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sladys has added 2,481 files to the site and they've been downloaded a total of 1,915,776 times.

DB in the Australian bushApr 27, 20156142Approved
Huge wrigting on a Highschool roofApr 22, 20158532.5Approved
Sun Cruise Resort and YachtApr 20, 20157332Approved
Railroads of Denmark from 1847 to todayApr 20, 20157222Approved
Athabasca oil sandsMar 7, 20156082.16667Approved
Clipper City of Adelaide in IrvineFeb 24, 20155171.83333Approved
Two Zubr-class Hovercrafts in GuangzhouFeb 24, 20156161.5Approved
New Minnesota Stadium under constructionFeb 15, 20155001.5Approved
Starting up a hot air balloonFeb 9, 20154112Approved
Wreck of the 2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154 crashJan 27, 20154492Approved
Costa Concordia in Genoa HarborJan 20, 20154921.66667Approved
Sonderborg Ringridning 2014 in progressDec 26, 20142811.5Approved
Classic cars of Roger Baillon found in barnsDec 8, 20144650.833333Approved
Houses of Grand designs AustraliaNov 29, 20143181.83333Approved
USS Forrestal (CV-59) awaiting being scrapped at BrownsvilleOct 10, 20144821.5Approved
Antonov An-124 RuslanSep 30, 20142311.33333Approved
Practice nose of a Boeing planeSep 30, 20142082Approved
Chicago Motor SpeedwaySep 29, 20142721Approved
Jehovahs Witness meeting in JohannesburgSep 29, 20142941Approved
Neil Diamond concert stage in JohannesburgSep 29, 20142281Approved
Niagara Falls in 1934Sep 24, 20143401.33333Approved
Paddle steamer Delta King in Sacramento and San FranciscoSep 24, 20142101.83333Approved
Boeing 747 seen twice at the same airportSep 23, 20141831.33333Approved
Emirates Airbus A380-800Sep 22, 20141681.33333Approved
World War 2 bombing range markingsSep 20, 20143261Approved
Concentration Camp Lichtenrade in 1953Sep 17, 20143231.5Approved
Remains of Concentration Camp Lichterfelde in 1953Sep 17, 20142851.33333Approved
RAF Polebrook (site of)Sep 9, 20142201.33333Approved
Sywell Aerodrome in 1945Sep 9, 20142531.5Approved
RAF Little Staughton in 1945Sep 9, 20141851Approved
RAF Waterbeach in 1945Sep 9, 20142351Approved
RAF Oakington in 1945Sep 9, 20142101.33333Approved
RAF Warboys in 1945Sep 9, 20141811Approved
RAF Graveley in 1945Sep 9, 20141721Approved
RAF Kimbolton in 1945Sep 9, 20141651.5Approved
RAF Bourn in 1945Sep 9, 20141571Approved
RAF Wyton in 1945Sep 9, 20141361Approved
RAF Alconbury in 1945Sep 9, 20141631Approved
RAF Molesworth in 1945Sep 9, 20141671Approved
RAF Glatton in 1945Sep 9, 20141401Approved
Lords Bridge Air Ammunition Park in 1945Sep 9, 20141721.5Approved
RAF Eye in 1945Sep 9, 20141351Approved
RAF Great Ashfield - RAF Elmswell in 1945Sep 9, 20141841Approved
RAF Shepherds Grove in 1945Sep 9, 20142251Approved
RAF Nacton - Ipswich Airport in 1945Sep 9, 20141941Approved
RAF Horham in 1945Sep 9, 2014941Approved
RAF Knettishall in 1945Sep 9, 2014670Approved
RAF Feltwell in 1945Sep 9, 2014710Approved
RAF Mildenhall in 1945Sep 9, 2014580Approved
RAF Snailwell in 1945Sep 9, 2014590Approved
Cambridge Airport in 1945Sep 9, 2014730Approved
RAF Bottisham in 1945Sep 9, 2014580.5Approved
RAF West Malling in 1960Sep 9, 2014970.5Approved
RAF Manston in 1960Sep 9, 2014630Approved
RAF Biggin Hill in 1945Sep 9, 2014880.333333Approved
RAF Kenley in 1945Sep 9, 2014510Approved
RAF Honington in 1945Sep 9, 2014580Approved
RAF Wratting Common in 1945Sep 9, 2014520Approved
RAF Stradishall in 1945Sep 9, 2014580Approved
RAF Halesworth in 1945Sep 9, 2014480Approved
RAF Metfield in 1945Sep 9, 2014530.333333Approved
RAF Bungay in 1945Sep 9, 2014630Approved
Beccles Aerodrome in 1945Sep 9, 2014870.5Approved
RAF Leiston in 1945Sep 9, 2014410Approved
Orford Ness test facility in 1945Sep 9, 2014500Approved
RAF Bentwaters in 1945Sep 9, 2014400Approved
RAF Debach in 1945Sep 9, 2014400Approved
Great West Aerodrome in 1945Sep 9, 2014610Approved
Luton Airport in 1945Sep 9, 2014490Approved
RAF Tuddenham in 1945Sep 9, 2014450Approved
RAF Chedburgh in 1945Sep 9, 2014510Approved
Boulton Paul Aircraft Ltd. plant in 1945Sep 8, 2014770Approved
Original Morris Motors car plant in 1945Sep 8, 2014600Approved
RAF Croughton in 1945Sep 8, 2014570Approved
RAF Chipping Norton in 1945Sep 8, 2014550Approved
RAF Perton in 1945Sep 8, 2014420Approved
RAF Kidlington in 1945Sep 8, 2014590Approved
RAF Broadwell in 1945Sep 8, 2014460Approved
RAF Akeman Street in 1945Sep 8, 2014680Approved
RAF Snitterfield in 1945Sep 8, 2014950Approved
RAF Worcester in 1945Sep 8, 2014390Approved
Former Gloster Aircraft Company site in 1945Sep 8, 2014510.333333Approved
Brockworth Aerodrome in 1945Sep 8, 2014760Approved
Brands Hatch motor racing circuit in 1940Sep 8, 20141691.33333Approved
Wye Racecourse in 1960Sep 8, 20141921Approved
Bromford Bridge Racecourse in 1945Sep 8, 20141481.5Approved
Alexandra Park Racecourse in 1945Sep 8, 20141541Approved
RAF Windrush in 1945Sep 8, 2014630Approved
RAF Bibury in 1945Sep 8, 2014340Approved
RAF Melksham in 1945Sep 8, 2014390Approved
RAF Castle Combe in 1945Sep 8, 2014540Approved
RAF Babdown Farm in 1945Sep 8, 2014350Approved
RAF Pengam Moors in 1945Sep 8, 2014690Approved
Castle Bromwich Aerodrome in 1945Sep 8, 2014950Approved
RAF Inverness in 1945Sep 8, 2014670Approved
RAF Drem in 1945Sep 8, 2014550Approved
RAF Macmerry in 1945Sep 8, 20141050.333333Approved
RAF Woolsington in 1945Sep 8, 2014770Approved
RAF Silverstone in 1945Sep 8, 2014500Approved
Brooklands racing circuit and aerodrome in 1945Sep 8, 2014980.5Approved
Strange patterns on the ground in 1945Sep 8, 20141951Approved
RAF Hooton Park in 1945Sep 8, 2014540.5Approved
RAF in Poulton in 1945Sep 8, 2014660Approved
RAF Calveley in 1945Sep 8, 2014300Approved
RAF Cranage in 1945Sep 8, 2014410Approved
Hawker plane factory at Langley Airfield in 1945Sep 8, 20141430Approved
RAF Stoke Orchard in 1945Sep 8, 2014580Approved
Lockheed Constellation at RAF Biggin Hill in 1960Sep 8, 20141751Approved
2 Hawker Hunters at RAF Manston in 1960Sep 8, 20141771.33333Approved
2 Boeing KC-97 Stratotanker at RAF Manston in 1960Sep 8, 20141991Approved
Joyce Green Hospital at Dartfort in 1940Sep 8, 2014520Approved
RAF Gravesend in 1940Sep 8, 2014540Approved
Avro Manchester at RAF Gravesend in 1940Sep 8, 20141971Approved
The Marsh Maize MazeSep 8, 20141681Approved
BAE Systems Nimrod MRA4 at WoodfordSep 7, 2014961.5Approved
Supermarine Spitfire replica in the gardenSep 7, 20141391.5Approved
The Green Man MazeSep 7, 20141552.5Approved
Haguelands Village Maize MazeSep 7, 2014991.5Approved
Nelson Mandela maize mazeSep 7, 20141262.5Approved
4 Hawker Hurricanes at RAF Biggin Hill in 1940Sep 7, 20141891Approved
POW Stanhope Camp at Ashford in 1940Sep 7, 2014950Approved
RAF Woodchurch in 1940Sep 7, 2014520Approved
RAF Staplehurst in 1940Sep 7, 2014580Approved
RAF Penshurst in 1940Sep 7, 2014910Approved
25 Hawker Hurricanes at RAF Manston in 1940Sep 7, 20142031.33333Approved
Stadium south of Rochester in 1960Sep 7, 20141261Approved
Short Empire flying boat outside the Short Brothers seaplane plant in 1940Sep 7, 20141471Approved
Airshow at RAF West Malling in 1960Sep 6, 20141531Approved
10 RAF planes at RAF West Malling in 1940Sep 6, 20141521Approved
Ramsgate Airport - RAF Ramsgate 1940Sep 6, 2014570Approved
RAF Hawkinge 1940Sep 6, 2014500.5Approved
RNAS Capel airship hangar 1940Sep 6, 2014610Approved
Escort carrier HMS Avenger (D14) at Chatham Dockyard 1940Sep 6, 20141791Approved
Aircraft carrier HMS Argus (I49) at Chatham Dockyard 1940Sep 6, 20141771Approved
Royal Navy reserve fleet 1940Sep 6, 20141701Approved
RAF Detling 1940Sep 6, 2014530Approved
RAF High Halden 1940Sep 6, 2014450Approved
RAF Headcorn 1940Sep 6, 2014360Approved
RAF Lympne 1940Sep 6, 2014370Approved
RAF Swingfield 1940Sep 6, 2014730Approved
Royal pet cemetery of Sandringham HouseSep 6, 20142050.5Approved
Northrop Grumman B-2 SpiritSep 6, 20141962Approved
2 Bell Boeing V-22 Ospreys at Cannon AFBSep 6, 20141281.5Approved
62 Bell Boeing V-22 OspreysSep 6, 20141191.5Approved
8 Bell Boeing V-22 Ospreys at Hurlburt FieldSep 6, 20141731.5Approved
13 Bell Boeing V-22 Ospreys at Kirtland AFBSep 6, 20141031.5Approved
Air France Airbus A380 at LAXSep 6, 20141641.66667Approved
Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 at LAXSep 6, 20141171.33333Approved
Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 at London HeathrowSep 6, 2014971.33333Approved
Bee and skep mazeSep 5, 20142282.5Approved
USS Coral Sea (CV-43) being dismantled in PhiladelphiaSep 4, 20141921Approved
Two Iowa-class battleships in PhiladelphiaSep 4, 20142191Approved
Cannabis growing sites in CaliforniaSep 4, 20141781.5Approved
RFA Fort George (A388) in BirkenheadSep 4, 20141611.5Approved
USS Oriskany (CV-34) in BremertonSep 4, 20141901.5Approved
USS Independence (CV-62) in BremertonSep 4, 20142431.33333Approved
USS New Jersey (BB-62) in BremertonSep 4, 20141601Approved
USS Constellation (CV-64) in BremertonSep 4, 20141861Approved
USS Missouri (BB-63) in BremertonSep 4, 20141981.5Approved
USS Ranger (CV-61) in BremertonSep 4, 20141871.5Approved
USS Oriskany (CV-34) in PensacolaSep 4, 20141861.33333Approved
Six Osprey-class coastal minehunter at Beaumont Reserve Fleet Sep 4, 20141961.5Approved
USS Nassau (LHA-4) at Beaumont Reserve FleetSep 4, 20142501.5Approved
USS Oriskany (CV-34) at Beaumont Reserve FleetSep 4, 20141921.33333Approved
Hvornum salt domeSep 4, 20141521Approved
Two Iver Huitfeldt-class frigates at Korsoer Naval BaseSep 4, 20141701.5Approved
Pot farm greenhouses under constructionSep 3, 20141761.5Approved
The Restoration Man housesSep 3, 20145332.33333Approved
VIVA MEXICOSep 3, 20141463Approved
Bullring being taken downAug 1, 20142411.5Approved
Grave site of Orson WellesJun 11, 20143822.16667Approved
Trivial Pursuit forest/plantationFeb 19, 20142371.5Approved
Duck decoys in EuropeFeb 17, 20146591.5Approved
Swan maze at Abbotsbury SwanneryFeb 14, 20143761.5Approved
Heart in a fieldFeb 12, 20143871.5Approved
Futuro houses around the WorldJan 13, 20144111.33333Approved
Dignitas house (assisted dying organisation)Jan 12, 20142992.5Approved
USS Long Beach (CGN-9) being scrappedDec 28, 20134821.83333Approved
USS Tripoli (LPH-10) at Mare Island Naval ShipyardDec 28, 20133301Approved
Site of Metallicas Antarctica concertDec 9, 20133462.33333Approved
Orange County Choppers HQ, store and garageNov 19, 20135501.5Approved
House of Michael TeutulNov 19, 20134301.5Approved
House of Paul Teutul Jr.Nov 19, 20134731.5Approved
Birthplace of William Bradford (Plymouth Governor, Mayflower)Nov 19, 20132111.5Approved
Cirkus Alberti in FreiburgNov 7, 20132451.33333Approved
Uprighted Costa ConcordiaNov 5, 20136401.5Approved
Hugo Boss HQNov 5, 20132391.83333Approved
Outlet City MetzingenNov 5, 20132161.5Approved
Filmdorf LansingNov 5, 20132201.5Approved
Glider in flightNov 4, 20131672.33333Approved
The Heick family housesNov 4, 20131601.83333Approved
Glider in flightNov 4, 20131652Approved
Big Brother house 2013 in DenmarkNov 4, 20131741.5Approved
MasterChef studioNov 4, 20131752Approved
Murder Hill cliffNov 4, 20131731Approved
BaNanna ParkNov 4, 20131761.5Approved
USS Michael Murphy (DDG-112) under constructionOct 30, 20132911Approved
USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000) under constructionOct 30, 20133031.5Approved
Great Central Railway heritage trainOct 29, 20132661Approved
Hillside house on fireOct 27, 20132861.5Approved
Site of the new Red-light drive-in in ZurichOct 23, 20132891.5Approved
The day after the Madonna concert 2012 in ZurichOct 23, 20133951.66667Approved
Cirque du Soleil in ZurichOct 23, 20131871.33333Approved
Lockheed Super Constellation at Wollongong AirportOct 18, 20133161Approved
Breitlings Lockheed L-1049F Super Constellation at Basel AirportOct 18, 20131321.33333Approved
Boston Park Farm mazeOct 16, 20131791.5Approved
Amazing Maze n MaizesOct 16, 20132671Approved
Long Acre Farms maize mazeOct 16, 20132192Approved
Cherry Crest Adventure Farm maize mazeOct 16, 20132571Approved
Rural Hill Amazing Maize MazeOct 16, 20132001.83333Approved
Millets Maize MazeOct 16, 20131921Approved
Union Jack flower bedOct 16, 20132111Approved
Two Spearhead-class joint high speed vessels at Austal, MobileOct 15, 20132512.33333Approved
USS Coronado (LCS-4) in MobileOct 15, 20133172.33333Approved
USS Independence (LCS-2) in San DiegoOct 15, 20132892Approved
USNS John Glenn (T-MLP-2) in San DiegoOct 15, 20132831.5Approved
USNS Montford Point (T-MLP-1) in San DiegoOct 15, 20132431.5Approved
USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) in San DiegoOct 15, 20133731.83333Approved
USS Essex (LHD-2) in SaseboOct 15, 20131731.5Approved
Masik Pass Ski ResortOct 8, 20132431Approved
RNAS Stretton (HMS Blackcap) 1945Oct 2, 20132951Approved
Transall C-160 at Bergerac AirportSep 28, 20132471.5Approved
Patrouille de France at Bergerac AirportSep 28, 20132421.5Approved
Airbus A400M Atlas in SevillaSep 24, 20132571.5Approved
All 19 Concordes on display in the UK, France, Germany, USA and BarbaSep 21, 20133761.5Approved
All 7 survived Tupolev TU-144 in Russia and GermanySep 21, 20132831.5Approved
Setup of stage of Sofia Rocks 2013Sep 19, 20131230Approved
911 Memorial in LyndhurstSep 13, 20132412Approved
John F. Kennedy StadiumSep 9, 20132751Approved
Hotel Resort SonnenhofSep 1, 20132542.33333Approved
Miniature replica of HMS Titanic in the backyardAug 30, 20135072Approved
Syrian refugee camps in Jordan and TurkeyAug 26, 20135652.16667Approved
Shipwreck at PatengaAug 17, 20136641.33333Approved
The Polytechnic StadiumAug 12, 20132641Approved
West Ham Stadium 1945Aug 11, 20132661Approved
Tahrir Square protestsJul 31, 20132470Approved
Benny Anderssons summer cottage Hyby Hage Jul 24, 20133511.83333Approved
Origin Wimbledon tennis tournament siteJul 5, 20132401Approved
Santas turf houseJun 29, 20132461.5Approved
Danish IC4 train in LibyaJun 29, 20134412Approved
B52 bomber forest artMay 4, 20139661Approved
The Northern Star land art at a roundaboutMay 4, 20134971Approved
Giant chess land artMay 4, 20134971.5Approved
Konny Reimanns house and holiday resortMay 4, 20133641.83333Approved
Bad planned road crosses football groundApr 24, 20136971Approved
Village of BerlinApr 20, 20133432.33333Approved
Christiansborg Castle corn mazeApr 20, 20133091.5Approved
Boston Marathon Bomber capture siteApr 20, 20135400.5Approved
Borgsum corn maze remainsApr 15, 20133031.5Approved
The hotels from Gordon Ramsays TV show Hotel HellApr 13, 20132741.5Approved
Grave site of Margaret ThatcherApr 9, 20132461.5Approved
Maze of RunesApr 9, 20133541.33333Approved
Casa Bergoglio, Pope Francis I ancestral homeMar 15, 20134081.5Approved
Buran Space Shuttle in the snowMar 11, 20138421Approved
Freddie Mercury Memorial Stars in FelthamMar 4, 20134031.5Approved
Houses from British TV show Grand DesignsFeb 28, 20138001.5Approved
Home of former Pope Benedict XVIFeb 28, 20133041.5Approved
Abandoned highway strip with aircraft standsFeb 16, 20135101Approved
Cruise ship Mangyongbong-92 in Wonsan and NiigataFeb 13, 20133911.33333Approved
Both Boeing VC-25 (Air Force One) at Andrews AFBDec 27, 20129791.5Approved
Space Shuttle Enterprise on board the USS IntrepidDec 1, 20128461Approved
Ancient fish trap found in WalesOct 4, 20121,6560Approved
Yogi and Boo-Boo Bear mazeSep 25, 20126931.5Approved
Stanley Cup 2011 winners mazeSep 25, 20126041.33333Approved
Johnny Cash Memorial mazeSep 25, 20125811.33333Approved
Tribute to rodeo mazeSep 25, 20124001Approved
Lubbock 100 years celebration mazeSep 25, 20124391Approved
V22 Osprey maze remainsSep 25, 20124891.33333Approved
Presidential election 2008 maize mazeSep 25, 20124251Approved
Home of Jessica the HippoSep 24, 20122761.5Approved
London 2012 Olympic logoSep 24, 20123622.5Approved
Fuselage of US Airways Flight 1549Sep 24, 20123781Approved
Robin Hood movie locations under constructionSep 22, 20124000.5Approved
Amphi Theater from the movie AgoraSep 22, 20122741.83333Approved
Google describing a plant instead of a placeSep 18, 20126131.5Approved
April 16. 2002 general strike in ItalySep 13, 20124340Approved
Triumph Motor CompanySep 11, 20122410Approved
Austin Car Factory and test trackSep 10, 20122920.333333Approved
NAMC YS-11A-213 aircraft converted to a restaurantSep 8, 20125001.83333Approved
Fuselage of a McDonnell DC7 at Iliff Pre SchoolSep 8, 20124481.66667Approved
Wreck of a Lockheed L-1049 Super ConstellationSep 7, 20126171.83333Approved
Lockheed EC-121 Warning StarSep 7, 20122831.5Approved
Lockheed EC-121 Warning StarSep 7, 20122471.5Approved
Lockheed EC-121 Warning StarSep 7, 20123391.5Approved
Wreck of the Lockheed C-121J Super ConstellationSep 6, 20121,0541.66667Approved
The giant sinkhole near ArtesiaAug 26, 20128481Approved
The Kilian Tunnel excavationAug 20, 20126991.16667Approved
The 4 houses built on a shopping center roof in ChinaAug 15, 20127541.83333Approved
New Friends Arena (Under construction)Aug 14, 20123571Approved
Every restaurant from Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares - US showsJul 29, 20127731Approved
Every restaurant from Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares - UK showsJul 29, 20127801.5Approved
2012 London Olympic Triathlon-swimming SiteJul 28, 20125101Approved
2012 London Olympic Equestrian StadiumJul 28, 20123921Approved
2012 London Olympic Shooting RangeJul 28, 20123371Approved
2012 London Olympic Beach Volleyball StadiumJul 28, 20123651Approved
Devoted farmers heart forestJul 16, 20123791.5Approved
USS Enterprise (CVN-65)Jul 16, 20126111.5Approved
USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74)Jul 16, 20125081.5Approved
USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) and USS George Washington (CVN-73)Jul 16, 20125141Approved
USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69)Jul 16, 20123651Approved
POW Camp Stalag IX-BJul 15, 20129240.833333Approved
USS Coral Sea (CV-43)Jul 15, 20123771Approved
USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70)Jul 15, 20123411Approved
USS Essex (LHD-2)Jul 15, 20122911Approved
USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77)Jul 15, 20125041.5Approved
USS Enterprise (CVN-65)Jul 15, 20124231.5Approved
USS Forrestal (CV-59) and USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67)Jul 15, 20123372Approved
USS Saratoga (CV-60)Jul 15, 20122671.5Approved
USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67)Jul 15, 20123200Approved
USS Bataan (LHD-5)Jul 15, 20123322Approved
USS Kearsarge (LHD-3) and USS Iwo Jima (LHD-7)Jul 15, 20123051.5Approved
USS Wasp (LHD-1)Jul 15, 20122540Approved
USS Boxer (LHD-4)Jul 15, 20122260Approved
USS George Washington (CVN-73)Jul 15, 20123000Approved
Swiss Government BunkerJul 14, 20123771.5Approved
Heart in BerlinJul 14, 20123051.5Approved
The Cricketers, restaurant of chef Jamie Olivers parentsJul 14, 20122601.5Approved
Hjallerup Fair 2011Jun 20, 20124871.5Approved
Roskilde Fair 2011Jun 20, 20123681.83333Approved
Copenhagens new Las Vegas style fountainJun 20, 20124240.5Approved
HDMY Dannebrog (A540)Jun 20, 20122930Approved
House of James MayJun 20, 20126391.5Approved
Richard Hammonds castleJun 20, 20125562Approved
House of Jamie OliverJun 20, 20125441.5Approved
Funeral in progressJun 20, 20123520.5Approved
Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental Hotel (construction site)Jun 19, 20123101.5Approved
Andreas Goldbergers houseJun 18, 20122931.5Approved
House of Hansi HinterseerJun 17, 20124651.33333Approved
Childhood home of Whitney HoustonFeb 18, 20126771.33333Approved
New Hope Baptist ChurchFeb 18, 20128022.33333Approved
All houses and most projects from Extreme Makeover, Home EditionFeb 15, 20123,7962Approved
Stave churches in NorwayJan 19, 20121,1051.5Approved
Sportplatz at Rothenbaum 1943Jan 4, 20126941.33333Approved
Estadio das AntasJan 4, 20125751.5Approved
Stadion DziesiecioleciaJan 4, 20123641Approved
Stadio Giorgio Ascarelli 1943Jan 4, 20124901.5Approved
Zuiderpark StadionJan 4, 20123701Approved
Oosterpark StadionJan 4, 20123731.33333Approved
Stadion LehenJan 4, 20123571Approved
Estadio ColombinoJan 4, 20123461Approved
Estadio InsularJan 4, 20123791.5Approved
Velodrome d hiver 1943Jan 4, 20126011Approved
Stade Pershing 1949Jan 4, 20123180Approved
Kayseri Ataturk StadiumJan 4, 20122710.5Approved
Charlotte ColiseumJan 4, 20123000.333333Approved
Miami ArenaJan 4, 20123640Approved
International AmphitheatreJan 4, 20123240Approved
Reunion ArenaJan 4, 20123510Approved
McNichols Sports ArenaJan 4, 20122660Approved
Market Square ArenaJan 4, 20122930Approved
Coliseum at RichfieldJan 4, 20123450Approved
Capital CentreJan 4, 20122660Approved
Bayfront CenterJan 4, 20121,4130Approved
Kiel AuditoriumJan 4, 20122770Approved
Omni ColiseumJan 4, 20122370Approved
Commerzbank-ArenaDec 31, 20114651.5Approved
Ernst Grube StadiumDec 31, 20112480Approved
University of Denver ArenaDec 31, 20112550Approved
Spectrum ArenaDec 31, 20111700Approved
Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Memorial Skating RinkDec 31, 20112900Approved
St. Louis ArenaDec 31, 20112160Approved
Richmond ArenaDec 31, 20112070Approved
Philadelphia Convention Hall and Civic CenterDec 31, 20111910Approved
Long Island ArenaDec 31, 20112970.5Approved
HemisFair ArenaDec 31, 20112540Approved
Boston GardenDec 31, 20112550Approved
Dudley Wood Greyhound and Speedway Stadium 1945Dec 30, 20112980Approved
Harringay Arena 1945Dec 30, 20111710Approved
Hackney Wick Greyhound and Speedway Stadium 1945Dec 30, 20111910Approved
Harringay Greyhound and Speedway Stadium 1945Dec 30, 20112150Approved
Hurst Park Racecourse 1945Dec 30, 20112300Approved
New Cross Stadium 1945Dec 30, 20111700Approved
Walthamstow Greyhound Stadium (Defunct)Dec 30, 20112261Approved
Reading Greyhound and Speedway StadiumDec 30, 20112181.33333Approved
Long Eaton Speedway (Defunct)Dec 30, 20112091Approved
Lincoln Racecourse (Defunct)Dec 30, 20112441.5Approved
London ArenaDec 30, 20111520Approved
The Lawn Ground StadiumDec 30, 20111200Approved
Hilton Park StadiumDec 30, 20111210Approved
Green Pond Road Stadium 1945Dec 30, 20111620Approved
Plough Lane Stadium 1945Dec 30, 20111220Approved
The Den Stadium 1945Dec 30, 20111490Approved
Feetham StadiumDec 30, 20111280Approved
Gay Meadow StadiumDec 30, 20111190Approved
County Cricket GroundDec 30, 20111140Approved
Guatemala City piping pseudokarst hole 2007Dec 28, 20115220Approved
Beginn of Extreme Makeover Home Edition , Grommesh familyNov 17, 20116360.5Approved
Airplane house in AbujaOct 30, 20111,1221.33333Approved
Frank Erichsens farmAug 3, 20119312Approved
Soren Ryge Petersens houseAug 3, 20118621.5Approved
Port Lockroy Post OfficeApr 13, 20111,0041.83333Approved
Calving icebergApr 13, 20115771.33333Approved
Boat on iceApr 13, 20115091.33333Approved
RAF Cheddington 1945Nov 1, 20107990Approved
Wimbledon Aerodrome 1945Nov 1, 20104900.333333Approved
Heston Aerodrome 1945Nov 1, 20104670Approved
Croydon Airport 1945Nov 1, 20104570.333333Approved
Hendon Aerodrome 1945Nov 1, 20106250.333333Approved
Stamford Bridge Stadium 1945Nov 1, 20104200Approved
Belle Vue StadiumNov 1, 20101940Approved
Arsenal Stadium 1945Nov 1, 20102460Approved
White City Stadium 1945Nov 1, 20104000Approved
Inchinnan Airship Constructional Station 1945Nov 1, 20104910Approved
Convair XC-99Sep 28, 20101,0951Approved
AWACS E-3 take offSep 17, 20102,4980.5Approved
Yemen MobileSep 1, 20106650Approved
Tanker in two halfsSep 1, 20101,0380.5Approved
Historic ship Stadt KielAug 8, 20106971.33333Approved
Demag crane of 1935 in BerlinAug 8, 20107100.5Approved
Panther Tank Ausf. G in HouffalizeAug 8, 20108970Approved
Hannoversche Waggonfabrik test trackAug 8, 20106041.5Approved
World of waterfallsAug 8, 20101,0902Approved
King Charles XIV John of Swedens birthplaceJun 17, 20103950.5Approved
Stegeborg CastleJun 14, 20106101.33333Approved
Oerbyhus CastleJun 14, 20104291.33333Approved
Solliden PalaceJun 14, 20104331.33333Approved
Sofiero PalaceJun 14, 20105251.66667Approved
Ulriksdal PalaceJun 14, 20103931.83333Approved
Tullgarn PalaceJun 14, 20103761.33333Approved
Nykoeping CastleJun 14, 20105331.33333Approved
Laeckoe CastleJun 14, 20104450.833333Approved
Stroemsholm PalaceJun 14, 20104981.33333Approved
Haga PalaceJun 14, 20104791.33333Approved
Chinese Pavilion at DrottningholmJun 14, 20104181.33333Approved
Gustav IIIs PavilionJun 14, 20104131.33333Approved
Drottningholm PalaceJun 14, 20105201.33333Approved
Rosersberg PalaceJun 14, 20103931.33333Approved
Rosendal PalaceJun 14, 20104611.33333Approved
Gripsholm CastleJun 14, 20104391.33333Approved
Largest beaver dam discovered from spaceMay 11, 20102,1952Approved
Birds in flight on Mars?Mar 5, 20101,2110.5Approved
Keel of former ferry MS PinenFeb 25, 20104760Approved
Air Greenland Boeing 757-200Feb 21, 20101,5080Approved
Ordrupbanen - Copenhagens former bicycle arenaFeb 21, 20104600Approved
Vidraru DamFeb 21, 20105311.5Approved
Transfagarasan curvy roadFeb 21, 20107552Approved
Kays of Scotland company, the Curling stone factoryFeb 18, 20107171.5Approved
Ailsa Craig - Island of Curling stones graniteFeb 18, 20105682Approved
Emil Noldes birthplaceFeb 17, 20103821.5Approved
Worlds most northern WineyardFeb 17, 20104631.5Approved
Robert L. Stevensons estate on American SamoaFeb 17, 20103461.83333Approved
Judy Garlands former homeFeb 17, 20104151.33333Approved
Holger Drachmanns houseFeb 17, 20103521.5Approved
J. K. Rowlings house in ScotlandFeb 17, 20108011.33333Approved
Worlds largest Dalecarlian horseFeb 16, 20106311Approved
Anschuetz Hunting and Sporting Rifles factoryFeb 15, 20104921.5Approved
Dalecarlian horse factoryFeb 15, 20103371.83333Approved
Warsaw Ghetto after uprising and destruction 1943Feb 3, 20108650.333333Approved
Promenade am ZollhafenJan 31, 20102860Approved
Eiffel Tower replica in ParizhJan 18, 20104961.5Approved
Battle of the CraterJan 17, 20106181.5Approved
Race and test tracks on icy lakeJan 17, 20108091Approved
Former Yugoslavian airforce aircrafts at Skopje AirportJan 16, 20102670Approved
Two fighters on a hill at BitolaJan 16, 20103830Approved
Two Antonov AN-2 at Bitola-Logovardi airfieldJan 16, 20103840Approved
Aero S-106 (MiG-21F-13) at Tokol ABJan 16, 20103600Approved
15 Mil Mi-24D fuselages at Tokol ABJan 16, 20103600Approved
The Vicarage in Olney - Where John H. Newton wrote Amazing GraceJan 15, 20104271.33333Approved
Henry Francis Lytes birthplaceJan 15, 20103991.33333Approved
Edward Elgars birthplaceJan 15, 20103411.83333Approved
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovskys birthplaceJan 15, 20103371.33333Approved
Frederic Chopins birthplaceJan 15, 20104051.33333Approved
The Battle BoxJan 15, 20103780Approved
York Cold War BunkerJan 15, 20105831.5Approved
Bunker Guardian ExchangeJan 15, 20104931.5Approved
Ouvrage HochwaldJan 15, 20104340Approved
Central Government War HeadquartersJan 15, 20105571.5Approved
Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear BunkerJan 15, 20109371.5Approved
German War Cemetery BlumauJan 12, 20103310Approved
German War Cemetery AllentsteigJan 12, 20103010Approved
German War Cemetery ZagrebJan 12, 20102520Approved
German War Cemetery Dionyssos-RapendozaJan 12, 20102930.333333Approved
Memorial Massacre of KalavritaJan 12, 20102690Approved
German War Cemetery MalemeJan 12, 20102970Approved
Izhevsk Mechanical Works - the factory of the AK47Jan 12, 20104271.5Approved
Skaanes Animal ParkJan 12, 20104050.5Approved
Trenhayle Farm Maize MazeJan 12, 20104431.5Approved
Maze in MaizeJan 12, 20104501.83333Approved
Broadfields Maize MazeJan 12, 20105711Approved
Earlswood Maize MazeJan 12, 20104461Approved
Larsons A-Maiz-Ing MazeJan 11, 20105681.33333Approved
The Irish traffic light in Syracuse - upside down signalJan 10, 20101,5612Approved
Arctic Driving Center at RovaniemiJan 9, 20108051Approved
Arctic Falls Proving Ground in arctic SwedenJan 8, 20107551Approved
Deir el-Shelwit TempleJan 8, 20106140.5Approved
Temple of AmadaJan 8, 20106610.5Approved
Temple of DerrJan 8, 20105620.5Approved
Temple of MaharraqaJan 8, 20105820.5Approved
Temples of Wadi es-SebuaJan 8, 20105571Approved
Temple of Kom OmboJan 8, 20106930.833333Approved
Temple of KalabshaJan 8, 20104910.5Approved
Temple of DakkaJan 8, 20104380.5Approved
Temple complex on Philae IslandJan 8, 20105060.5Approved
Ancient Nubian capital city KermaJan 7, 20105010.5Approved
Temple of EdfuJan 7, 20104820.833333Approved
Ancient Egyptian city AbydosJan 7, 20105921Approved
Ancient Egyptian city NekhenJan 7, 20104600.5Approved
Valley of the QueensJan 7, 20104520Approved
Ancient Greek city IetasJan 7, 20103880Approved
Ancient Greek city HimeraJan 7, 20102900Approved
Kroll Opera House 1945Jan 7, 20105380Approved
Colossus of RhodesJan 7, 20108470Approved
Lighthouse of AlexandriaJan 7, 20104850Approved
Temple of ArtemisJan 7, 20107170Approved
Mausoleum of HalicarnassusJan 7, 20104860Approved
Find of the Gundestrup CauldronJan 7, 20102780Approved
Ancient Persian city EstakhrJan 6, 20104970Approved
Ancient Nubian city and state NapataJan 6, 20104010Approved
Jyndovnen Neolitic dolmenJan 5, 20102000Approved
The Sjelbro StoneJan 5, 20102440Approved
VGP Universal KingdomJan 5, 20103991.5Approved
VismayaJan 5, 20103801.5Approved
WonderlaJan 5, 20104301.5Approved
Queens LandJan 5, 20103811.5Approved
MGM Dizzee WorldJan 5, 20103911.5Approved
VulcaniaJan 5, 20103502.5Approved
Parc FestylandJan 5, 20103511.5Approved
Michelin Tyres HQ and factoryJan 5, 20104291.5Approved
The ancient Broskov RoadJan 5, 20102330Approved
Bugatti Veyron facilityJan 5, 20104851.5Approved
Holmshus long barrowsJan 5, 20102470Approved
Find of the Grauballe ManJan 5, 20103660Approved
Find of the Tollund ManJan 5, 20102970Approved
Find of the Trundholm sun chariotJan 5, 20103630Approved
Gronsalen megalitic long barrowJan 5, 20102690Approved
Klekkende Hoj megalitic tombJan 5, 20102230Approved
Find of the Hjortspring boatJan 5, 20103160Approved
Former IFU Synchron StudioJan 5, 20104110Approved
Asch AirfieldJan 4, 20104410.333333Approved
Antil Plains AerodromeJan 4, 20102960.5Approved
Ain M lila AirfieldJan 4, 20103950.5Approved
Aguadulce Army AirfieldJan 4, 20104400.333333Approved
Bagnoli AirfieldJan 4, 20102680Approved
Agrigento AirfieldJan 4, 20103320Approved
Charra AirfieldJan 4, 20102970Approved
Aghione AirfieldJan 4, 20102910Approved
Strassfeld AirfieldJan 4, 20104750Approved
Palais des PapesJan 3, 20103311.5Approved
Troldkirken Megalitic dolmenJan 2, 20102210Approved
Nydam Mose (Nydam Bog)Jan 2, 20101960Approved
Susan Boyles houseJan 2, 20103,2901.33333Approved
Brovold Viking trading placeJan 2, 20102770.333333Approved
Oakmere hill fortJan 2, 20102640Approved
Maiden Castle hill fortJan 2, 20102730Approved
Kelsborrow Castle hill fortJan 2, 20102440Approved
Caesars camp hill fortJan 2, 20101860Approved
Stonea Camp hill fortJan 2, 20101900Approved
Salaspils concentration campJan 2, 20105240Approved
Transit Camp FossoliJan 2, 20104890Approved
Transit Camp PithiviersJan 2, 20102730Approved
Sir Matt Busbys graveJan 1, 20103580.5Approved
Bobby Moores graveJan 1, 20104911.66667Approved
George Formbys graveJan 1, 20103740.5Approved
Jack Dempseys graveJan 1, 20105630.5Approved
James J. Braddocks graveJan 1, 20104520.5Approved
Harold Abrahams graveJan 1, 20104650.5Approved
Happy New YearDec 31, 20091,0292Approved
Teopanzolco Aztec siteDec 31, 20094100Approved
Templo Mayor in Mexico CityDec 31, 20093980.5Approved
Dainzu Zapotec cityDec 31, 20093320Approved
Coba Mayan cityDec 31, 20094200Approved
Cholula Mesoamerican siteDec 31, 20093370Approved
Great Pyramid of CholulaDec 31, 20095010.833333Approved
Calakmul Mayan cityDec 31, 20094740Approved
Bonampak Mayan siteDec 31, 20094040Approved
Gartendom in OberhausenDec 31, 20095690.5Approved
Hippodrome GDec 31, 20094161.5Approved
Hippodrome de BoitsfortDec 31, 20094321.5Approved
Hippodrome WellingtonDec 31, 20094491.5Approved
Roman Town House, DorchesterDec 30, 20092290Approved
Hurricane Katrina Memorial in BiloxiDec 30, 20097110.5Approved
Karahnjukar Hydropower ProjectDec 30, 20094931.5Approved
Steam engine being repairedDec 30, 20095541.5Approved
Thomas "Stonewall" Jacksons graveDec 29, 20093520.5Approved
Thomas "Stonewall" Jacksons left arm graveDec 29, 20093711Approved
Fairfield Plantation - Where Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson diedDec 29, 20093250.5Approved
Stonewall Jackson HouseDec 29, 20093750.5Approved
Thomas "Stonewall" Jacksons Headquarters MuseumDec 29, 20093490.5Approved
Land of legends (Sagnlandet Lejre)Dec 29, 20092960.5Approved
Cosmeston Medieval VillageDec 29, 20094250.5Approved
Butser Ancient FarmDec 29, 20093160.5Approved
Perperikon Thracian cityDec 29, 20093270Approved
Carn Fadryn hill fortDec 28, 20092970Approved
Moel y Gaer, Bodfari hill fortDec 28, 20092900.5Approved
Moel y Gaer, Llanbedr hill fortDec 28, 20093430Approved
Moel y Gaer, Llantysilio hill fortDec 28, 20093070Approved
Pen y Gaer hill fortDec 28, 20093050Approved
Tre r Ceiri hill fortDec 28, 20093410Approved
Twmbarlwm Iron age hill fortDec 28, 20092970Approved
Moel y Gaer, Rhosesmor hill fortDec 28, 20093740.5Approved
Bloodgate Hill Iron Age FortDec 28, 20092460Approved
Castell Henllys Iron age hillfortDec 28, 20093070.5Approved
Cronk ny Merriu promontory fortDec 28, 20092970Approved
The Braiid Iron age round houseDec 28, 20093090Approved
Vagankovo Cemetery in MoscowDec 26, 20093310.5Approved
Novodevichy Cemetery in MoscowDec 26, 20093361Approved
Silent Night Chapel where the Christmas carol first was sungDec 26, 20094981.5Approved
Erich Maria Remarque and Paulette Goddards graveDec 25, 20094521Approved
Imperial Crypt Vaults in ViennaDec 25, 20093971Approved
Zentralfriedhof ViennaDec 25, 20093470.5Approved
Mozart family graveDec 25, 20094822Approved
Franz Xaver Grubers graveDec 25, 20094230.5Approved
House where the lyrics to Stille Nacht (Silent Night) was writtenDec 25, 20095681.5Approved
Stadion der WeltjugendDec 25, 20093770Approved
Stadion am Gesundbrunnen in BerlinDec 25, 20094990Approved
Foundings ship of football/soccer club Hertha BSC BerlinDec 24, 20093941.5Approved
Sphinx ObservatoryDec 22, 20095401.5Approved
Rudi Carrells former houseDec 21, 20094451.66667Approved
Hans Albers former houseDec 21, 20095551.33333Approved
Sisak childrens Concentration CampDec 20, 20094940.666667Approved
Concentration Camp Stara GradiskaDec 20, 20094700.333333Approved
Ruins of the Provincial Hospital of VoronezhDec 20, 20093320Approved
Oreshek Fortress of ShlisselburgDec 20, 20093500Approved
German War Cemetery CharkowDec 20, 20094640.333333Approved
German War Cemetery SewastopolDec 20, 20094520Approved
German War Cemetery KiewDec 20, 20094510.5Approved
German War Cemetery GorlowkaDec 20, 20094730.333333Approved
German War Cemetery BerjosaDec 19, 20094050.333333Approved
Concentration Camp KloogaDec 19, 20093500Approved
German War Cemetery JoehviDec 19, 20093580Approved
German War Cemetery Frauenburg - SaldusDec 19, 20094150Approved
Cemetery murdered German Jews in the Riga-Bikernieki-ForestDec 19, 20094170Approved
German War Cemetery BeberbekiDec 19, 20093150.333333Approved
Valdemar Poulsens graveDec 18, 20093070.5Approved
Atomic bomb loading pit 1 and 2 on TinianDec 17, 20098520Approved
Lars Larsens houseDec 17, 20097192Approved
MIG 15 at car scrapheapDec 15, 20092600Approved
Dick Turpins graveDec 13, 20092110Approved
Edgar Wallace graveDec 13, 20092980.5Approved
Robert Whiteheads graveDec 13, 20093290.833333Approved
G. K. Chestertons graveDec 13, 20093080.5Approved
Universeum GothenburgDec 13, 20092780.5Approved
Robert Lee Hayes graveDec 12, 20094180.5Approved
Robert and Clara Schumanns graveDec 12, 20093780.5Approved
Mary Pickfords graveDec 12, 20094180.5Approved
Montgomery Clifts graveDec 12, 20093780.333333Approved
John Ritters graveDec 12, 20092761Approved
John Belushis graveDec 12, 20094931Approved
John Lockes graveDec 12, 20091880Approved
John Steinbecks graveDec 12, 20091990.333333Approved
Giuseppe Verdis graveDec 12, 20092170Approved
Jorn Utzons graveDec 12, 20091620.5Approved
Vice-Admiral William Blighs graveDec 12, 20092470Approved
Dame Margaret Rutherfords graveDec 12, 20093200.5Approved
Shanghai Y-10 at Dachang AirbaseDec 10, 20094500Approved
Frydenlund CastleDec 9, 20094160.5Approved
Henry E. Steinways tombDec 6, 20093290Approved
Roy Rogers and Dale Evans graveDec 6, 20092260Approved
Tyrone Powers graveDec 6, 20091840Approved
Sir Walter Scotts graveDec 6, 20093560Approved
Robert Louis Stevensons graveDec 6, 20093130Approved
Guglielmo Marconis graveDec 6, 20092630Approved
Kensal Green CemeteryDec 6, 20092340Approved
George Ulmers graveDec 6, 20092570Approved
Jackie Gleasons graveDec 6, 20092631Approved
Norra begravningsplatsen in StockholmDec 6, 20092670Approved
Hank Williams graveDec 6, 20093581Approved
Haga Royal Burial GroundDec 6, 20092130Approved
Greer Garsons graveDec 6, 20091800Approved
George Sands graveDec 2, 20091940Approved
Jimi Hendrix graveDec 2, 20093261Approved
Yul Brynners graveDec 2, 20092740Approved
George Orwells graveDec 2, 20092091Approved
Franz Liszts graveDec 2, 20092261Approved
Friedrich Kuhlaus graveDec 2, 20091690.5Approved
Errol Flynns graveDec 2, 20091751Approved
Ernest Hemmingways graveDec 2, 20093731Approved
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. and Sr.s graveDec 2, 20092110Approved
Desmond Llewelyns graveDec 2, 20091860Approved
David Carradines graveDec 2, 20092290Approved
Dan Blockers graveDec 2, 20092490Approved
C.S. Lewis graveDec 2, 20092191Approved
Ava Gardners graveDec 2, 20093220Approved
Sergei Rachmaninoffs graveDec 2, 20093000Approved
Anne Bancrofts graveDec 2, 20093091.33333Approved
Whitby AbbeyNov 28, 20093861.5Approved
Funeral in progressNov 28, 20091,6360Approved
Buildwas AbbeyNov 28, 20093561.5Approved
Binham PrioryNov 28, 20093051.5Approved
Basingwerk AbbeyNov 28, 20093700Approved
King Henry I graveNov 28, 20091850Approved
Reading AbbeyNov 28, 20093970Approved
Beaulieu AbbeyNov 28, 20093280.5Approved
Battle AbbeyNov 28, 20093530.5Approved
Thetford PrioryNov 28, 20092290Approved
Bardney AbbeyNov 28, 20092460Approved
Fountains AbbeyNov 28, 20093270Approved
Furness AbbeyNov 28, 20092410Approved
Barlings AbbeyNov 28, 20092400Approved
Thornton AbbeyNov 28, 20092870.5Approved
Titchfield AbbeyNov 28, 20093060Approved
Leicester AbbeyNov 28, 20092150Approved
Sawley AbbeyNov 28, 20092680Approved
Roche AbbeyNov 28, 20092480Approved
Rievaulx AbbeyNov 28, 20092390Approved
Revesby AbbeyNov 28, 20092560Approved
Glastonbury AbbeyNov 28, 20092330Approved
Odense CathedralNov 28, 20095060Approved
Edgar Allan Poes graveNov 27, 20095221Approved
Harold II Godwinsons graveNov 27, 20092580.5Approved
Sir Ian Flemings graveNov 27, 20092400Approved
Boris Karloffs graveNov 27, 20092440Approved
Laura Ingalls Wilders Rocky Ridge FarmNov 27, 20095701.33333Approved
Charles, Caroline and Mary Ingalls graveNov 27, 20098910Approved
Laura Ingalls Wilders graveNov 27, 20093980Approved
Benny Hills graveNov 27, 20097011Approved
Benjamin Franklins graveNov 27, 20093441Approved
Arthur C. Clarkes graveNov 27, 20095810Approved
Sir Arthur Conan Doyles graveNov 27, 20091981Approved
Agatha Christies graveNov 27, 20091991Approved
Claude Monets graveNov 24, 20092160Approved
Cecil B. DeMilles graveNov 24, 20092021Approved
Charles Laughtons graveNov 24, 20091540Approved
Buffalo Bills graveNov 24, 20093771Approved
Michael Landons graveNov 24, 20092431Approved
King Arthurs graveNov 24, 20095671Approved
Frogmore Royal Burial GroundNov 24, 20092621Approved
Frederick II of Prussias graveNov 24, 20091660Approved
Emperor Wilhelm IIs tombNov 24, 20093460Approved
Tippi Hedrens wild cat preserve ShambalaNov 24, 20094570.5Approved
Herbert von Karajans graveNov 23, 20092940Approved
John Philip Sousas graveNov 23, 20093311Approved
Edgar Rice Burroughs graveNov 23, 20092380Approved
Arturo Toscanini and Vladimir Horowitz tombNov 23, 20092820.333333Approved
Georg Philipp Telemanns graveNov 23, 20092480Approved
Antonio Vivaldis graveNov 23, 20093290Approved
Rio Reisers graveNov 23, 20092070Approved
Bob Hopes graveNov 23, 20092241Approved
Victor Borges grave in CopenhagenNov 23, 20093680.5Approved
Victor Borges grave in PutnamNov 23, 20093490.333333Approved
Danny Kayes graveNov 23, 20093361Approved
Golders Green CrematoriumNov 21, 20092320Approved
Marc Bolans graveNov 21, 20092570Approved
Andy Gibbs graveNov 21, 20094490Approved
Sir Charlie Chaplins graveNov 21, 20095431Approved
Antonio Stradivaris graveNov 21, 20092300Approved
Gavrilo Princips graveNov 21, 20092990.5Approved
Alessandro Voltas tombNov 21, 20092310Approved
Marty Feldmans graveNov 19, 20092320Approved
Walt Disneys graveNov 19, 20093550Approved
Spencer Tracys graveNov 19, 20091800Approved
Vivien Leighs remains scatterd at her houseNov 19, 20093410Approved
Liberaces graveNov 19, 20092020Approved
Stan Laurels graveNov 19, 20092950Approved
Oliver Hardys graveNov 19, 20092640Approved
Jacques-Yves Cousteaus graveNov 19, 20093880Approved
Buster Keatons graveNov 19, 20092320Approved
Albert R. Broccolis graveNov 19, 20092020Approved
Bette Davis graveNov 19, 20091800Approved
Louis de Funes graveNov 19, 20095450Approved
Brian Connollys graveNov 19, 20092800Approved
Jim Reeves graveNov 19, 20092810Approved
Soren Kierkegaards graveNov 19, 200960,8050.5Approved
D. W. Griffiths graveNov 19, 20094060Approved
Jesse Owens graveNov 19, 20094290Approved
Mick Tuckers graveNov 18, 20092760.5Approved
General George S. Pattons graveNov 18, 20093700.5Approved
General George S. Patton Memorial MuseumNov 18, 20093770.5Approved
Marshall Space Flight CenterNov 18, 20096491Approved
Shipwreck Borneo MaruNov 18, 20097860Approved
Gerhard Reisigs NASA staff houseNov 18, 20097341Approved
Brorfelde ObservatoryNov 18, 20095730.5Approved
Anglo-Australian ObservatoryNov 18, 20093430.5Approved
Array for Microwave Background Anisotropy (AMiBA)Nov 18, 20097430.5Approved
Allegheny ObservatoryNov 18, 20093840.5Approved
Aldershot ObservatoryNov 18, 20093040.5Approved
Charles Bronsons graveNov 17, 20091,0150Approved
Battle of the Plains of Abraham in Quebec 1759Nov 16, 20099091.5Approved
Ole Romer ObservatoryNov 16, 20093630.5Approved
Ole Romers Observatorium TusculanumNov 16, 20094751Approved
Midway Atoll facilitiesNov 16, 20094640Approved
Yanks Air MuseumNov 16, 20093350.5Approved
Wrecks of two X-Craft Midget SubmarinesNov 16, 20099111.66667Approved
Hans Christian Oersteds graveNov 14, 20093050.5Approved
Ben Websters graveNov 14, 20092000Approved
Hans Christian Andersens graveNov 14, 20094720Approved
Niels Bohrs graveNov 14, 20092110.5Approved
Dag Hammarskjolds graveNov 14, 20092400.5Approved
Al Jolsons graveNov 14, 20091910Approved
Richard Burtons graveNov 14, 20094270.333333Approved
Ettore Bugattis graveNov 14, 20092070Approved
Bugatti car plant in MolsheimNov 14, 20094251Approved
Konrad Adenauers graveNov 14, 20092450Approved
Maurice Chevaliers graveNov 14, 20092630Approved
Fort BattlefordNov 14, 20096461.5Approved
Chief Joseph Brants graveNov 14, 20095950.5Approved
Beinn an Tuirc windfarmNov 14, 20094131.5Approved
Prince Township Wind FarmNov 14, 20094901.5Approved
Windpark HoltriemNov 14, 20094291.83333Approved
Paderborn Wind FarmNov 14, 20094781.83333Approved
PS10 and PS20 Solar Power PlantNov 14, 20097071.83333Approved
Nellis Solar Power PlantNov 14, 20095261.5Approved
Solar One, Solar Two power plant projectNov 14, 20095562Approved
Nevada Solar One Power PlantNov 14, 20095861.5Approved
Odeillo solar power plantNov 14, 20094392Approved
Themis solar power plantNov 14, 20095541.83333Approved
Mont-Louis Solar FurnaceNov 14, 20094102Approved
Chandelier hall in Colognes sewer systemNov 14, 20096402.5Approved
Concentration Camp Lager HelgolandNov 13, 20094170Approved
Spandau Prison 1953Nov 9, 20095250Approved
The divided village Zicherie-BoeckwitzNov 9, 20093921.5Approved
Jugendwerkhof TorgauNov 9, 20094430.5Approved
City of Hoetesleben at the German borderNov 9, 20094201.83333Approved
Traenenpalast - Palace of Tears in BerlinNov 8, 20094101.5Approved
Bombed Stadtschloss of Berlin 1945Nov 7, 20096340Approved
Rear entrance and tower of the Fuhrerbunker 1945Nov 7, 20097330Approved
Hitlers Reich Chancellery 1945Nov 7, 20096460Approved
-54,32 on the roof of the Palast der Republik in BerlinNov 7, 20095291Approved
Holger Drachmanns grave north of SkagenNov 7, 20093200Approved
Inveraray JailNov 5, 20094010.5Approved
Isle of Man PrisonNov 5, 20097040.5Approved
Victoria Road PrisonNov 5, 20095170.5Approved
Bodmin JailNov 5, 20094090.5Approved
Prince Ruperts TowerNov 5, 20095021Approved
Hexham Old GaolNov 5, 20094560.5Approved
HMP Belfast, Crumlin RoadNov 5, 20094890.5Approved
Old Newgate PrisonNov 5, 20095540.5Approved
Monks MoundNov 5, 20094120Approved
Church of San Juan Parangaricutiro covered by lavaNov 5, 20093850Approved
Abandoned and overgrown shipyard near ImariNov 5, 20093930.5Approved
Buzludzha, the Bulgarian communist monumentNov 5, 20096221Approved
Abandoned Catalina PBY-5A at the Gulf of AqabaNov 5, 20091,2041.33333Approved
Abandoned Antonov An-8 in a forestNov 5, 20094860Approved
Ship graveyard near Petropavlovsk-KamchatskyNov 5, 20094870Approved
Kolmanskop ghost townNov 5, 20094441.5Approved
Kaufdorf car junkyardNov 4, 20095680.833333Approved
Abandoned amusement park DadilandNov 4, 20098511.5Approved
USSR tank graveyard outside KabulNov 4, 20091,4982Approved
Abandoned plane on tanks at Bagram AirportNov 4, 20094710Approved
Unfinished Crimean Atomic Energy StationNov 4, 20093,3052Approved
Bartini Beriev VVA-14M1P without wings or engines at the Monino museumNov 4, 20093300Approved
Wreck of the World Discoverer at Solomon IslandsNov 4, 20091,5680.333333Approved
North West Bay Ships Pty LtdNov 3, 20093751.83333Approved
Red Jet 2 in SouthamptonNov 3, 20097521.33333Approved
Red Jet 3 leaving SouthamptonNov 3, 20093301.33333Approved
The Callanish StonesNov 3, 20092950Approved
Mitchells Fold stone circleNov 3, 20092280Approved
dasparkhotel - 3 hotel rooms made of drain pipesNov 3, 20094341.5Approved
Old Griffith Park Zoo Los AngelesNov 3, 20094880.5Approved
Bhangarh abandoned cityNov 3, 20093210Approved
Abandoned Hotel Monte Palace on Sao Miguel Island, AzoresNov 3, 20098471.5Approved
Oradour-sur-Glane destroyed by the Nazis 1944Nov 3, 20093950Approved
Piercebridge Roman FortNov 3, 20092690Approved
Coria Roman FortNov 3, 20092920Approved
Portus Lemanis Roman FortNov 3, 20093100.5Approved
Rutupiae Roman FortNov 3, 20093530.333333Approved
Brownshill Dolmen portal tombNov 3, 20093830.333333Approved
Nine Ladies stone circleNov 3, 20092681Approved
Grey Wethers stone circlesNov 3, 20092850.333333Approved
Birkrigg stone circleNov 3, 20092580Approved
Stanton Drew stone circlesNov 3, 20093460.333333Approved
The Hurlers stone circlesNov 3, 20092630Approved
Strichen Stone CircleNov 3, 20093210Approved
Castleshaw Roman fortNov 2, 20092810Approved
Carvoran Roman FortNov 2, 20092710Approved
Hardknott Roman FortNov 2, 20092850Approved
Gainsthorpe deserted medieval villageNov 2, 20094041.5Approved
Binchester Roman FortNov 2, 20092780Approved
Bewcastle Roman FortNov 2, 20093310Approved
Bewcastle CrossNov 2, 20093070Approved
Belas Knap long barrowNov 2, 20092170Approved
Barpa Langass chambered cairnNov 2, 20092320Approved
Arthurs Stone chambered tombNov 2, 20092590Approved
Anta Grande do Zambujeiro burial chamberNov 2, 20093170Approved
Alchester Roman TownNov 2, 20093670.5Approved
Alauna Roman FortNov 2, 20092250Approved
Aesica Roman FortNov 2, 20092590Approved
Chanctonbury RingNov 2, 20092370Approved
Trundle Hill FortNov 2, 20093050Approved
Worlds largest cruise ship on the way to Fort Lauderdale, FLNov 1, 20091,4530.333333Approved
Gorch Focks graveNov 1, 20093030Approved
Mamucium Roman FortOct 30, 20092010Approved
Tregeseal East stone circleOct 30, 20092380Approved
The BridestonesOct 30, 20092140Approved
Boskednan stone circleOct 30, 20092740Approved
The Gop neolitic moundOct 30, 20093040Approved
Boscawen-Un stone circleOct 30, 20092840Approved
Achavanich megalithic horseshoe-shaped structureOct 30, 20092580Approved
Bryn Celli Ddu burial chamberOct 30, 20093740.333333Approved
Barclodiad y Gawres burial chamberOct 30, 20092660Approved
Grimes Graves flint minesOct 30, 20091820Approved
The Tarr Steps at LiscombeOct 30, 20092010Approved
Air Canada Flight 143 - The Gimli gliderOct 30, 20091,1030.5Approved
Sir Peter Ustinovs grave in BursinsOct 30, 20093880Approved
David Nivens grave in Chateau-dOExOct 30, 20094960Approved
Audrey Hepburns grave in TolochenazOct 30, 20096030.5Approved
Koenigsegg car plant and HQOct 30, 20094721.5Approved
Giant painting at Aengelholm AirportOct 30, 20093730Approved
Sir Walter Scotts manor Abbotsford HouseOct 29, 20093751.33333Approved
Carn Menyn - Possible bluestones rock outcrops for the StonehengeOct 29, 20095421.33333Approved
Russian and Polish War Graves SzczecinOct 29, 20093700Approved
The Palmschleuse - Oldest lock in EuropeOct 29, 20093801.5Approved
Old Synagogue of ErfurtOct 29, 20092660Approved
Twickenham Film StudiosOct 28, 20095620Approved
Studio Picture VehiclesOct 28, 20093502Approved
Jay Lenos Big Dog GarageOct 28, 20098140.5Approved
Greta Garbos graveOct 28, 20095760Approved
Thor Heyerdahls graveOct 28, 20094320Approved
Faaroe coastal rocksOct 28, 20094540.5Approved
Ingmar Bergmans former houseOct 28, 20093921.33333Approved
Ingmar Bergmans graveOct 28, 20092840.333333Approved
Charles de Gaulles maison La BoisserieOct 27, 20095111.5Approved
Charlie Chaplins former house Manoir de BanOct 27, 20097051.33333Approved
Audrey Hepburns former house in TolochenazOct 27, 20092,3111.33333Approved
Lili Marleen memorial on the island LangeroogOct 24, 20092560Approved
Lale Andersens graveOct 24, 20092350Approved
William Penns graveOct 24, 20092680Approved
Niccolo Paganinis graveOct 24, 20094500.333333Approved
Marlene Dietrichs graveOct 24, 20091930Approved
Former Swedish Primeminister Olof Pames graveOct 24, 20092490Approved
Villa Diodati where Mary Shelley began writing FrankensteinOct 24, 20096701.33333Approved
Mary Shelleys graveOct 24, 20092420Approved
Winston Churchills graveOct 24, 20092060Approved
Florence Nightingales graveOct 24, 20092220Approved
Massacre of GlencoeOct 24, 20096201.5Approved
Cecil Rhodes graveOct 24, 20093740Approved
Jacques Cartiers manor houseOct 24, 20093780.5Approved
Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in Sarajevo 1914Oct 23, 20097701Approved
Jimmie Angels plane El Rio Caroni at Ciudad Bolivar AirportOct 23, 20093870Approved
Janowska concentration campOct 21, 20091,0920Approved
Desborough CastleOct 19, 20091980Approved
Whitehall Farm Roman VillaOct 19, 20092030Approved
Badbury RingsOct 19, 20091930Approved
Kings Weston Roman VillaOct 19, 20092860.333333Approved
Newport Roman VillaOct 19, 20092240Approved
Lullingstone Roman VillaOct 19, 20094020.333333Approved
Lullingstone mazeOct 19, 20092961.5Approved
Numbers miniature golfingOct 19, 20093751Approved
Littlecote Roman VillaOct 19, 20091840Approved
Llantwit Major Roman VillaOct 19, 20092720Approved
Great Witcombe Roman VillaOct 19, 20092740.5Approved
Gadebridge Park Roman VillaOct 19, 20092880Approved
Crofton Roman VillaOct 19, 20092460.5Approved
Alfreds CastleOct 19, 20091970Approved
Borough Hill Roman villaOct 19, 20093360.833333Approved
Bignor Roman VillaOct 19, 20092350Approved
Bignor MazesOct 19, 20093530Approved
Brading Roman VillaOct 19, 20092640Approved
MS Treue - One of two remaning German WW2 concrete shipsOct 19, 20093801.5Approved
Aardman Animations - Home of Shaun the Sheep and Wallace and GromitOct 18, 20093450Approved
Submarine HL Hunley replica at Charleston Maritime MuseumOct 17, 20094441.5Approved
U.S. Navy Landing Craft (LCVP) in SpokaneOct 17, 20095711.5Approved
U.S.S. LST 393 tank landing shipOct 17, 20094840Approved
MV Capella - One of two remaning German WW2 concrete shipsOct 17, 20094341.5Approved
French nuclear submarine Le Redoutable (S611) in CherbourgOct 17, 20096021.83333Approved
Kids had fun by making a penis in the grassOct 17, 20091,1650Approved
Ponte Nevio in Rome - Bridge with hundreds of padlocksOct 17, 20096971.83333Approved
Chedworth Roman VillaOct 16, 20092410Approved
Rockbourne Roman VillaOct 16, 20092610Approved
Chester Water Tower MazeOct 16, 20092490Approved
Hilton path mazeOct 16, 20092801.83333Approved
Hilton hedge mazeOct 16, 20092550Approved
GDR naval school Walter SteffensOct 16, 20093552Approved
David and Goliath mazeOct 16, 20093921Approved
Bush - Kerry mazeOct 16, 20093540Approved
Tractor mazeOct 16, 20092500Approved
Remsen train mazeOct 16, 20093360Approved
Willen Lake mazeOct 16, 20092280Approved
Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens mazeOct 16, 20091900Approved
Boeing 747 converted to a restaurant at NamyangjuOct 15, 20091,3710Approved
Forbidden Corner exploration gardenOct 14, 20094071.83333Approved
Hazelhead Park mazeOct 14, 20093070Approved
Maze of trianglesOct 14, 20091530Approved
Maze near former RAF PoultonOct 14, 20092200Approved
Magnolia Plantation and Gardens hedge mazeOct 14, 20093390Approved
Kentwell Hall mazeOct 14, 20091820Approved
Blake House mazeOct 14, 20091690Approved
Chatsworth House hedge mazeOct 14, 20092420Approved
Paultons ParkOct 14, 20094991.5Approved
Alnwick Garden mazeOct 14, 20091760Approved
Symonds Yat hedge mazeOct 14, 20092380Approved
Noahs Ark Zoo Farm mazeOct 14, 20092230Approved
Saffron Walden hedge mazeOct 14, 20091850Approved
Scone Palace star mazeOct 14, 20092320Approved
Propeller Island City Lodge - A more unlike Berlin hotelOct 14, 20093721.5Approved
Isle Of Wight Zoo and Tiger IslandOct 14, 20094590.5Approved
The Hatfield mazesOct 14, 20093310Approved
Hatfield House and Hatfield Royal PalaceOct 14, 20093300.5Approved
Elvis Presleys Circle G RanchOct 13, 20091,0891.33333Approved
Invincible class aircraft carrier at Rosyth Naval YardOct 12, 20094620Approved
Pebble Mill StudiosOct 5, 20092090Approved
Arbol del Tule - One of the biggest trees in the WorldOct 4, 20099011.5Approved
Prescott Speed Hill ClimbOct 4, 20096291.5Approved
Wreck of submarine Explorer at Isla San TelmoOct 4, 20091,6190Approved
Jacksonville Memorial ColiseumOct 3, 20092630Approved
Pitt StadiumOct 3, 20093750Approved
Kezar StadiumOct 3, 20093230.333333Approved
Charmilles StadiumOct 3, 20093080Approved
Tampa StadiumOct 3, 20092370Approved
Aviva Stadium in Dublin (under construction)Oct 3, 20094351.5Approved
Stade Marcel SaupinOct 3, 20092340Approved
Hankyu Nishinomiya StadiumOct 3, 20092530Approved
Milwaukee County StadiumOct 3, 20093740Approved
Mile High StadiumOct 3, 20094170Approved
Memorial Stadium in BaltimoreOct 3, 20094430Approved
Three Rivers StadiumOct 3, 20093840.833333Approved
Cleveland StadiumOct 3, 20094380.333333Approved
Riverfront StadiumOct 3, 20092920.333333Approved
Seals Stadium in San FranciscoOct 3, 20093370Approved
Kingdome in SeattleOct 3, 20092070Approved
Catford StadiumOct 1, 20092020Approved
Manning BowlOct 1, 20094040Approved
Longacres RacetrackOct 1, 20092200Approved
Roosevelt RacewayOct 1, 20093540.5Approved
Garden State ParkOct 1, 20093920Approved
Foxboro RacewayOct 1, 20096100Approved
Foxboro StadiumOct 1, 20093840.333333Approved
Cahokia Downs RacetrackOct 1, 20094680Approved
Hialeah Park Race TrackOct 1, 20093641.5Approved
McCain StadiumOct 1, 20093771.5Approved
Filbert Street StadiumOct 1, 20092150Approved
Eton Park StadiumOct 1, 20092200Approved
The Dell StadiumOct 1, 20092380.5Approved
Boothferry Park StadiumOct 1, 20091900Approved
Highfield Road StadiumOct 1, 20092030Approved
Baseball Ground StadiumOct 1, 20092780Approved
Bella Center conference centerSep 30, 20099881Approved
Rydhave - US Ambassador residence in DenmarkSep 30, 20094291.5Approved
FleetMon - Ships positions arond the WorldSep 30, 20093,6951.33333Approved
Hun Tiep Lake - With the crashed B52Sep 28, 20091,6841.33333Approved
Mary Kings Close - The underground city of EdinburghSep 28, 20095211.83333Approved
Coleshill House - Home of Churchills Underground ArmySep 23, 20093820Approved
Sedlec Ossuary - The chapel of bonesSep 22, 20092510Approved
Harris Neck Army AirfieldSep 21, 20094820.333333Approved
D-Day - Private John Steele hanging from church towerSep 21, 20095490Approved
Fort Gordon MemorialSep 21, 20093430Approved
The Tehran Conference 1943Sep 21, 20094490Approved
The Yalta Conference 1945Sep 21, 20094160Approved
Historic Soviet-American meeting in Torgau 1945Sep 21, 20092490Approved
Stone Quarry - Concentration Camp PlaszowSep 21, 20094530Approved
Oskar Schindlers Emalia WorksSep 21, 20095130Approved
German War Cemetery LaurahuetteSep 21, 20093680Approved
Italian War Cemetery WroclawSep 21, 20098211.33333Approved
Russian War Cemetery WroclawSep 21, 20095250Approved
Polish War Cemetery WroclawSep 21, 20093610Approved
German War Cemetery Gross NaedlitzSep 21, 20093530Approved
Boeseckendorf - Nearly the whole residents of the village fled in 1961Sep 21, 20095481.5Approved
Kostrzyn nad Odra remains after total bombingSep 21, 20094560Approved
Bird Aviation Museum and Invention CenterSep 21, 20093550.5Approved
Kalvehave Maze ParkSep 14, 20093770Approved
Fotheringhay CastleSep 13, 20094311Approved
Sudeley CastleSep 13, 20092850.5Approved
Kendal CastleSep 13, 20096000Approved
Hever Castles water mazeSep 13, 20092080Approved
Hedge maze at Hever CastleSep 13, 20091610Approved
Fishbourne Roman PalaceSep 13, 20092450.5Approved
Margarethe Schreinemakers mansionSep 13, 20091,1891.83333Approved
French Necropole Nationale Saint Charles de PotyzeSep 12, 20095091Approved
Yorkshire Trench reconstructionSep 12, 20096440.5Approved
Hooge CraterSep 12, 20096541Approved
Talbot HouseSep 12, 20094030.5Approved
Croonaert Wood - BayernwaldSep 12, 20095870.5Approved
Sanctuary Wood Trench MuseumSep 12, 20095370.5Approved
Hooge Crater MuseumSep 12, 20094800.5Approved
German Airfield RomSep 10, 20094040Approved
Three tanks placed in the backyard of an innSep 8, 20096010Approved
Racehall - Largest indoor cart track in EuropeSep 8, 20093341.33333Approved
WW1 Memorial in AarhusSep 8, 20093830.5Approved
German Airfield Command 18-XI RyeSep 8, 20093330.333333Approved
German airfield MaldegemSep 8, 20093821Approved
Hitlers bunker at FromellesSep 8, 20091,0350.5Approved
Hitlers billets in FranceSep 8, 20096410.5Approved
Chateau de Cappy German garrisonSep 8, 20095540.5Approved
Hukou WaterfallSep 7, 20095761.33333Approved
Concentration camp LadelundSep 5, 20097980Approved
Lenssen und Partner exteriour scenesSep 5, 20093760Approved
The Nuremberg TrialsSep 5, 20094270Approved
Thanbyuzayat War CemeterySep 4, 20097860Approved
Kanchanaburi War CemeterySep 4, 20093160Approved
Chungkai War CemeterySep 4, 20093350Approved
Funeral preparationSep 4, 20092410Approved
Canakkale Turkish Martyrs MemorialSep 4, 20095760.5Approved
Commonwealth WW1 cemeteries of GallipoliSep 4, 20095900.5Approved
Helles Memorial at GallipoliSep 4, 20094810.5Approved
German WW2 cemeteries in ItalySep 3, 20098,6300Approved
Polish War Cemetery CassinoSep 3, 20092590Approved
French War Cemetery VenafroSep 3, 20092520Approved
Ardeatine massacre in Rome on March 24th. 1944Sep 3, 20092660Approved
German WW1 Cemetery PordoiSep 3, 20092530.5Approved
German War Cemetery Recoigne-BastogneSep 3, 20092210Approved
German War Cemetery KaliningradSep 3, 20092140Approved
The flight of the monk Eilmer of Malmesbury in the 11th. centurySep 2, 20094801.5Approved
Flak-Towers in Berlin, Hamburg and ViennaSep 2, 20096,1060.833333Approved
The Bunker also known as ReichsbahnbunkerSep 2, 20093090Approved
Ploetzensee Memorial Center in BerlinSep 2, 20092240Approved
Book Burning in Berlin at the Opernplatz 1933Sep 2, 20095251.5Approved
Fiat G.91 at former Messerschmitt factory HaustettenSep 1, 20092240Approved
Rudolf Hess starting site to Scotland 1941Sep 1, 20095710Approved
Rudolf Hess landing site in Scotland 1941Sep 1, 20091,9490.333333Approved
Naval Academy Muerwik - The Third Reichs last government siteSep 1, 20098860Approved
U-Boat Bunker HornisseSep 1, 20097480.5Approved
Holocaust Memorial Die RampeSep 1, 20093460Approved
Russian War Cemetery BocholtSep 1, 20092470Approved
Concentration camp Porta WestfalicaSep 1, 20092890Approved
Amersfoort concentration campSep 1, 20095120Approved
Internment camp Villa BouchinaSep 1, 20092450Approved
Hinzert concentration campSep 1, 20093850.333333Approved
Memorial Deportation Jews StuttgartSep 1, 20092700Approved
Concentration camp KochendorfSep 1, 20093230Approved
Bendlerblock, July 20th. 1944 execution siteSep 1, 20093170Approved
Ministry of Public Enlightenment and PropagandaSep 1, 20093300Approved
Ploetzensee PrisonSep 1, 20092530Approved
Peoples Court (Volksgerichtshof)Sep 1, 20092830Approved
Battle of HalbeAug 31, 20094460Approved
German War Cemetery HalbeAug 31, 20092790Approved
Russian War Cemetery Frankfurt an der OderAug 31, 20091840Approved
Russian War Cemetery StralsundAug 31, 20093180Approved
Russian War Cemetery RostockAug 31, 20091780Approved
Memorial Death March StoerkanalAug 31, 20092210Approved
German War Cemetery GolmAug 31, 20092500Approved
Mata Haris executionAug 31, 20092590.5Approved
Armistice with France 1940Aug 31, 20094150Approved
Armistice with Germany 1918Aug 31, 20093590Approved
German War Cemetery KarlshagenAug 31, 20091650Approved
Collective Grave German BoysAug 31, 20093520Approved
Russian War Cemetery HagenowAug 31, 20091951Approved
Christian Chi-Rho symbolAug 30, 20094180.333333Approved
The Helicopter Museum in WestonAug 30, 20091850Approved
de Havilland Aircraft Heritage CentreAug 30, 20092740Approved
Pingley POW CampAug 30, 20092960Approved
RAF Twinwood FarmAug 30, 20093030.5Approved
Euthanasia Program Action T4Aug 29, 20091,0810Approved
The SchwerbelastungskoerperAug 29, 20095560Approved
Fuhrer Hauptquartier Wolfsschlucht 2Aug 29, 20095300Approved
Ordensburg SonthofenAug 29, 20094170Approved
Ordensburg KroessinseeAug 29, 20092870Approved
Old Carquinez Bridge being dismantledAug 29, 20094251.5Approved
German WW2 cemetery RossoshkaAug 29, 20094730Approved
German WW1 cemeteries in BelgiumAug 29, 20094530Approved
German WW1 cemeteries in FranceAug 29, 20091,1070Approved
German WW2 cemeteries in FranceAug 29, 20094990.333333Approved
Commonwealth WW2 Cemeteries in the NetherlandsAug 29, 20093090Approved
Commonwealth WW2 Cemeteries in ItalyAug 29, 20093260Approved
Commonwealth WW2 Cemeteries in GermanyAug 29, 20093170Approved
World War 2 Commonwealth cemeteries in FranceAug 29, 20093480Approved
World War 2 Commonwealth cemeteries in BelgiumAug 29, 20093120Approved
World War 1 Commonwealth cemeteries in FranceAug 29, 20096080Approved
Benito Mussolini hanged up upside downAug 29, 20094010Approved
Benito Mussolinis former gravesitesAug 29, 20092050Approved
Benito Mussolinis tombAug 29, 20092510Approved
Benito Mussolinis execution siteAug 29, 20095830Approved
German Zeppelin Airbase TonderAug 27, 20094160Approved
German Zeppelin Airbase and Danish Garrison Museum TonderAug 27, 20092610Approved
German War Cemetery Copenhagen WestAug 27, 20092950Approved
German Military Cemetery HavsteinAug 27, 20093120Approved
German War Cemetery AlfasetAug 27, 20093480Approved
German War Cemetery SandweilerAug 27, 20093450Approved
German War Cemetery YsselsteynAug 27, 20092070Approved
Hack Green Nuclear BunkerAug 25, 20096310Approved
National Norwegian Aviation MuseumAug 25, 20093920Approved
Second World War Aircraft Preservation SocietyAug 25, 20092330Approved
World War 2 POW Camp EdenAug 25, 20092320.333333Approved
G-Clef on the groundAug 25, 20092480Approved
Eiffel-Tower in Sains-en-GohelleAug 25, 20094210.833333Approved
Sea Plane Base Sant AnnaAug 23, 20092750Approved
Alexandre Dumas birthplace Chateau de NoueAug 23, 20094001.33333Approved
Crveni Krst concentration campAug 19, 20095170Approved
Falstad concentration campAug 19, 20094800.333333Approved
Fort de RomainvilleAug 19, 20093050Approved
German Radiostation Jutphaas FortressAug 19, 20092300Approved
Kaufering Concentration CampAug 19, 20093780Approved
Tank chaos at gas stationsAug 19, 20095251Approved
Very long queue at the gas stationAug 19, 20096321Approved
Royallieu Transit CampAug 19, 20093650Approved
German Radiocentre PredefinAug 19, 20092610Approved
V1 launch facilityAug 19, 20099460.5Approved
German War Cemetery Cannock ChaseAug 19, 20092790Approved
Wieliczka Salt MineAug 19, 20097260.5Approved
Helvetic Airways Fokker 100Aug 19, 20092810Approved
Camp BlechhammerAug 18, 20094190Approved
Camp GursAug 18, 20092210.5Approved
Drancy Internment CampAug 18, 20092520Approved
Camp de RivesaltesAug 18, 20093840Approved
Concentration Camp Le VernetAug 18, 20093460Approved
Internment Camp Camp des MillesAug 18, 20093700.333333Approved
Airfield of BriasAug 18, 20092180Approved
Polish War Cemetery LangannerieAug 17, 20093330Approved
French War Cemetery NeufchateauAug 17, 20093390Approved
French War Cemetery ZuydcooteAug 17, 20094760Approved
German War Cemetery LommelAug 17, 20093150Approved
National War Cemetery of SigolsheimAug 17, 20092170Approved
Cimetiere du Col du WettsteinAug 17, 20092270Approved
Notre Dame de Lorette National Cemetery and BasilicaAug 17, 20094170.333333Approved
Man cutted figure cutted in a mountainAug 16, 20097551.33333Approved
Canadian National Vimy MemorialAug 16, 20093930Approved
The site where Manfred von Richthofen (The Red Baron) was shot downAug 15, 20096220Approved
Sofia War CemeteryAug 15, 20095510Approved
Knightsbridge War Cemetery AcromaAug 15, 20094660Approved
Crashed B-24 Liberator Lady Be Good in TobrukAug 15, 20091,8190Approved
German War Cemetery and Memorial TobrukAug 15, 20094910Approved
German War Cemetery and Memorial El AlameinAug 15, 20094830Approved
Italian War Cemetery and Memorial El AlameinAug 15, 20093990Approved
El Alamein War CemeteryAug 15, 20095580Approved
Tobruk War CemeteryAug 15, 20093950Approved
Lochnagar mine craterAug 14, 20095150Approved
Hawthorn Ridge RedoubtAug 14, 20094090Approved
Capt. Cecil Robert Tidswells isolated WW1 graveAug 14, 20093320Approved
Rhone American Cemetery and MemorialAug 14, 20092140Approved
Sicily-Rome American Cemetery and MemorialAug 14, 20092680Approved
Manila American Cemetery and MemorialAug 14, 20093310Approved
Luxembourg American Cemetery and MemorialAug 14, 20092790Approved
Lorraine American Cemetery and MemorialAug 14, 20091690Approved
Florence American Cemetery and MemorialAug 14, 20092230Approved
Cabanatuan American MemorialAug 14, 20093620Approved
Epinal American Cemetery and MemorialAug 14, 20091840Approved
Cambridge American Cemetery and MemorialAug 14, 20092570Approved
Brookwood American Cemetery and MemorialAug 14, 20092730Approved
Brittany American Cemetery and MemorialAug 14, 20092550Approved
Somme American Cemetery and MemorialAug 14, 20092000Approved
North Africa American Cemetery and MemorialAug 14, 20093360Approved
Danish War Cemetery BraineAug 14, 20092780Approved
Suresnes American Cemetery and MemorialAug 14, 20092390Approved
St. Mihiel American Cemetery and MemorialAug 14, 20091820Approved
Oise-Aisne American Cemetery and MemorialAug 14, 20092600Approved
Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and MemorialAug 14, 20092170Approved
Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery and MemorialAug 14, 20091880Approved
Ploegsteert Memorial to the MissingAug 10, 20092660Approved
Audenarde American MonumentAug 10, 20092670Approved
Kemmel American MonumentAug 10, 20091950Approved
Menin Gate Memorial to the MissingAug 10, 20092850Approved
Chateau-Thierry American MonumentAug 10, 20092420.333333Approved
Canadian Hill 62 (Sanctuary Wood) MemorialAug 10, 20092480Approved
Canadian Passchendaele MemorialAug 10, 20093100Approved
Canadian Saint Julien MemorialAug 10, 20092600Approved
Island of Ireland Peace ParkAug 10, 20092630Approved
World War 1 Commonwealth cemeteries in BelgiumAug 10, 20093490Approved
French Foreign Legion barracks in KourouAug 10, 20095720.5Approved
French Foreign Legion barracks in MayotteAug 10, 20096730.5Approved
French Foreign Legion recruitment center Fort de NogentAug 10, 20099800.5Approved
French Foreign Legion barracks in CastelnaudaryAug 10, 20096711Approved
French Foreign Legion barracks in Saint-ChristolAug 10, 20094891.16667Approved
French Foreign Legion barracks in OrangeAug 10, 20095290.833333Approved
French Foreign Legion barracks in LaudunAug 10, 20095080.5Approved
French Foreign Legion barracks in NimesAug 10, 20096200.5Approved
Former French Foreign Legion barracks in AlgeriaAug 10, 20096460.5Approved
French Foreign Legion barracks on CorsicaAug 10, 20096960.833333Approved
French Foreign Legion barracks in DjiboutiAug 9, 20098471Approved
Steamboat President in MemphisAug 5, 20095910Approved
Femoe Womens CampAug 5, 20093610.5Approved
Meeting point of 3 time zones in EuropeAug 5, 20096130Approved
Operation Carthage bomb raid in Copenhagen 1945Aug 5, 20093050Approved
French School bombing in Copenhagen 1945Aug 5, 20092690Approved
Flanders Field American Cemetery and MemorialAug 5, 20093610.5Approved
Kaj Munks assassination siteAug 5, 20092080Approved
Hvidsten resistance groupAug 5, 20092780Approved
Bork Viking HarbourAug 5, 20092850Approved
Ree Park - Ebeltoft Safari ParkAug 5, 20094010.5Approved
Hi-Flyer in ChantillyAug 5, 20093020Approved
Hi-Flyer in ChevernyAug 5, 20092350Approved
Hi-Flyer in JohannesburgAug 5, 20094022Approved
Hi-Flyer in MiamiAug 5, 20093180Approved
Hi-Flyer in BudapestAug 5, 20093430.5Approved
Hi-Flyer in DaejeonAug 5, 20093490Approved
Hi-Flyer in AcapulcoAug 5, 20094402Approved
Hi-Flyer in BaltimoreAug 5, 20094260Approved
Hi-Flyer at Disneyland Resort ParisAug 5, 20094552Approved
Hi-Flyer at Leeds CastleAug 5, 20094092Approved
TeletubbylandAug 4, 20092,9740Approved
Beijing South Railway StationAug 4, 20095662Approved
UN Logo on the groundAug 4, 20093950.5Approved
Victorinox Knife signAug 3, 20095600Approved
Filmtier-Park Eschede - The Show of Film AnimalsAug 2, 20094620.5Approved
Aeronauticum NordholzAug 2, 20091920Approved
Bulgarian Museum of AviationAug 2, 20093780Approved
Budapest Transportation MuseumAug 2, 20092600Approved
Handley Page Jetstream in the backyardAug 1, 20092730Approved
Former alternate bunker THW 3Aug 1, 20094391.5Approved
Former bunker of the German Federal PostAug 1, 20096531.5Approved
Former German Federal Bank bunkerAug 1, 20094681.5Approved
Austrian alternate bunker Einsatzzentrale BasisraumAug 1, 20092,3721.83333Approved
Hitler in Pasewalk HospitalAug 1, 20094380Approved
Smiley made of flowers at SkaerbaekJul 31, 20092870Approved
A sunflower in FredericiaJul 31, 20091780Approved
Smiley made of flowers in FredericiaJul 31, 20092430.5Approved
Former alternate government seat of North Rhine-WestphaliaJul 31, 20094151.5Approved
Former alternate government seat of Schleswig-HolsteinJul 31, 20094511.5Approved
Former alternate government seat of SaarlandJul 31, 20094231.5Approved
Former alternate government seat of Baden-WuerttembergJul 31, 20094411.5Approved
Former alternate government seat of Rhineland-PalatinateJul 31, 20094501.5Approved
Former alternate government seat of HesseJul 31, 20095641.5Approved
Former Government Bunker of GermanyJul 31, 20095821.83333Approved
Haus der Deutschen KunstJul 31, 20094041.5Approved
Hitlers apartments in MunichJul 31, 20098451.5Approved
Fuehrerbau MunichJul 31, 20096721.5Approved
Himmlers Castle DammsmuehleJul 31, 20097471.5Approved
Joseph Goebbels former house BogenseeJul 31, 20096782.5Approved
Goerings estate CarinhallJul 31, 20098161.5Approved
Hermann Goerings guest houseJul 31, 20098351.5Approved
Joseph Goebbels former houseJul 31, 20096181Approved
Laki VolcanoJul 24, 20095171Approved
Wreck of coaling ship BayardJul 21, 20094010.333333Approved
Luna 20Jul 20, 20091,0520.5Approved
Lunokhod 1 and the Luna 17 landerJul 20, 20099290.5Approved
Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 - Surviving by eating the deadJul 20, 20093,1491Approved
Iran Air Flight 655 shot down siteJul 20, 20091,1660.833333Approved
Cradle of Aviation MuseumJul 20, 20092620Approved
American Airlines Flight 965 crash siteJul 20, 20091,1100.5Approved
Binh Thuy Air BaseJul 20, 20095090Approved
Bataan AirfieldJul 20, 20095720Approved
Bien Hoa Air BaseJul 20, 20097830Approved
Apollo 15 mission, first Lunar Rover on the moonJul 20, 20091,5880.833333Approved
Apollo 11 landing site, the LM EagleJul 20, 20091,7510.833333Approved
Apollo 11 landing site, the US flagJul 20, 20091,6870.833333Approved
Randa rockslides 1991Jul 20, 20093040Approved
LAPA Flight 3142 crash siteJul 19, 20091,2670.5Approved
Aerolinee Itavia Flight 870 crash siteJul 19, 20097620.5Approved
Mud slide in GermanyJul 19, 20091,2300Approved
Scandinavian Airlines Flight 751 wreck partJul 19, 20097541.33333Approved
Scandinavian Airlines Flight 751 crash siteJul 19, 20091,2420.5Approved
Partnair Flight 394 crash siteJul 19, 20097030.5Approved
Dan-Air Flight 1008 crash siteJul 19, 20091,4941.5Approved
Air Canada Flight 621 crash siteJul 19, 20091,8410.833333Approved
Arrow Air Flight 1285 crash siteJul 19, 20099040.5Approved
Canadian Pacific Airlines Flight 21 crash siteJul 19, 20097680.5Approved
1959 Turkish Airlines Gatwick crash siteJul 19, 20097121Approved
British European Airways Flight 548 crash siteJul 19, 20099930.833333Approved
British Airways Flight 38 crash siteJul 19, 20095110.5Approved
Kegworth air disasterJul 19, 20091,0070.5Approved
Caspian Airlines Flight 7908 crash siteJul 19, 20097370Approved
Yemenia Flight 626 crash siteJul 19, 20095470.333333Approved
Air France Flight 447 crash siteJul 19, 20096830Approved
Korean Air Lines Flight 007 shot down siteJul 19, 20099830Approved
Air India Flight 182 bomb explosion siteJul 19, 20094580Approved
Turkish Airlines Flight 981 plane crashJul 19, 20098610.5Approved
1996 Charkhi Dadri mid-air collisionJul 19, 20098150.5Approved
Japan Airlines Flight 123 crash siteJul 19, 20091,0600.5Approved
Ancient Thule-people settlementJul 19, 20094020.5Approved
Abandoned city ThuleJul 19, 20094821.5Approved
Devils Woodyard Mud VolcanoJul 19, 20096351Approved
Digity Mud VolcanoJul 19, 20095441Approved
Palo Seco Mud VolcanoJul 19, 20095561Approved
Pitch Lake asphalt deposit lakeJul 19, 20095161.33333Approved
Piparo Mud VolcanoJul 19, 20096651Approved
Last Super Constellation in CanadaJul 17, 20096850Approved
Lars Ulrichs childhood houseJul 16, 20095011.33333Approved
Actors House in BallerupJul 16, 20096811.33333Approved
Driver just learned what can happen on wet roadJul 16, 20093220Approved
Fields Of The Wood Bible ParkJul 15, 20095031Approved
Agnetha Faeltskogs estateJul 7, 20091,1811.33333Approved
Orville Wrights mansionJul 5, 20091,1861Approved
Howard Hughes graveJul 5, 20096230.333333Approved
Wilbur Wrights Museum and birthplaceJul 5, 20093980Approved
Wilbur and Orville Wrights 4th. bicycle shopJul 5, 20095322.5Approved
Wilbur and Orville Wrights childood home locationJul 5, 20099091.33333Approved
Wilbur and Orville Wrights graveJul 5, 20094082Approved
Junkers and Co, German aircraft manufacturerJul 4, 20095900Approved
Fort St. Frederic and Fort Crown Point NYJun 30, 20094900.5Approved
Kjosfossen - Norways most famous waterfallJun 29, 20095361.83333Approved
Reichenbach Falls - And Sherlock HolmesJun 29, 20095101.33333Approved
Camp Thy - ThylejrenJun 29, 20093690Approved
Mountain View Conservation and Breeding CentreJun 29, 20093720.5Approved
Royal Isle of Wight Agricultural Society ShowJun 29, 20094351.5Approved
Isle of Wight Military MuseumJun 29, 20092370Approved
Bhaktivedanta ManorJun 28, 20095870Approved
George Harrisons former house KinfaunsJun 28, 20098261.33333Approved
George Harrisons mansion - Friar ParkJun 28, 20092,5751.33333Approved
The Anderton Boat LiftJun 26, 20094431.5Approved
The Falkirk WheelJun 26, 20097491.5Approved
F-35 Draken on a rooftopJun 26, 20096030Approved
3 houses built under a railroad bridgeJun 22, 20092,5771.33333Approved
Battle of Cable StreetJun 18, 20094310Approved
Radegast StationJun 8, 20094900Approved
Paul Potts houseMay 12, 20091,8651.33333Approved
Balmoral CastleMay 9, 20096750.5Approved
Viasat Broadcasting CenterMay 7, 20093960Approved
Vragguiden - A guide to shipwrecks around ScandinaviaMay 7, 20091,4490Approved
Boeings new Super JumboApr 22, 20097,3840Approved
Viking Erik the Reds Greenland estate BrattahlidApr 22, 20091,2000Approved
Smiley crop circleApr 22, 20093,0780Approved
Begin of making a crop circleApr 22, 20092600Approved
Crop circle near Martham 1Apr 22, 20092350Approved
Crop circle near Martham 2Apr 22, 20094410Approved
Crop circle near West SomertonApr 22, 20093670Approved
New Jysk Distribution Center in UldumApr 18, 20096380Approved
SAAB 35 Draken at SAAB AB LinkopingApr 18, 20094060.5Approved
Two SAAB JAS 39 Gripen at SAAB AB plant in LinkopingApr 18, 20099610Approved
Puk Recording StudiosApr 18, 20093750Approved
Pippi Longstocking in Taka-Tuka-Land - The pirates fort and prisonApr 13, 20091,2990Approved
Simon Spies summer house Villa FjolleApr 13, 20092,2464.83333Approved
UFO shaped house boatApr 13, 20096740Approved
The Trollhattan FallsApr 12, 20097171.33333Approved
3 heart shaped pondsApr 12, 20095241.5Approved
Old Ullevi StadiumApr 12, 20094131.5Approved
Ullevi StadiumApr 12, 20094521.5Approved
Liseberg AmusementparkApr 12, 20095211.5Approved
Ring KnutstorpApr 12, 20095080Approved
Gotland RingApr 12, 20095320Approved
Mantorp Park RacewayApr 12, 20096860Approved
Scandinavian Raceway AnderstorpApr 12, 20096180Approved
Borgeby CastleApr 12, 20095760.5Approved
Viking fort TrelleborgApr 12, 20094090Approved
Kolmaarden DjurparkApr 12, 20094820.5Approved
HSS Stena CarismaApr 12, 20092970Approved
Forsmark Nuclear Power PlantApr 12, 20096361.5Approved
Oskarshamn Nuclear Power PlantApr 12, 20096221.5Approved
Ringhals Nuclear Power PlantApr 12, 20095211.5Approved
Aagesta Nuclear Power PlantApr 12, 20095522Approved
Astrid Lindgrens childhood homeApr 12, 20095241.33333Approved
Astrid Lindgrens WorldApr 12, 20095022.5Approved
Emil i Lonnebergas KatthultApr 12, 20096440Approved
Nidarosdomen - Nidaros CathedralApr 12, 20095470Approved
Trondheim Ski StadiumApr 12, 20095761Approved
Hamar Speed Skating StadiumApr 12, 20097511.33333Approved
Ostersund Ski StadiumApr 12, 20094661Approved
The ArcturaApr 12, 20092650Approved
The Mars faceApr 7, 20094,0600.5Approved
Earthquake near L AquilaApr 6, 20092,8540.5Approved
Tsunami of Uummannaq summer 1995Mar 4, 20099940Approved
Hotel Arctic - the worlds most northerly 4 star hotelMar 2, 20091,5801.5Approved
Knud Rasmussens birthplace in IlulissatMar 2, 20095180Approved
Royal Greenland trawlerMar 1, 20095790Approved
Eskimopels igloo and the flag of Greenland on rooftopMar 1, 20093870Approved
Nuuk golf courseMar 1, 20091,7381.5Approved
Cruise ship in SisimiutMar 1, 20095140Approved
Unloading a container ship in NuukMar 1, 20095310Approved
A34 on a roof in NarsaqMar 1, 20096430Approved
Flugfelag Island Fokker 50 at Kulusuk AirportMar 1, 20093311.83333Approved
Beechcraft Super King Air at Nuuk AirportMar 1, 20093790Approved
DASH 7 at Nuuk airportMar 1, 20097150Approved
Upernavik new airport under constructionMar 1, 20092990Approved
SUN Studio in MemphisJan 30, 20091,3302Approved
Republic of KugelmugelJan 30, 20097100Approved
Saab 29 TunnanJan 30, 20093730Approved
Saab 35 DrakenJan 30, 20093990.5Approved
Maze in a parkJan 28, 20095230Approved
Australian Rules football field at a danish schoolJan 21, 20098021.5Approved
The old windmill of NessebarJan 16, 20096551.33333Approved
Church of St John Aliturgetos in NessebarJan 16, 20094620Approved
Church of St. Stefan in NessebarJan 16, 20094300.5Approved
Church of John the Baptist in NessebarJan 16, 20094110.333333Approved
Church of Christ Pantocrator in NessebarJan 16, 20097120Approved
Cathedral of St Joseph in SofiaJan 15, 20094220Approved
Ruse Railway StationJan 15, 20095742.33333Approved
St Paul of the Cross Cathedral in RuseJan 15, 20093740Approved
Sveta Bogoroditsa Church in RuseJan 15, 20093500Approved
Ruse House of CultureJan 15, 20094511.66667Approved
Ruse Bus StationJan 15, 20094712Approved
Sveta Troiza Church in RuseJan 15, 20093650.333333Approved
Sofia Public Mineral BathsJan 15, 20095131.5Approved
Banya Bashi Mosque in SofiaJan 15, 20093320Approved
Sveti Sedmochislenitsi Church in SofiaJan 14, 20093210Approved
Georgi Dimitrov Mausoleum remains in SofiaJan 14, 20098170.333333Approved
National Historical Museum in SofiaJan 14, 20092440Approved
Sofia SynagogueJan 14, 20092670Approved
Russian Church in SofiaJan 14, 20092881Approved
The Largo in SofiaJan 14, 20095021.5Approved
Church of St Petka of the Saddlers in SofiaJan 14, 20092920.5Approved
Central Sofia Market HallJan 14, 20094261.5Approved
Boyana Church in SofiaJan 14, 20092700Approved
Sveti Georgi Church in SofiaJan 14, 20092570Approved
Ruse Regional Historical MuseumJan 13, 20092830Approved
Ruse State OperaJan 13, 20094311.33333Approved
National Transport Museum of Bulgaria in RuseJan 13, 20092500Approved
Ruse Theater Dohodno ZdanieJan 13, 20095081.33333Approved
Ruse TV TowerJan 13, 20095700.5Approved
Monument of Liberty in RuseJan 13, 20094810.5Approved
Pantheon of National Revival Heroes in RuseJan 13, 20092600Approved
Andre Rieus castle De Torentjes in MaastrichtJan 13, 20091,0211.33333Approved
Michael Schumachers Cote D Azur houseJan 13, 20091,5751.5Approved
Michael Schumachers swiss house 2Jan 13, 20091,3731.5Approved
Michael Schumachers swiss house 1Jan 13, 20091,4341.5Approved
Thomas Gottschalks Malibu estateJan 13, 20092,2691.5Approved
GDR-Military Prison SchwedtJan 10, 20095831Approved
Y-bridge of GalenaJan 3, 20097111.5Approved
Tallest flagpole in the USADec 30, 20085250Approved
Roman entertainmentDec 18, 20081,6240.666667Approved
Oldest still-operated cinema in the worldNov 12, 20087491.33333Approved
Thomas Ejes former houseNov 10, 20085431.33333Approved
Karl Marx birthplaceSep 2, 20082,0731.5Approved
Paul Teutul Sr houseSep 2, 200815,0711Approved
Joseph Haydns birthplaceSep 2, 20081,0961.33333Approved
I am a Celebrity... Get Me out of HereSep 1, 20086,2890Approved
World Changers Church InternationalJul 30, 20087180.333333Approved
Joyce Meyer Ministries and World HQJul 30, 20086350.5Approved
Madejski StadiumJul 25, 20086810Approved
Football match in progressJul 25, 20086030.5Approved
The FA-Cup and stadiums 1872 -Jul 22, 20087740Approved
Flower clock of TeheranJul 14, 20081,6770Approved
Holy Mass preparationJul 12, 20083940Approved
Lockheed ConstellationJun 27, 20086130Approved
Silkeborg soccer golf laneJun 25, 20087051.5Approved
Topographic map USAJun 20, 20081,5040.5Approved
St. Moritz-Celerina Olympic BobrunMay 28, 20086760Approved
Bobtrack KoenigsseeMay 28, 20085590.5Approved
Olympic bob and luge track IglsMay 28, 20087300Approved
Hotel Weisses Roessl at WolfgangseeMay 28, 20085870Approved
Ski jumping arena BischofshofenMay 28, 20085890Approved
Concentration Camp Lager NorderneyMay 28, 20084,5920Approved
Concentration Camp Lager SyltMay 28, 20085,7410Approved
Bregenz Festival stageMay 28, 20085811.33333Approved
Concentration Camp Gusen 1May 28, 20084,7360Approved
Concentration Camp MauthausenMay 28, 20086,4560Approved
Bullfight in progressMay 23, 20082,0510.5Approved
Oslo New National Opera HouseApr 12, 20089201.33333Approved
JF-STOLL - Agricultural equipoment factoryApr 8, 20085780Approved
Epoke AS - Winter roadcleaning equipment factoryApr 8, 20084020.5Approved
Denmarks Technical MuseumApr 8, 20087180Approved
Danish Air MuseumApr 8, 20081,3170Approved
Heatherton Country Sports Park mazeApr 7, 20083870Approved
An eagle nest mazeApr 7, 20085760Approved
The ancient road of TibirkeApr 7, 20082,0720.333333Approved
Storstrom Bridge - once europes longest bridge.Apr 7, 20089420.5Approved
Theresienstadt Concentration CampApr 7, 20084,9770Approved
Lalandia Holiday CenterApr 7, 20085901.5Approved
Belene Nuclear Power PlantApr 7, 20084300Approved
Kozloduy Nuclear Power PlantApr 7, 20089660Approved
Faxe BreweriesApr 7, 20083110Approved
Danish Tramway MuseumApr 7, 20088690Approved
Concert in ChicagoApr 5, 20088690Approved
Hill with name difficult to pronounce, NZApr 4, 20087641Approved
LlanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogochApr 4, 20087710Approved
Raglan CastleApr 3, 20086290.5Approved
Tintern AbbeyApr 3, 20084480Approved
Neath AbbeyApr 3, 20084320Approved
Strata Florida AbbeyApr 3, 20083380Approved
Viroconium Cornoviorum - 4th largest Roman town in BritanniaApr 3, 20088370Approved
Calleva Atrebatum - A Roman townApr 3, 20084930Approved
Isca Augusta - a Roman fortress in WalesApr 3, 20084030Approved
Venta Silurum - a Roman town in WalesApr 3, 20083630Approved
The Conwy Valley Garden MazeApr 3, 20087070Approved
Segontium Roman fort in WalesApr 3, 20084220Approved
Faarevejle church - Earl of Bothwell gravesiteApr 3, 20085860.5Approved
Dragsholm CastleApr 3, 20084051Approved
Monsted Limestone CavesApr 3, 20083570Approved
Antvorskov MonasteryApr 3, 20088360Approved
The Bommerlunder InnApr 2, 20082,2950Approved
Tivoli FrihedenApr 2, 20084010Approved
Thorvaldsens MuseumApr 2, 20089340Approved
The Herlufsholm School and EstateApr 2, 20084961.5Approved
Soby Sogaard State PrisonApr 2, 20081,1460.5Approved
Nyborg State PrisonApr 2, 20086631Approved
Nyborg CastleApr 2, 20083880.5Approved
Out of Africa - Karen Blixens african farmApr 2, 20088281.33333Approved
Danish Naval Operation (SOK) BunkerApr 2, 20085360Approved
New Dallas Cowboys Stadium under constructionApr 2, 20089310Approved
The hanging rhino of PotsdamMar 31, 20085780.333333Approved
The shark on a rooftopMar 31, 20083,0900Approved
Planecrash at Farnborough, UKMar 30, 20081,4480Approved
Ledoje two storeyed churchMar 27, 20087560Approved
Royal Danish Guards drill exerciseMar 27, 20083440Approved
People playing petanqueMar 27, 20086650Approved
Labyrinthia theme parkMar 27, 20088550.5Approved
Ledreborg CastleMar 27, 20083230.5Approved
Domus Vista - Once Europes tallest appartment buildingMar 27, 20088151.5Approved
Nyboder - 17th century naval housingareaMar 27, 20082600Approved
Church of HolmenMar 27, 20083410Approved
Copenhagen old Stock ExchangeMar 27, 20086730Approved
Krenkerup ManorMar 27, 20083240.5Approved
Kolding Geographic GardensMar 27, 20084030Approved
Koldinghus CastleMar 27, 20083240.5Approved
The four Winds at Copenhagen Airport.Mar 27, 20083570Approved
Kalo Castle remainsMar 27, 20083530.5Approved
The 3 most famous oak trees in DenmarkMar 26, 20085760Approved
Jaegerspris CastleMar 26, 20083740.5Approved
Munkholm ZooMar 26, 20085050.5Approved
Jyllands Park ZooMar 26, 20085510.5Approved
Jenle - Danish poet Jeppe Aakjers homeMar 26, 20087461.33333Approved
Roethbachfall - Germanys tallest waterfallMar 23, 20087641.33333Approved
Qeqertarsuatsiaat - a village in GreenlandMar 23, 20081,4930Approved
Greenlands Parliament in NuukMar 23, 20081,6950Approved
Braedtet an arctic shopping center - NuukMar 23, 20081,9571.5Approved
Grandmothers Turf Hut Hotelroom - NuukMar 23, 200869,2690.5Approved
Hotel Hans Egede - NuukMar 23, 20084,3070.333333Approved
The Moravian Church of ChristiansfeldMar 21, 20083050.5Approved
Burial site of the 1920 reunion white horseMar 21, 200899,1170.5Approved
The reunion in Denmark 1920Mar 21, 20085060Approved
The Gods Acre cemetery of ChristiansfeldMar 21, 20087680Approved
The wave organ of San FranciscoMar 21, 20083930Approved
The sea organ of zadarMar 21, 20085120Approved
House demolished after renovating attemptMar 20, 20085910Approved
Maserati MC12Mar 18, 20089800Approved
The Woking Tripod MartianMar 17, 20084200Approved
Gaddani Beach shipbreaking yardMar 17, 20088820Approved
Scientology ship MV Freewinds at BonaireMar 17, 20081,2490Approved
The railway plough of Skagen in FrederikshavnMar 16, 20083540Approved
The Gun powder tower of FrederikshavnMar 16, 20086550.5Approved
The Cloos Tower of FrederikshavnMar 16, 20083770Approved
The lion heads at HammershusMar 16, 20086440.5Approved
Ditlevsdal Bison Farm in DenmarkMar 16, 20086000.5Approved
Air Belfast plane outside breweryMar 16, 20083880Approved
AQUA Freshwater AquariumMar 16, 20086051Approved
AnsaldoBreda train factoryMar 16, 20085660.333333Approved
The Kattegat Center - Denmarks shark centerMar 16, 20086020.5Approved
Vissenbjerg Reptile ZooMar 16, 20084630.5Approved
Ertholmene - most easten of the danish islands.Mar 16, 20084831.5Approved
The echo valley of BornholmMar 16, 20088440.5Approved
Brandts Klaedefabrik in OdenseMar 16, 20083150Approved
Fjord and Baelt in KertemindeMar 16, 20085510.5Approved
Frydenlund BirdparkMar 16, 20085340.5Approved
Carl Nielsens childhood homeMar 16, 20083780Approved
The Iron age village near OdenseMar 16, 20084100Approved
Klovtoft Barefoot ParkMar 15, 20083500Approved
Skaerup ZooMar 15, 20084730.5Approved
The Kompagnie Gate in FlensburgMar 15, 20083080.5Approved
The North Gate in FlensburgMar 15, 20082980Approved
Phaenomenta in FlensburgMar 15, 20083590Approved
Post and Tele Museum of DenmarkMar 14, 20083330Approved
St. Ansgar Cathedral in CopenhagenMar 14, 20083490Approved
St. Albans Anglican church in CopenhagenMar 14, 20082810Approved
The Museum of the Danish Resistance during World War IIMar 14, 20081,3860.5Approved
Maersk HQ in CopenhagenMar 14, 20085300Approved
Grundfos Pump FactoryMar 14, 20084090Approved
Bang and Olufsen audio and video factoryMar 14, 20082980Approved
Steamboat Helene of HaderslevMar 14, 20082920Approved
Maribo CathedralMar 14, 20083320.333333Approved
Helsingor (Elsinore) CathedralMar 14, 20082440Approved
Haderslev CathedralMar 14, 20084880.5Approved
Jomfru Ane Gade - The danish pub street in AalborgMar 14, 20084741Approved
Jens Bangs StonehouseMar 14, 20086720Approved
Aalborg CathedralMar 14, 20085920.5Approved
Ribe CathedralMar 13, 20084610Approved
USS New York, made of WTC steel.Mar 6, 20081,4120Approved
House of a Schalke 04 fanFeb 28, 20085760Approved
Two planes seen twiceJan 23, 20085830Approved
Only cockpit on runwayJan 23, 20088630Approved
IKEA Distribution CenterJan 18, 20081,0540Approved
Hesse capital Wiesbaden in 3DJan 18, 20081,4671.5Approved
Olympic rings mazeJan 6, 20086180Approved
Mill mazeJan 6, 20084620Approved
Rock concert at the Little Belt BridgeJan 6, 20086350Approved
2300 feet long train in DenmarkJan 6, 20085180Approved
Bispebjerg Bakke - a new residence designJan 5, 20085730Approved
Painting in parkJan 5, 20084450Approved
The rainforest in RandersJan 5, 20085090.5Approved
McDonalds sign made of bushesJan 5, 20087520Approved
The Comet in RodekroJan 5, 20083820Approved
Maersk Container IndustryJan 5, 20084080.5Approved
Same train in Denmark and GermanyJan 5, 20084840Approved
Cars on low tide roadDec 19, 20073600Approved
Giant World Cup footballDec 19, 20073940Approved
Parking lot WM 2006Dec 19, 20073380Approved
Wild water kayakers in AugsburgDec 19, 20073140Approved
Former DSB ferry now a restaurantDec 18, 20072980Approved
Circus Arena in GraastenDec 18, 20073930Approved
Agricultural fair in OdenseDec 18, 20075390Approved
FIFA World Cup team busDec 18, 20073150Approved
Torshavn CathedralDec 17, 20072830Approved
Royal Yacht Dannebrog in dry dockDec 17, 20073940Approved
Pokljuka Biathlon ArenaDec 13, 20074460Approved
F18 - Blue AngelsDec 11, 20076560.333333Approved
10345 on roofDec 11, 20072570Approved
Wallerawang firework plant explodedDec 9, 20078660Approved
Classic VW Beetle in gardenDec 3, 20073700.333333Approved
Texarkana post officeDec 3, 20075550Approved
Old St Pancras railway station clockfaceDec 3, 20073280Approved
Biggest rubber stamp in the worldDec 2, 20075400Approved
Most leaning tower in the worldDec 2, 20074180Approved
Rabbit, or...Dec 2, 20073860Approved
Vitznau railwaystationNov 30, 20073920Approved
Traffic accident in DortmundNov 30, 20071,0780Approved
F-16 on static displayNov 30, 20074380Approved
Statue of Liberty mazeNov 27, 20075440Approved
A football field mazeNov 27, 20073930Approved
J. A. Topf und Soehne - Crematory factory for KZ-campsNov 11, 2007170,4560.5Approved
Elverhoj Bronce Age moundNov 11, 20076240Approved
Bundesgartenschau Gera-Ronneburg 2007Nov 9, 20074270Approved
Jokela High School shootingsNov 8, 20071,2100Approved
Karl-Marx-Hof in ViennaNov 8, 20077050Approved
Gaudi buildings and constructions in SpainNov 7, 20071,8580Approved
Remaining guard towers around BerlinNov 3, 20071,2850Approved
Grunewald railwaystation track 17Nov 3, 20074940Approved
USS Nautilus - Worlds first nuclear-powered submarineNov 3, 20077570Approved
MS Wuerttemberg - a restaurant ship in MagdeburgNov 3, 20074560.5Approved
4 flags on front of buildingNov 3, 20073720Approved
Pilsum lighthouseNov 3, 20076142.33333Approved
Eiffeltower in ChemnitzNov 3, 20073270Approved
Maarup ChurchNov 2, 20073700Approved
Johnny Cash childhood homeNov 2, 20071,5691.33333Approved
Urnehoved thingsteadNov 2, 20073820Approved
The Ladby viking burial shipNov 1, 20078030Approved
Sutton Hoo Anglo-Saxon burial siteNov 1, 20074590Approved
Pigs on runwaysNov 1, 20074850Approved
Fire in appartmentOct 31, 20071,5760Approved
1700 airfields UKOct 31, 20071,8500Approved
Water plane over BerlinOct 31, 20075,1120Approved
Most dangerous road in the worldOct 30, 20075,7722.83333Approved
Bike show at PhoenixOct 30, 20076810Approved
Sunbathing person in BerlinOct 30, 20072,2820Approved
SpongeBob Squarepants and friendsOct 30, 20071,0870Approved
Harrachov ski jump and ski flying arenaOct 30, 20074960Approved
Engelberg ski jump arenaOct 30, 20076950Approved
Letalnica ski flying arenaOct 29, 20075760.5Approved
Heini-Klopfer-Ski flying arenaOct 29, 20074370Approved
Schattenbergschanze in OberstdorfOct 29, 20073610Approved
Olympic ski jump arena in Garmisch-PartenkirchenOct 29, 20076220.5Approved
Europabruecke at InnsbruckOct 29, 20077990Approved
Bergisel ski jump arenaOct 29, 20077310Approved
FIFA fan area in MagdeburgOct 29, 20073720Approved
UWE Bristol in roundaboutOct 29, 20073710.333333Approved
Static balloon in BristolOct 29, 20074110Approved
West Midland Safari and Leisure ParkOct 29, 20074990Approved
Wicksteed ParkOct 29, 20073600Approved
Pleasurewood HillsOct 29, 20074800Approved
The Flambards ExperienceOct 29, 20074280Approved
Fantasy Island UKOct 29, 20073760Approved
Dreamland MargateOct 29, 20074810Approved
Crealy Great Adventure ParksOct 29, 20074230Approved
Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach theme parkOct 29, 20074930Approved
Clarence Pier theme parkOct 29, 20073990Approved
Chessington World of AdventuresOct 29, 20074430Approved
Flamingo Land Theme Park and ZooOct 29, 20078830Approved
Camelot Theme ParkOct 29, 20078250Approved
Lightwater ValleyOct 29, 20074610Approved
Pleasure Island Family Theme ParkOct 29, 20075100Approved
Knowsley Safari ParkOct 29, 20074490Approved
Gullivers theme parksOct 29, 20076850Approved
Lorry accident in roundaboutOct 29, 20076540Approved
Diggerland theme parksOct 28, 20074260Approved
Brighton Pier theme parkOct 28, 20074730.333333Approved
Pleasure Beach BlackpoolOct 28, 20075670Approved
Barry Island Pleasure ParkOct 28, 20073910Approved
Adventure IslandOct 28, 20074000Approved
American AdventureOct 28, 20074010Approved
Traffic accident in Las VegasOct 27, 20077850Approved
Digging a graveOct 27, 20075190Approved
Stowe SchoolOct 27, 20075891.5Approved
Grenoble 1968 Olympic skijump arenaOct 26, 20074620Approved
Fun fair in Las VegasOct 26, 20074430Approved
Oakland Raiders practiceOct 25, 20074280Approved
Giant painted palmOct 25, 20073370Approved
Spruce Creek Community AirportOct 25, 20074870Approved
Good-Year blimp baseOct 25, 20074430Approved
The herring fence of KappelnOct 25, 20073880Approved
Cricket game in DerbyOct 25, 20076270.5Approved
3 giant painted footballsOct 24, 20075510Approved
Track and field in StuttgartOct 24, 20077190.5Approved
Emil Nolde museumOct 24, 20074740Approved
Der Landarzt locationOct 24, 20075090Approved
Ferry Sylt Express in ListOct 23, 20074450Approved
Train from SyltOct 23, 20075691.5Approved
Kraftfahrt Bundesamt in FlensburgOct 23, 20074000Approved
Citti GrossmarktOct 23, 20075381.5Approved
Campus Halle in FlensburgOct 23, 20073831.33333Approved
Foerde Park FlensburgOct 23, 20077961.5Approved
Science Center FoulumOct 21, 20075002Approved
Foulum mazeOct 21, 20073670Approved
Benny Anderssons houseOct 21, 20079951.33333Approved
Bjorn Ulvaeus houseOct 21, 20079561.66667Approved
Coca-Cola SwedenOct 21, 20075170Approved
Danish SKODA MuseumOct 20, 20073990Approved
SKODA car factoryOct 20, 20076040Approved
Nymindegab WhalehouseOct 20, 20074340Approved
Aalborg Defence and Garrison MuseumOct 20, 20074390Approved
Danish Museum of Nursing HistoryOct 20, 20074660Approved
Viking ship in StockholmOct 19, 20075080Approved
Pearlridge Center mall in HonolulluOct 19, 20077251.5Approved
Beaulieu Estate Automotive MuseumOct 19, 20073560Approved
NISSAN new test trackOct 19, 20072,2420Approved
TOYOTA test trackOct 19, 20071,5690Approved
The Body FarmOct 18, 20072,5501.5Approved
Blimp on landing fieldOct 18, 20074850Approved
Medieval Centre of BornholmOct 18, 20075760Approved
Medieval Center at Nykobing FOct 18, 20074190Approved
Brikby - a military training villageOct 18, 20071,5120Approved
Misthusum - a village goneOct 18, 20074720Approved
Former life saving station now firestationOct 18, 20074310Approved
Fence made of whalejawsOct 18, 20074990Approved
Oldest and smallest schoolbuilding in DenmarkOct 18, 20075411.5Approved
Small airfield with planes on shooting rangeOct 18, 20077430Approved
PS Wingfield Castle in HartlepoolOct 14, 20073830Approved
HMS Trincomalee in HartlepoolOct 14, 20074700Approved
Danmarks Transport Center VejleOct 14, 20075040Approved
The Brave Soldier in FredericiaOct 14, 20074700.333333Approved
Prince Gate in FredericiaOct 14, 20074870Approved
Carlsberg Breweries DenmarkOct 14, 20074980Approved
Knivsbjerg german meeting place in DenmarkOct 13, 20074550.5Approved
German EURO coin production sitesOct 13, 20076020Approved
Knowth neolitic graveOct 4, 20071,1090.333333Approved
Newgrange neolitic graveOct 4, 20071,6700Approved
Horse of Troy in CanakkaleOct 2, 20071,0070.5Approved
Coober Pedy opal minesOct 2, 20078711.5Approved
The golden horns of GallehusOct 2, 20074550Approved
Rugby game in progressOct 2, 20075140Approved
Soby brown coal mineOct 2, 20077052Approved
Tow plane and glider in flightOct 2, 20076120Approved
Avedore Airfield Copenhagen remainsSep 29, 20076220Approved
Blimp at former RAF RufforthSep 29, 20074600.333333Approved
Veterans Stadium in PhiladelphiaSep 27, 20077850Approved
Softball grounds in DenmarkSep 26, 20073140Approved
Large football fieldSep 26, 20078540.5Approved
Jysk Car MuseumSep 26, 20073250Approved
Nordby - a danish villageSep 26, 20074180Approved
Nordby maze - the biggest in the worldSep 26, 20079320Approved
Girl of Egtved graveSep 26, 20075110.5Approved
Hvidovre Circus MuseumSep 26, 20073790Approved
Circus Arena HQSep 26, 20074720Approved
Rold Circus MuseumSep 26, 20073830Approved
Stryhns Liver Pate factorySep 26, 20072690Approved
Irrigation circles on fireSep 24, 20075580Approved
Roadname laterally reversedSep 23, 20071,2930Approved
Rebild BakkerSep 19, 20074020Approved
Jesperhus FlowerparkSep 19, 20073970Approved
Trapholt MuseumSep 19, 20073120Approved
Strange imageSep 7, 20073,0530Approved
Rectangle in SkySep 5, 20071,3230Approved
Hubble telescope insideSep 5, 20071,1850.333333Approved
Stella PolarisSep 5, 20078030.333333Approved
Marstal solar energy plantSep 5, 20079730Approved
Classic maze in New York CitySep 5, 20077040.333333Approved
Playland Amusement Park - CensoredSep 5, 20076320Approved
Mall in New York - CensoredSep 5, 20076800Approved
Dam - CensoredSep 5, 20076250Approved
Highway interchange - censoredSep 5, 20076510Approved
The steepest airport in the worldSep 3, 20072,7360Approved
Letters on asphaltSep 2, 20075950Approved
Disaster City at College StationAug 31, 20077470Approved
Albert Einsteins houseAug 31, 20072,4881.5Approved
Painted T-34 tankAug 28, 20077420Approved
Chess game in prisonAug 28, 20079370Approved
Maze in school yardAug 28, 20073330Approved
Steam boat restaurantAug 28, 20076120Approved
Texas flag on roof topAug 28, 20073900Approved
Tractors and US flag on roof topAug 28, 20079000Approved
Steam train and pig on roof top.Aug 28, 20075260Approved
Chevy, eagle and US flag on roof topAug 28, 20071,2780Approved
Mickey Mouse on rooftopAug 28, 20079530Approved
Race car at company entranceAug 23, 20075340Approved
Turn table on scrap yardAug 23, 20075660Approved
Smiling ghostAug 23, 20074270Approved
Preparation for graduationAug 22, 20073000Approved
Yantra Mandir Observatory in UjjainAug 22, 20074560Approved
Man Singh Observatory, VaranasiAug 22, 20074070Approved
Jantar Mantar Observatory in JaipurAug 22, 20074960Approved
Giant painted whaleAug 22, 20073670Approved
Human sundial in BiarritzAug 22, 20073820Approved
Sundial at Tower BridgeAug 22, 20073190Approved
Jane Seymour UK residenceAug 22, 20071,2840Approved
Perranzabuloe Millennium sundialAug 21, 20072680Approved
Sundial at Tower of LondonAug 21, 20073220.5Approved
U-534 a german WWII submarineAug 21, 20077380Approved
Deutsche Telekom signAug 19, 20074340Approved
VfB Oldenburg former stadium DonnerschweeAug 17, 20074830Approved
Danish weather radarsAug 14, 20071,2370.833333Approved
Little House On The Prairie farmAug 13, 20071,4470Approved
Airfields in DenmarkAug 13, 20071,7530Approved
Here they sell peasAug 13, 20074930Approved
Die Bruecke - The bridge from the german movieAug 11, 20075880.5Approved
Bell tower in Lake ResiaAug 11, 20075100Approved
Map of Europe in school yardAug 11, 20074970Approved
Smallest house in DenmarkAug 11, 20079270Approved
Copenhagen Airport old terminalAug 10, 20074340Approved
Odense ZooAug 10, 20074570Approved
Danish Railway MuseumAug 10, 20074670Approved
Horses entering start boxAug 10, 20076260Approved
Roundabout with trafic light tree artAug 10, 20073491Approved
Roundabout with roadsign artAug 10, 20074330Approved
People going to a football gameAug 10, 20076580Approved
Steam train from Hogwarts?Aug 2, 20072,1310.333333Approved
Union Jack in roundaboutAug 2, 20076060Approved
Hampton Court mazeAug 2, 20076730.333333Approved
Ruurlo mazeAug 2, 20075050Approved
Menkemaborg mazeAug 2, 20074020Approved
Horta Garden mazeAug 2, 20074370Approved
Stra mazeAug 2, 20073690Approved
Alcazar mazeAug 2, 20073490Approved
Da Vinci mazeAug 2, 20075500Approved
Glendurgan MazeAug 2, 20073190Approved
Amstelpark mazeAug 2, 20073150Approved
Nice new spiral crop circleAug 1, 20078460Approved
Maze inside FranceJul 28, 20075150Approved
Causey Arch - the oldest railroad bridge in the worldJul 28, 20075490Approved
St. Peters Chapel - the oldest church in the UKJul 28, 20075470.333333Approved
Canterbury CathedralJul 27, 20076290Approved
Smoking Mount EtnaJul 27, 20071,3671Approved
Luftwaffe plane Airbus A-310Jul 27, 20075700Approved
Mozart portrait at Cologne CathedralJul 27, 20077210Approved
Magic roundabout at BenfleetJul 27, 20078322Approved
Magic roundabout in High WycombeJul 27, 20077492Approved
International Tennis Hall of FameJul 16, 20076450Approved
Mill owned by Karl DallJul 16, 20079111.33333Approved
3 F-16 fighters at Skrydstrup AirbaseJul 10, 20075620Approved
Starfighter F-104 at Skrydstrup AirbaseJul 10, 20078370Approved
Sikorsky Sea King S61Jul 10, 20074150Approved
Unusual crossroads at airbaseJul 10, 20076762.33333Approved
David and Victoria Beckhams new Beverly Hills estateJul 10, 20073,8051.5Approved
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Beverly Hills estateJul 10, 20075,4180.333333Approved
MS Pacific Queen formerly MS HansalineJul 10, 20078890Approved
Dresden 3DJul 9, 20072,9772Approved
Worlds biggest solar energy plant in EspenhainJul 9, 20071,1310Approved
Hopewell Culture National Historical ParkJul 8, 20076370Approved
International Olympic Committee HQJul 7, 20075470Approved
Meseberg Palace - Germany state guesthouseJul 6, 20075830Approved
Niederschoenhausen Palace - GDR state guesthouseJul 6, 20074030Approved
House of Gunther JauchJul 6, 20073,3190Approved
Belchamp RacetrackJul 6, 20076790Approved
Live Earth Concerts 2007Jul 6, 20071,4400Approved
Island at war locationJul 6, 20079420Approved
Long Beach RacetrackJul 6, 20071,3650.5Approved
Montjuic circuit RacetrackJul 6, 20072,1500Approved
Circuito Lasarte RacetrackJul 5, 20077480Approved
Commingues RacetrackJul 5, 20078310Approved
Lyon-Parilly RacetrackJul 5, 20077810Approved
Bugatti Circuit RacetrackJul 4, 20071,1420Approved
Reims-Gueux RacetracksJul 4, 20071,8230Approved
Rouen-Les-Essarts RacetrackJul 4, 20071,4520Approved
Charade Circuit RacetrackJul 4, 20078650Approved
Dijon-Prenois RacetrackJul 4, 20077600Approved
Autodrome de Linas-MontlheryJul 4, 20077330Approved
Danish TV DR new studiosJul 4, 20074390.333333Approved
Danish TV2 weather studioJul 4, 20074870Approved
Orca Keikos graveJul 4, 20077061Approved
Magic Roundabout in TamworthJul 4, 20076162.5Approved
Magic Roundabout in DenhamJul 4, 20075692Approved
Magic Roundabout Hatton CrossJul 4, 20071,3912Approved
Villa Villekulla - House of Pippi LongstockingJul 4, 200750,1250Approved
Magic roundabout in ColchesterJul 4, 20071,6052Approved
Stoertebeker Open Air Theater in RalswiekJul 2, 20075620.5Approved
Bush family compound in MaineJul 2, 20074,7340Approved
Alsion in SonderborgJul 1, 20073340.333333Approved
4 giant male figures at EsbjergJul 1, 20075260Approved
Milton Keynes National BowlJun 25, 20076851.33333Approved
USAAF B17G Stormy Weather crashed on AlsJun 24, 20071,5150.5Approved
Amish farmJun 22, 20077390Approved
Danfoss Universe - Technical and mechanical theme parkJun 20, 20076150Approved
Dollywood - Polly Partons theme parkJun 20, 20079710Approved
Johnny Cash HouseJun 20, 20073,2234.33333Approved
Night Lights of the WorldJun 19, 20076,2770Approved
USGS Earthquake MonitoringJun 19, 20073,5392.33333Approved
Fredericia Historic Mini-CityJun 17, 20077280Approved
Cable car in StuttgartJun 16, 20076141.5Approved
Two steam train enginesJun 16, 20077682.33333Approved
Football practice in NuukJun 12, 20071,9730Approved
Nuuk PrisonJun 12, 20075,6130Approved
Nuuk new cemeteryJun 12, 20072,9151Approved
Hans Egede statue in NuukJun 12, 20073,5380Approved
Communication antennas in NuukJun 12, 20071,8220Approved
Nuuk CathedralJun 12, 20071,6040Approved
Chateau de Caix - Royal danish summer residenceJun 11, 20071,0640.5Approved
Ardotalia roman fortJun 9, 20075580Approved
Arbeia roman fortJun 9, 20074870Approved
Galava - Ambleside roman fort (with overlay)Jun 9, 20075410Approved
12 phone cells in domino bricks arrangementJun 9, 20074490Approved
Darlington Brick Train sculptureJun 9, 20075130Approved
Birka, the first city of SwedenJun 7, 20079840Approved
Cricket game in progressJun 5, 20073820.333333Approved
Car on race track driven wrongJun 5, 20078090Approved
Tank driving for allJun 5, 20075920Approved
Another french censored AFB (Dijon Longvic)Jun 4, 20075830Approved
Airplane over AOL ArenaJun 4, 20071,7140Approved
New Zentral Stadion of LeipzigJun 4, 20074310Approved
Lots of cars on runwayJun 4, 20076370Approved
Odd looking cloudJun 4, 20072,1670Approved
Ivigtut former cryolite mineJun 4, 20071,7011.5Approved
Airbus parts on the groundJun 3, 20074100Approved
Farming school in GreenlandJun 3, 20075070Approved
Viking settlement of HvalseyJun 3, 20071,1370Approved
National Museum of GreenlandJun 3, 20071,5530Approved
Santas mail box in NuukJun 3, 20071,9500Approved
Nuuk Swimm-ArenaJun 3, 20072,4151.33333Approved
Kulusuk Airport (KUS)Jun 3, 20079860Approved
Nerlerit Inaat Airport (CSP)Jun 3, 20079200Approved
Two Dash-7 at Nuuk AirportJun 3, 20071,8250Approved
Nuuk Imeq Brewery NuukJun 3, 20072,6740Approved
Forum WetzlarJun 3, 20075701.5Approved
Katuaq Cultural Center NuukJun 3, 20071,6190.833333Approved
Leica WetzlarJun 3, 20073190Approved
Mount SemitsiaqJun 3, 20071,9720Approved
Nuuk Airport (GOH)Jun 3, 20072,0780Approved
Narssarssuaq Airport (UAK)Jun 3, 20071,1830Approved
Kangerlussuaq Airport (SFJ)Jun 3, 20079110Approved
Fasten your seat beltJun 3, 20072,9200Approved
G8-Summitt 2007 in HeiligendammMay 31, 20078490Approved
Hospital with wrong dimensionsMay 27, 20071,2920Approved
Birthplace of John WayneMay 26, 20079451.33333Approved
Augustine monastery of Erfurt - Where Martin Luther became a monkMay 11, 20075370Approved
Kasseler Kaskaden - A fantastic waterplayMay 10, 20075070Approved
Holtekollen - a defunct ski jump arena in DenmarkMay 9, 20078580Approved
Smoke on the water - Firedisaster in MontreuxMay 4, 20077030Approved
Most famous fountains of CopenhagenMay 4, 20074420Approved
Tallest flagpole in DenmarkMay 1, 20073880.333333Approved
One leaning appartment block, 7 OKMay 1, 20071,8050Approved
Knuthenborg Safari ParkApr 22, 20075240.5Approved
Lolland-Falster islands miniaturesApr 22, 20073530Approved
Jutland peninsula miniatureApr 22, 20073960.5Approved
Giant treeApr 22, 20071,2200Approved
Farmer in love?Apr 22, 20075230Approved
Golf for beginnersApr 22, 20075540Approved
Giant keyholeApr 22, 20073090Approved
Extreme burning crop fieldApr 19, 20071,1810Approved
4 men to a buoys - giant male figures around HamburgApr 15, 20074490Approved
A russian submarine in a danish pondApr 14, 20076580Approved
Statue of Liberty in BirminghamApr 14, 20076850Approved
Madigan-Sparre graves in Landet churchyardApr 13, 20073890Approved
Cool looking buildingApr 6, 20071,1590Approved
City of Osted - seen twiceApr 6, 20078550Approved
Hvidore, the last home of Zarina Maria Feodorowna of RussiaMar 16, 20077480.5Approved
Firework explosion disaster in Denmark 2004Mar 14, 20077640Approved
House with facade of shellsMar 14, 20073690.333333Approved
Dortmund old airport Brackel (with overlay)Mar 11, 20074710Approved
Lighthouse soon covered by sandMar 11, 20077542Approved
Strange lookong water treatment plantMar 10, 20079160Approved
Missile away towards summer cottage areaMar 10, 20074560Approved
Gravesite of the the first moviedirector in the worldMar 10, 20073160Approved
Car exibition on Lerchenborg CastleMar 10, 20073270Approved
House with grave in gardenMar 9, 20074190Approved
HF Villum Clausen - one of the fastest ferries in the worldMar 9, 20073290Approved
Camp Froslev - a german prisoner camp 1944-45Mar 8, 20077610.5Approved
Digital no 2 in mapMar 8, 20073,3030Approved
Roskilde Festival preparationsMar 8, 20073020Approved
Very steep piece of highwayMar 7, 20071,0350Approved
Sprogo old girls homeMar 7, 20075150Approved
Former ferry ports at the Great Belt bridge and tunnelMar 7, 20075752Approved
Toll station at Great Belt BridgeMar 7, 20073800Approved
Stable on fireMar 7, 20076550Approved
Pilgrims in LourdesMar 7, 20076870Approved
Scandinavian Animal ParkMar 7, 20073690Approved
Surfboards on beachMar 7, 20073310Approved
Skamlingsbanken a danish national siteMar 6, 20073700Approved
Boeing 727 as office buildingMar 5, 20075920Approved
Danish Manneken PisMar 5, 20073030Approved
Stones of Jelling, Denmarks sign of ChristianisationMar 5, 20073400Approved
Icebraking ships in FrederikshavnMar 4, 20073100Approved
Borremose Fortres, the oldest fort in DenmarkMar 2, 20073690Approved
Soviet submarine in Nakskov harbourMar 2, 20077800Approved
Utzons water tower of SvanekeMar 2, 20072970.333333Approved
Damestenen - Denmarks biggest stoneMar 2, 20074200Approved
State Prison OstjyllandMar 2, 20075230Approved
Vigsoe bunkersMar 2, 20078350Approved
Sculpture Elia, a fomous piece of art in DenmarkMar 2, 20073480Approved
Viking ringfortresses in Denmark and SwedenMar 2, 20076130Approved
Castle Egeskov and MuseumMar 1, 20071,0331Approved
BonBon Land amusement parkMar 1, 20073610Approved
Church at cliffMar 1, 20074450Approved
The Frigate Jylland, Worlds longest wooden shipMar 1, 20073820Approved
Hans Christian Andersens housesMar 1, 20075291.33333Approved
Hans Christian Andersen ForestMar 1, 20074440Approved
Hans Christian Andersen Artwork in parkMar 1, 20073570Approved
Worldmap in lakeMar 1, 20079310Approved
Ship greeting point Schulau, a welcome point for ships entering Hamburg harFeb 13, 20073171Approved
Fountain with purple waterFeb 12, 20073140Approved
Hill of Crosses, a hill with thousands of crosses and crucifixesFeb 11, 20077470Approved
Outdoor skiing in the NetherlandsFeb 11, 20073460Approved
Bloodstains around CologneFeb 11, 20077630.333333Approved
4 stains in SelbFeb 11, 20076550.5Approved
6 smokestaks with different anglesFeb 11, 20078860Approved
Roskilderingen, a former racetrack at Copenhagen (With overlay and photo)Feb 11, 20078050Approved
Smallest pupose cinema in the worldFeb 10, 20073820.5Approved
John Carpenters The Fog locationsFeb 7, 20077560Approved
Buddhist temple in AmsterdamFeb 6, 20073200Approved
Pope Benedict XVI coat of arms (with overlay)Feb 4, 20073650Approved
Parking in forbidden zone.Jan 29, 20075150Approved
Warner Bros - The RanchJan 28, 20071,4480Approved
Vogtland Ski Jump ArenaJan 27, 20074100Approved
Where is the rest of the planeJan 10, 20074570Approved
Spitfire on static displayDec 21, 20064620Approved
Nepal EXPO 2000 building in WiesentDec 16, 20064800Approved
First rest house at german AutobahnDec 2, 20064000Approved
Babi Yar - One of the worst massacres on jews by the NazisOct 22, 20062,4300Approved
USS Pueblo in Pyongyang, North KoreaOct 22, 20061,0740.5Approved
Damhus Tivoli - Copenhagens smallest amusement parkOct 21, 20063580Approved
Colonia Ulpia Oescensium - roman city in BulgariaOct 20, 20064730Approved
Miliarium Aureum - The center of all roman roadsOct 19, 20067430.333333Approved
Same two cars in crossroads seen twiceOct 14, 20068030Approved
Carwash tunnelOct 14, 20063390Approved
Car junkyardOct 14, 20064260Approved
Nice four jagged star in roundaboutOct 14, 20063570Approved
Buschhausen map puzzleOct 14, 20062930Approved
carts on trackOct 14, 20064220Approved
Der Bevoelkerung - Letters in the german BundestagOct 12, 20063950Approved
Air Force OneOct 11, 20061,0110Approved
Dozens of wind mill wingsOct 9, 20065540Approved
Eagleworld DenmarkOct 7, 20064190Approved
Aalborg ZooOct 7, 20064900Approved
Tivoli Karolinelund AalborgOct 7, 20064170Approved
Goeltzschtalbridge - the biggest brick bidge in the worldOct 7, 20065440Approved
Worlds most expensive bridge ever buildtOct 7, 20066250.333333Approved
Walk of ideas - an exibition of german invetionsOct 6, 20063790Approved
A half bus in BerlinOct 6, 20064960Approved
Hertha BSC logo on Tegel AirportOct 6, 20064680Approved
Space shuttle transporter on track after launchOct 6, 20069140Approved
Vogelpark Walsrode - the biggest birdzoo in the worldOct 5, 20065210Approved
Serengeti Safaripark GermanyOct 5, 20064770Approved
Sulky drivers on trotting courseOct 5, 20063750Approved
Royal monograms in parkOct 4, 20063470Approved
RH power M5 - Tallest wind energy mill in the worldOct 4, 20064820.5Approved
Princess Diana Memorial FountainOct 3, 20066240Approved
Raabjerg Mile - the biggest sand dune in DenmarkOct 3, 20061,6290.5Approved
Grenen - the northern point of DenmarkOct 3, 20064030Approved
The sanded church of SkagenOct 3, 20067610Approved
Lindholm Hoeje - a viking burial placeOct 3, 20064240Approved
American Football in BerlinOct 3, 20063720Approved
Hi-flyer balloon in BerlinOct 3, 20067672Approved
Construction of Olympic Stadium replicaOct 3, 20065530Approved
Ardennes American Cemetery and MemorialSep 27, 20066590Approved
SS Auffanglager BreendonkSep 27, 20068680Approved
Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery and MemorialSep 27, 20065290Approved
Florida State Prisons - death rowsSep 24, 20068980Approved
Fair in Bad DuerkheimSep 24, 20063690Approved
The graduation tower of Bad KoeselSep 24, 20062710.5Approved
Lidice - a czech city destroyed by the NazisSep 24, 20067420Approved
Patriot missile siteSep 24, 20068212Approved
Fossa Carolina - a 1200 year old canalSep 24, 20063800Approved
Olympic Games 1972 wild water rinkSep 23, 20063740Approved
Running policemanSep 23, 20064180Approved
Olympiapark - Walk Of StarsSep 22, 20063380Approved
4 trampolins, a chess- and a dame boardSep 22, 20062880Approved
Cirkus Krones tentSep 22, 20063920Approved
Shefford mazeSep 22, 20064820Approved
A tree mazeSep 22, 20063630Approved
Solar system maze being destroyedSep 22, 20068370Approved
Shamrock mazeSep 22, 20065600Approved
3 motocross ridersSep 21, 20065330Approved
Shark in poolSep 21, 20069770Approved
The Hedgend mazeSep 20, 20063650Approved
Rinkam mazeSep 20, 20063560.5Approved
Tuborg mazeSep 18, 20063080Approved
Mosigkau mazeSep 18, 20062500Approved
Castle Schoenbrunn mazesSep 18, 20061,0170.5Approved
Hirschstetten mazeSep 18, 20063420Approved
Crystal Palace mazeSep 18, 20066360Approved
Woburn mazeSep 18, 20063800Approved
Woburn mazeSep 18, 20063980Approved
A snail in a lakeSep 18, 20063380Approved
Lechlade foot mazeSep 18, 20063020Approved
Maize Quest maze parkSep 18, 20066560Approved
Centre Island mazeSep 18, 20063790Approved
Davis mega mazeSep 18, 20063440Approved
Pratzen Hights MemorialSep 17, 20064920Approved
Doolhof maze parkSep 17, 20062990.5Approved
Kasteel Weldam - Goor mazeSep 17, 20063660Approved
Sproei mazeSep 17, 20062730Approved
Lochem mazeSep 17, 20062980Approved
Boxtel mazeSep 17, 20063170Approved
Maze in a forestSep 17, 20063730Approved
Three country border mazeSep 17, 20065630Approved
Castle Herrenhausen mazeSep 17, 20064040.5Approved
Bamberger House mazeSep 17, 20063900Approved
Carstle Schoenbusch mazeSep 17, 20062970Approved
Munich Townhall mazeSep 17, 20063360Approved
Altjessnitz mazeSep 17, 20063360Approved
Marine (Navy) museum Den HelderSep 17, 20063730Approved
Militaire Luchtvaart Museum - Dutch airforce museumSep 17, 20063760Approved
Ereveld Loenen - Dutch cemetery of honour.Sep 17, 20063250Approved
Genie Museum VughtSep 17, 20063070Approved
Concentration camp Kamp VughtSep 17, 20068690Approved
Concentration camp Kamp WesterborkSep 17, 20061,5510Approved
Midland Circuit LelystadSep 16, 20064580Approved
Lelystad testtracksSep 16, 20064530Approved
Cruise ship with a list to starboardSep 16, 20069080Approved
Worlds biggest maze - The PeacemazeSep 16, 20068750Approved
Fort Zinna and Brueckenkopf - two notorious WWII and cold war prisonsSep 16, 20064690Approved
Ghost town OtzenrathSep 16, 20064370Approved
Not compleeted highway interchangeSep 15, 20064890Approved
DAF truck factorySep 15, 20063200Approved
SS shooting range HebertshausenSep 15, 20061,0350Approved
Base- or softballgame in progressSep 15, 20063340Approved
Track and field competitionSep 14, 20063160Approved
Roundabout with swastika shaped hedgeSep 14, 20066320Approved
Two children on a trampolineSep 14, 20061,2320Approved
House wit a fountain in gardenSep 14, 20063350Approved
Bad parkingSep 14, 20064590Approved
Piece of railroad track next to railroadSep 14, 20069660Approved
Thousands of tiresSep 14, 20062690Approved
Football match in progressSep 14, 20066620Approved
Charlotte Amalie an american VI city with danish street names.Sep 14, 20063650Approved
Former danish colony Tranquebar in India (With overlay)Sep 14, 20064170Approved
Texas death rowsSep 10, 20065220Approved
Huntsville PrisonSep 10, 20066750Approved
11 cowsSep 10, 20067430Approved
ComputercitySep 10, 20063160Approved
Another tractor cleaning the beachSep 10, 20064460Approved
Man with two dogs on beachSep 10, 20065450Approved
Tractor cleaning the beachSep 10, 20063210.5Approved
Nijmegen coat of armsSep 10, 20063910Approved
Maze in NijmegenSep 10, 20062840Approved
FIFA Worldcup 2006 ballSep 10, 20064090Approved
Moto cross track in EnglandSep 10, 20063100Approved
Zaanse Schans, an open air museumSep 10, 20063160Approved
Playground with traffic mapSep 10, 20063770Approved
Stockschiessen, a curlinglike gameSep 10, 20063260Approved
Museum of Aviation at Robins AFBSep 9, 20064700Approved
Norwegian stave churchSep 9, 20063840Approved
Bergen fishmarketSep 9, 20063750Approved
Bryggen - Bergens famous commercial buildingsSep 9, 20063730Approved
Troldhaugen - Edvard Griegs homeSep 9, 20067821.33333Approved
Norwegian naval station BergenSep 9, 20064380Approved
Best view of a suspension bridgeSep 9, 20065540Approved
Mini golf course in shape of a real golf courseSep 8, 20065200Approved
Heartshaped poolSep 7, 20065380Approved
Tennis court and running track on rooftop.Sep 7, 20064020Approved
Sultan of Brunei PalaceSep 7, 200611,2180.5Approved
Sultan of Brunei mosqueSep 7, 20067540Approved
Rotkaeppchen SektkellereiSep 6, 20063000Approved
7 ships on the Rhine seen twiceSep 6, 20064510Approved
Only remaining building after 1755 earthquake in LisbonSep 6, 20065310Approved
Beautiful round mazeSep 5, 20062940Approved
Children learn traffic 2Sep 4, 20064530.5Approved
W. Shakespeares life in Stratford Upon AvonSep 4, 20068622.33333Approved
Hard Rock Cafe, Universal Studios, Orlando, FL, USASep 3, 20064790Approved
Guitar shaped parkSep 3, 20065330Approved
Ratzinger house in PentlingSep 3, 20065430Approved
Che Guevara Building in HavannaSep 3, 20065620Approved
Che Guevaras death in BoliviaSep 3, 20069810Approved
Che Guevaras MausoleumSep 3, 20065170Approved
ruins of Scandinavias biggest Augustine monasterySep 2, 20063430Approved
North-Zealand SummerparkSep 2, 20063210Approved
Euro sign made of flowersSep 2, 20064350.333333Approved
Sowing a fieldSep 2, 20064350Approved
MS Stella Polaris just sunkSep 2, 20061,0170Approved
Berliner Ensemble - Berthold Brechts theater.Sep 1, 20062500.5Approved
Amusementpark RuegenparkSep 1, 20063500.333333Approved
trainstation never compleetedAug 31, 20066100Approved
People on shooting rangeAug 31, 20064190Approved
Crossroads for kids.Aug 30, 20065260.5Approved
Round basketball fieldAug 30, 20063770Approved
Good luck passing this roadAug 29, 20069060Approved
Compressing hayAug 26, 20062730Approved
Couple at tableAug 23, 20067590Approved
Gordon Ramsey restaurantsAug 23, 20063270Approved
Jesse James gang member locationsAug 23, 20066370Approved
Hockey field preparingAug 23, 20063000Approved
Equator line in EcuadorAug 20, 20061,2310Approved
Soccer field on Equator line in EcuadorAug 20, 20066160Approved
Sport school of the German Federal Armed Forces, Bundeswehr, in WarendorfAug 20, 20064070Approved
3 AWACS in FranceAug 19, 20064680Approved
Billy the Kids graveAug 18, 20067870Approved
The Ipatiev house - russian tzar execution siteAug 16, 20065340Approved
World Peace Bell - biggest swinging bell in the worldAug 16, 20066680Approved
The remains of Germanys biggest churchAug 16, 20063140Approved
Harvesting in EnglandAug 16, 20063180Approved
The Betsy Ross house - Birth of Stars and StripesAug 16, 20063520Approved
Harvesting timeAug 15, 20063250Approved
The Mormon fort - The beginning of Las VegasAug 15, 20063570Approved
Yasukuni ShrineAug 15, 20063040Approved
Nieuwe Kerk DelftAug 15, 20063250Approved
Path saying ciaoAug 15, 20063000.333333Approved
Wrong place for a piece of mapAug 15, 20068830Approved
Cervia International Kite FestivalAug 14, 20064690Approved
Time when photo was takenAug 14, 20064410Approved
Sunbathing personAug 13, 20064,1890Approved
Giant sealAug 13, 20064350Approved
How to find a virgin in CopenhagenAug 7, 20064690Approved
Marienborg, summer residence of the danish prime minister.Aug 4, 20065440Approved
Boris Becker home on MallorcaAug 2, 20061,9081.5Approved
Murder she wrote - Jessica Fletchers homeJul 30, 20064740Approved
Casino sign dump in Las VegasJul 28, 20069800Approved
Married with children - Bundy family houseJul 25, 20064,7680Approved
S-Train net of CopenhagenJul 24, 20064360Approved
The Bulford KiwiJul 23, 20064230Approved
Potential Birthplace of Jesus ChristJul 22, 20061,1470Approved
Jerusalem sightsJul 21, 20062,2100Approved
Steamboat Goethe on the RhineJul 20, 20062330Approved
LADA car factory and test trackJul 18, 20067800Approved
Roman castell PfuenzJul 18, 20062880Approved
Castle BurghausenJul 14, 20063520Approved
German parliamentsJul 13, 20063250Approved
Reinhold Messners homeJul 12, 20066560Approved
Copenhagen Open Air MuseumJul 12, 20063650Approved
Danish Police AcademyJul 12, 20062740Approved
Mislayed mapping in MoroccoJul 9, 20064950Approved
Spaghetti western movie locationJun 23, 20061,3290Approved
Bakery KlinsmannJun 21, 20063120Approved
Big Brother house GermanyMay 29, 20061,0800Approved
Hofdi House in ReykjavikMay 26, 20065520.333333Approved
The VikingshipMay 25, 20064550Approved
Restaurant Perlan (The Pearl)May 25, 20066100.5Approved
Gerry Weber StadiumMay 25, 20064500Approved
Victoria Street StationMay 25, 20064200Approved
FIFA WorldCup 2006 nation hotels and training sitesMay 25, 20065530Approved
Calcio Storico Fiorentina preparationsMay 24, 20062860Approved
The death of Robin HoodMay 23, 20065980Approved
Gelitins Giant pink rabbitMay 22, 20063,5630Approved
4 big limousinesMay 22, 20065690Approved
Rochus Tennisclub DusseldorfMay 21, 20064070Approved
Modlareuth bordermuseumMay 21, 20066110Approved
Strange freeway interchangeMay 20, 20064830Approved
An old mans faceMay 20, 20067091Approved
Club La SantaMay 20, 20063750Approved
Snail mazeMay 20, 20063140Approved
Maybe the biggest sundial in the world.May 18, 20064720Approved
Al-Jazeera NewsMay 18, 20066790Approved
3 cliff railways in BournemouthMay 18, 20063570Approved
Cameroon Airways plane crash.May 16, 20062,4340Approved
Two jumbojets from different companys on one spotMay 16, 20061,0580Approved
Hughenden ManorMay 16, 20064750.5Approved
Emirates stadiumMay 15, 20068680Approved
Bournemouth displacedMay 15, 20068020Approved
Cuba crisis beginningMay 15, 20064880Approved
Parc AsterixMay 15, 20067730.333333Approved
Tutow ABMay 13, 20064970Approved
San Jose displayedMay 11, 20065570Approved
Alexander Nevski ChurchMay 7, 20063090Approved
Hangars in mountainMay 7, 20064490.5Approved
Airplane at McDonaldsMay 7, 20063710Approved
The 7 round hurches in DenmarkMay 7, 20065490Approved
Bad camouflaged roofsMay 6, 20065800Approved
Roman MainzMay 5, 20064330Approved
Roman BudapestMay 5, 20064180.333333Approved
Huge world map in ChicagoMay 5, 20069190Approved
Berlin Philarmonic HallMay 5, 20064370.5Approved
World map in ParisMay 4, 20063630Approved
France MiniatureMay 4, 20065690Approved
Boeing Apache helicopter factoryMay 3, 20067300Approved
Paris-Roubaix bicycle race finish lineMay 3, 20065140Approved
German embassy PragueMay 2, 20063570Approved
Enver Hoxhas former mausoleumMay 2, 20063690Approved
Goodyear test trackMay 1, 20066340Approved
Ordensburg VogelsangMay 1, 20067160Approved
Plovdiv amphi theaterMay 1, 20064060Approved
IKEAs beginning.Apr 30, 20063730Approved
Bell helicopter factoryApr 30, 20064390Approved
Continental tires testtracksApr 30, 20066750Approved
Steiff plush teddy factoryApr 29, 20064160Approved
Two tallest flagpoles in the world.Apr 29, 20065000Approved
Non typical buildings for the USA.Apr 29, 20063740Approved
Newspaper parking space.Apr 29, 20064970Approved
Giant painted butterflyApr 29, 20064090Approved
Andre Agassi-Steffi Graf home.Apr 29, 20065,7472.16667Approved
Novo Nordisk HQApr 29, 20062560Approved
National hospital of Denmark - RigshospitaletApr 29, 20063000Approved
Panum Institute.Apr 29, 20063150Approved
Bridge used be settlers going westApr 29, 20063600Approved
Giant shuttlecockApr 29, 20063050Approved
Odd fish houseApr 28, 20063800Approved
Symetrical forestApr 28, 20063000Approved
Air France planeApr 28, 20062,8460Approved
The Weather ChannelApr 28, 20067550Approved
Castle HambachApr 27, 20064080.5Approved
64 MIGsApr 27, 20066220Approved
Boerglum village - Gutzon Borglums ancestral villageApr 24, 20063600Approved
Poltergeist and E.T. housesApr 23, 20063,6140Approved
Antonov 225Apr 22, 20061,8610Approved
Keeping up appearancesApr 21, 20068290Approved
Russian Super LeagueApr 20, 20064140Approved
Olympia in GreeceApr 20, 20067170Approved
Pyongyang locationsApr 20, 20065260Approved
Tallest building made of bricksApr 19, 20063710Approved
Major churches in GermanyApr 17, 20064280Approved
Worlds oldest social homesApr 17, 20063700Approved
MAN lorry factoryApr 16, 20065310.5Approved
Worlds tallest lighthouseApr 15, 20068370.333333Approved
Most energy efficient supermarket in the worldApr 15, 20063880Approved
Worlds largest wooden buildingApr 15, 20065780Approved
Tallest vertical drop in a theme park rideApr 15, 20066920Approved
Worlds tallest fountainApr 15, 20064690Approved
Worlds longest bridgeApr 15, 20069750Approved
Largest Beach Front GardenApr 15, 20064630.5Approved
The fastest glacier in the worldApr 15, 20061,0811Approved
Happy yellow bearApr 15, 20064260Approved
Secret residences WandlitzApr 15, 20061,1360Approved
Worlds largest fountainApr 15, 20069720Approved
Sad looking islandApr 14, 20064630Approved
German surrending 1945Apr 14, 20068180Approved
Hirschbachtal StandApr 14, 20065840Approved
City of AltenwerderApr 14, 20062820Approved
People taking a walk on the beachApr 14, 20064480Approved
3 paraglidersApr 14, 20063610Approved
Krombach Beer IslandApr 13, 20064950Approved
OKAY - Naughty words on pontoonApr 13, 20061,0990Approved
Show jumping in GermanyApr 12, 20068620Approved
The Lewitz StudApr 12, 20063400Approved
Eisenach car factoriesApr 12, 20064180Approved
Oberhof wintersport-centerApr 12, 20063850Approved
River DanubeApr 11, 20061,0490.5Approved
Dams in GermanyApr 10, 20066470Approved
Man on ScooterApr 8, 20067810Approved
Men building a poolApr 8, 20061,2700Approved
Solar plant GondorfApr 8, 20064050.5Approved
Embassies in CopenhagenApr 6, 20064030Approved
Race day on Brands HatchApr 5, 20061,1200Approved
Windmill being repairedApr 4, 20064390Approved
Daimler Chrysler HQApr 4, 20065750Approved
FIFA Worldcup 2006Apr 3, 20066060Approved
SchwarzwaldklinikApr 2, 20067520Approved
French Foreign Legion barracks in AubagneApr 2, 20067780.666667Approved
Die Rettungsflieger locationApr 1, 20064620Approved
Bundeswehr Training centersApr 1, 20067230Approved
Trabbi factoryApr 1, 20063700Approved
Lilienthal locationsApr 1, 20062710Approved
Cape ArconaMar 31, 20064270Approved
Bayreuth opera (Bayreuther Festspielhaus)Mar 31, 20063850.5Approved
Gigantic windparksMar 30, 20063800Approved
Windpark AttelnMar 30, 20065120Approved
Circus KroneMar 29, 20064340.5Approved
Castle DankernMar 29, 20063630Approved
Twisteden BunkersMar 29, 20066840Approved
Bunker Komplex 5000Mar 29, 20068550Approved
Rostorf PrisonMar 28, 20063830Approved
Wuppertal Suspension LineMar 26, 20065070Approved
Ship LocksMar 26, 20063960Approved
Papenburg ShipyardMar 25, 20069270.5Approved
Strange white lineMar 25, 20065320Approved
Lumber in canalMar 25, 20062660.333333Approved
Scandinavian Embassies in BerlinMar 25, 20064000Approved
Starfighter F-104Mar 25, 20065150Approved
Geilenkirchen AFBMar 25, 20066460Approved
Swastika shaped hangarMar 25, 20065630Approved
Stammheim PrisonMar 25, 20066070Approved
Atomic clock EuropeMar 25, 20068540Approved
TV-show locationsMar 23, 20061,7930Approved
Movie locations LAMar 23, 20062,2380.5Approved
Smiling faceMar 22, 20064250Approved
Ryvangen burialplaceMar 22, 20061,0570Approved
Nike Missile-site AmagerMar 21, 20064310Approved
Russian prisonMar 21, 20065770Approved
Russian Army campsMar 21, 20066160Approved
Tennis for drunkMar 19, 20065300Approved
Los Angeles Correctional FacilityMar 18, 20064720Approved
German Test Center WTD41Mar 18, 20069610Approved
Royal PalacesMar 16, 20061,3440.5Approved
Royal guardsMar 16, 20068530Approved
Tiger Woods homeMar 11, 200610,0870Approved
Psycho locationsMar 11, 20068320Approved
Scheveningen Prison...Mar 11, 20069830Approved
School bus depot in MTMar 5, 20065510Approved
Sesame StreetMar 5, 20066861Approved
Australia moved?Mar 4, 20066290Approved
Royal Danish MintMar 1, 20062640Approved
Sofia Military MuseumMar 1, 20063380Approved
People in a ski liftFeb 28, 20065330.5Approved
Big birdFeb 28, 20064590Approved
Indian villageFeb 28, 20067060Approved
Greetings from NorfolkFeb 28, 20064770Approved
Ghost planes?Feb 27, 20066910Approved
The Big DuckFeb 27, 20062910Approved
Powerplant FortunaFeb 26, 20067810Approved
Planes in flightFeb 17, 20061,2960Approved
UNICEF Supply DivisionFeb 17, 20063760Approved
Stockholm sightsFeb 17, 20066610.5Approved
Green frogFeb 17, 20066670Approved
two whalesFeb 17, 20061,0740Approved
Another village with planes.Feb 17, 20066110Approved
Mexican flagFeb 16, 20064340Approved
Picture thisFeb 16, 20065480Approved
Strange airfieldFeb 16, 20065970Approved
Coyote mazeFeb 16, 20065240Approved
Roman villagesFeb 16, 20065750Approved
Ice floesFeb 16, 20063400Approved
Dead whale or seal?Feb 15, 20061,4180Approved
Winterolympics 1924 to 2010Feb 15, 20069140Approved
Zoo and tivoli in SofiaFeb 13, 20063320Approved
Former bus-terminal of SofiaFeb 13, 20063310Approved
Olympic Villages 1932-2012Feb 12, 20067100.5Approved
Vesuvio 79ADFeb 12, 20064780Approved
Castle HabsburgFeb 12, 20065170.833333Approved
Victorinox factoryFeb 12, 20063620Approved
Danfoss factoryFeb 12, 20063190Approved
Salt Lake Olympics 2002Feb 12, 20063180Approved
National Theatre in BudapestFeb 12, 20063271.33333Approved
Tito locationsFeb 12, 20065880Approved
Charite hospitalFeb 12, 20063080Approved
Lenin shipyardFeb 11, 20065920Approved
Berlin congres hallFeb 11, 20063161Approved
Hidden planesFeb 11, 20061,1460Approved
Copenhagen harbour poolFeb 11, 20063240Approved
Attica PrisonFeb 9, 20064090Approved
Houses with hangars and planesFeb 8, 20064830Approved
US Presidents gravesitesFeb 7, 20061,6000.333333Approved
Salem witch trialsFeb 6, 20064460Approved
Margaret Mitchells gravesiteFeb 5, 20062990Approved
Roedding Highschool - Birthplace of all highschoolsFeb 5, 20063440.5Approved
Olympic villagesFeb 5, 20064270Approved
Sing Sing prisonFeb 4, 20068910Approved
Gilleleje harborFeb 3, 20064690.5Approved
Springs of Gudenaa and Skjernaa, Denmarks two mighty riversFeb 3, 20065500Approved
Tange Power plantFeb 3, 20062600Approved
Varde Military barracksFeb 3, 20063590Approved
Korskro speedwayFeb 3, 20062770Approved
Former Danish Naval SchoolFeb 3, 20063690Approved
Military camp of danish royal guardFeb 3, 20063130Approved
Gurre CastleFeb 3, 20063620.5Approved
Horseroed PrisonFeb 3, 20063950Approved
Louisiana modern art museumFeb 3, 20062650Approved
Arken museum of modern artFeb 3, 20063550Approved
Military camp of the danish royal guardFeb 3, 20063850Approved
Danish National MuseumFeb 3, 20063271Approved
City 2 mallFeb 2, 20063840Approved
St. Sofia church in SofiaFeb 2, 20064840Approved
Large transportFeb 2, 20063480Approved
Santa Fu PrisonFeb 1, 20066270Approved
Assistens CemetaryFeb 1, 20064890Approved
Nordisk Film StudiosFeb 1, 20064080Approved
Youth hostel in former prisonFeb 1, 20061,5920Approved
Rocket launch platformJan 31, 20061,0170Approved
Brondby StadiumJan 30, 20062720Approved
BMW test trackJan 30, 20069110Approved
Ilulissat icefjordJan 30, 20063,1690Approved
Copenhagen ZooJan 29, 20063240Approved
Australia ZooJan 29, 20067240Approved
Vridsloese prisonJan 29, 20069240Approved
Vikersund Ski jumping hillJan 29, 20065720Approved


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