A fresh new look for Google Earth Hacks

It’s an update that is WAY overdue, but our huge update to GEH is finally complete.

There were a variety of issues with the old site. The forum software didn’t work properly, the site didn’t have SSL, and it didn’t work properly on mobile devices. We’ve resolved all of those issues and added a few new pieces.

We migrated the full collection of 27,761 files over to WordPress into a hand-built custom post type, which allows us to do some fun sorting and filtering of things. The easiest way to dig in is now straight from the home page, where you can filter or search and see the results without leaving the page.

We have so much great content submitted by users over the years, and I hope the new faster, friendlier format gives you a great way to check everything out.

Have fun!

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    • Thanks! It’s not nearly as fun and social as it used to be, but at least the files can stay out there for people to enjoy for a while longer now.

  1. Since all the old links are now broken – is there any way to easily re-find these links? There used to be a location-based network link that showed the closest GEH files – any way this can be resurrected?

    • I’m looking to re-build a few features like that over time, but that one is unlikely. It used my huge kludgy database to make that happen, and that really doesn’t exist anymore. I have backups, of course, but nothing I can easily push live.

  2. new GEH – Great new site !

    one first Q: should I log in? and if… with my old GEH userid?

    a couple of more Q’s:
    1)Files that where net links has currently no download button in the post.
    2)Will there be user correction of submitted post with updates of files and descriptions
    3)old forum moderators status (no need anymore? consider status/end mail)

    It’s a great new GE site!!!

    /T.Dooley… old GEH user

    • Good questions and good to see you!

      No login of any kind, at least for now. We simplified things a lot.

      Not sure why the network link ones are missing the download links. I’ll look into that.

      Still much to do, but it’s coming along…

  3. I loved the new site. It’s very easy to use, but I noticed something strange. I tryed to download some .kmz files with Nazca Lines information, but anyone I try send me to a 404 error page.

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