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Baptistery of St. John, the oldest Christian building in FranceMar 30, 20072950Approved
Dover CastleMar 25, 20074641Approved
Mainz CitadelMar 24, 20074470Approved
Walmer Castle, KentMar 24, 20074850Approved
Citadel of ArrasMar 22, 20074520Approved
Old and New Little Belt Bridges, DenmarkMar 21, 20075410Approved
Herodium, IsraelMar 20, 20071,6280Approved
Silbury Hill chalk moundMar 19, 20074220Approved
Tomb of Tamerlane, SamarkandMar 16, 20076241Approved
Nagasaki Hypocenter, JapanMar 15, 20071,4290Approved
The Little Mermaid, CopenhagenMar 14, 20075820Approved
Hammershus Castle, BornholmMar 14, 20074930.333333Approved
Sorgenfri Castle, CopenhagenMar 10, 20074450Approved
The Winter Palace, St. PetersburgMar 10, 20077960Approved
Aarhus CathedralMar 10, 20073470Approved
Sonderborg Castle, AlsMar 8, 20075150Approved
Marselisborg Palace, AarhusMar 8, 20074390Approved
Graasten Castle, JutlandMar 7, 20074200Approved
Aalborghus Castle, AalborgMar 7, 20073100Approved
The Eremitage Hunting Lodge, CopenhagenMar 7, 20073680Approved
Viking Ship Museum, RoskildeMar 7, 20075790Approved
Naval Station FrederikshavnMar 6, 20071,0560Approved
Crac des Chevaliers, SyriaMar 5, 20071,1840Approved
Jelling Church, DenmarkMar 5, 20074210.5Approved
Kronborg Castle, ElsinoreMar 4, 20073690Approved
Schiphol Airport, AmsterdamMay 6, 20066060.5Approved
Klaipeda CastleMay 6, 20066010Approved
Riga CastleMay 6, 20061,2210Approved
Gediminas Castle, VilniusMay 3, 20067750Approved
Kaunas CastleMay 3, 20061,1520Approved
Riga Radio and TV TowerMay 3, 20061,9640Approved
Amerigo Vespucci, La SpeziaMay 2, 20068170Approved
Lorelei RockMay 1, 20068551Approved
Male International AirportApr 30, 20062,2650.5Approved
Zwinger Palace, DresdenApr 30, 20063720Approved
Blue Wonder, DresdenApr 30, 20061,2520Approved
Dresden-Wachwitz TV TowerApr 30, 20063920Approved
Parliament, ReykjavikApr 30, 20064700Approved
Arbor LowApr 29, 20064730Approved
Kisimul Castle, BarraApr 29, 20064371Approved
Dalby ChurchApr 29, 20062670Approved
Old SarumApr 29, 20064350Approved
Avebury Stone CircleApr 29, 20064910Approved
Diocletians Palace, SplitApr 27, 20061,7730.5Approved
Knossos, CreteApr 25, 20068,0651.5Approved
Miramare Castle, TriesteApr 25, 20069420Approved
Ljubljana CastleApr 25, 20065970Approved
Eton College, WindsorApr 25, 20062,3320Approved
Skanderbeg Square, TiranaApr 25, 20063,5970Approved
Zagreb CathedralApr 25, 20061,2281Approved
Roskilde CathedralApr 19, 20066660Approved
Ludwigsburg Palace, LudwigsburgMar 25, 20068400Approved
Mariyinsky Palace, KievMar 23, 20061,0500Approved
Golden Gate, KievMar 23, 20064580Approved
Frederiksberg Palace, CopenhagenMar 22, 20064230Approved
Tryvann Tower, OsloMar 19, 20067260Approved
Kista Science Tower, StockholmMar 19, 20064580.5Approved
Kaknas Tower, StockholmMar 19, 20064020Approved
Marble Church, CopenhagenMar 19, 20065690Approved
Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, CopenhagenMar 19, 20067880.333333Approved
TV Tower, TashkentMar 17, 20066890.333333Approved
Copenhagen CathedralMar 16, 20063290Approved
Tooba Mosque, KarachiMar 15, 20067240Approved
Temple of Apollo, SyracuseMar 15, 20065570Approved
Vauban Tower, Camaret-sur-MerMar 15, 20063250Approved
Basilica of the Holy Cross, FlorenceMar 15, 20064050Approved
Uffizi Gallery, FlorenceMar 15, 20065690Approved
Citadel of ArbilMar 15, 20066650Approved
Fort Moultrie, Charleston SCMar 15, 20068180Approved
Crystal Palace Transmitter, LondonMar 15, 20065000Approved
Freeway Decoration, Phoenix AZMar 15, 20066350Approved
Fort Delaware, MarylandMar 15, 20064640.5Approved
Basilica of the Sacred Heart, BrusselsMar 14, 20061,4880Approved
Dundonald CastleMar 14, 20064670Approved
Shaniwar Wada, PuneMar 14, 20063400Approved
Linkoping CathedralMar 14, 20062740.5Approved
Liberty Place, Philadelphia, PAMar 14, 20069160Approved
David S. Ingalls Rink, New Haven, CTMar 14, 20061,1390Approved
Longfellow National Historic Site, Cambridge, MAMar 14, 20063880Approved
R C Harris Filtration Plant, TorontoMar 14, 20064621Approved
Lancaster CastleFeb 5, 20067540Approved
Westminster Palace, LondonFeb 5, 20064330Approved
Bristol CathedralDec 7, 20054190Approved
SS Great Britain, BristolDec 7, 20055520Approved
Caerphilly Castle, WalesDec 5, 20059650Approved
Malmoe CastleNov 28, 20055200Approved
Chiang Man Temple, Chiang MaiNov 27, 20054230Approved
Obelisk, HeliopolisNov 27, 20055110Approved
Blickling Hall, NorfolkNov 23, 20052750Approved
Dunsink Observatory, DublinNov 23, 20054110Approved
Fortress of Santa Cruz, Rio de JaineroNov 23, 20054960Approved
Red Fort, DelhiNov 23, 20056870.333333Approved
Planetarium, Buenos AiresOct 23, 20054660.333333Approved
The Holy Land Experience Theme Park, OrlandoOct 23, 20057480Approved
Belvedere Castle, New yorkOct 23, 20053120Approved
Temple of Hera, MetapontoOct 23, 20054020Approved
Ruins of MetapontumOct 23, 20053630Approved
Roman Theatre and Odeon, LyonOct 23, 20056741Approved
Lower Fort Garry, WinnipegOct 23, 20053070Approved
Hadrians Villa, TivoliOct 23, 20055010Approved
Archaeological Park of Neapolis, SyracuseOct 23, 20054040Approved
Tughlaqabad Fortress and Tomb, DelhiOct 23, 20054270Approved
Fan Lau Fort, Hong KongOct 23, 20054350Approved
Old State House, BostonOct 23, 20052,7300Approved
Toji Temple, KyotoOct 22, 20055080Approved
Casa Mila, BarcelonaOct 22, 20051,1020Approved
Fort Warren, Georges IslandOct 22, 20055670.5Approved
Royal Palace, MonacoOct 22, 20051,5160Approved
Castle of IscarOct 19, 20053550Approved
Basilica of Saint Apollinare, ClasseOct 19, 20053800Approved
Iroquois Village, MiltonOct 19, 20055250Approved
Aguas Mansas Castle, RiojaOct 19, 20052880Approved
USS George Bancroft (SSBN-643), GeorgiaOct 19, 20056520Approved
Capodimonte Museum, NaplesOct 19, 20053530Approved
Chester CathedralOct 18, 20053210Approved
Golden Pavilion, KyotoOct 18, 20054990Approved
First Cathedral of the Americas, Santo DomingoOct 18, 20056711Approved
Coastal defence museum, Hoek van HollandOct 18, 20054300Approved
Vaxholm Fortress Museum, StockholmOct 15, 20053990Approved
Sant Elmo Castle, NaplesOct 15, 20053820Approved
Dumbarton Castle, StrathclydeOct 15, 20053220Approved
Castle Hill, CambridgeOct 15, 20053330Approved
Castle Ring, StaffordshireOct 15, 20054200Approved
Portchester Castle, PortsmouthOct 15, 20054640Approved
Feira Castle, Santa Maria de FeiraOct 15, 20052941Approved
Silves Castle, AlgarveOct 15, 20053290Approved
Southsea Castle, PortsmouthOct 15, 20054050Approved
Sandgate Castle, KentOct 15, 20053490Approved
Worlds Largest World, WellesleyOct 14, 20053980Approved
Castle Burg, SolingenOct 13, 20053510Approved
Castelo do Queijo, PortoOct 12, 20053070Approved
Etowah Indian Mounds, GeorgiaOct 12, 20053950Approved
The Marathon TombOct 12, 20055400Approved
Ziggurat of Agargouf, IraqOct 12, 20059730Approved
Gefion Fountain, CopenhagenOct 11, 20053460Approved
Drakes Island, PlymouthOct 10, 20054580.333333Approved
Royal Citadel, PlymouthOct 10, 20054060Approved
Drakes Statue, PlymouthOct 9, 20052440Approved
Smeatons Tower, PlymouthOct 9, 20054220Approved
Jingshan Park, BeijingSep 29, 20054550.333333Approved
Great Hall of the People, BeijingSep 29, 20054160Approved
White Pagoda, BiejingSep 29, 20053080Approved
100 Placemarks for the Forbidden City, BeijingSep 29, 20057760.333333Approved
Tower of Gold, Seville, SpainSep 29, 20053070Approved
Cathedral of Seville, SpainSep 29, 20053830Approved
Archive of the lndies, SevilleSep 29, 20052630Approved
Pyramids - An architectural success storySep 28, 20051,1270Approved
Swan Bells, PerthSep 27, 20054320Approved
City Walls, Lucca, ItalySep 27, 20056150Approved
Abdeen Palace, CairoSep 27, 20055750Approved
Basilica Church, HeliopolisSep 27, 20055651Approved
Cerro Santa Lucia, SantiagoSep 27, 20055870.5Approved
The Ducal Castle, CaenSep 27, 20053780Approved
Mulberry Harbour B, ArromanchesSep 27, 20056950Approved
Fort No. 1, QuebecSep 27, 20053520Approved
Chateau Frontenac, QuebecSep 27, 20053490Approved
Jacques Cartier Bridge, MontrealSep 27, 20054040Approved
48 Places in the Kremlin, MoscowSep 26, 20051,0670Approved
San Jacinto Monument, TexasSep 25, 20055860Approved
71 Places in the VaticanSep 25, 20059790Approved
Mausoleum of Mao Zedong, BeijingSep 24, 20053970Approved
Mucuripe Lighthouse, FortalezaSep 24, 20054580Approved
Bridge of the Americas, PanamaSep 24, 20057100Approved
Belem Tower, LisbonSep 23, 20054530Approved
Cathedral, ComoSep 23, 20052540.333333Approved
Pirelli Tower, MilanSep 23, 20054780Approved
Central Station, MilanSep 23, 20053980Approved
Leaning Tower, PisaSep 23, 20051,3230Approved
Princess Dianas grave, AlthorpSep 23, 20051,9440Approved
Lighthouse of Meloria, LeghornSep 23, 20053690Approved
Citadel, ParmaSep 22, 20054060Approved
Torrechiara Castle, ParmaSep 22, 20053830Approved
Humayuns Tomb, DelhiSep 22, 20055340Approved
Safdarjangs Tomb, DelhiSep 22, 20054060Approved
Lodhi Garden, DelhiSep 22, 20054490Approved
Casa Roada, Buenos AiresSep 22, 20053740Approved
Metropolitan Cathedral, Buenos AiresSep 22, 20052670Approved
Capitol, HavanaSep 22, 20054370Approved
Revolution Museum, HavanaSep 22, 20053960Approved
Catedral of St. Cristobal, HavanaSep 22, 20053730Approved
Royal Palace of Arunjuez, SpainSep 21, 20057630Approved
Cathedral of Segovia, SpainSep 21, 20053381Approved
Valley of the Fallen, MadridSep 21, 20053510Approved
Westerkerk, AmsterdamSep 21, 20053180.333333Approved
Palo Castle, LadispoliSep 21, 20053210.5Approved
Prang Sam Yot, LopburiSep 21, 20053530Approved
Wat Phra Sri Mahathat, LopburiSep 21, 20054000Approved
Cathedral of Malabo, BiokoSep 20, 20052890Approved
House of Parliament, BernSep 20, 20054170Approved
Bern CathedralSep 20, 20053681Approved
Zytglogge Clock Tower, BernSep 20, 20053970Approved
National Art Gallery, HarareSep 20, 20055100Approved
Fort Frederick, Port Elizabeth, SASep 20, 20053960Approved
The Donkin Reserve, Port Elizabeth, SASep 20, 20052960Approved
Tethered Aerostat Radar System, Puerto RicoSep 20, 20057900Approved
The Ziggurat Building, West Sacramento, CASep 20, 20055870Approved
Zzyzx Springs, CaliforiniaSep 20, 20055020Approved
Cite de la Musique, Paris, FranceSep 20, 20055520Approved
Grants Tomb, New York CitySep 19, 20054460Approved
Fortezza Vecchia, LeghornSep 19, 20054460Approved
Cathedral of La PazSep 19, 20055310Approved
Darwin International AirportSep 19, 20053510Approved
Government House, DarwinSep 19, 20053530Approved
Parliament, ViennaSep 19, 20053860Approved
Imperial Court Theatre, ViennaSep 19, 20053940Approved
Charles Church, ViennaSep 19, 20053710Approved
Urania, ViennaSep 19, 20053340Approved
Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore, IndiaSep 18, 20056560Approved
Bermuda Cathedral, HamiltonSep 18, 20053950Approved
Somerset Dam, AustraliaSep 18, 20054490Approved
The Cloisters, New YorkSep 18, 20052930Approved
Verkhovna Rada, Kiev, UkraineSep 18, 20054280Approved
Osaka CastleSep 18, 20054550Approved
Hofburg Imperial Palace, ViennaSep 18, 20054440Approved
Maria Theresia Platz, Vienna, AustriaSep 18, 20053820Approved
State Opera, Vienna, AustriaSep 18, 20054200Approved
National Capitol, Caracas, VenezuelaSep 18, 20053930Approved
Casa Natal de Bolivar, Caracas, VenezuelaSep 18, 20055070Approved
New Street Station, Birmingham, UKSep 18, 20054520Approved
Kalemegdan Fortress, BelgradeSep 18, 20054650Approved
Parliament of Serbia, BelgradeSep 18, 20054970Approved
Sapporo TV Tower, Hokkaido, JapanSep 18, 20053410Approved
Nagoya Castle, Honshu, JapanSep 18, 20053240Approved
Nagoya TV Tower, Honshu, JapanSep 18, 20054190Approved
Golkonda Fort, HyderabadSep 18, 20054040Approved
Charminar, Hyderabad, IndiaSep 18, 20058630Approved
Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad, IndiaSep 18, 20056840Approved
Gateway of India, MumbaiSep 18, 2005 - - Denied
Kuala Lumpur TowerSep 18, 20056550Approved
Pink House, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaSep 16, 20053560Approved
National Gallery of Australia, CanberraSep 16, 20053180Approved
Ely CathedralSep 16, 20053190Approved
Diamond Head, Honolulu, HawaiiSep 16, 20051,1850Approved
South Carolina State House, Columbia, SCSep 16, 20056460.333333Approved
Cathedral of Malaga, SpainSep 16, 20053370Approved
Cathedral of Toledo, SpainSep 16, 20054290.5Approved
Alcazar of Toledo, SpainSep 16, 20055320Approved
West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village, UKSep 16, 20052650Approved
National Museum of American History, Washington DCSep 16, 20053281Approved
United States Embassy, OttawaSep 16, 20053710Approved
Castle of Barletta, ItalySep 16, 20053790Approved
Venafro Castle, CampaniaSep 16, 20052630Approved
Warsaw Palace of Culture and ScienceSep 16, 20055240Approved
Bartlow Hill Roman barrow cemeterySep 15, 20053300Approved
The Lagatjar Megaliths, CamaretSep 15, 20055710Approved
Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Washington DCSep 15, 20053640Approved
Grundtvigs Church, CopenhagenSep 15, 20053020Approved
National Bank of DenmarkSep 15, 20052920Approved
Swansea CastleSep 14, 20052630Approved
Grand Theatre, SwanseaSep 14, 20052920Approved
National Motorcycle Museum, SolihullSep 14, 20052730Approved
La Scala, MilanSep 14, 20054090Approved
Sao Filipe Fortress, SetubalSep 14, 20053230Approved
Hotel Pousada de Palmela, PortugalSep 14, 20053230Approved
Indira Ghandi Stadium, New DelhiSep 14, 20054180Approved
Sesimbra CastleSep 14, 20053250Approved
Fort HamiltonSep 14, 20056960.5Approved
Fort Stanwick, Rome, NYSep 10, 20058640Approved
Halifax CitadelSep 10, 20053680.333333Approved
Paul Reveres House, BostonSep 10, 20053730Approved
Old North Church, BostonSep 10, 20053080Approved
Frederiksborg Castle, DenmarkSep 10, 20054080Approved
Maipu Votive Temple, SantiagoSep 10, 20053350Approved
Silves castleSep 10, 20052580Approved
Zitadelle Spandau, BerlinSep 10, 20053770Approved
De Burcht, LeidenSep 10, 20053510Approved
Fort York, TorontoSep 10, 20054070Approved
Mausoleum of Augustus, RomeSep 10, 20055890Approved
Hagia Eirene, IstanbulSep 10, 20054370Approved
Church Sergios and Baccos, IstanbulSep 10, 20054100Approved
Hippodrome of Constantinople, IstanbulSep 10, 20056560Approved
San Salvador de Valdedios, AsturiasSep 10, 20053050.5Approved
Barnenez Cairn, FinisterreSep 10, 20052960Approved
Hovedoya monastery, OsloSep 10, 20053030Approved
Sant Felipe Fort, MinorcaSep 10, 20053451Approved
NASA Tracking Station, CarnarvonSep 10, 20057070Approved
Wandlebury Ring, CambridgeSep 10, 20053930Approved
Madingley HallSep 10, 20052670Approved
Burgh Mill, NorfolkSep 10, 20054601Approved
St Michaels, AylshamSep 10, 20053140Approved
Trematon Castle, PlymouthSep 10, 20053520Approved
Fort Griswold, GrotonSep 10, 20053180Approved
Castro de Barona, SpainSep 10, 20052870Approved
Aljaferia Palace, ZaragozaSep 9, 20053120Approved
Farnham CastleSep 9, 20053050Approved
Waverley AbbeySep 9, 20052460Approved
Klong Prem Central prison, BangkokSep 9, 20058310Approved
Central Station, CopenhagenSep 9, 20053340Approved
City Hall, CopenhagenSep 9, 20053170Approved
Royal Theater, CopenhagenSep 9, 20052810Approved
Great Falls of the Potomac, VASep 5, 20057210Approved
St. Pierre Cathedral, GenevaSep 5, 20052710Approved
Grand Theatre, GenevaSep 5, 20053840.5Approved
The Gates - Central Park, NY - overlaySep 5, 20058260Approved
Chaco Culture National Historical ParkSep 5, 20054200.666667Approved
Map overlay for Angkor ThomSep 5, 20051,0310Approved
Angkor Wat - overlaySep 5, 20051,1150Approved
Angkor Thom and Angkor Wat overlaySep 4, 20051,1750Approved
Columbus Monument, BarcelonaSep 3, 20055030Approved
Oceanographic Museum, MonacoSep 3, 20055910Approved
Grimaldi Forum, MonacoSep 3, 20056700Approved
Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque, GibraltarSep 3, 20056720Approved
Basilica Notre-Dame de la Garde, MarseilleSep 3, 20056060Approved
The Two Towers, BolognaSep 3, 20054600Approved
La Cathedrale de la Nouvelle Major, MarseilleSep 3, 20054300Approved
Palais Longchamp, MarseilleSep 3, 20053420Approved
Mausoleum of Theodoric, RavennaSep 3, 20053580Approved
The Basilica of San PetronioSep 3, 20053510Approved
New Fortress, LeghornSep 3, 20052790Approved
Rialto Towers, MelbourneSep 3, 20054790Approved
Hercules Tower Lighthouse, La CorunaSep 3, 20054650Approved
Basilica of the Holy Agatha and Barbara, HalderbergeSep 3, 20053190Approved
Grande Arche de la Fraternite, ParisSep 3, 20051,4960Approved
Aquarium of Genoa, ItalySep 2, 20054430Approved
Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, CanadaSep 2, 20053240Approved
Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, IndiaSep 2, 20055430Approved
Cathedral of Brasilia, BrazilSep 2, 20054410Approved
All Saints Church, Northampton, EnglandSep 2, 20052730Approved
Topkapi Palace, Istanbul, TurkeySep 2, 20056270Approved
Nikolskiy Navy Cathedral, St. Petersburg, RussiaSep 2, 20053450Approved
Carlsberg Beer Headquarters, Northampton, EnglandSep 2, 20053170Approved
Church of The Holy Sepulchre, Northampton, EnglandSep 2, 20053041Approved
City Hall, Toronto, CanadaSep 2, 20053820Approved
Rogers Centre, Toronto, CanadaSep 2, 20055910Approved
National Theatre, Brasilia, BrazilSep 2, 20055470Approved
Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan, ItalySep 2, 20053570Approved
St. Laurence Cathedral, Genoa, ItalySep 2, 20052450Approved
Home of Christopher Columbus, Genoa, ItalySep 2, 20053810.5Approved
Ducal Palace, Genoa, ItalySep 2, 20053460.5Approved
Strangeways Prison, Manchester, UKSep 1, 20057630Approved
Manchester Town HallAug 30, 20053000Approved
Manchester Central LibraryAug 30, 20053310Approved
Imperial War Museum North, ManchesterAug 30, 20053250Approved
Manchester CathedralAug 30, 20052550Approved
G-Mex, ManchesterAug 30, 20053290Approved
Norwich CastleAug 30, 20053230Approved
Norwich CathedralAug 30, 20052500Approved
Norwich City HallAug 30, 20052940Approved
Norwich ForumAug 30, 20052970Approved
Castle of BrestAug 30, 20052990Approved
City Hall, ToulouseAug 30, 20053310.333333Approved
The Saint-Sernin Basilica, ToulouseAug 30, 20053550.333333Approved
The Augustins Monastery, ToulouseAug 30, 20052930Approved
Saint-Etienne Cathedral, ToulouseAug 30, 20053220Approved
Fort Jefferson, FL (Overlay)Aug 30, 20059020.5Approved
Valley of the Kings, Egypt (small overlay)Aug 30, 20051,5410Approved
Roque de los Muchachos ObservatoryAug 30, 20055240Approved
Mt. Stromlo Observatory, CanberraAug 30, 20052940Approved
Griffith Observatory, LAAug 30, 20054220Approved
21 Places in Krakow, PolandAug 30, 20051,0610Approved
Opera House, TimisoaraAug 29, 20054890Approved
Timisoara International AirportAug 29, 20053660Approved
Philharmonic, TimisoaraAug 29, 20055050Approved
Timisoara Orthodox Metropolitan CathedralAug 29, 20053910Approved
Roman Catholic Cathedral, TimisoaraAug 29, 20053110Approved
Banat Museum, TimisoaraAug 29, 20053210Approved
Dicasterial Palace, TimisoaraAug 29, 20052631Approved
Romanian Orthodox Cathedral, AradAug 29, 20052860Approved
Arad Fortress, RomaniaAug 29, 20054530Approved
Cultural Palace, AradAug 29, 20052720Approved
Administrative Palace, AradAug 29, 20053410Approved
Bratislava CastleAug 29, 20054340Approved
National Theater, BratislavaAug 29, 20052840Approved
Old Town Hall, BratislavaAug 29, 20052810Approved
Primatial Palace, BratislavaAug 29, 20052980Approved
St Martin cathedral, BratislavaAug 29, 20052900Approved
al-Hussein shrine and al-Abbas shrine, KabalaAug 29, 20058290.333333Approved
Fort Monroe, VirginiaAug 29, 20054110Approved
Blaye citadelAug 29, 20053890Approved
University of CopenhagenAug 29, 20052380Approved
Senate House - University of LondonAug 29, 20052760Approved
Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, LondonAug 29, 20053510Approved
Cutty Sark, Greenwich, UKAug 29, 20054460Approved
Bank of England, LondonAug 29, 20055930Approved
Taipei Presidential BulidingAug 28, 20053810Approved
Shin Kong Life Tower, TaipeiAug 28, 20054580Approved
Bicentennial Conservatory, AdelaideAug 28, 20052750Approved
Burswood Superdome, PerthAug 28, 20053100Approved
Dumas House, PerthAug 28, 20055090Approved
Dunc Gray Velodrome, SydneyAug 28, 20052850Approved
ECLAC Headquarters, SantiagoAug 28, 20053140Approved
La Moneda Presidential Palace, SantiagoAug 28, 20054240Approved
National Museum of Natural History, SantiagoAug 28, 20053050Approved
Cairo Tower, Cairo, EgyptAug 28, 20059710Approved
Cairo Opera House, Cairo, EgyptAug 28, 20056130Approved
Parliament (Stortinget), OsloAug 28, 20052760Approved
Viking Ship Museum, OsloAug 28, 20053920Approved
Castelo de Sao Filipe, PortugalAug 28, 20054530Approved
Castle da Pena, PortugalAug 28, 20054420Approved
Forte da Insua, PortugalAug 28, 20054260Approved
Fortress on River Guadiana, PortugalAug 28, 20054290Approved
Jannat al-Baqi Cemetery, MedinaAug 28, 20051,0480Approved
Sagunt Castle, ValenciaAug 27, 20053880Approved
The Aragonese Castle, TarantoAug 27, 20053890Approved
Guiseppe Garibaldi, TarantoAug 27, 20056370.333333Approved
Castello Maniace, SyracuseAug 27, 20053550Approved
Chinon Castle, FranceAug 27, 20055210Approved
Dublin Castle, Dublin, IrelandAug 27, 20054700Approved
Trinity College, DublinAug 27, 20054230Approved
Real Felipe Fortress, PeruAug 27, 20057040Approved
Huaca Huallamarca, LimaAug 27, 20058170Approved
Bratislava Castle, SlovakiaAug 27, 20054080Approved
Castle of Karababa, GreeceAug 27, 20055000Approved
Hala Ludowa, Wroclaw, PolandAug 27, 20054840Approved
Castle Malbork (Marienburg), PolandAug 27, 20056070Approved
Monaco CathedralAug 27, 20054400Approved
Dutch Parliament, NetherlandsAug 26, 20054590Approved
New Church, AmsterdamAug 26, 20053690Approved
New Lutheran Church, AmsterdamAug 26, 20054470Approved
Oude Kerk, AmsterdamAug 26, 20053640Approved
Royal Palace, AmsterdamAug 26, 20054180Approved
Grote Kerk, RotterdamAug 26, 20053450.333333Approved
14 places in CasablancaAug 26, 20059660Approved
21 Places in SingaporeAug 25, 20051,3810Approved
Hollywood BowlAug 23, 20057390Approved
Amphitheatre, CapuaAug 23, 20055190Approved
Thermae of Caracalla, RomeAug 23, 20055150Approved
Churches in Venice, ItalyAug 22, 20055771Approved
Gare des VoyageursAug 21, 20054400Approved
Bayeux TapestryAug 21, 20052150Approved
Bayeux Cathedral, FranceAug 21, 20053050Approved
Battle of Normandy Museum, BayeuxAug 21, 20054760Approved
Arch of CtesiphonAug 21, 20054930Approved
Bragernes Church, DrammenAug 21, 20052770Approved
Tallinn AirportAug 21, 20055170Approved
King Abdullah Mosque, AmmanAug 21, 20058900Approved
Citadel of AmmanAug 21, 20057110Approved
Roman Theatre, AmmanAug 21, 20057990Approved
Tunis-Carthage International AirportAug 21, 20057380Approved
Ancienn Medina, CasablancaAug 21, 20056020Approved
London City HallAug 21, 20059960Approved
Underwater World, SingaporeAug 20, 20054420Approved
Raffles Hotel, SingaporeAug 20, 20055440Approved
Parliament House, SingaporeAug 20, 20054290.5Approved
Changi Airport, SingaporeAug 20, 20055320Approved
Krakatau Volcano (Overlay)Aug 20, 20051,4370Approved
Heathrow Airport - overlayAug 20, 20059090Approved
Charles Bridge, PragueAug 20, 20057280Approved
Palace of PragueAug 20, 20055730Approved
Old Town Square, PragueAug 20, 20056090Approved
Municipal Hall, PragueAug 20, 20054580Approved
National Museum, PragueAug 20, 20053510Approved
Klementium, PragueAug 20, 20054910Approved
National Theatre, PragueAug 20, 20054390Approved
Rudolfinium, PragueAug 20, 20054010.833333Approved
Willemsbrug, RotterdamAug 20, 20054630Approved
Kubuswoningen, RotterdamAug 20, 20054170Approved
Euromast, RotterdamAug 20, 20053950Approved
Erasmusbrug, RotterdamAug 20, 20055010Approved
Arlanda Airport, SwedenAug 20, 20056560Approved
US embassy, DenmarkAug 20, 20052910Approved
Carlsberg Breweries, CopenhagenAug 20, 20053330Approved
Old Fortification of CopenhagenAug 20, 20053170Approved
Police HQ, CopenhagenAug 19, 20054100Approved
Viborg CathedralAug 19, 20054060Approved
Royal Library, CopenhagenAug 18, 20053490Approved
Hagia Sofia, IstanbulAug 17, 20051,4690.5Approved


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