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Writing in fieldDec 15, 20072350Approved
Buddhist Temples and MonasteriesFeb 23, 20075161Approved
Wat Thai Of Los AngelesFeb 21, 20073750Approved
The Worlds Largest Nuclear Weapons Test SiteJan 12, 20072,2430Approved
3 Guys Playing FootballSep 30, 20064560Approved
Wierd-sized soccer pitchSep 24, 20063380Approved
Censored AirportSep 17, 20061,3100Approved
Dharma Zen CenterSep 14, 20062640Approved
Vipassana Meditiation Place of NYSep 14, 20062340Approved
Buddhist Center New YorkSep 14, 20062470Approved
Strange ObjectSep 11, 20066810Approved
Houses in a CircleSep 11, 20062570Approved
WAXT NEMO signSep 10, 20062100Approved
Manchester UnitedSep 9, 20064190Approved
Virtual Tour of Washington DCSep 8, 20063,1210Approved
The Four Holy Sites of BuddhismSep 7, 20065210Approved
The Developed CountriesSep 7, 20061,4410Approved
Top 20 EU CitiesSep 6, 20061,3900Approved
Cities of the EUAug 30, 20064700.333333Approved
Cities of IndiaAug 30, 20061,4750Approved
Cities of BrazilAug 30, 20066690Approved
Tinos island Rent a carAug 30, 20062600Approved
Ferry Tickets Offices - Tinos islandAug 30, 20062520Approved
Cities of ChinaAug 30, 20065910Approved
Cities of RussiaAug 30, 20067000Approved
Metropolises of the WorldAug 21, 20069190Approved
Metropolises of the AmericasAug 21, 20064080Approved
Metropolises of AsiaAug 21, 20065160Approved
Metropolises of OceaniaAug 20, 20063980Approved
All Metropolises of EuropeAug 20, 20065970Approved
Wat Prathat Doi SuthepAug 12, 20063880Approved
World EnvironmentJul 30, 20061,0520Approved
THE HAPPY PLANET INDEXJul 12, 20061,5940Approved
Coldplays Talk VideoJun 28, 20062980Approved
Septemvriytsi DamJun 28, 20063160Approved
ReflectionJun 26, 20066910Approved
Pictures of LomJun 24, 20065420Approved
Agia Paraskevi - suburb of AthensJun 24, 20065010.5Approved
Police Dep. at Athens AirportJun 19, 20063270Approved
BBC NEWS - 15-17 JUNE 06Jun 17, 20061,1720Approved
Global CitiesJun 16, 20069360Approved
Metropolises of AfricaJun 15, 20064680Approved
BBC Day in Pictures - 9 June 2006Jun 9, 20065360Approved
Freedom in the WorldJun 8, 20063,3650Approved
Omonia Square, AthensMay 27, 20064280Approved
The 50 Best Cities in the WorldMay 17, 20061,0910Approved
IngushetiaMay 17, 20063780Approved
NASDAQMay 16, 20062810Approved
New York Stock ExchangeMay 16, 20063750Approved
Rihga Royal - ManhattanMay 16, 20062820Approved
Zen Hospice ProjectMay 16, 20063010Approved
Walnut Hills High SchoolMay 16, 20063310Approved
Vakil BazarMay 16, 20063580Approved
General Toshevo StadiumMay 16, 20063030.5Approved
Dunav StadiumMay 16, 20063800Approved
Partizani StadiumMay 15, 20063880Approved
Football StadiumMay 15, 20062430Approved
Taking OffMay 15, 20063860Approved
Fantastic ViewMay 15, 20066990Approved
AcropolisMay 15, 20062,4911Approved
English Language SchoolMay 15, 20062550Approved
Shell and BP in TinosMay 15, 20062920Approved
Church near AcropolisMay 14, 20062810.5Approved
Arena CinemaMay 14, 20063010Approved
Vuzrazhdane SquareMay 14, 20062690Approved
Tinos nightlifeMay 14, 20062340Approved
Supermarket in TinosMay 14, 20062630Approved
BP Gas StationMay 14, 20062480Approved
Vidalis SupermarketMay 14, 20062440Approved
Buddhist Retreat Centre- AustraliaMay 13, 20063290Approved
A World of WarMay 13, 20066230Approved
BBC NewsMay 11, 20065121Approved
Rila Mountain - Paradise on EarthMay 11, 20067490Approved
Trapped Australian miners rescuedMay 10, 20066580.5Approved
TasmaniaMay 10, 20061,1360Approved
World Distribution of WolvesMay 10, 20061,3000.5Approved
Detailed map of BulgariaMay 10, 20061,2630Approved
Map of Athens, GreeceMay 10, 20062,1700Approved
Tinos island, Greece - MapMay 10, 20064280Approved
Sofia City CentreMay 10, 20061,6840Approved
Bulgaria Population DensityMay 10, 20064540Approved
Bulgaria Major RoadsMay 10, 20065530Approved
Bulgaria Mineral MapMay 10, 20067280Approved
California Precipitation MapMay 10, 20067220Approved
Tibet District MapMay 10, 20066310Approved
Western WorldMay 10, 20069300Approved
The BalkansMay 10, 20064630Approved
Man opening the door of his carMay 7, 20066210Approved
Visoko PyramidMay 5, 20061,2680Approved
KosovoMay 5, 20062,3560Approved
A street in LomMay 5, 20062880Approved
US troops set for Bulgaria basesApr 28, 20066040Approved
Impressions of the World Series 1.0Apr 28, 20061,2910.5Approved
Ferry in the middle of the MediterraneanApr 27, 20063960Approved
Boat in the middle of the seaApr 27, 20063310Approved
Avra HotelApr 26, 20062060Approved
Ports of Tinos island, GreeceApr 26, 20062900Approved
Tinos island HeliportApr 26, 20062800Approved
Vincenzo Travel - Tinos island, GreeceApr 26, 20062450Approved
Hotel in Tinos island - GreeceApr 26, 20062890Approved
Buddhist Centres in LondonApr 26, 20063120Approved
Preparing Music Concert at the StadiumApr 26, 20062390Approved
Shambhala Mountain CenterApr 25, 20064130Approved
People walking on the sidewalkApr 23, 20065700Approved
Shadow of a manApr 23, 20066220Approved
Bulgaria Turkey GreeceApr 21, 20062940Approved
School of LekhchevoApr 21, 20062180Approved
Trun Main SquareApr 21, 20062760Approved
Pernik Main SquareApr 21, 20062870Approved
Bobovdol coal minesApr 21, 20067280Approved
Empty airfieldApr 21, 20063130Approved
Port of BalchikApr 21, 20062800Approved
Levski StadiumApr 21, 20063040Approved
The Danube Bridge of FriendshipApr 21, 20063800Approved
Bulgarian vs Romanian fieldsApr 21, 20062910Approved
Fields of BulgariaApr 21, 20062340Approved
Border Bulgaria-RomaniaApr 21, 20064320Approved
BG-RO BorderApr 21, 20063400Approved
People in the Black SeaApr 21, 20067270Approved
People SwimmingApr 21, 20066770Approved
Regions of BulgariaApr 20, 20065740Approved
Railway Station SlivnitsaApr 20, 20061950Approved
High Resolution Areas in BulgariaApr 20, 20066080Approved
Sunny Beach - BulgariaApr 20, 20061,2390Approved
Football in BulgariaApr 20, 20062440Approved
Shlep in the DanubeApr 20, 20062510Approved
Danube ShlepApr 20, 20062710Approved
Bulgarian Shlep (Cargo Ship)Apr 20, 20062920Approved
Bulgarian TrainsApr 20, 20062950.333333Approved
Baba Vida CastleApr 20, 20063050Approved
Greek Village in High Resolution 2.1Apr 20, 20068400Approved
Danube FloodsApr 17, 20063840Approved
Arab WorldApr 17, 20068300Approved
The Middle EastApr 17, 20062,5680Approved
Muslim WorldApr 17, 20062,1720Approved
Bird FluApr 17, 20065000Approved
Lom Peak, AntarcticaApr 15, 20063250Approved
High Danube sparks Europe floods - BBC NewsApr 15, 20063320Approved
Floods in LomApr 15, 20063040.333333Approved
FIFA World Cup Germany 2006Apr 10, 20069250Approved
Beatles PlacesApr 10, 20062,3860Approved
hats of the worldApr 9, 20065300Approved
Chiflucka NeighbourhoodApr 8, 20061,1132Approved
My House in 3DApr 7, 20062,8090Approved
Kato Patisia StationApr 6, 20064160Approved
Marketplace of LomApr 6, 20062610Approved
Emergency Medicine Centre of LomApr 6, 20062770Approved
Central Bus Station - SofiaApr 6, 20063070Approved
The Best Hospital in Sofia, BulgariaApr 6, 20063340Approved
US EU ChinaApr 5, 20064200Approved
NATO Symbol in SofiaApr 5, 20064520Approved
Geographic Centre FranceApr 5, 20063830Approved
Geographic Extremes of BulgariaApr 5, 20063640Approved
Residence Town of HH Dalai LamaApr 4, 20063400Approved
TennisApr 3, 20065300Approved
The 8 Most Powerful PeopleApr 2, 20068080Approved
People Sitting on a BenchApr 1, 20061,3250Approved
All about Rafina, GreeceMar 30, 20068980Approved
Buddhaland Buddhist CentreMar 27, 20062550Approved
Rafina, GreeceMar 25, 20064180Approved
North-Western Bulgarian CitiesMar 20, 20063130Approved
Jeff Bridges HouseMar 19, 20061,3980Approved
CJ PlaceMar 19, 20064810Approved
National Intelligence Service in SofiaMar 19, 20063070Approved
Bulgarian National Bank in SofiaMar 19, 20062940Approved
Krasno Selo MarketMar 19, 20062840Approved
Augarten Park, ViennaMar 19, 20063530Approved
El Mandara oasisMar 19, 20061,0200Approved
Gaberoun Oasis - SaharaMar 19, 20061,1140Approved
High-Res Sahara TownMar 19, 20061,5250Approved
Valley of RosesMar 18, 20063470Approved
Map of EtropoleMar 18, 20063040Approved
Map of Vidin CityMar 18, 20062640Approved
High Resolution - Vratsa CityMar 18, 20065270Approved
Rila Monastery - Bulgaria, EuropeMar 18, 20064540Approved
Chatham IslandMar 16, 20068260Approved
Top World Leaders and Government Buildings version 7.0Mar 15, 20061,1240Approved
Major Powers of the WorldMar 15, 20062,0980Approved
Greek Village in High Resolution 2Mar 15, 20068320Approved
Greek Island Cliff in High ResMar 13, 20068530Approved
Greek Village in High ResolutionMar 13, 20069180Approved
High Res Overlay of TinosMar 13, 20064790.5Approved
Monastiria villageMar 12, 20066430Approved
Panormos Village - Tinos island, GreeceMar 12, 20065870Approved
Tinos port - Tinos islandMar 12, 20065900Approved
Paul Scholes.s High SchoolMar 12, 20063510Approved
Koumelas High Resolution OverlayMar 12, 20065000Approved
Volax - Tinos island - GreeceMar 12, 20063900Approved
Ipswich Buddhist CentreMar 6, 20063190Approved
European UnionMar 5, 20068050Approved
Presidential Palace- Monrovia., Liberia, AfricaMar 1, 20061,0770Approved
Slaveikov SquareFeb 27, 20062240Approved
New York Bus NumberFeb 26, 20062690Approved
Brazillian FootballFeb 24, 20063160Approved
Playing TennisFeb 24, 20063290Approved
Guy walking down the pitchFeb 24, 20062890Approved
Football GameFeb 23, 20068201Approved
City UniversityFeb 21, 20063030Approved
Tinos BeachFeb 21, 20063250Approved
Lom Central SquareFeb 21, 20062390Approved
Lom BeachFeb 21, 20062990Approved
Lokomotiv SofiaFeb 21, 20062330Approved
Central CemeteryFeb 21, 20062460Approved
Sofia Central Railway StationFeb 21, 20062800Approved
Boruna QuarterFeb 20, 20062440.5Approved
Bulgaria through the agesFeb 17, 20065810Approved
Driving Standards - Right or LeftFeb 17, 20063,0610Approved
A Harvester in WorkFeb 15, 20064330Approved
Swimming Pool on a RooftopFeb 10, 20065980Approved
High-Res Sahara VillageFeb 1, 20062,3230Approved
Standard of LivingJan 30, 20064,7450Approved
Euro 2008Jan 30, 20068860Approved
EU Embassy - Washington DCJan 29, 20064080Approved
Embassy of Bulgaria - Washington DCJan 29, 20062840Approved
Tennis in Sofia, BulgariaJan 27, 20063220Approved
David Beckham PlacesJan 25, 20061,8520.5Approved
Birthplace of A. EinsteinJan 25, 20069220Approved
The Best Black Sea Holiday ResortJan 24, 20063660.5Approved
Belene islandJan 21, 20064130Approved
President Office Building in SofiaJan 16, 20063400Approved
Vitosha Boulevard - Sofia, BulgariaJan 16, 20064520Approved
Sofia UniversityJan 16, 20062560Approved
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in SofiaJan 16, 20065810Approved
Parliament Building in SofiaJan 16, 20063770Approved
National Palace of Culture - Sofia, BulgariaJan 16, 20063880Approved
Wonderful House with a PoolJan 14, 20063060Approved
Pakistan raid targets al-QaedaJan 14, 20061,0710Approved
European Union CountriesJan 13, 20066940Approved
Hajj stampedeJan 13, 20069670Approved
Football MatchJan 13, 20067970Approved
MehanataJan 10, 20062800Approved
Bora BoraJan 5, 20061,6270Approved
Gorda Key - BahamasJan 5, 20068640Approved
Bulgaria - Seven Rila Lakes National ParkJan 4, 20067060Approved
Highest Bulgarian MountainJan 3, 20063240Approved
The Madara RiderJan 3, 20064520Approved
Bulgarian ResortsJan 3, 20069160Approved
40 Biggest Cities in BulgariaJan 2, 20067350Approved
Bulgaria-Greece Border (low res)Jan 2, 20064300Approved
Lekhchevo - a village in Bulgaria (low res)Jan 2, 20062700Approved
Athens, GreeceJan 1, 20062,0840Approved
Tinos island, GreeceJan 1, 20067570Approved
Lom town - BulgariaDec 30, 20053240Approved
Sofia SightseeingDec 29, 20055220Approved


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