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prettygoodcarpenter has added 127 files to the site and they've been downloaded a total of 174,976 times.

Tsunami overlayAug 3, 200512,0140Approved
Beslan School takeoverAug 1, 200511,6560Approved
Photo overlay- Katrina in GulfSep 8, 20057,3680Approved
Berlin Wall (photo overlay)Aug 23, 20056,7640Approved
Superdome OverlaySep 8, 20056,1310Approved
Israeli Nuclear research centerAug 14, 20055,2660.333333Approved
Cars lined for gasoline, Mobile, ALSep 12, 20054,9670Approved
Montage image of Katrina storm trackSep 8, 20054,7900Approved
Earthquakes - USGSAug 19, 20053,8920Approved
The Rock of GibraltarJul 21, 20053,7570.333333Approved
Biloxi and KatrinaSep 4, 20053,5390Approved
Tora BoraJul 31, 20053,1560Approved
Help written in debris, Grand Isle, LASep 7, 20053,0850Approved
Pentagon September 12, 2001Aug 11, 20053,0160Approved
Flooding, St. Bernards Parish (overlay)Sep 10, 20052,9130Approved
Lake Ponchartrain flooded amusement parkSep 8, 20052,8480Approved
CIA interrogation facility outside KabulAug 13, 20052,6060Approved
Earthquake July 24,2005Jul 24, 20052,4510.333333Approved
Abu GhuraybAug 2, 20052,1180Approved
In the path of KatrinaSep 10, 20052,0060Approved
M2.5 and larger earthquakes last seven daysAug 20, 20051,9720Approved
Iranian Nuclear Weapons ReactorJul 28, 20051,8860Approved
Mobile, Al Route 31 bridge damageSep 4, 20051,8450Approved
Arak, IranAug 1, 20051,7910Approved
Yongbyon plutonium enrichment facility, North KoreaAug 1, 20051,7490.5Approved
Iranian Nuclear Enrichment PlantAug 9, 20051,7480Approved
Port facilities near Chalmette National Historical Park, LA (overlay)Sep 10, 20051,7100Approved
Oil spill off Pass a Loutre (photo overlay)Sep 10, 20051,6760Approved
Galveston after RitaSep 26, 20051,6350Approved
Sharm El-SheikhJul 24, 20051,6241Approved
Rafah, Gaza StripAug 14, 20051,5720Approved
Isfahan Uranium Enrichment FacilityAug 1, 20051,4790Approved
Mosque of MedinaJul 25, 20051,4620Approved
Gulf Stream with eddies (overlay)Aug 23, 20051,4440Approved
Edwards AFBJul 22, 20051,4060Approved
Navy Support Facility, Diego Garcia IslandAug 13, 20051,3120Approved
Chevron Refinery - Post KatrinaSep 10, 20051,2870Approved
Bay St. Louis, MSSep 9, 20051,2821Approved
Highway 46, Lake Calebasse, LASep 10, 20051,2720Approved
Missile Base, Novosibirsk, RussiaAug 17, 20051,2530.5Approved
Radio tower survivesSep 9, 20051,2130Approved
Pearlington, MissSep 7, 20051,1650Approved
Holly Beach, LA Rita Damage photo-overlaySep 26, 20051,1380Approved
Diego GarciaAug 3, 20051,0980Approved
Mt Weather Continuity of Government FacilityAug 21, 20051,0810Approved
Sabine Pass, TX oil rigs movedSep 26, 20051,0810Approved
Cinder cone, TenerifeAug 2, 20051,0750Approved
Darfur refugee campAug 14, 20051,0730Approved
Mount KatahdinJul 21, 20051,0690Approved
Smoke plume from WTC OverlayAug 11, 20051,0190Approved
Karshi-Khanabad Airbase, Uzbekistan (Overlay)Aug 13, 20059830Approved
Imam Ali Mosque, Najaf, IraqAug 1, 20059350Approved
Bay St. Louis Rural DetailSep 9, 20059000Approved
JA8085Sep 12, 20058980Approved
UxmalAug 15, 20058940Approved
State Highway 27, Cameron,LASep 26, 20058930Approved
Robben Island PrisonJul 28, 20058400Approved
800 foot ship with tug boat escortJul 29, 20058050Approved
Sabine Pass, TXSep 26, 20058000Approved
Darunta Al-qaeda training camp (closed)Aug 1, 20057570Approved
Semi-circlesAug 12, 20057510Approved
Ibn Tulun Mosque, CairoJul 31, 20057430Approved
Mosque of Samarra with spiral ziggurat, IraqJul 25, 20057010Approved
Over the horizon backscatter radar siteAug 2, 20056980Approved
Acadia National ParkJul 21, 20056730Approved
Neve DekalimAug 18, 20056530Approved
Henry David Thoreaus house in the woodsAug 21, 20056440Approved
Garbage truck picking up trash in the parkAug 24, 20056370Approved
Pitcairn Island Map overlayAug 23, 20056270Approved
Kuwaiti Water ParkJul 28, 20056090Approved
Grand Mosque of BamakoJul 31, 20056030Approved
Cairo UniversityJul 31, 20055900Approved
Ras TanuraJul 28, 20055740Approved
Hans IslandAug 13, 20055720Approved
Anti-missile radar, RussiaAug 17, 20055240Approved
Johnson Atoll, U.S.Aug 23, 20055220Approved
OpheliaSep 12, 20055210Approved
Palestinian Authority HeadquartersAug 21, 20055100Approved
International Mothers Day ShrineSep 15, 20055100Approved
Spartak Stadium and sports complexAug 1, 20055040Approved
Bomber Base, Irkutsk, RussiaAug 17, 20055030Approved
December 26, 2003 Earthquake, Bam, IranJul 31, 20055020Approved
Bunker Hill Monument, Boston, MAAug 23, 20054990Approved
Iraqi Air Force Display BaghdadAug 26, 20054980Approved
Brunswick Naval Air StationAug 8, 20054940.5Approved
North House MuseumSep 15, 20054930Approved
Three singles tennis matchesAug 24, 20054860Approved
Getty MuseumAug 26, 20054670.5Approved
A morning walk (or run)Aug 25, 20054630Approved
Earthquake 8-16-2005Aug 17, 20054480Approved
Russian SLBM FacilityAug 14, 20054380Approved
US Supreme CourtSep 15, 20054290Approved
Henderson Island (photo overlay)Aug 23, 20054280Approved
Boat flying a colorful spinnaker, Charles River, MAAug 23, 20054170Approved
North Korean Terrace farmingAug 9, 20053920.333333Approved
Car Talk PlazaAug 20, 20053900Approved
Taipei Fine Arts MuseumAug 14, 20053830Approved
South Korea National Assembly Building (hi-res overlay)Aug 13, 20053820Approved
Presque Isle State Park, NYAug 2, 20053810Approved
Rucker ParkAug 18, 20053790Approved
Laumeir Scuplture ParkAug 25, 20053720Approved
Milwaukee art MuseumAug 28, 20053700Approved
Hovenweep National MonumentAug 15, 20053630Approved
Rowing scullsAug 23, 20053630Approved
Grand Hotel TaipeiAug 14, 20053600Approved
Vigeland MonolithAug 26, 20053570Approved
American Folk Festival siteAug 27, 20053510Approved
Nelson-Atkins Museum of ArtAug 26, 20053480Approved
Make Way for DucklingsAug 20, 20053460Approved
Serra Sculpture ParkAug 26, 20053270Approved
West Quoddy HeadAug 13, 20053240Approved
Forest Clearcutting, AlaskaSep 8, 20053200Approved
Two kayaks, Charles River, MAAug 23, 20053190Approved
Diomede IslandsJul 31, 20053180Approved
Socrates Sculpture ParkAug 26, 20053000Approved
Fred Meijer Gardes and Sculpture ParkAug 26, 20052970Approved
St Louis Formal GardenAug 25, 20052960Approved
Turin CathedralAug 22, 20052950Approved
Odette Sculpture ParkAug 26, 20052930Approved
Skokie Northshore Sculpture ParkAug 26, 20052880Approved
International Sculpture ParkAug 26, 20052870Approved
Helicopter on ground, Boston, MAAug 23, 20052830Approved
Open Air Museum, Zwijndrecht, HollandAug 26, 20052750Approved
Grounds for SculptureAug 26, 20052740Approved
Massachussetts Museum of Contemporary ArtAug 11, 20052630Approved
Georges Bank (overlay)Aug 23, 20052600Approved
DeCordova museum of artAug 25, 20052240Approved


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