Mechdyne Unveils Visualization Software for Google Earth

January 24, 2007 | 1 Comment

MARSHALLTOWN, IA, January 24, 2007 — Mechdyne Corporation today announced that its VRCO software division released Conduit for Google Earth Pro 4.0, a visualization middleware package that enables stereoscopic display of desktop-based imagery and viewing in multi-planar, large-scale immersive and interactive displays such as the walk-in CAVE and reconfigurable FLEX wall-size display systems available from […]

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CAPTCHA problem when downloading files (update: resolved)

January 20, 2007 | Comments Off on CAPTCHA problem when downloading files (update: resolved)

 (note: this issue has now been resolved.  please let us know if you still experience this problem.) We’ve just been made aware of problem that some of you are experiencing when trying to download a file from our site. The problem is that the CAPTCHA (image verification) isn’t showing up, and therefore you’re unable to […]

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Coming Soon to Google Earth – Toxic Wastelands!

January 20, 2007 | 2 Comments

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced earlier this week that they would begin making hazardous site information available for GIS applications such as Google Earth. Agency representatives at a public meeting here on Wednesday unveiled what they billed as the first step in a new push to make the EPA’s vast scientific data stores […]

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New NASA network links for GE

January 20, 2007 | Comments Off on New NASA network links for GE

It’s been a month since Google and NASA signed their ‘Space Act Agreement’, an act that will lead to 3D mapping of the moon and mars being made available for free using Google Earth software. In the mean time, someone called OnEarthWMS has been posting some simply marvellous network links at the GEC using some of […]

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First 3D-city outside USA

January 17, 2007 | 10 Comments

Google Earth offers more than 30 cities in 3D – all in the USA. Now Google is going to offer a new city in 3D – outside the USA! The online version of the German news magazine Spiegel reports, that Google Earth is going to offer the first 3D city outside the USA. Within the […]

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Google Earth Gaming

January 16, 2007 | Comments Off on Google Earth Gaming – the German online magazine for computergames – reviews about another use of Google Earth instead of peeking in the neighbors garden, finding aliens or preplaning the next vacations: gaming! From GE War to Mars sucks – six different games bring more fun and popularity to the growing Google Earth community. The whole review […]

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