OL)Oct 10, 20054380Approved
Monitor M33, PortsmouthDec 5, 20054380Approved
Horseshoe Curve, PennsylvaniaMay 8, 20064381Approved
Norwich Cathedral 1918Mar 10, 20074380Approved
No.2 Antonov AN-2 at a McDonalds Restaurant in BudapestAug 9, 20074380Approved
Hi-Flyer Balloon in PhiladelphiaNov 8, 20074380Approved
Lockheed L-1649A StarlinerAug 17, 20074370Approved
Hull of USS South Carolina (CGN-37)Oct 1, 20094370Approved
SS Nornen wreck near to Berrow, SomersetNov 11, 20094370.333333Approved
Shipwreck at Ettrick Bay near to Kildavanan, Argyll And ButeNov 12, 20094370Approved
Myasishchev M-55 at Moscow-RamenskoyeDec 17, 20074360Approved
Robinson R-22 in flight at Keystone HeightsFeb 27, 20074350Approved
Curtiss C-46A Commando in LoretoJun 16, 20084350Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 15, Submarine Pens - Toulon HarborNov 26, 20094350Approved
Japanese Cruiser Aoba after Air Attacks, 28 July 1945Feb 9, 20104350Approved
Air France - Boeing 747-428Jan 9, 20074340Approved
Fort Barrancas, PensacolaMar 30, 20074340Approved
Aeronaves del Peru - Boeing 707-351CApr 21, 20074340Approved
37th Airlift Squadron at Ramstein ABSep 30, 20074340Approved
Two times the HSC Normandie Express in PortsmouthOct 24, 20074340Approved
Landing Shadow at Dallas Fort WorthApr 3, 20084340Approved
Cookie Time DC3 Cafe in MangawekaDec 4, 20084340Approved
USS Hazard (AM-240) at Freedom Park, OmahaOct 9, 20094340Approved
Guided Missile Corvette Bora 615 and 616, Project 1239Sep 25, 20094340Approved
Mig-23 at Ceske Budejovice AirportOct 30, 20094340Approved
Mantes-Gassicourt river bridge (Overlay)May 10, 20064330Approved
Aerial View of Mokuleia Field ataken on 27 September 1947Oct 29, 20084330Approved
Dieppe, 8 May 1942Oct 20, 20054320Approved
Amiens-Longeau Marshalling Yards, 16-17 March 1944Feb 14, 20074320Approved
6 KC-135R from the 168th Air Refueling Wing at Eielson AFBJan 22, 20074310Approved
HSC Bencomo ExpressMar 23, 20074310.333333Approved
Air China - Airbus A330-243Jun 3, 20074310.5Approved
Mesa - Falcon Field, PhoenixSep 8, 20054300Approved
320th BG, Mission 125, January 1944Apr 15, 20074300Approved
Grumman A-6E Intruder Gate Guard at Grand JunctionJun 10, 20084300Approved
Welcome Sign near GenevaMay 3, 20094300Approved
Double Picture Boeing Approaching Marseilles AirportNov 23, 20094300Approved
V1 Weapon Site near La GlacerieJan 12, 20104300Approved
Southwest Airlines - Maryland One in BaltimoreNov 5, 20104300Approved
Fort Clinch, FloridaMar 26, 20074290Approved
Aftermath of Hurricane GustavSep 17, 20084290Approved
Burning Field near AlnwickJun 24, 20094280Approved
Chatham Defences, KentDec 15, 20054280Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 196, Muehldorf Marshalling YardMay 11, 20074280Approved
8th Air Force, Monheim Oil Depot, 15 October 1944Nov 23, 20084280Approved
Worlds largest shredder at Newport DocksAug 10, 20094280Approved
Carnival Victory in Miami HarbourOct 3, 20094280Approved
US Coast Guard - Lockheed HC-130HJ HerculesSep 9, 20104280Approved
Ring of fortresses NamurDec 12, 20054270Approved
Driving School in ChinaOct 15, 20064270Approved
Collings Foundation Warbirds in FloridaJan 28, 20084270Approved
Trans World Airlines - Douglas DC-2-118BMay 6, 20084270Approved
Lockheed TriStar at Atlantic City InternationalJun 19, 20084270Approved
Wreck of the Juniata, Inganess Bay near to Kirkwall AirportNov 11, 20094271Approved
Airbus A310 MRTT, GermanyAug 25, 20054260Approved
Mosambique Channel Islands (OL)Oct 8, 20054260Approved
Muhlacker Broadcasting Transmission FacilityApr 15, 20074260Approved
320th BG, Mission 417, Rastatt Raiload BridgeMay 6, 20074260Approved
39th Bomb Group (VH), Izumi Airfield, KyushuNov 9, 20094260Approved
Hundrets Of Manatees At TampaNov 5, 20094250Approved
Fort Worden near Port TownsendApr 1, 20074250Approved
Japan Airlines - Boeing 777-289 - TAMAGOTCHIJan 8, 20084250Approved
RAF Boxted taken on 10 May 1946Jun 9, 20084250Approved
MTS-635 - ex-USS Sam Rayburn (SSBN-635)Oct 1, 20094250Approved
The Last Douglas DC-7C Seven Seas near MaspalomasFeb 1, 20104250Approved
German War MemorialAug 10, 20064240Approved
Douglas DC-3A-455 at Boeing FieldApr 16, 20074240Approved
Bombing of a power station at Pont-a-Vendin - 30 June 1941Aug 16, 20084240Approved
Tupolev Tu-104A as a Restaurant in OlomoucOct 15, 20094240Approved
Elbe Crossing 2Apr 24, 20074230Approved
Turkish Airlines - Airbus A330-203Jun 3, 20074230Approved
Breguet 765 Sahara at Evreux AirbaseJul 15, 20094230.5Approved
Sud Aviation Caravelle stored in ThessalonikiJun 21, 20094230Approved
USS LSM-45 at Freedom Park, OmahaOct 9, 20094230Approved
USS Cod (SS-224) in ClevelandOct 9, 20094231Approved
Honeywell Aviation Services Boeing 720-051BSep 7, 20054220Approved
Boeing 737-400 departs at Pohang airportOct 10, 20074220Approved
Flooding in England, 1 August 2007Aug 27, 20074210Approved
Day Star Walkway, San Antonio Internaional AirportOct 17, 20064200Approved
Harburg oil refinery attack, 7-8 March 1945Feb 13, 20074200Approved
Steamship Valley Camp, Sault Ste. MarieMar 2, 20074200Approved
Crown Point, San Diego 1937Mar 16, 20074200Approved
Grumman F11F-1 Tiger On Display at New BernSep 30, 20094200Approved
Red plane near Florida KeysSep 27, 20054190Approved
Kampuchea Airlines - Lockheed L-1011-385-1 TriStar 1Nov 1, 20064191Approved
Esquadrilha Oi in CuritibaAug 3, 20094180Approved
Tupolev Tu-134UBL at YekaterinburgMar 2, 20104180Approved
Southwest Airlines - ShamuSep 9, 20104180Approved
HMAS Success (AOR 304)Mar 25, 20074170Approved
Myasishchev VM-T Atlant at Moscow-RamenskoyeDec 17, 20074170Approved
Xianglong Unmanned Reconnaissance Aerial Vehicle at ChengduSep 9, 20094170Approved
B-2 Iron Birds at Palmdale Skunk WorksSep 23, 20094170.333333Approved
Star-of-David-like airfieldsSep 15, 20054160Approved
Wignacourt Towers, MaltaOct 9, 20064161Approved
Myair Airbus A320 - New Scirocco LiveryJun 17, 20104160Approved
Boeing E-6B Mercury at James ConnallJul 14, 20104160Approved
Embraer 120 in flightJan 16, 20064150Approved
Outback Steakhouse Blimp at Peter O Knight Airport, TampaNov 4, 20094150Approved
Four Engine Jet with ShadowDec 15, 20084140Approved
SS Red Oak Victory at Port RichmondJul 13, 20094140Approved
Harbor of Cherbourg on 21 June 1944Dec 8, 20094140Approved
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23BN near Hoek van HollandNov 30, 20094131Approved
Ring of fortresses around LiegeDec 12, 20054130Approved
Hiddensee (corvette)Mar 19, 20074130Approved
Thai Airways - Boeing 747-4D7 at the terminal from SydneyMar 12, 20084120Approved
Las Vegas and McCarran Field in 1950Nov 7, 20094120Approved
320th BG November 1943Nov 17, 20054110.5Approved
Self Defense Test Ship in Port HuenemeSep 29, 20094111Approved
Wreck of the SS MinmiJul 19, 20104110Approved
Southwest Airlines Boeing B737 approaching Phoenix AirportMay 30, 20104111Approved
2 planes near Duesseldorf AirportSep 22, 20054100Approved
Remains of the Mulberry Harbour - Beetle PontoonDec 1, 20094100Approved
Lockheed L-1011-385-1 TriStar at Lyons after hailstormJan 22, 20084091Approved
De Havilland DH-114 Heron at Tauranga AirportNov 4, 20094090Approved
Parham airfield 1944, UKJun 21, 20064080Approved
Vyborg Castle, VyborgJan 31, 20074080Approved
Jatayu Airlines - Boeing B737-200 (Adv) at Polonia AirportJul 29, 20104080Approved
C-17 landing, TennesseeAug 22, 20054070Approved
HMAS Newcastle (FFG 06)Mar 25, 20074070Approved
Emirates - Airbus A330-243 - Dubai Shopping Festival at FrankfurtDec 3, 20074070Approved
Mil Mi-6 Hook at Blida AirfieldOct 27, 20094070Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 88, Markersdorf AirfieldNov 17, 20094070Approved
Liberty Building, BuffaloMay 4, 20064060Approved
An Icebear in Zoo Hellabrunn, MunichSep 28, 20064060Approved
Blackburn Buccaneer S.50 412 at SAAF Waterkloof, South AfricaSep 19, 20074060Approved
Plume from Gamkonora , 10 July 2007Aug 27, 20074060Approved
Grumman E-2C Hawkeye at Fentress NOLFMay 4, 20074050Approved
Tupolev Tu-144LL at Ramenskoye AirfieldDec 17, 20074050Approved
Holden Blimp in AustraliaMay 20, 20084050Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 204, Graz Marshalling YardsNov 17, 20094050Approved
Asias World City - Cathay Pacific Boeing B777Jun 16, 20104050Approved
HMAS Kanimbla (L 51) during maneuverJun 23, 20084030Approved
HTMS Chakri Naruebet in SattahipAug 25, 20104030Approved
Castle of San Felipe, at the mouth of the estuary FerrolMar 28, 20074020Approved
ARC Gloria in CartagenaSep 28, 20104020.5Approved
General Dynamics F-16XL at Edwards AFBOct 7, 20074010Approved
All Nippon Airways - Boeing 777-381-ER at Chicago OHareSep 16, 20084010Approved
Old Airfield Hangar near to Willersley, HerefordshireNov 17, 20094010Approved
Launceston Castle in Launceston, CornwallDec 2, 20094011Approved
National War Museum in SeoulAug 1, 20064000Approved
Air China - Boeing 747-4J6Dec 22, 20064000Approved
McDonalds German HQJan 21, 20074000Approved
TI AFRICA under conversion to FSO AFRICA at Dubai DrydocksDec 15, 20094000Approved
Bridge end trestle near NiederschmalkaldenJun 27, 20063990Approved
Air Gabon - Boeing 747-2Q2BMJan 9, 20073990Approved
Steamship William G. Mather Maritime Museum, ClevelandMar 2, 20073990Approved
92d Air Refueling Wing at Fairchild AFB, WashingtonSep 17, 20073990Approved
RC-135V-W Rivet Joint at Nellis AFBSep 2, 20103990Approved
Fortress JosefovJan 28, 20073980.333333Approved
Towed Sailplane shortly after Take-OffSep 7, 20093980Approved
RT-70 Radio Astronomical Telescope at GalenkiSep 22, 20093980Approved
Aero S-106 (MiG-21F-13) at RoudniceOct 15, 20093980Approved
Burevestnik class frigate - Druzhnyy FFG 754Mar 29, 20103980Approved
AKRON SignMay 2, 20073970Approved
MiG-21 in Gerasdorf, AustriaJun 16, 20083960Approved
Dornier Do328 at Aberdeen AirportNov 4, 20083960Approved
Portreath airfield in 1942Dec 1, 20093960Approved
Boeing B737 over Jakarta Harbor AreaMay 12, 20103960.5Approved
Northern Air Cargo NAC - Douglas C-118A Liftmaster (DC-6A)Dec 22, 20063950Approved
Scale Model of a Liberty Ship, BrunswickFeb 26, 20073950Approved
Ilyushin Il-87 Aimak at Moscow VnukovoFeb 1, 20103950Approved
Provideniya Bay AirportJan 22, 20073940Approved
Heavylift Cargo - Conroy CL-44-O Guppy in Bournemouth, UKDec 2, 20073940Approved
Dhow in Zanzibar harbourJul 16, 20083940Approved
Wreck of the Norseman at SwanwickNov 9, 20093940Approved
Blue Mountain Ski AreaAug 27, 20053930Approved
De Havilland Canada CC-115 BuffaloApr 5, 20063930Approved
Mokuleia Army Airfield - Dillingham Air Force Base (HDH), Mokuleia, HawaiiMar 2, 20073930Approved
Conning Tower of USS James K. Polk (SSBN-645) at the Atomic National MuseumOct 4, 20093930Approved
MTS-626 - ex-USS Daniel Webster (SSBN-626)Oct 1, 20093930Approved
Antonov An-12 BP near Keila, EstoniaJul 19, 20103930Approved
Qantas - Come Play in SFOSep 23, 20103930Approved
Army Helicopter at Tegel airport, BerlinOct 4, 20063920Approved
Iljuschin IL-18 on a roof in LeipzigOct 1, 20073920Approved
RAF Kings Cliffe on 16 January 1947May 29, 20083920Approved
Canadian CC-150 Polaris at NAS Key WestAug 4, 20093920.333333Approved
Kingdom 5KR docked in AntibesMay 30, 20103920Approved
Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign Test AircraftOct 27, 20093910Approved
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23BN in WesterleeNov 24, 20093910Approved
FuMG Distelfink - Luftwaffe station Stp DouvresJan 14, 20103910Approved
SS Cape Isabel (AKR-5062) - SS Cape Inscription (AKR-5076)Jul 29, 20103910.5Approved
Fort NiagaraDec 10, 20053901Approved
Polish Air Force - Suchoi Su-20ROct 2, 20073900Approved
Lockheed L-188A(F) Electra at Anchorage AirportDec 22, 20063900Approved
Echeverria Field, Wickenburg, AZMar 15, 20073900.5Approved
Vietnam Airlines - Boeing 777-26K-ER at Sydney InternationalMar 12, 20083900Approved
French Navy Mistral (L9013) in Chennai HarborDec 15, 20083900Approved
B-29 Superfortress at McConnell AFBOct 27, 20093900Approved
Focus Air - Boeing 747-341M(SF)Jan 10, 20073890Approved
Flea market in Munich-RiemSep 28, 20063880Approved
Final Approach Restaurant, MilwaukeeApr 16, 20073880Approved
Douglas CC-129 Dakota at Cold LakeJan 29, 20083880Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 198, Graz Marshalling YardNov 18, 20093880Approved
RV Kilo Moana (T-AGOR-26) in HonoluluNov 19, 20093880Approved
Fortress Petersberg, ErfurtJan 31, 20073870Approved
NASA - Aero Spacelines 377SGT Super Guppy TurbineMar 29, 20073870Approved
Watervliet Arsenal, WatervlietJan 11, 20063860Approved
Douglas C-47A Skytrain (DC-3A-456)Jan 9, 20073861Approved
Passanger ship Milwaukee ClipperMar 2, 20073860Approved
320th BG, Mission 395, Roverto Railroad FillMay 9, 20073860.333333Approved
Bombing of the Hazebrouck Marshalling Yards - 25 June 1941Aug 16, 20083860Approved
Boeing B747-8F at Everett Snohomish AirportJul 5, 20103860Approved
Royal Brunai Airlines Boeing 767-33A ERAug 17, 20063850Approved
Fort San Felipe, CartagenaMar 26, 20073850Approved
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 at CaemmerswaldeOct 1, 20073850.5Approved
Bombing of a chemical plant in Chocques - 23 June 1941Aug 16, 20083850Approved
Pinter Muvek Museum in KecelJan 31, 20103850Approved
Big Kart Track, AustraliaSep 20, 20053840Approved
320th BG, Mission 411, Rovereto Railroad BridgeMay 10, 20073840Approved
DBA - Boeing 737 - Welcome to Football at Duesseldorf AirportDec 3, 20073840Approved
Jet Airways - Boeing 777-35R(ER) at MaranaApr 28, 20103841.16667Approved
Oberpfaffenhofen Airport (Overlay)Aug 20, 20053830Approved
320th BG, Mission 468 - 470, St. Georgen Marshalling YardMay 7, 20073830Approved
Three U-2 Dragon Lady of the 9th Reconnaissance Wing at Beale AFBOct 3, 20073830Approved
USCG Icebreaker Polar StarJul 19, 20103830Approved
USS Anchorage (LPD-23) under construction at the Avondale ShipyardJun 17, 20103830Approved
Flying Tankers Inc., British ColumbiaDec 5, 20053820Approved
Antonov An-2 at ZamberkOct 15, 20093820Approved
France Air Force - McDonnell Douglas DC-8-72CFJan 9, 20073820Approved
DBA - Boeing 737-36Q - T-MobileJan 23, 20083820Approved
320th BG, Mission 389, Ossenigo Railroad FillMay 9, 20073810Approved
320th BG, Mission 388, Dolce Railroad FillMay 8, 20073810.333333Approved
Shadow is taking off at Brisbane AirportJul 29, 20083810Approved
Zlin Z-37A Cmelak on the Roof of an Aquapark in LiberecOct 15, 20093810Approved
3 Cleveland Class Cruiser in San Francisco 1946Nov 7, 20093810Approved
Fukuoka Tower, JapanNov 8, 20053800Approved
Canadair CL13B Sabre MK VI at SAAF Waterkloof, South AfricaSep 19, 20073800.5Approved
Roman Castel PfuenzJul 22, 20063790Approved
Chemring Countermeasures pyrotechnics factory at High PostSep 24, 20073790Approved
Robin Aircraft Hangar at RAF Hornby HallApr 17, 20083790.5Approved
HMAS Manoora (L 52) in SidneyJun 23, 20083790Approved
Captain Meriwether Lewis DredgeMay 28, 20103790Approved
Rosenberg Fortress, KronachJan 31, 20073780Approved
Fortress Mont LouisMar 24, 20073780Approved
Fort BellegardeMar 24, 20073781Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 163, Brod Railway BridgeNov 19, 20093781Approved
BEM Monge A601 in BostonSep 2, 20103770.5Approved
Fort Popton, Milford Haven, WalesMar 20, 20063760Approved
Shiveluch and Klyuchevskaya VolcanoesAug 28, 20073760Approved
RAF Membury on 8 August 1944May 29, 20083760Approved
Wreck of the Sheraton near to Old HunstantonNov 9, 20093760Approved
Fort Saint Jerome of the Large Entrance, San JuanJan 29, 20073750Approved
Three McDonnell Douglas DC-10 at Johannesburg Jan SmutsNov 15, 20073750Approved
Wreck of MV Chica near to Acton BridgeNov 9, 20093750.5Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 222, Linz Marshalling YardsNov 17, 20093750Approved
Fort Liedot, Ile dAixJan 30, 20073740Approved
Pratt and Whitney Canada - Vickers 757 ViscountSep 14, 20073740Approved
Mulberry Harbour Prototype near to GarliestonNov 30, 20093740Approved
Air China Cargo Boeing 747-2J6B(SF)Aug 18, 20063730Approved
Pushing a 800-feet tanker to the terminalApr 21, 20073730Approved
Aircraft at Tokyo Haneda InternationalDec 16, 20073730Approved
Conair Group at Abbotsford AirportJun 9, 20083730Approved
Swank Farms 2009 Great Corn MazeNov 4, 20093730Approved
Aircraft In Flight with Contrail near TongluSep 8, 20093720Approved
349th Air Mobility Wing at Travis AFB, CaliforniaSep 17, 20073710Approved
Dipper dredge Rialto M. Christensen in the Panama ChannelSep 15, 20093710Approved
Fort Gordolon (Maginot Line Gros Ouvrage)Dec 9, 20093710Approved
Four Saab 35 Draken - ChinoJun 16, 20103710Approved
Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 at Changi InternationalJan 20, 20103710Approved
Wielingen Class Frigate F912 Wandelaar in drydockJun 23, 20083700Approved
Cutter Suction Dredge Mindi in PanamaSep 15, 20093700Approved
Citadel of Port LouisJun 24, 20063690Approved
Rio Grande Valley Vipers Maize MazeNov 23, 20093690Approved
Kingfisher Brewery Boeing 727 (Super 27) at OaklandDec 17, 20093690Approved
GO NAVY on a roofMar 21, 20073670Approved
McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II at Larisa Air BaseJan 21, 20103660Approved
Same airplane four times at Billund AirportDec 17, 20073650Approved
Cenizas Battery overlooking CartagenaNov 12, 20083650Approved
Robin Aircraft Hangars at RAF WroughtonApr 17, 20083650Approved
The Same RC Model Plane Twice In FlightSep 16, 20093650Approved
Chilenian Navy Newport-class Valdivia (LST-93) (ex-USS San Bernardino) at ASep 24, 20093650Approved
Sail of USS Halfbeak (SS-352)Jan 20, 20103650Approved
USS Wasp (LHD-1) making amphibious practice runMay 12, 20103650Approved
Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey at the Amarillo PlantDec 16, 20093640Approved
China Eastern Airlines - Airbus A330-243Jun 3, 20073630Approved
India Air Force - Tupolev Tu-124KOct 1, 20073630Approved
Polish Air Force - Ilyushin Il-28R in WitkowoOct 2, 20073630Approved
Turkish Army Depot at Konya AirfieldOct 27, 20093630Approved
A-90 Orlyonok Ekranoplan (S-26) in MoscowDec 16, 20093630Approved
Qantas Airbus A380 in LAXJun 16, 20103630Approved
Lotnicze Zaklady Naukowe technical school in Psie-PoleDec 12, 20073620Approved
US Airways - Airbus A319-132 - Arizona CardinalsJan 15, 20083620Approved
Punta Carnero Alto Battery near GibraltarNov 12, 20083620.333333Approved
HeavyLift Cargo Airlines - Boeing 727-51C at BrisbaneJul 29, 20083620Approved
Small Aircraft In Flight Near CorollaSep 30, 20093620Approved
Semi-submersible barge Gavea LifterMar 1, 20103610Approved
Welcome HomeApr 16, 20073600Approved
Mil Mi-2 in front of emergency medical services StadlerOct 1, 20073590Approved
Panavia Tornado - D-9591Jan 9, 20073580Approved
Red Antonov An-2 at Hradec KraloveOct 15, 20093580Approved
Sky Air World - Embraer ERJ-170 at Brisbane AirportJul 29, 20083580Approved
320th BG, Mission 395, Marco Railroad FillMay 9, 20073570Approved
Korean Air - Boeing 777-2B5 at Auckland InternationalJun 2, 20093570Approved
Tank Traps 3 km from Hackthorn, LincolnshireNov 11, 20093570Approved
Beriev Be-200 at Moscow-RamenskoyeJan 18, 20103570Approved
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21SPS near Aicha vorm WaldJan 19, 20103570Approved
Kalitta Air - Boeing 747-269B(SF)Jan 18, 20073560Approved
Hakons Hall in BergenJan 25, 20073560Approved
V1 Weapon Site near La FournellerieJan 13, 20103560Approved
USS Kidd (DDG-100) fitting out at Ingalls ShipbuildingJun 17, 20103560Approved
Eruption on Lopevi, Vanuatu, 3 May 2007Aug 28, 20073550Approved
Boeing 737 leaving Vienna AirportJul 15, 20093550Approved
San Jose BatteryMar 24, 20073540Approved
North American F-86H Sabre at VictorvilleJan 28, 20083540Approved
Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress at John WayneDec 17, 20073540.5Approved
Megayacht PredatorAug 24, 20103540Approved
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 outside a Petrol Station at SoltFeb 1, 20103530Approved
Mistral (L9013) being assembled in the dock No.9 of the Brest arsenalAug 20, 20073520Approved
Tupolev Tu-334 at Moscow Ramenskoye AirfieldJan 12, 20103520Approved
Site of a Minefield as part of the Beach Defences at CrantockDec 2, 20093511Approved
Blackhawk UH-60 in flightNov 7, 20053500Approved
The Befreiungshalle, KelheimJun 27, 20063500Approved
Flamingos in Zoo Hellabrunn, MunichSep 28, 20063500Approved
Speedboat Race at the Toda Olympic Rowing CourseDec 18, 20073500Approved
Motor Yacht ArchimedesSep 22, 20103500Approved
Military Inteligence Tower SchalkeMar 23, 20073490Approved
HMAS Melbourne (FFG 05)Mar 25, 20073490Approved
Osceola Naval Outer Landing Field, Osceola, FLApr 27, 20073491Approved
Aerospace Museum of California, SacramentoNov 4, 20093490Approved
Saint Joseph Cathedral Damaged By EarthquakeNov 9, 20093490Approved
ROKS Dokdo (LPH 6111) in the Chinese Harbor of QingdaoMar 7, 20103490Approved
Former Airship Shed in AugustaNov 19, 20083480Approved
Cape Sileirro 6-in Vickers battery near VigoMar 29, 20073470Approved
The former Blackburn Aircraft Factory at BroadmeadowJan 25, 20103470Approved
Tung Chung Fort, HongkongJan 30, 20073460Approved
The Venetian Fortezza of RethimnonJul 4, 20063450Approved
Breguet 1150 Atlantic - French Navy - Garos ABOct 14, 20073450Approved
Lockheed F-104D Starfighter at Los AngelesOct 14, 20073450Approved
Remebering Our Valley Soldiers Maize MazeNov 23, 20093450Approved
El Canteruelas Battery near TarifaNov 12, 20083440Approved
Wreck of the Mexican Gunboat MontezumaJul 19, 20103440Approved
British Airways Boeing 777 in Flight over BagshotFeb 9, 20103440Approved
Paramushir Island, Kuril Island Chain, OverlayMay 12, 20063430Approved
Small plane with shadowSep 24, 20073430Approved
Air Racer Sergey Rakhmanin in his MXS-RJul 15, 20103420Approved
Radio Guidance and Radar - Stp74a - Pointe de la PerceeJan 17, 20103420Approved
C-130 offshore San DiegoSep 9, 20053410Approved
Tennis Center Keferloh, GermanySep 29, 20053410Approved
Four Antonov An-2 at HosinOct 15, 20093410Approved
Thai Airways - Boeing 747-4D7Oct 4, 20063400Approved
Overlay Reno Air RaceSep 29, 20053390Approved
Lufthansa Training Vickers 814 ViscountAug 17, 20063390Approved
Radio Controlled Model Plane In FlightSep 16, 20093390Approved
KJ-2000 - Chinese AWACS at Dingxin Air BaseSep 22, 20093390Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 162, Treviso Marshalling YardNov 19, 20093380Approved
Fortress Valenca de MinhoJul 29, 20103380Approved
C-133A Cargomaster at AnchorageDec 22, 20063370Approved
Two Lockheed HC-130H-7 Hercules (L-382) at Air Station ClearwaterApr 25, 20073370Approved
Mighty Eight Air Force Gunnery School near SnettishamDec 8, 20093370Approved
Aguada FortFeb 6, 20073360Approved
Hi-Flyer Balloon in Dalian - Xinghai GuangchangDec 12, 20073360Approved
Aircraft from the Spanish Government at Madrid BarajasJun 9, 20083360Approved
Hawker Hunter XK149 and XL603 at Tulsa AirportMay 12, 20103360Approved
Upnor Castle, Upnor, KentMar 26, 20073350Approved
De Havilland Sea Vixen FAW.2 XJ580 at TangmereSep 19, 20073350Approved
Remains of the Mulberry Harbour - Beetle PontoonNov 30, 20093350.5Approved
Shadow of a KC-135 Stratotanker over AmarilloJan 12, 20103350Approved
Airplane at Highschool, PhoenixSep 7, 20053340.5Approved
USS Mesa Verde (LPD-19) fitting out at Ingalls ShipbuildingJun 17, 20103340Approved
461st BG (H), Mission No. 58, Korneuburg RefineriesNov 17, 20093340Approved
Harbin H-5 at the Romanian Bacau Air BaseJan 31, 20103340Approved
Air India - Boeing B777-337ERJul 6, 20103340Approved
A-10 Thunderbolt II of the 355th Fighter Squadron at Eielson AFBJan 22, 20073330Approved
Douglas C-47B Skytrain at Kibutz RevivimOct 19, 20093330Approved
SSCV Thialf - Largest Crane VesselMay 17, 20113330Approved
Lockheed C-5 Galaxy in FlightJul 21, 20133320Approved
Quantas - Boeing B737 - Yananyi Dreaming at PerthDec 3, 20073310Approved
Buisness Jet approaching Boise Gowen FieldSep 27, 20093310Approved
Aircraft in Flight around Vienna AirportSep 9, 20093310Approved
Salvaging the Cargo Ship ROSTOKJul 27, 20103310Approved
Newark Castle near to BroadmeadowsNov 11, 20093310.333333Approved
British Airways - Boeing B757 - Blue Peter at ManchesterDec 3, 20073300Approved
USS Ingraham FFG-61Jul 19, 20103300Approved
Yacht Express from DockwiseJul 15, 20103300Approved
Korean Airlines - Boeing B747 in SFOSep 23, 20103300Approved
Japan Airlines - Boeing B777 in SFOSep 23, 20103300Approved
Nortwest Airlines Hangar, Detroit, MISep 19, 20053290Approved
Veste Oberhaus, PassauJan 31, 20073290Approved
Cockpit of Avro Vulcan K.2 XL445 at WalpoleSep 19, 20073290Approved
Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigate near Virgina BeachJun 23, 20083290Approved
Wreck of the HMS Port Napier in Loch Alsh, near to Kyle of LochalshNov 11, 20093290Approved
Former Airship Shed in AuggenNov 19, 20083280Approved
Port-Cartier Institution, CanadaOct 4, 20053270Approved
Radio Arabella maze between Putzbrunn - OttobrunnOct 4, 20063270Approved
China Eastern Airlines - Airbus A330-243 at Sydney InternationalMar 12, 20083270Approved
Fort Le Barbonnet (Maginot Line Gros Ouvrage)Dec 9, 20093270Approved
Stinson-Faucett F-19 on Display at Arequipa - Rodriguez BallonNov 25, 20093270Approved
Dual Plume from Klyuchevskaya Volcano, 1 July 2007Aug 27, 20073260Approved
Mulgrave Central sugar mill in GordonvaleNov 25, 20093260Approved
The base for a barrage balloon at TorpointDec 2, 20093260Approved
Airbus A330 in Flight with Contrail near MatraalmasFeb 10, 20103260Approved
SS Cape Island (AKR-10) - SS Cape Intrepid (AKR-11)Jul 29, 20103260Approved
Volga-Dnepr Airlines - Antonov AN-124 RuslanOct 1, 20073250Approved
NASA - Airborne Research Integrated Experiments System at Edwards AFBOct 7, 20073250Approved
Royal Jordanian approaching Amman InternationalJun 16, 20093250Approved
Sand Quay repair ramps, SaltashNov 10, 20093250.5Approved
Helicopter in Flight at Deer Valley AirportMay 14, 20103250.5Approved
Fort Buckley (R.M.L.) Rifle Muzzle Loading Fortification, WellingtonOct 12, 20063240.5Approved
HSC Alcantara reaches Algeciras, SpainMar 23, 20073241Approved
Handley Page Victor K.2 XL231 at ElvingtonSep 19, 20073240Approved
Oldest McDonalds in GermanyJan 21, 20073230Approved
Battery San Carlos at the mouth of the estuary FerrolMar 28, 20073230Approved
Migennes Railway damaged by Bombing - June 1944Oct 27, 20083230Approved
F-89D Scorpion and A-4A Skyhawk on Peel FieldSep 30, 20093230Approved
T-AKE-10 - USNS Charles DrewSep 22, 20103231.33333Approved
HNLMS Abraham Crijnssen (A925)Mar 19, 20073220Approved
HSC Patricia Olivia leaves Algeciras, SpainMar 23, 20073221Approved
American Airlines B737-800 taking offApr 4, 20083220Approved
Harrier In Front Of The New Bern AirportSep 28, 20093220Approved
Shumshu Island, Kuril Island Chain OverlayMay 12, 20063210Approved
Nord N-2501 Noratlas - France Air ForceJan 15, 20073210Approved
Ilyushin Il-18 on display at BorkheideDec 6, 20073210Approved
Patrouille de France at Salon-de-Provence Air BaseNov 23, 20093210Approved
Sail of USS Grayling (SSN-646)Jan 20, 20103210Approved
Southwest Airlines - Illinois One - at Tampa AirportMay 12, 20103210Approved
USS Marlin (SST-2) at Freedom Park, OmahaOct 9, 20093200Approved
Mil Mi-8T near the Huka Falls, Wairakei ParkOct 19, 20093200Approved
Prototype of the Adam A700 AdamJet at Denver - CentennialDec 10, 20093190Approved
Former Balloon Barrage Site near North KillingholmeDec 2, 20093190Approved
LTU - Airbus A320 - Borussia Moenchengladbach at DuesseldorfDec 3, 20073181Approved
General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark at RAAF AmberleyNov 30, 20093180Approved
Annual Freshwater Surf Carnival at Australia DayJul 19, 20103180Approved
F-16 in flightAug 18, 20053170Approved
Helicopter in flightSep 10, 20053170Approved
Handley Page Victor B.1A(K2P) XH648 at DuxfordSep 19, 20073170.5Approved
Wreck of the Kartil near to Tarbert, Argyll And ButeNov 10, 20093170Approved
T-AKE-9 - USNS Matthew PerrySep 22, 20103170Approved
British Airways Boeing 747-436Aug 17, 20063160Approved
HSC Condor VitesseMar 22, 20073160Approved
Americana de Aviacon - Boeing 727-77Apr 21, 20073160Approved
Dornier Seawings Seastar in OberpfaffenhofenDec 4, 20083160Approved
Fort King George, GeorgiaMar 26, 20073150Approved
461st BG (H), Mission 14, Chitila Marshalling YardNov 26, 20093150Approved
Approaching Mactan-Cebu InternationalMar 1, 20103150Approved
Air Lib - McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30(ER)Oct 5, 20063140Approved
Fairchild C-119F Flying Boxcar at Nanhua ReservoirOct 19, 20093140Approved
Radio Guidance and Radar - Wn346 - DigullevilleJan 14, 20103140Approved
Dragonfly Sculpture Inspired By GazelleJun 29, 20103140.5Approved
Fort Pulaski, GeorgiaMar 26, 20073130Approved
Blackburn Buccaneer S.2 XK526 at RAF HoningtonSep 19, 20073130Approved
Radio Guidance and Radar - Wn158 - St Pierre EgliseJan 13, 20103130Approved
Yuzhao class (Type 071) Landing Platform Dock - Kunlun Shan 998Mar 10, 20103130Approved
PZL-Mielec M-15-01 Belphegor - CCCP-15105Apr 19, 20103120.5Approved
Taking Off from Noibai Airport HanoiFeb 28, 20103120Approved
Small Aircraft In Flight Near Hanscom AFBSep 30, 20093110Approved
Belgian frigate Louise-Marie (F931) at ZeebruggeDec 15, 20093110Approved
USNS Mount Baker (T-AE-34)Jul 20, 20103110.333333Approved
Church on the MoveJul 21, 20103110Approved
USCG Icebreaker Polar Sea in DockJul 19, 20103110Approved
Japan Airlines Cargo - Boeing 747-446F SCDOct 4, 20063100Approved
4 wind mills at the harbor entrance of FrederikshavnMar 2, 20073100Approved
Castle of La Palma, at the mouth of the estuary FerrolMar 28, 20073100Approved
First Air - Boeing 727-2H3-Adv(F) - Ottawa AirportDec 19, 20073100Approved
HMS Dauntless (D33) at Scotstoun ShipyardOct 22, 20093100Approved
Ilyushin Il-86 scrapped in 2007Nov 4, 20093100Approved
Ferro-concrete barges near to RainhamNov 30, 20093101Approved
North American F-86D Sabre at Agrinion Air BaseJan 21, 20103100Approved
Aircraft leaving Mumbai AirportApr 19, 20103100Approved
First Flight Monument of the Bereznyak-Isayev BI-1Mar 2, 20103100Approved
Fairchild C-123J ProviderDec 22, 20063090Approved
Germanwings - Airbus A319 - Berlin Bearbus at StuttgartDec 3, 20073090Approved
A large at on the groundApr 4, 20083090Approved
Air China - Boeing B747 in SFOSep 23, 20103090.5Approved
Enormous Wrecking Yard South of FresnoJan 12, 20103090Approved
PZL-Mielec M-15-01 Belphegor - CCCP-15183Apr 19, 20103091.16667Approved
Avborne sign MIA, FloridaOct 5, 20053080Approved
HSC Max MolsMar 22, 20073081Approved
AOM French Airlines - McDonnell Douglas MD-83 at Paris OrlyDec 3, 20073080Approved
Military Inteligence Tower StoeberhaiMar 23, 20073070Approved
Fort SocoaMar 24, 20073070Approved
Wreck of the MV Creteblock near to Whitby, North YorkshireNov 11, 20093070Approved
CRN Ferretti Hull 121 - Motor Yacht MarayaJan 18, 20103070Approved
USNS Henry J. Kaiser (T-AO-187)Jul 19, 20103070Approved
Corsair - Boeing 747-312 at Paris OrlyDec 3, 20073060Approved
Glasgow Riverside Museum under ConstructionOct 22, 20093060Approved
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21U in LintelJan 27, 20103060Approved
LHS Vyskov MuseumJan 31, 20103060Approved
HSC Alboran in harbor AlgecirasMar 23, 20073050Approved
Boeing C-135FR Stratotanker of the French Air ForceApr 9, 20083050Approved
Mast of HMS Duncan (D37) at Govan ShipyardOct 22, 20093050Approved
D-Day Training Site near AppledoreDec 3, 20093050Approved
USS Cobia (SS-245) in ManitowocOct 9, 20093040Approved
Cessna Caravan near the Science Centre GlasgowNov 8, 20093040Approved
North Killingholme Airfield - Old HangarDec 3, 20093040Approved
China Southern Cargo - Boeing 777-F1B at MaranaApr 28, 20103040Approved
Fort Oranje, Saint EustatiusMar 29, 20073030Approved
English Electric Canberra T.4 - WJ992 at BournmouthNov 4, 20083030Approved
Lavansaari Aerodrome - 26 August 1943Oct 27, 20093030Approved
TAF Linhas Aereas - Boeing 737 - Fortaleza AirportNov 5, 20103030Approved
Douglas C-54G Skymaster (DC-4) at PucallpaApr 21, 20073020Approved
Handley Page Victor K.2 XM715 at BruntingthorpeSep 19, 20073020Approved
Bushfire at Conakry Airport, GuineaSep 9, 20093020Approved
Handley Page Victor K.2 XH672 at CosfordSep 19, 20073010Approved
Small Aircraft Approaching Deer Valley AirportApr 19, 20103010Approved
Blackburn Buccaneer NA.39 XK488 at YeoviltonSep 19, 20073000Approved
Sukhoi Su-15 at Yuzhno-SakhalinskOct 19, 20093000.5Approved
Gordonvale Golf ClubNov 25, 20093000Approved
Lockheed EP-3E ARIES at James ConnallJul 14, 20103000Approved
Southwest Airlines - New Mexico OneSep 9, 20103000Approved
Bridge Structure of USS Parche (SS-384)Jan 20, 20103000Approved
Hawaii Mars at Lake ElsinoreMay 27, 20103000Approved
T-AKE-11 - USNS Washington ChambersSep 22, 20102990Approved
USNS Charlton (T-AKR-314)Jul 20, 20102990Approved
Caponier - Fort Malakoff, MainzJan 28, 20072970Approved
HSC SeaCat France arrives in DoverMar 23, 20072970Approved
Corsair - Boeing 747-312Oct 5, 20062960Approved
Airbus A300-600ST Beluga No.4 and No.5Jun 3, 20072960Approved
Airplane Approaching Shenzhen AirportSep 28, 20092960Approved
Remaining Wooden Hangar of Hart FieldOct 3, 20092960Approved
T-AKE-12 - USNS William McLeanSep 22, 20102960Approved
Alaska Airlines - Salmon-Thirty-SalmonJul 13, 20102960Approved
Shadow of an Aircraft near Charlotte Douglas AirportApr 19, 20102960Approved
Thai Airways Boeing 747-4D7Aug 17, 20062950Approved
Construction Helicopters - Sikorsky S-58ETJan 18, 20072950Approved
Steamship Willis B. Boyer, ToledoMar 2, 20072950Approved
Formations of Jet TrainersJun 16, 20092950Approved
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25PU at Yugorsk Sovetsky AirbaseOct 19, 20092950Approved
Chinese PLA Navy New LCAC - The Yuyi Class LCACMay 17, 20102950Approved
39th Bomb Group (VH), Kanoya Airfield, KuyshuNov 9, 20092940Approved
Helicopter Approaching Soerstokken AirportApr 19, 20102940Approved
Absa Cargo - Boeing 767-316F-ERJan 9, 20072930Approved
Tunisair - Airbus A320-211at Frankfurt airportDec 12, 20072930Approved
Kasimovo Aerodrome - 21 May 1943Oct 27, 20092930Approved
Zeulenroda aerial photography 1953May 29, 20082920Approved
P-3E AEW, FloridaOct 9, 20052910Approved
Douglas C-133A Cargomaster at Anchorage InternationalJan 17, 20102910Approved
Azerbaijan Airlines - B767-32LERJul 6, 20102910Approved
GTRA Airways - Boeing 737 - FortalezaNov 5, 20102910Approved
Avro Shackleton WL795Jan 15, 20072900Approved
Rosenkrantz Tower in BergenJan 25, 20072900Approved
Air China - Airbus A340-313X at Paris OrlyDec 3, 20072900Approved
Telluride Airport, COSep 7, 20052890Approved
Villefranche-de-Conflent and Fort LiberiaMar 24, 20072890Approved
Clydebank Shipyard Crane, GlasgowNov 8, 20092890Approved
Douglas C-118B Liftmaster (DC-6A)Sep 9, 20102890Approved
Castoro Sei - Pipelay Barge in RotterdamMar 30, 20102880Approved
Estrella Warbird MuseumSep 10, 20052870Approved
E-6B Mercury at Albuquerque AirportSep 7, 20092870Approved
Let Aero Ae-45 at RanaOct 15, 20092871Approved
JR-Maglev - Yamanashi Test Line (YMTL)May 12, 20102872Approved
Fort Gilkicker, PortsmouthDec 13, 20052860Approved
Agattu, Aleutian Islands (Overlay)Jun 15, 20062860Approved
Mil Mi-2 at transportt company Droeder near FuldaOct 1, 20072860Approved
Boeing P-8A PoseidonJun 17, 20102860Approved
Carnival Miracle in Fort LauderdaleOct 3, 20092850Approved
LAN Airlines - Boeing B767 in SFOSep 23, 20102850.5Approved
SriLankan Airlines Airbus A340-311Aug 17, 20062840Approved
T5 marking at a roundabout.Oct 4, 20062840Approved
USS Requin (SS-481) in PittsburghOct 9, 20092840.5Approved
Wings N Wheels Airshow 2006 at Fort Pierce AirportNov 8, 20092840Approved
North American Airlines - Boeing 767-36NERJul 13, 20102840Approved
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21UM on a roof in GilchingOct 24, 20072830Approved
La Redoute at Rivedoux-PlageJan 29, 20072820Approved
Japan Airlines - Boeing 747-446 at Sydney InternationalMar 12, 20082820Approved
Former Airship Shed in Montebourg-EcaussevilleNov 19, 20082820.333333Approved
Installation of a Wind Turbine near HelvikovJan 11, 20102820Approved
Phantom F-4EJ Kai with ParachuteAug 24, 20102820Approved
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)Dec 11, 20052810Approved
Fort Lupin, Saint-Nazaire-sur-CharenteMar 26, 20072811Approved
The Fortress of BrodNov 19, 20092810Approved
US Airways - Airbus A319-132 - Arizona CardinalsApr 28, 20102810Approved
Aero S-103 (MiG-15bis) on Pole in PriborOct 15, 20092801.33333Approved
Conning Tower of USS George Washington (SSBN-598)Oct 2, 20092800Approved
Aerial photograph of RAF Hayscastle Cross in 1955Dec 9, 20092790Approved
JMSDF Hamana - AOE-424Apr 28, 20102790Approved
Taking Off from Deer Valley Airport near PhoenixApr 19, 20102791Approved
Qantas - Boeing B737-800 - Yananyi DreamingDec 12, 20072780Approved
Aero L-29 Delfin on a Pole at SudiceOct 15, 20092780Approved
Remains of the Mulberry Harbour - Whale ElementNov 30, 20092780Approved
CCGS Martha L. BlackFeb 14, 20072770Approved
Fort Caroline, JacksonvilleMar 30, 20072770Approved
Ferret Mark I target on Deerbush HillJan 18, 20102770Approved
Ilyushin Il-14T in the outskirts of Rostov-on-DonOct 19, 20092760Approved
Akita ShinkansenMay 4, 20102760Approved
FSPO Sevan Hummingbird in RotterdamAug 24, 20102760Approved
TAM - Airbus A330-223 at JFKJul 15, 20102760Approved
HDM Flugservice - Team DRF - Eurocopter EC-145Jan 21, 20072750Approved
James Watt Dock Fitting Out Crane, GreenockNov 8, 20092750Approved
Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress - Aluminum OvercastJun 16, 20102750Approved
4th Annual Brews on the Bay Beer FestivalSep 22, 20102750Approved
ex First Air - Boeing 727-90C - Ottawa AirportDec 19, 20072740.333333Approved
Westland - Sikorsky WS58 Wessex at The Flambards Experience theme-parkJan 25, 20102720Approved
Sail of USS Lapon (SSN-661)Jan 20, 20102710Approved
Showalter Airpark, Winter Park, FLApr 27, 20072700Approved
Two France Air Force - Airbus A319-115X CJ at Paris OrlyDec 3, 20072680Approved
Aircraft approaching Qingyang AirportSep 30, 20092680Approved
Barclay, Curle and Co. Shipyard Outfitting CraneNov 8, 20092680.5Approved
Sukhoi Su-22 on Display at Arequipa - Rodriguez BallonNov 25, 20092670Approved
North American P-51D Mustang - GeraldineJun 16, 20102670Approved
Anti-invasion measures, Brinkworth Brook, BrinkworthNov 15, 20092660.5Approved
Sailplane under Tow at SkutecOct 27, 20092660Approved
Exercise Tiger Memorial - Sherman Tank - TorcrossDec 3, 20092660Approved
Rent me, NYSep 15, 20052650Approved
Citadel of BesanconMar 26, 20072650Approved
Fokker F-27-100 Friendship at AtlantidaOct 15, 20092650Approved
Aircraft Approaching Wuxi-Shuofang AirportApr 19, 20102650Approved
HSC Bocayna ExpressMar 23, 20072640Approved
Fairchild C-82A Packet at HagerstownSep 29, 20092640Approved
Conning Tower of USS Bosten (SSN-703)Oct 1, 20092640Approved
The Last of its kind in Service - Boeing B747-146BSep 23, 20102640Approved
All Nippon Airways - Boeing B777-381ERJul 6, 20102640Approved
UNSAFE FOR LANDINGMay 3, 20072620Approved
Two Aero S-103 (MiG-15bis) at RoudniceOct 15, 20092620Approved
Mulberry Harbour Remains - Beetle PontoonNov 30, 20092621Approved
Boeing P-8A Poseideon at Boeing FieldJul 5, 20102620.333333Approved
USCG Icebreaker HealyJul 19, 20102620Approved
Tupolev Tu-134UBL Bomber Aircrew Training VersionNov 4, 20092610Approved
Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 at Sydney Kingsford SmithJan 20, 20102610Approved
Wartime embarkation ramps, Torquay HarbourNov 10, 20092600Approved
KJ-2000 - Chinese AWACS at Yuxikou Air BaseSep 22, 20092590Approved
Prow of the Light Cruiser HMAS SydneyOct 2, 20092590Approved
HMS Bronington (M1115) - Vittoria Dock, BirkenheadDec 15, 20092590Approved
Tree Top Trail KopfingJan 14, 20102590Approved
Engineless McDonnell Douglas DC-8 at McClellan AFB, SacramentoNov 4, 20092570.333333Approved
GOEBEL porcelain company, RoedentalApr 28, 20062561Approved
Morje Aerodrome - 21 May 1943Oct 27, 20092560Approved
Barrage Balloon hangar near Pawlett, SomersetNov 17, 20092560Approved
Pontcysyllte Aqueduct on 11 May 1951Oct 29, 20082540Approved
Antonov An-2 at Plzen LineOct 15, 20092540Approved
USS Silversides (SS-236) in MuskegonOct 9, 20092520Approved
Conning Tower of USS Woodrow Wilson (SSBN-624) at Naval Base KitsapOct 7, 20092521.5Approved
Plane over water, CanadaAug 28, 20052500Approved
OSRAM HQ in MunichJan 21, 20072500Approved
Korean Air Cargo - Boeing 747-4B5 at DFWJul 29, 20102490Approved
CCGS Tracy, Ice Strengthened Medium Navaids TenderFeb 14, 20072480Approved
Mast of the Light Cruiser HMAS SydneyOct 2, 20092480Approved
Three Antonov An-2 at Usti nad OrliciOct 15, 20092480Approved
Bow of HMS Duncan (D37) at Govan ShipyardOct 22, 20092470Approved
Radio Guidance and Radar - Wn379 - Beaumont HagueJan 13, 20102470Approved
Two F-16s Are Ready For Take-OffSep 30, 20092460Approved
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21SPS at Castle GuttenbergJan 27, 20102460Approved
Large Corporation Signs on RoofsMay 20, 20082450Approved
Sail of USS Parche (SSN-683)Jan 20, 20102450Approved
Westland WAH-64D Longbow ApacheJan 16, 20072440Approved
Aerospatiale Alouette II at transport company Droeder near FuldaOct 1, 20072440Approved
Lockheed Martin C-130J Super HerculesAug 24, 20102441Approved
Japan Airlines - Boeing 777-246 - SAKITOKU JETJan 8, 20082420Approved
Douglas DC-8-33Jan 16, 20072410Approved
Tank Barriers near to Gullane, East LothianNov 11, 20092410Approved
Ethiopian Airlines - Boeing 757-231 at London HeathrowSep 17, 20092400Approved
Taking Off from Shenzhen AirportFeb 28, 20102390Approved
Bicycle proofing ground, MunichOct 4, 20062380Approved
Air India - Boeing 777-337 at London HeathrowSep 16, 20092380Approved
USS Growler (SSG-577) at Brooklyn Red HookSep 27, 20092380Approved
Junkers Ju 52 at Heringsdorf-GarzDec 6, 20072370Approved
Canadian Vickers Canso A at Hradec KraloveOct 13, 20092360Approved
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23UB at the Automobil Museum FichtelbergJan 21, 20102360Approved
Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum in FlixtonFeb 11, 20102360Approved
The same Arleigh Burke Destroyer 3-times arriving at Norfolk Naval YardMay 12, 20102350Approved
Taking Off from Xiaoshan AirportFeb 28, 20102340Approved
Two Fords Bridge near to Lydlinch, DorsetNov 10, 20092330Approved
AirTran Airways - Magic 1 in BaltimoreNov 5, 20102330Approved
San Diego Civic Center 1936Oct 29, 20082320Approved
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21SPS at EisdorfJan 27, 20102320Approved
China Cargo Airlines - Boeing 777-F6NJul 5, 20102320Approved
HMS Diamond (D34) at Scotstoun ShipyardOct 22, 20092300Approved
Aircraft Leaving Ontario InternationalFeb 2, 20102300Approved
Hapag-Lloyd Express - Boeing 737-8K5 - Cagliari - South of SardiniaJan 23, 20082280Approved
Fortress of BelfortMar 26, 20072270Approved
HMS Defender (D36) at Govan ShipyardOct 22, 20092270Approved
P-3 AEW Sentinel at Corpus Christi NASNov 4, 20092240Approved
851 (DONGDIAO 232) Electronic Intelligence ShipApr 1, 20102240Approved
Conning Tower of USS Mariano G. Vallejo (SSBN-658)Oct 2, 20092231Approved
St Pirans Churches near MountDec 7, 20092230Approved
Aircraft in Flight near Moscow DomodedovoSep 7, 20092220Approved
Fort de la Rade, Ile dAixJan 30, 20072210Approved
Lockheed P-3AEWC at James ConnallJul 14, 20102190Approved
Carnival Triumph in Miami HarbourOct 3, 20092170Approved
Antonov An-2 at Pribram - Dlouha LhotaOct 15, 20092150Approved
Omega Airtanker at the Avalon Airshow 2009Sep 28, 20092140Approved
HMS Dragon (D35) at Scotstoun ShipyardOct 22, 20092141Approved
Hallinkangas Aerodrome - 10 August 1944Oct 27, 20092140Approved
Radio Guidance and Radar - Fort Allemand near La LangotterieJan 12, 20102130Approved
Huge Bulk Carrier at Wharf near HongkongSep 28, 20092110Approved
Yakovlev Yak-28P in the outskirts of Rostov-on-DonOct 19, 20092090Approved
Type 925 (Dajiang Class) Ocean Salvage and Rescue ShipApr 15, 20102090Approved
Aerologic - Boeing B777-FZNJul 6, 20102080Approved
Consolidated 28-5A Canso A at Paris OrlyJan 18, 20102070Approved
EVA Air - Boeing B777-35EERJul 6, 20102060.333333Approved
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 at ArcherfieldNov 4, 20092060Approved
Antonov An-24B in VoronezhOct 19, 20092050Approved
King Arthurs Hall near St BrewardDec 7, 20092040Approved
Douglas C-133A Cargomaster at Travis Air BaseJan 17, 20102040Approved
Alitalia - Airbus A321-112 at London HeathrowSep 17, 20092030Approved
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21bis at StaffeldeJan 19, 20102030Approved
China Southern Cargo - Boeing 777-F1B at Marana No.2Apr 28, 20101990Approved
East Star Air - Airbus A319-112 at Hamburg FinkenwerderApr 29, 20081980Approved
CDF - California Department of Forestry SacramentoNov 4, 20091980Approved
Heliflite and Heliport on roof at Sydney Bankstown AirportJun 5, 20081970Approved
Castle an Dinas - St Columb MajorDec 7, 20091970Approved
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23BN at the Automobil Museum FichtelbergJan 27, 20101960Approved
Fairey Gannet at The Flambards Experience theme-parkJan 25, 20101950Approved
Sukhoi Su-22UM-3 at the Automobil Museum FichtelbergJan 21, 20101880Approved
Silver Antonov An-2 at KuneticeOct 15, 20091870Approved
Conning Tower of USS Roncador (SS-301)Oct 2, 20091840Approved
Sukhoi Superjet 100 at Moscow Ramenskoye AirfieldJan 12, 20101820Approved
Mil Mi-8IV Hip-G in UeberlingenJan 20, 20101780Approved
Mil Mi-8PS at the Automobil Museum FichtelbergJan 21, 20101780.5Approved
LAN Airlines - Airbus A340-313X at Sydney InternationalFeb 11, 20101780Approved
Mil Mi-8TB at Bordermuseum MoedlareuthJan 21, 20101770Approved
Penstowe Castle near KilkhamptonDec 2, 20091760Approved
Japan Airlines - Tokyo 2016 Olympic Games BidMay 3, 20101760Approved
Helsbury Castle near MichaelstowDec 7, 20091700Approved
MaIze near Arlesega di Mestrino, PadovaOct 7, 20091690Approved
China Southern Airlines - Airbus A330-243 at Sydney InternationalFeb 11, 20101670Approved
Paddlewheeler Tahoe QueenNov 25, 20091640Approved
Douglas C-54D Skymaster at McClellan AFB, SacramentoNov 4, 20091620Approved
Tarom - Boeing 737-38J at London HeathrowSep 17, 20091590Approved
Cessna performs a HeadstandJun 16, 20101550Approved
Fernacre Stone Circle near St BrewardDec 7, 20091470Approved
Iran Air - Boeing 747-286BM at London HeathrowSep 17, 20091450Approved
PZL-Swidnik Mi-2 at Plana nad LuzniciOct 15, 20091430Approved


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