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bearfly has added 749 files to the site and they've been downloaded a total of 417,601 times.

a group of words on mountainAug 22, 2014550Approved
UNSAACAug 22, 2014310Approved
JCM-huge writingAug 22, 2014260Approved
the largest cement-freighter in the worldMar 18, 20132440Approved
crop circle remain near MarlboroughSep 11, 20125050Approved
China-SingaporeDec 2, 20105510Approved
Suzhou Industrial Park 2009Dec 2, 20103450Approved
words in swimming poolNov 27, 20105760Approved
Huge Korean WordsNov 26, 20103190Approved
crop circle remains in Diever,HollandNov 6, 20103650Approved
crop circle in NorfolkNov 6, 20105680Approved
crop circle at Waylands SmithyNov 5, 20106940Approved
crop circle remain at BadburyNov 5, 20104650Approved
crop circle remain at YatesburyNov 5, 20103370Approved
crop circle remain at Martinsell HillNov 5, 20104140Approved
crop circle at Wilton Windmill,2010Nov 4, 20104350Approved
crop circle at Ufton,2010Nov 4, 20107880Approved
crop circle at Walbury HillNov 4, 20104611Approved
crop circle at the Savernake Forest,2010Nov 4, 20107350Approved
crop circle in Stony Littleton,2010Nov 4, 20108770Approved
super graben in GENov 2, 20101,0020Approved
wind turbine under constructionNov 2, 20106630Approved
Nazca Lines in AustraliaNov 1, 20106960Approved
real Alien graphicOct 31, 20109680Approved
mysterious graphicsOct 31, 20105010Approved
FAF 99Oct 31, 20105260Approved
thousands of mystery holesOct 30, 20107310Approved
huge Russian words on the groundOct 30, 20104600Approved
Ba GuaMar 14, 20106980Approved
crop circle remains in Uffington(overlay)Oct 20, 20098460Approved
crop circle remains in BoxleyOct 20, 20092920Approved
crop circle remains in Burderop DownOct 19, 20093140Approved
fake crop circleOct 19, 20092500Approved
crop circle remains in BurhamOct 18, 20093211Approved
crop circle remains in Toot Balden,2006Oct 18, 20092630Approved
Cross sign in MardenOct 18, 20092030Approved
crop circle remains in East Kennett,2005Oct 18, 20092850Approved
crop circle in Tegdown HillOct 17, 20092610Approved
crop circle remains nr Berwick Bassett, WiltshireOct 17, 20092480Approved
crop circle remains in Waden HillOct 17, 20093790Approved
crop circle remains in Windmill HillOct 17, 20092820Approved
crop circle in Sharpenhoe,2003Oct 17, 20094570Approved
Chilbolton Radio TelescopeOct 16, 20093890Approved
crop circle remains nr Windmill HillOct 14, 20092270Approved
Sigiria RockOct 11, 20097230Approved
crop circle remains in Avebury Manor 2005Sep 30, 20092,7010Approved
small propeller planeSep 29, 20092290Approved
Ryle TelescopeSep 29, 20093300Approved
crop circle near MorcottSep 29, 20091690Approved
crop circle near BarrowdenSep 29, 20097900Approved
crop circle remains nr Berwick BassettSep 29, 20092960Approved
6 angels?Sep 29, 20095480Approved
small propeller plane tows a gliderSep 29, 20092900Approved
Whitehawk hawkSep 29, 20094200Approved
Lenham CrossSep 29, 20092880Approved
crop circle remains in Yatesbury,2001Sep 29, 20092330Approved
Knowlton HengeSep 28, 20092070Approved
Priddy hengesSep 27, 20091400Approved
Hutton Moor hengeSep 27, 20092700Approved
crop circle remains in Kingston LisleSep 23, 20092130Approved
crop circle in MardenSep 23, 20093480Approved
crop circle remains in New BarnSep 22, 20091740Approved
crop circle remains in Wayland SmithySep 22, 20091780Approved
crop circle in LudgershallSep 22, 20091420Approved
crop circle in NewburySep 22, 20091700Approved
Crop Circle in MarlboroughSep 21, 20092770Approved
fake cropcircleSep 21, 20091810Approved
3 cropcirles remains in AveburySep 21, 20091730Approved
BelgaviaAug 30, 20091720Approved
Landing at BordeauxAug 30, 20092530Approved
Concord at ToulouseAug 30, 20092220Approved
Largest bridge in China, the Sutong BridgeAug 16, 20093810Approved
Japan first modern warshipsJul 26, 20091,5580.333333Approved
largest carved stone Buddha in the worldJul 20, 20092,2550Approved
China first self-made nuclear power plantJul 20, 20098260Approved
big ballJul 17, 20093020Approved
ABCDJul 17, 20091610Approved
cross riversJul 17, 20094900Approved
Hai-men TV TowerJul 17, 20092640Approved
man faceJul 17, 20095630Approved
huge chinese character lakeJul 16, 20092920Approved
plane take offJul 16, 20093530Approved
landing planeJul 16, 20092720Approved
words on damJul 16, 20091740Approved
huge words at the Yong Zhou Railway StationJul 16, 20091720Approved
Mount HuangJul 15, 20093710Approved
largest copper mines in ChinaJul 15, 20095880Approved
Gran Telescopio CanariasJul 14, 20095500Approved
freeway connected to runway?Jul 13, 20091,4690Approved
Largest Scale World StudiosJul 13, 20098380Approved
ship-shaped buildingJun 26, 20094190Approved
plane in flightJun 25, 20094150Approved
another plane in flightJun 25, 20094140Approved
plane in flightJun 25, 20096580Approved
sunk shoresJun 21, 20096520Approved
Unique Maze in ChinaMay 22, 20093700Approved
Nobeyama Radio ObservatoryMay 21, 20096080Approved
2 big-foot jeepsMay 17, 20091,8030Approved
Spiral CraterMay 4, 20099220Approved
GliderApr 26, 20098280Approved
Frontier on the roofApr 26, 20091,0190Approved
The Only Hand Turntable in TaiwanMar 30, 20094390.333333Approved
Incredible TerminalMar 25, 20092,0790Approved
heart-shaped lake in HokaidoMar 20, 20098720Approved
Dog in the PoolMar 18, 20094,5010Approved
Amitabha BuddhaMar 17, 20091,3170Approved
Plane on the roofMar 15, 20092,2700Approved
Giant tree breaks the stationMar 13, 20092,5320Approved
Ota StadiumFeb 17, 20095010Approved
Park TowerFeb 17, 20093270Approved
Texas Nudist ParksFeb 16, 20091,6040Approved
Little TexasFeb 15, 20092500Approved
Washington Nudist Clubs and ResortsFeb 15, 20098830Approved
building on the seaFeb 12, 20097920Approved
Oregon Nude Beach and Nudist ResortJan 21, 200911,7390Approved
Shaolin TempleJan 20, 20094000Approved
De Anza Springs(Nudist Camp)Jan 20, 20097600Approved
beautiful logoJan 20, 20093890Approved
Amalfi DELLA SERAJan 20, 20092140Approved
Oiso Long BeachJan 20, 20094380Approved
Oiso Prince HotelJan 19, 20093700Approved
Kosaka-cho (Little Osaka Castle)Jan 19, 20093260Approved
plane with trailJan 18, 20096640.5Approved
plane on the seaJan 18, 20096650Approved
Meteor?Jan 16, 20093,1870Approved
the Site of Reversible DestinyJan 14, 20095280.5Approved
STX Rauma shipyardJan 3, 20094500Approved
STX Helsinki shipyardJan 3, 20094420Approved
Worlds Biggest Refinery HubJan 3, 20095500Approved
Emergency Aviation Training CenterJan 2, 20093360Approved
DSDA KinetonJan 1, 20093270Approved
Jaguar Land Rover Gaydon Product Development CentreJan 1, 20095590Approved
Gaydon Heritage Motor CentreJan 1, 20092530Approved
Henan Art CenterDec 31, 20083330Approved
The Most North Commercial AirportDec 31, 20083620Approved
Huge Waves Climb MountainDec 30, 20081,0670Approved
Steepest Street in the WorldDec 30, 20085370Approved
Largest Doric ColumnDec 30, 20085340Approved
Worlds Tallest Man StatueDec 30, 20088090Approved
Worlds Largest Office ChairDec 30, 20086160Approved
biggest lamppostDec 30, 20084280Approved
Largest Tin SoldierDec 30, 20084690Approved
World Oldest Baseball Diamond in Continuous UseDec 30, 20084810.5Approved
world narrowest buildingDec 30, 20086140Approved
small plane over the seaDec 29, 20084800Approved
Reykjavik City TheatreDec 29, 20084600Approved
Reykjavik OperaDec 28, 20084270Approved
UFOs on the beach?Dec 25, 20082,0970Approved
unusual rings under the seaDec 25, 20081,8570Approved
NAGASAKIDec 24, 20084880Approved
airplane in landingDec 21, 20084150Approved
airplane over hillDec 21, 20083830Approved
National Center for High-Performance Computing(Taiwan,ROC)Dec 21, 20083380Approved
National Space Organization(Taiwan,ROC)Dec 21, 20086200Approved
National Nano Device LaboratoriesDec 21, 20084550Approved
National Center for Research on Earthquake EngineeringDec 21, 20085230Approved
mysterious portrayalDec 19, 20084910Approved
Beijing Ancient ObservatoryDec 19, 20082840Approved
Broken RiverDec 19, 20083720Approved
landslipDec 19, 20082770Approved
Holiday Inn , Binhai TianjinDec 18, 20084181Approved
unusual huge blocks under the seaDec 16, 200814,2140Approved
5 tugsDec 16, 20082900Approved
heart shape lakeDec 15, 20084850Approved
big mapping troubleDec 13, 20085150Approved
tyre track?Dec 4, 20084250Approved
weird ring (overlay)Dec 3, 20088080Approved
condensation trailDec 2, 20083840Approved
Go-Kart track in airport?Dec 2, 20086050Approved
The Enchanted Maze GardenDec 1, 20082280Approved
Soekershof Hedge MazeDec 1, 20083130Approved
Labyrint Texel BVNov 30, 20082600Approved
Tulleys Maze Fun ParkNov 30, 20082740Approved
Serpent MoundNov 30, 20088040Approved
The Door To HellNov 30, 20087,6500Approved
Carew AirfieldNov 29, 20087410Approved
OzimazeNov 29, 20085960.333333Approved
Abersoch Maize MazeNov 28, 20082910Approved
Willows FarmNov 28, 20081930Approved
Red House Farm Maize MazeNov 28, 20082190Approved
The Maize Maze at CawthorneNov 28, 20082380Approved
Singleton Maize MazeNov 28, 20083750Approved
Poplars Adventure Mega MazeNov 28, 20081790Approved
Lakeland Maize MazeNov 28, 20081920Approved
Words RoofNov 28, 20083810Approved
Cairnie Mega MazeNov 28, 20082560Approved
Honeydew MazesNov 28, 20082730Approved
North Georgia Corn MazeNov 27, 20084110Approved
The Field of Screams Haunted MazeNov 27, 20085001Approved
The Bose Family Corn MazeNov 27, 20081510Approved
Meadows MazeNov 27, 20082600Approved
McNab Corn MazeNov 27, 20081970Approved
Chilliwack Corn MazeNov 27, 20082880Approved
Country Roads RV Park MazeNov 27, 20081870Approved
TasmaziaNov 27, 20086140Approved
Korny Kornors Farm MazeNov 27, 20082120Approved
Cool Patch Pumpkins Farm MazeNov 27, 20084450Approved
Benson Farm MazeNov 27, 20084980Approved
Maple Lane Farms MazeNov 26, 20084550Approved
Black Island Farms MazeNov 26, 20083890Approved
Chevening House mazeNov 25, 20085700Approved
mazes around BrimpsfieldNov 25, 20083330Approved
Culham Science CentreNov 25, 20082760Approved
Former RAF WickenbyNov 25, 20082360Approved
Cadwell Park Motor Racing CircuitNov 25, 20083990Approved
Former RAF BreightonNov 24, 20082070Approved
Former RAF DriffieldNov 24, 20083600Approved
Former RAF HardwickNov 24, 20083100Approved
Former RAF SeethingNov 24, 20081830Approved
Former RAF Caistor and Thor Missile PadsNov 24, 20086680Approved
Former RAF AttlebridgeNov 24, 20082130Approved
Hixon Airfield and Industrial estateNov 24, 20082430Approved
Former RAF BurnNov 24, 20082400Approved
Former RAF Sherburn-in-ElmetNov 24, 20082000Approved
RAF Church FentonNov 24, 20082450Approved
Former RAF Acaster MalbisNov 24, 20081930Approved
Quantel UKNov 24, 20082360Approved
maze in BathNov 24, 20081920Approved
Windsor Racecourse MarinaNov 24, 20082340Approved
Windsor RacecourseNov 24, 20083570Approved
Donnington Grove Country ClubNov 24, 20083650Approved
C-3PONov 24, 20083690Approved
wrong size road mapNov 24, 20085660Approved
Transport Research LaboratoryNov 24, 20083640Approved
Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power PlantNov 20, 20085570Approved
Zaporizhzhia Water Treatment PlantNov 20, 20083260Approved
circle riverNov 20, 20082970Approved
a man wearing hatNov 20, 20084450Approved
plane statueNov 19, 20083520Approved
fire by the riversideNov 19, 20086300Approved
a man with a surfboardNov 19, 20084250Approved
weird conveyanceNov 19, 20082840Approved
cross on the roofNov 18, 20082180Approved
The Intercession (Pokrovskiy) CathedralNov 18, 20083610Approved
Horse Track in SaratovNov 18, 20083520Approved
fish headNov 17, 20083950Approved
horse track in TbilisiNov 14, 20083730Approved
Gala ritual palaceNov 14, 20083820Approved
weird facilityNov 13, 20087560Approved
pentagon castleNov 13, 20082420Approved
maze in the gardenNov 13, 20082160Approved
fire on the grasslandNov 13, 20087450Approved
germs under microscopeNov 12, 20084310Approved
Color BarNov 12, 20089200Approved
CROSS signNov 12, 20083820Approved
Moai in WaterburyNov 6, 20084150Approved
Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster MemorialNov 6, 20084760Approved
TWA Flight 514 Crash SiteNov 6, 20081,0330Approved
United Airlines Flight 173Nov 6, 20088760.5Approved
Air France Flight 358 Crash SiteNov 6, 20086350Approved
Shot down in IraqNov 5, 20081,0160Approved
Piedmont Airlines DC-3 Crash MemorialNov 5, 20084420Approved
TWA Flight 529,1961Nov 5, 20086580Approved
Bank of America CrashNov 5, 20085640Approved
B-17 Crashed Site-Mt. TomNov 5, 20082,0010.333333Approved
B-24 Crashed SiteNov 5, 20081,3390.5Approved
C54 Crashed SiteNov 5, 20085850.5Approved
Northeast Airlines DC3 Crashed SiteNov 5, 20089720.333333Approved
DC-6 Resolution Crashed SiteNov 5, 20088660Approved
Wreck of MF509Nov 5, 20081,1110Approved
Flight Mu5210 of China Eastern Crashed SiteNov 5, 20086540Approved
Garuda Flight DisasterNov 5, 20085670Approved
Funeral Plane Crashed SiteNov 5, 20081,0370Approved
small plane crashed siteNov 5, 20085130Approved
Flying Tiger Crashed SiteNov 5, 20084550Approved
Nike Missle Control CenterNov 5, 20083940Approved
San Francisco Couty JailNov 5, 20085200Approved
a crowd of yaksNov 4, 20084840Approved
Stones from no whereNov 4, 20085140Approved
Same mapping different resolutionsNov 3, 20083310Approved
Train on the Qingzang RailwayNov 3, 20084020Approved
another Tibetan on the hillOct 31, 20083320Approved
Tibetan on the hillOct 31, 20081,2500Approved
FeatherOct 31, 20082330Approved
scared faceOct 31, 20089650Approved
graffiti on the mountainOct 30, 20082410Approved
graffiti on the mountainOct 30, 20082050Approved
a very weird somethingOct 30, 20081,6720Approved
yurt near by runwayOct 30, 20084480Approved
graffiti on the hillOct 30, 20085200Approved
graffito on the groundOct 30, 20082670Approved
graffito on the mountainOct 30, 20082940Approved
mysterious areaOct 29, 20087610Approved
weird moundsOct 28, 20083990Approved
Yurts in DesertOct 28, 20081,0160Approved
shinning golden glareOct 28, 20083190Approved
weird plane-shaped dark areaOct 22, 20081,1460Approved
Qiantang River Tidal BoreOct 22, 20083410Approved
Yunaguni Underwater RuinsOct 20, 20081,0620Approved
Heiwajima Motor Boat Racing CourseOct 20, 20083230Approved
Tamagawa Motor Boat Racing CourseOct 20, 20082580Approved
Taipei MRT Beitou DepotOct 20, 20083610Approved
TokyotokeibaOct 20, 20083050Approved
wreck of shipsApr 22, 20081,2900Approved
Sad AlienApr 8, 20089880Approved
Andrea Bocelli - Under The Desert Sky - Live In Las Vegas 2006Apr 3, 20085220Approved
Supreme TeamApr 1, 20083740Approved
REALLY long trainMar 30, 20084,6330Approved
Deja VuMar 29, 20089790Approved
mysterious dark areaMar 29, 20083,0160Approved
a crowd of animalsMar 28, 20085370Approved
Strange facilityMar 28, 20089670Approved
Tom SawyerMar 28, 20084260Approved
Horrible FaceMar 28, 20081,8440Approved
well or pondMar 28, 20084020Approved
Weird wellMar 28, 20084300Approved
The Palm Deira(under construction)Mar 28, 20086810Approved
an exclamation markMar 28, 20083720Approved
maze on the roofMar 27, 20082390Approved
What are you doing, man?Mar 27, 20085390Approved
Unyo MaruMar 27, 20083730Approved
Embassies in TokyoMar 27, 20082570Approved
Same 2 buses appear at different placesMar 25, 20081,1550Approved
Big Mapping TroubleMar 25, 20081,8090Approved
TV TokyoMar 23, 20084110Approved
maze on the roof ?Mar 23, 20082730Approved
Daikanyama AddressMar 23, 20085410Approved
NTT East CorporationMar 23, 20083130Approved
Tokyo Opera CityMar 23, 20084220Approved
Tokyo Womens Medical UniversityMar 23, 20085460Approved
Akasaka Biz TowerMar 23, 20085640Approved
TBS(Tokyo Broadcasting System)Mar 23, 20083230Approved
Hard Rock Cafe, TokyoMar 22, 20083100Approved
Roppongi AnnexMar 22, 20083530Approved
building in demolishedMar 22, 20083690Approved
National Cancer Center (Tsukiji Campus)Mar 22, 20081731Approved
St. Lukes International HospitalMar 22, 20083620Approved
Aeon (JUSCO)Shinnome Shopping CenterMar 22, 20085720.333333Approved
Wowow Broadcasting CenterMar 22, 20082650Approved
Imperial Hotel TokyoMar 22, 20083610Approved
Matsuzakaya GinzaMar 22, 20084390Approved
Mitsukoshi GinzaMar 22, 20083790Approved
(Bumb)Tokyo Sports Culture MuseumMar 22, 20084480Approved
Tokyo Water Science MuseumMar 22, 20083420Approved
Wind Power Station in Wakasu,TokyoMar 22, 20082680Approved
TEPCO--Tokyo Electric Power CoMar 22, 20083610Approved
Tokyo Gas Science MuseumMar 22, 20084500Approved
Ooedo Onsen MonogatariMar 22, 20083510Approved
Tikyo Fashion Town (TFT)BuildingMar 22, 20082410Approved
Ariake Tennis Forest ParkMar 22, 20083280Approved
Ariake Frontier BuildingMar 22, 20082520Approved
Tokyo International Exchange CenterMar 22, 20084300Approved
Time 24Mar 22, 20082450Approved
Aomi Frontier BuildingMar 22, 20082170Approved
Fuji TV Wangan StudioMar 22, 20083030Approved
Yotei-maruMar 22, 20082980Approved
Fuji Film Fujimiya FactoryMar 22, 20083230Approved
The Victoria TowersMar 17, 20081,3640Approved
Fujisan Weather StationDec 3, 20073340Approved
Hototogisu MonumentDec 3, 20074530Approved
Shonan VillageDec 3, 20073430Approved
National Defence Acaddemy of JapanDec 3, 20074200Approved
MoS, TaipeiDec 2, 20073180Approved
Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming CenterDec 2, 20075780Approved
BLue Lagoon Water ParkNov 30, 20074450Approved
Discovery WorldNov 30, 20073800Approved
Mala BayNov 30, 20073500Approved
Formosa Fun CoastNov 30, 20073970Approved
THSR (Taiwan High Speed Rail)TrainsetNov 28, 20074790Approved
Juming MuseumNov 28, 20072350Approved
Blue Fall (Free Fall)Nov 28, 20073580Approved
Mosaic Mall, Yokohama KohokuNov 27, 20074610Approved
Mosaic Ginza HankyoNov 27, 20074390Approved
Mosaic GardenNov 27, 20073960Approved
Otsu Biwako Bicycle Racing TrackNov 15, 20072581Approved
Biwako Ohashi Golf CourseNov 15, 20075870Approved
East Coast Seafood CentreNov 4, 20076470Approved
Gallery HotelNov 4, 20074870Approved
Hi-Flyer balloon in SingaporeNov 2, 20074210Approved
Zhoukoudian - The Peking-man findOct 30, 20074390Approved
Invisible carMay 7, 20072,0900Approved
Emirates Karting CentreApr 20, 20078950Approved
Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum HouseApr 20, 20074810Approved
Heritage House DubaiApr 20, 20073720Approved
New Dubai HospitalApr 20, 20074600Approved
The Etisalat Tower, DubaiApr 20, 20074400Approved
Dubai Creek TowerApr 19, 20075930Approved
AL Khaleej Palace HotelApr 19, 20074250.333333Approved
Hyatt Regency DubaiApr 19, 20075290.5Approved
Ras Al Khor Wildlife SanctuaryApr 19, 20075150Approved
Dubai Airport ExpoApr 19, 20079670.5Approved
Jumeirah Archaeological SiteApr 19, 20076720Approved
Dubai Central PrisonApr 19, 20071,6470Approved
Nad Al Sheba RacecourseApr 19, 20077060Approved
Dubai Camel RacecourseApr 19, 20075430Approved
Jumeirah Grand MosqueApr 19, 20074500Approved
Dubai ZooApr 19, 20076230Approved
Safa Park, DubaiApr 19, 20076120Approved
Park Hyatt DubaiApr 18, 20075250Approved
Dubai Tennis StadiumApr 18, 20074240Approved
Al Boom Tourist VillageApr 18, 20075720Approved
Wonder Land, DubaiApr 18, 20077600Approved
Dubai Childrens CityApr 18, 20073480Approved
Dubai CourtsApr 18, 20074710Approved
Dubai MuseumApr 18, 20074280Approved
The Grand MosqueApr 18, 20073110Approved
Hard Rock Cafe, DubaiApr 18, 20073100Approved
Dubai Police AcademyApr 18, 20075710Approved
Wild Wadi Water ParkApr 18, 20075890Approved
Bur Juman TowersApr 17, 20075540Approved
Le Meridien DubaiApr 17, 20074050Approved
Nujoom Islands ProjectApr 17, 20075580Approved
The Mall of the EmiratesApr 17, 20078210Approved
Al Attar Business TowerApr 17, 20073650Approved
Dusit DubaiApr 17, 20073500Approved
Capricorn TowerApr 16, 20072390Approved
Shangri-La HotelApr 16, 20073670Approved
Chelsea Tower DubaiApr 16, 20075310Approved
Crowne Plaza Hotel DubaiApr 16, 20074650Approved
API World TowerApr 16, 20075410Approved
Dubai World Trade CenterApr 16, 20075260.5Approved
Dubai Exhibition HallApr 16, 20073270Approved
Jumeirah Beach Hotel, DubaiApr 16, 20074940Approved
Al Maktoum BridgeApr 16, 20073710Approved
The Portman Ritz-Carlton Hotel, ShanghaiApr 12, 20074220Approved
Shanghai Exhibition CenterApr 12, 20072970Approved
Astor House HotelApr 12, 20074100Approved
Peace HotelApr 12, 20073770Approved
Ritz Carlton, DohaJan 7, 20076030Approved
National Museum of ScotlandJan 1, 20073490Approved
Carlton HillJan 1, 20072980Approved
National Monument,ScotlandJan 1, 20073820Approved
John Knox s HouseJan 1, 20073400Approved
St. Giles CathedralJan 1, 20073280Approved
Doha Horse TrackDec 30, 20064900Approved
Qatar F1 racewayDec 30, 20061,5320Approved
2 F15 over QatarDec 30, 20069180Approved
Mill Ends ParkDec 29, 20063560Approved
Tatara BridgeDec 28, 20063540Approved
Amazing IslandDec 28, 200611,8940Approved
338m Supertanker in MalaysiaDec 28, 20066870Approved
Airplane approaching DohaDec 28, 20065040Approved
Landing in one secondDec 27, 20065170Approved
Lonely PlaneDec 27, 20064150Approved
5 submarines in XizhouDec 27, 20065950Approved
Super TankerDec 27, 20065260Approved
6 submarines in Daxie, ChinaDec 27, 20064540Approved
6 submarines in QingdaoDec 27, 20065210Approved
Plane heading airport, ChinaDec 27, 20064460Approved
Submarine in Qingdao,ChinaDec 27, 20063640Approved
8 submarines, ChinaDec 27, 20064820Approved
4 Submarines in ChinaDec 27, 20064680Approved
Neaped Freighter in SyriaDec 25, 20066680Approved
Mausoleum of King Nadir Shah GhaziDec 22, 20065710Approved
Kabul MuseumDec 22, 20064780.333333Approved
Darulaman PalaceDec 22, 20064290Approved
Boeing 707Dec 21, 20067620Approved
Douglas DC-10Dec 21, 20061,0570Approved
Douglas DC-8Dec 21, 20061,0290Approved
Museum of Aeronautical SciencesDec 21, 20063160Approved
Temple Bar MemorialDec 19, 20062540Approved
National Maritime MuseumDec 19, 20063010Approved
Sherlock Holmes MuseumDec 19, 20063130Approved
Marble ArchDec 19, 20063400Approved
Serpentine GalleryDec 19, 20062610Approved
Albert MemorialDec 19, 20062580Approved
Natural History MuseumDec 19, 20062320Approved
Royal College of MusicDec 19, 20063080Approved
Tam-Shui Fishermans WharfDec 18, 20064430Approved
limousineDec 15, 20062950Approved
Huge DoggyDec 15, 20062610Approved
Yongzhaoling MausoleumDec 14, 20062670Approved
a man and his planeDec 14, 20065750Approved
small propeller-driven aircraftDec 14, 20063090Approved
Cool PlaneDec 13, 20063240Approved
Crop Circle RemainsDec 13, 20062860Approved
Flying small planeDec 13, 20064180Approved
Black plane or shadowDec 13, 20063700Approved
Blackpool War MemorialDec 13, 20062140Approved
Blackwall Tunnel ventilation towersDec 13, 20064320Approved
Yoyogi sports complexDec 12, 20063530Approved
Yokkaichi DomeDec 12, 20062340Approved
Tokyo Bay KannonDec 12, 20062480Approved
Sendai DaikannonDec 12, 20063230Approved
Osaka Maritime MuseumDec 12, 20063210.833333Approved
Museum of Maritime ScienceDec 12, 20062590Approved
Shibuya 109 TowerDec 12, 20063660Approved
Ariake ColiseumDec 12, 20062660.5Approved
Ariake Sports CentreDec 12, 20063290Approved
Ajinomoto StadiumDec 12, 20062570Approved
2 F-15 in the skyDec 12, 20068830Approved
Atakule TowerDec 12, 20067350Approved
Russian Krug HFDF antenna, OdessaDec 12, 20065680Approved
McDonalds in KievDec 12, 20063870Approved
Skymark StadiumDec 12, 20063840Approved
Kobe Wing StadiumDec 12, 20063450Approved
Osaka DomeDec 12, 20063150Approved
Nagai StadiumDec 12, 20064130Approved
Hiroshima Big Arch StadiumDec 12, 20063130Approved
Nagoya DomeDec 12, 20062590Approved
Niigata StadiumDec 12, 20061980Approved
Toyota StadiumDec 12, 20063050Approved
Stadium EcopaDec 12, 20062350Approved
Chukyo RacecourseDec 12, 20062690Approved
Emirates PalaceDec 12, 20065460Approved
22 Grounded ships in Western SaharaDec 11, 20068220Approved
Ship TombDec 11, 20069520Approved
Another shipwreckDec 11, 20067070.5Approved
ShipwreckDec 11, 20065210Approved
Sky Dream FukuokaDec 11, 20062950Approved
Changsha Ferris WheelDec 11, 20063550Approved
The Singapore FlyerDec 11, 20065760Approved
Plane in a parkDec 11, 20062710Approved
Tower of the sunDec 10, 20063550Approved
Hanyangling MausoleumDec 10, 20062840Approved
Giant TaijiDec 10, 20063590Approved
National Museum of ChinaDec 10, 20063830Approved
Armed SA-2 Missile SiteDec 10, 20065350Approved
Yonghouling MausoleumDec 9, 20062650Approved
Yongdingling MausoleumDec 9, 20062160Approved
Yongxiling MausoleumDec 9, 20062460Approved
Yongchangling MausoleumDec 9, 20062340Approved
How did it come to hereDec 9, 20065480Approved
VARYAG, DalianDec 9, 20066620Approved
MINSK, ShenZhenDec 9, 20065080Approved
Chinese missle submarineDec 9, 20069540Approved
ShangrilaDec 9, 20063110Approved
Giant ChineseDec 9, 20063310Approved
Saint Petersburg TV TowerDec 9, 20065430Approved
RTV tower in PiaskiDec 9, 20062870Approved
The Skylon TowerDec 9, 20064080Approved
Iglica (The Spire)Dec 9, 20062400Approved
Kamzik TV TowerDec 9, 20063960Approved
KVLY-TV mastDec 9, 20061,4380Approved
Vilnius TV TowerDec 9, 20064210Approved
Jiangsu Nanjing TV TowerDec 9, 20062570Approved
Mumbai Television TowerDec 9, 20063890Approved
Azeri TV-TowerDec 8, 20065380Approved
Salzburg CathedralDec 8, 20063810Approved
F**king VillageDec 8, 20067370.5Approved
Ferry-Dusika StadionDec 8, 20063660Approved
DonauturmDec 8, 20062420Approved
Wrecked ShipDec 8, 20064750Approved
Avro LincolnDec 8, 20064340Approved
Colonius(Cologne telecommunications tower)Dec 8, 20062950Approved
Hillbrow TowerDec 8, 20063790Approved
Tallinn TV TowerDec 8, 20063910Approved
KCTV-TowerDec 8, 20065180Approved
Alma-Ata TowerDec 8, 20065020Approved
Plane landing Songshan Airport-TaipeiDec 8, 20064200.333333Approved
Milad TowerDec 8, 20061,1550Approved
Kaifeng Broadcast and TV TowerDec 8, 20062500Approved
Daqing Broadcast and TV TowerDec 8, 20062260Approved
Shijiazhuang Broadcast and TV TowerDec 8, 20062340Approved
Hubei TV TowerDec 8, 20062170Approved
Chendu TV TowerDec 8, 20062220Approved
Tianjin Radio and Television TowerDec 8, 20063220Approved
Shenyang TV TowerDec 8, 20062430Approved
Xian TV TowerDec 8, 20062350Approved
Tang ParadiseDec 8, 20063110Approved
The Huaqing PoolDec 8, 20062130Approved
Emperor Qin Shihuang MausoleumDec 7, 20064250Approved
Emper Qin s Terracotta Warriors and Horses MuseumDec 7, 20064000Approved
Harbin International Conference and Culture CenterDec 7, 20063210Approved
Saint Sofia Church-HarbinDec 7, 20062940Approved
Mauna Kea ObservatoriesDec 6, 20063670Approved
Purple Mountain ObservatoryDec 4, 20062810Approved
National Grand TheaterDec 2, 20063590Approved
Ready to landNov 30, 20064430Approved
Dolphin pattern swimming poolNov 30, 20064640Approved
Plane in a park--QuitoNov 29, 20064670Approved
Mapping errorNov 29, 20066770Approved
Horse Track in StockholmNov 29, 20063680Approved
Two condensation trailsNov 29, 20063510Approved
Weird planeNov 29, 20063500Approved
Plane taking offNov 28, 20063040Approved
Funny GraphicsNov 28, 20065440Approved
Ready landingNov 28, 20065180Approved
Plane driving trackNov 28, 20065220Approved
Landing small planeNov 28, 20064800Approved
Tanker strandedNov 27, 20064490Approved
Weird ConstructionNov 27, 20068240Approved
giant Dragon--in chineseNov 27, 20063350Approved
Weird graphicNov 27, 20065870Approved
Meteor Crater in XinjianNov 27, 20062,3450Approved
Big stromNov 27, 20066680Approved
Plane ready to landNov 26, 20064210Approved
grain burningNov 24, 20067330Approved
Just taking offNov 24, 20065680Approved
Strange constructionNov 23, 20068730Approved
landing small planeNov 23, 20063350Approved
plane taxiing on runwayNov 23, 20063290Approved
Plane in flightNov 23, 20064450Approved
Garibaldi MonumentNov 23, 20063010Approved
Another crashed planeNov 23, 20066330.5Approved
Crashed plane-EthiopiaNov 23, 20062,3760Approved
Terrible Traffic-KampalaNov 23, 20067480Approved
The Miho Training CenterNov 23, 20063720Approved
T-33Nov 23, 20063390Approved
C-119Nov 23, 20063190Approved
a train over 1.6km-AstraliaNov 22, 20065380Approved
a plane taking offNov 22, 20064000Approved
Ritto Trainig CenterNov 22, 20063340Approved
Just landingNov 22, 20063180Approved
F-104Nov 22, 20063030Approved
Driving schoolNov 22, 20063400Approved
F16 on runwayNov 22, 20062680Approved
National Museum of Marine Biology and AquariumNov 21, 20062510Approved
Hualien Ocean ParkNov 21, 20063740Approved
88 Wood StreetNov 20, 20062320Approved
Casa BatlloNov 20, 20062280Approved
Museo BorgheseNov 19, 20063200Approved
San Giovanni in LateranoNov 19, 20062550Approved
Golden HouseNov 19, 20063280Approved
Santa Maria MaggioreNov 19, 20064290Approved
Chartres CathedralNov 19, 20062580Approved
Moses FountainNov 19, 20062790Approved
Sant Andrea al QuirinaleNov 19, 20063080Approved
Castor and PolluxNov 19, 20062420Approved
Museo delle Cere (Wax Museum)Nov 19, 20062650Approved
Wailing WallNov 17, 20067930Approved
Condensation trailNov 17, 20066650Approved
Yellow Crane TowerNov 17, 20064270Approved
Wenzou shipbuilding areaNov 17, 20062840Approved
Ship-shaped buildingNov 17, 20065920Approved
Ready to take offNov 17, 20063090Approved
Japan Racing Association Hakodate Racing CourseNov 17, 20062730Approved
Oil Storage BaseNov 17, 20063090Approved
Wind Energy StationNov 17, 20063300Approved
US Airforce Communication StationNov 17, 20064200Approved
Misawa Aviation and Science Museum, AomoriNov 17, 20062960Approved
America Misawa Air BaseNov 17, 20064790Approved
Kaminoyama ProjectNov 17, 20062870Approved
Honda Proving Ground, TochigiNov 16, 20064680Approved
Cool RefractionNov 16, 20061,4510Approved
E2C in Gifu, JapanNov 16, 20063070Approved
Plane on the groundNov 16, 20064280Approved
The National Museum,BudapestNov 16, 20063010Approved
The Gellert Medicinal Baths and HotelNov 16, 20064040Approved
E3 in NahaNov 15, 20062890Approved
Cutting planeNov 15, 20062090Approved
For Rent----Toyosaki ProjectNov 15, 20062720Approved
Landing PlaneNov 15, 20062980.333333Approved
Landing PlaneNov 15, 20063520Approved
Harrod sNov 15, 20064140Approved
Victoria and Albert MuseumNov 15, 20063250Approved
Kitt Peak National ObservatoryNov 15, 20063100Approved
Tomorrow SquareNov 14, 20063740Approved
Harbourfront LandmarkNov 14, 20063530Approved
Langham Place Office TowerNov 14, 20064090Approved
The HarbourSideNov 14, 20064180Approved
Sorrento 1Nov 14, 20064870Approved
Cheung Kong CenterNov 14, 20064630Approved
The Center TowerNov 14, 20064300Approved
Bank of China TowerNov 14, 20063830Approved
Central PlazaNov 14, 20064000.333333Approved
Two International Finance CentreNov 14, 20064230Approved
Matthias ChurchNov 14, 20062590Approved
landing runway longer than islandNov 14, 20069120Approved
Elevation ErrorNov 14, 20069070Approved
Qindao TV TowerNov 14, 20062030Approved
Q1Nov 13, 20062820Approved
Yasuda-Kasai buildingNov 13, 20062320Approved
Taipei 10 tallest buildings, 2006Nov 13, 20064660Approved
Column of Marcus AureliusNov 13, 20062960Approved
Obelisk of MontecitorioNov 13, 20062560Approved
Obelisk of Santa Maria sopra MinervaNov 13, 20062310Approved
Pie di MarmoNov 13, 20063260Approved
Sant Ignazio di LoyolaNov 13, 20062710Approved
Temple of HadrianNov 13, 20062640Approved
Arch of TitusNov 13, 20063230Approved
Capitoline Museums-Palazzo dei ConservatoriNov 13, 20062610Approved
Capitoline Museums-Palazzo NuovoNov 13, 20062770Approved
San Marco ChurchNov 13, 20062700Approved
Lancaster HouseNov 13, 20062250Approved
Queens ChapelNov 13, 20063140Approved
St. James s ChurchNov 13, 20062730Approved
Spencer HouseNov 13, 20062260Approved
Ritz HotelNov 13, 20062350Approved
Museum of MankindNov 13, 20063360Approved
Royal Academy of ArtsNov 13, 20062090Approved
The AlbanyNov 13, 20063190Approved
Horse GuardsNov 13, 20063210Approved
The Banqueting HouseNov 13, 20062050Approved
Bomb indicatorsNov 12, 20063380Approved
boats on cruise and strange structuresNov 12, 20066760Approved
two large swirlsNov 12, 20063950Approved
Mysterious triangle on KiribatiNov 12, 20067870Approved
Lloyds of LondonNov 12, 20062470Approved
Mansion HouseNov 12, 20064671Approved
Staple InnNov 12, 20062730Approved
Hotel RussellNov 12, 20062910Approved
Marble Hill HouseNov 12, 20064110Approved
Trafalgar TavernNov 12, 20062210Approved
Royal Naval CollegeNov 12, 20062370Approved
London ZooNov 12, 20065630Approved
London Central MosqueNov 12, 20062490Approved
Mme Tussauds and the PlanetariumNov 12, 20062750.333333Approved
All Souls, Langham PlaceNov 12, 20062560Approved
White Cross MarkNov 12, 20062700Approved
blood pond in UKNov 10, 20063140Approved
unformed crop circleNov 10, 20066680Approved
strange unkown objects on the imageNov 10, 20065950Approved
Millau Viaduct ProjectNov 9, 20066680Approved
Barbury CastleNov 9, 20063590Approved
many weird planeNov 9, 20064040Approved
GlidersNov 9, 20062550Approved
National Forest Maize MazeNov 9, 20063961Approved
Plane and its ghost shadowNov 8, 20062880Approved
CKS(Chiang Kai-Shek) catacombsNov 8, 20063000Approved
Tamsuei Airport Theme RestaurantNov 8, 20062630Approved
Nissan in KaminokawaNov 8, 20062950Approved
snake or dragon?Nov 8, 20063270Approved
Chinese Aircraft Carrier in TianjinNov 6, 20062,7610Approved
Aircrafts in RiyadhNov 6, 20065530Approved
Huangguoshu FallNov 4, 20062,1270Approved
Beijing New Capital International AirportNov 1, 20064250Approved
Dr. Sun Yat-sen s MausoleumNov 1, 20062830Approved
Queen PerseusNov 1, 20066090Approved
Shanghai UniversityOct 31, 20063970Approved
aircrafts in central ShanghaiOct 31, 20064590Approved
Shanghai Botanical GardenOct 31, 20063050Approved
Taipei City HallOct 28, 20063010Approved
Yueyaquan( Crescent Moon Spring)Oct 28, 20063870Approved
Xintiandi, ShanghaiOct 27, 20064090Approved
Shanghai Meglev Long Yang Road StationOct 27, 20064190Approved
Shanghai ZooOct 27, 20062940Approved
National Museum of Natural ScienceOct 27, 20062680Approved
Hongqiao Airport,ShanghaiOct 26, 20062700Approved
Shanghai StadiumOct 26, 20062430Approved
Shanghai Grand TheatreOct 26, 20062620Approved
Shanghai MuseumOct 26, 20062430Approved
Shanghai City HallOct 26, 20063290Approved
Yu YuanOct 26, 20062520Approved
Shanghai Science and Technology MuseumOct 26, 20063690Approved
Century Park, ShanghaiOct 26, 20063860Approved
Epicenter of 921 EarthquakeOct 26, 20067340Approved
Rainbow Bridge, TokyoOct 26, 20064440Approved
Palette Town LandmarkOct 26, 20063170Approved
Hakeijima Sea ParadiseOct 26, 20066520Approved
Chin Shan Nuclear Power StationOct 26, 20065990Approved
Taipei Martyrs ShrineOct 26, 20062890Approved
Greenhouse of NMNSOct 26, 20062260Approved
Lake JiamingOct 26, 20063640Approved
Wusanto ReservoirOct 25, 20062270Approved
Tsengwen ReservoirOct 25, 20062910Approved
Sun-moon LakeOct 25, 20064430Approved
Agoden ReservoirOct 25, 20062610Approved
Yushan National ParkOct 25, 20066620Approved
Penghu National Scenic AreaOct 25, 20063020Approved
Northeast Coastal Scenic AreaOct 25, 20062850Approved
National Palace MuseumOct 25, 20062300Approved
GuanyinshanOct 25, 20065590Approved
Dapeng Bay National Scenic AreaOct 25, 20063590Approved
Alishan National Scenic AreaOct 25, 20066090Approved
Taroko National Park EntranceOct 24, 20063340Approved
The Feitsui Reservoir , TaipeiOct 24, 20064410Approved
National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial HallOct 24, 20062460Approved
Bahrain artificial islandsOct 23, 20061,0700Approved


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