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Big Gompa in Sichuan mountainsJun 19, 20084440Approved
Aircraft Carrier in China (Shanghai Municipality,China)Jan 6, 20071,2870.5Approved
A litlle canal in chinese desert (Xinkiang,China)Dec 22, 20064060Approved
Irrigation on Lob Nor (Xinkiang,China)Dec 22, 20063340Approved
A lot of little mines on desert Western (Xinkiang,China)Dec 22, 20061,0680Approved
Column of vehicles on desert Western (Xinkiang,China)Dec 22, 20065960Approved
Yun-men-kuan Jade Gate (Gansu,China)Dec 22, 20063500Approved
Citroen Car Factory (Wuhan,Hubei,China)Dec 18, 20063240Approved
10 chimneys in chinese desert (Qinhai,China)Dec 16, 20064550Approved
8 holes in chinese desert (Qinhai,China)Dec 16, 20063900Approved
diamond mine in Yakoutia (Russia)Nov 3, 20061,6910Approved
Bora-Bora Island - French Polynesia (Overlay)Oct 19, 20061,2410Approved
A collection of huge words in ChinaOct 14, 20066800Approved
All airports in MongoliaOct 13, 20061,5150Approved
Urumqi observatory (Xinjiang-China)Sep 18, 20064660Approved
Bouguenais maze - near NANTES (France)Sep 18, 20063770Approved
Running - Serge Girard - Trans-EurasiaSep 18, 20064880Approved
Strange new road (Yunnan-China)Sep 16, 20062870Approved
Huge abandonned mine (Qinhai,China)Sep 15, 20061,2880Approved
Oil Quest in Taklamakan (Xinjiang,China)Sep 15, 20061,2420Approved
Railway bridge Kyu-chu river in Lhasa (Tibet-China)Sep 12, 20066160Approved
Many excavations (Xinjiang-China)Sep 12, 20064200Approved
Crazy circuit near Jiuquan Space Facility (Inner Mongolia-China)Sep 12, 20065380Approved
Nice Terrace against erosion (Gansu-China)Sep 12, 20062830Approved
Junggar Pendi - Dzungarian Basin (Xinjiang,China)Sep 12, 20063230Approved
Antenna in Xinjiang(Xinjiang,China)Sep 12, 20064290Approved
Border China-Mongolia (Small Border post)Sep 12, 20063400Approved
Border China-MongoliaSep 12, 20062530Approved
Border China-Mongolia(4,677 kms Border fence)Sep 12, 20063070Approved
Border China-Mongolia (Far West)Sep 11, 20062880Approved
Several Mongolian yurts near the border China-Mongolia (Xinjiang,China)Sep 11, 20064480Approved
Toll gate on nowhere (Xinjiang,China)Sep 10, 20063700Approved
Launch Bases around the worldSep 6, 20062,1760Approved
Big round near Xian(Shaanxi,China)Sep 6, 20062440Approved
Crescent Lake near Dunhuang(Gansu,China)Sep 6, 20063620Approved
Militar planes on an chinese airport(Gansu,China)Sep 3, 20064200Approved
All airports in china (Update)Aug 29, 20061,6660Approved
Pratas island (Hainan,China)Aug 22, 20064720Approved
Nice arch in roundabout in Chang chung(Jilin,China)Aug 21, 20063360Approved
Nice gardens in Yumenzhen. (Gansu,China)Aug 20, 20063060Approved
Strange construction in chinese desert (Gansu,China)Aug 13, 20062,2610Approved
Militar site in Xinjiang (Xinjiang,China)Aug 13, 20066620Approved
Nice Chinese garden at the Kazakhstan border (Xinjiang,China)Aug 12, 20064460Approved
Imcomplete bridges in ChinaAug 10, 20063530Approved
Plane shelters in ChinaAug 10, 20063390Approved
Strange lines near Jiayugan (Gansu-China)Aug 9, 20068600Approved
Border China-Russia (Alashankou Station)Aug 9, 20065760Approved
A heart on desert (Inner-Mongolia,China)Aug 8, 20061,0520Approved
Some constructions into Talkamakam desert(Xinjiang,China)Aug 6, 20064710Approved
Vehicles in sand dune of Taklamakan desert (Xinjiang,China)Aug 6, 20064860Approved
Border China-Nepal(Friendship Bridge)Aug 6, 20065970Approved
Three Destroyed cities (Inner Mongolia,China)Aug 6, 20064710Approved
A water reserve in Taklamakan desert (Xinjinag,china)Aug 5, 20064000Approved
Camp in Taklamakan desert (Xinjiang,China)Aug 5, 20064790Approved
Dam in Xinjiang (China)Aug 5, 20068090Approved
Quirk mark in China....Aug 5, 20066330Approved
Strange line in Western China(Xinjiang)Aug 5, 20069710Approved
Border China-Kyrgyzstan (Torugart Pass)Aug 3, 20066690Approved
Golf courses in Large Tokyo AreaAug 2, 20065660Approved
Nuclear Power Plant (Ningxia,China)Aug 1, 20066890Approved
Camouflaged buildings (Xinjiang,China)Jul 30, 20061,4040Approved
Balnear station near Uxxaktal(Xinjiang,China)Jul 30, 20063470Approved
Militar base near Irkutsk (Russia)Jul 30, 20063860Approved
Militar road in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region (China)Jul 30, 20063960.333333Approved
Desert Highway (Taklamakan) China)Jul 30, 20066050Approved
plane in the sky,kuqa (xinjiang,china)Jul 30, 20067300Approved
Chine Base in Ningxia Hui Autonomous RegionJul 29, 20063300Approved
The West Xia Imperial Tombs (China)Jul 29, 20063520Approved
Chinese Wind MillJul 29, 20062930Approved
Huge Words in China near Mongolian Border (And insulated house)Jul 28, 20063170Approved
Zhang-Laffitte (French castle replica in China)Jul 28, 20065720Approved
Yaerbashi airport (Near Hami) ChinaJul 27, 20067160Approved
Chinese Militar base (Square)Jul 27, 20065390.5Approved
Chinese militar base.Jul 27, 20066340Approved
Strange Runways in Chinese desertJul 27, 20066390Approved
Strange road in Chinese desertJul 27, 20065510Approved
A Militar Chinese Stonehengue.Jul 27, 20061,2960Approved
Huge Chinese wordsJul 27, 20064700Approved
Huge numbers in ChinaJul 25, 20063540Approved
Huge Words in Inner Mongolia (China)Jul 25, 20064850Approved
Border China-Kyrgyzstan ( Far West)Jul 25, 20061,2830Approved
Highest pass in the world (Tibet China)Jul 25, 20068010.333333Approved
Futur Tibetan Airport (2946m)Jul 25, 20065790Approved
Giant Tibetan charactersJul 25, 20067720Approved
Nathu La - A reopen pass between China and IndiaJul 22, 20066880.5Approved
Quirk mark in China....Jul 20, 20064790Approved
Bird Island (Seychelles)Jul 20, 20067140Approved
Driver Engine Tracks ChinaJul 20, 20066090Approved
Huangyangtan Mystery (China)Jul 20, 20069130Approved
Xining Engine driver school(China)Jul 19, 20064180Approved
Complex Hydroelectric in ChinaJul 19, 20067400Approved
Transmongolian railwayJun 28, 20061,0310Approved
Mondari Airport,Kashmir,IndiaJun 26, 20064290Approved
Tibetans Vehicles(Tibet)Jun 26, 20063790Approved
Big pass in tibet (Gama La 4637m)Jun 24, 20063820Approved
Prayers flags near Wuqin (Qinghai)Jun 22, 20062000Approved
Monastery near Dzato(4071m)Jun 22, 20062420Approved
Blue quirks in ChinaJun 22, 20061,9640Approved
Tibetan village with a stadiumJun 12, 20063850Approved
Trou de fer (Beautiful canyon in Reunion Island)Jun 12, 20067070Approved
Railway Golmud Lasa (1st segment)Jun 11, 20063990Approved
Beautifuls Craters in TibetJun 11, 20068330Approved
Strange Tibetan Circle near Lasa airportJun 11, 20067520Approved
Road Kathmandu to LhasaJun 10, 20061,2030Approved
Tibetan road Lhasa to Kashgar.Jun 10, 20068300.5Approved
Stadium on Icy Heaven Lake (China)Jun 10, 20063040Approved
Piton des Neiges - Summit of Ocean IndianJun 9, 20066370Approved
square roundabout in Reze near NANTES(FRANCE)Jun 9, 20062950Approved
Russian Garnison in Grosny (Chechen Republic)Jun 9, 20062,5850Approved
Destroyed Football stadium in GrosnyJun 9, 20064,6310.333333Approved
Destroyed bridge in GrosnyJun 9, 20065,1250Approved
Helicopter on Grosny Airport (Chechen republic)Jun 9, 20062,1480Approved
Snowy VillagesJun 9, 20063170Approved
Helicopter on Nyala airport (Sudan)May 30, 20065410Approved
Sudan AirportsMay 30, 20067980Approved
Big circle in SudanMay 30, 20065610Approved
Chinese military aircraftMay 18, 20065210Approved
Udomlya Nuclear Energy production,RussiaMay 18, 20065300Approved
Russian Nuclear SubMarinesMay 18, 20061,4730Approved
Aland (Unique, self-governing islands..),FinlandMay 9, 20063150Approved
Old village on Socotra Island,YemenMay 9, 20067370Approved
Kigali Airport,RwandaMay 9, 20063460Approved
Football Stadium Kampala,UgandaMay 9, 20066000Approved
Mtawara Airport,TanzaniaMay 9, 20063750.333333Approved
Dodoma Airport,TanzaniaMay 9, 20064640Approved
Kilimanjaro Airport,TanzaniaMay 9, 20066390Approved
Nairobi airport,KenyaMay 9, 20069380Approved
Monbasa,Airport,KenyaMay 9, 20065600Approved
Nice dunes near Swarkopmund,NamibiaMay 9, 20067060Approved
Eldoret Airport,KenyaMay 9, 20066610Approved
Wajir airport, KenyaMay 9, 20065590Approved
Chernobyl And PripyatMay 7, 20066,8830Approved
Lac (Lake) de Grand-LieuMay 7, 20062280Approved
Russian 2002 Meteor.Mar 30, 20061,6450Approved
Shipwreck in RussiaMar 30, 20065570Approved
2 boats near MurmanskMar 30, 20063630Approved
Shipwrek 3 boats near MurmanskMar 30, 20066980Approved
List of Highs resolutions areasMar 30, 20061,1360Approved
Snowy airport near MurmanskMar 30, 20064250Approved
FxxK Message in a field.Feb 15, 20061,1500Approved
China map on a building rooftopJan 10, 20064000Approved
Two Cars Racing in South AfricaDec 21, 20057740Approved
The longest descent in the world without overlaysDec 20, 20054650Approved
Race track (Karting) near MacaoDec 19, 20053580Approved
Wanzai Golf near MacaoDec 19, 20052290Approved
Road 360 near Nanpu Bridge , Shanghai,ChinaDec 19, 20053570Approved
Great Intersection in china near ShanghaiDec 19, 20056270Approved
Beautiful lake in China , Anhui provinceDec 19, 20053190Approved
Emei shan sacred mountain,ChinaDec 19, 20056520Approved
Dry Valleys in AntarticaDec 19, 20058490Approved
Vestmannaeyjar airport,IcelandDec 19, 20054500Approved
Michelin Car Test Track near Clermont-FerrandDec 13, 20051,0820Approved
Some Meteors Craters in the world.Dec 13, 20051,5870Approved
A beautiful garden in Arbil, IraqDec 8, 20054130Approved
Patchwork of many tracks SyriaDec 7, 20056190Approved
Bamiyan valley, AfghanistanDec 7, 20056080Approved
Abra AnticonaDec 4, 20053990Approved
Stranges constructions in ChinaDec 4, 20056060Approved
Eiffel Tower in china...Dec 2, 20057540Approved
Beautiful lake in ChinaDec 2, 20058210Approved
All airports in chinaDec 2, 20051,5530Approved
K2 and Baltoro GlacierNov 30, 20052,5210Approved
Nabga Parbat overlay(8125m)Nov 30, 20059300Approved
A big Ship in ChinaNov 18, 20055650.5Approved
Zhuhai International Circuit near MacaoNov 18, 20056210Approved
Big circular road in china (Korla Xinjiang)Nov 18, 20054580Approved
Villazon -Bolivia French movie Les longs manteauxNov 18, 20055420Approved
A wonderful garden in thailandNov 6, 20055170Approved
A figure like an painting in ThailandNov 6, 20053880Approved
Horse course Hyderabad IndiaNov 6, 20055790Approved
2 planes on mahon airport (Menorca island Spain)Oct 16, 20055740Approved
Playa Cala en porter - minorque - SpainOct 16, 20053180.333333Approved
Menorca overlayOct 16, 20059840Approved
Puig major - highest peak of Majorqua islandOct 16, 20056100.333333Approved
All capitals from all countries and all territoriesOct 11, 20056,2370Approved
All lakes in TibetOct 8, 20057580.5Approved
A red lake in BagdadOct 8, 20055360Approved
Extreme points of the worldOct 8, 20059950Approved
All capitals from all countries and all territoriesOct 8, 20051,9280Approved
Lowest and Highest points for all countriesOct 7, 20053,7100Approved
Kiribati airport, NikunauOct 5, 20053240Approved
The Seven SummitsOct 5, 20051,4040Approved
Strange line on sandOct 4, 20055010Approved
forced water pipeline in PeruOct 4, 20054390Approved
Beijing 2008 , Olympic GreenOct 4, 20056420Approved
Beijing RailWay StationOct 4, 20053990Approved
Many Constructions in BeijingOct 4, 20055080Approved
Many ways in a chinese railwayOct 4, 20052930Approved
Beijing GolfOct 4, 20053250Approved
A attraction park in BeijingOct 4, 20054240.333333Approved
Beijing - Parliament - Great Hall of the peopleOct 4, 20053750Approved
Zoo of BeijingOct 4, 20053260Approved
A plane in BeijingOct 4, 20055970Approved
Strange road in Emirates desertSep 25, 20054860.5Approved
Giant pool in ChinaSep 24, 20057410Approved
Dalandzadgad Airport, MongoliaSep 24, 20055930.5Approved
Tripoli Airport LybiaSep 24, 20054080Approved
The most western american airportSep 19, 20052560Approved
Frienship Highway (Road from Lhasa to Kathmandu)Sep 19, 20051,0750Approved
Fire in BhutanSep 18, 20053460Approved
Paro Dzong Airport BhutanSep 18, 20053350Approved
All airports in chinaSep 14, 20058910Approved
Tangula Shankou, highest rr point between Golmud and LhasaSep 9, 20053610Approved
Top of Pikes Peak Railway (4275m) ColoradoSep 9, 20054050Approved
Shigatze Airport, Tibet,ChinaSep 9, 20055970Approved
Dolphin-shaped Lake, Tibet,ChinaSep 9, 20055150Approved
Yushu Airport Qinghai,ChinaSep 7, 20054660Approved
Bangdag-Tso lake in Changtang,TibetSep 6, 20053830Approved
Many ships in Hendaye Harbour,FranceSep 5, 20054670Approved
Matrix Reloaded MotorWaySep 3, 20052,3280Approved
Airports - ChinaSep 2, 20051,4630Approved
Bandga Airport Chamdo, ChinaSep 2, 20054420Approved
Nord Base Camp of Everest, Tibet - ChinaSep 1, 20051,6170Approved
Mine near Korla, Xinjiang, ChinaSep 1, 20057690Approved
Stranges symbols in Xinjiang ChinaAug 30, 20051,2970Approved
Small mine in Xinjiang ChinaAug 30, 20056630Approved
Truck on a trail near Korla Xinjiang ChinaAug 30, 20056120Approved
Archeology,Oasis on Keriya River,Xinjiang,ChinaAug 28, 20054780Approved
The fourteens 8000 MetersAug 14, 20051,4550.333333Approved
Highest monastery in the World, ChinaAug 14, 20051,2320Approved
Probably the highest road in the world, Ladadk, IndiaAug 14, 20057290Approved
Highest lake in the world?, Tibet, ChinaAug 14, 20055860Approved
Another scotch tape in chinaAug 13, 20057330Approved
Salt recolt on cha-ha-hu lake,Qinhai,China.kmlAug 13, 20054980Approved
Salto Del Angel and Auyan-tepui, VenezuelaAug 12, 20051,2500Approved
Korla Airport Xinjiang,ChinaAug 8, 20053940Approved
Xining Airport Qinhai,ChinaAug 8, 20053160Approved
Ulaan-Bator Airport, MongoliaAug 7, 20056430Approved
Lhassa AirportAug 7, 20051,2690Approved


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