Check out the Digital Earth Blog

Here’s a new blog to check out – the Digital Earth Blog.

Basically, I came back from Where 2.0 and the Google Developer Day excited about a lot of different products — Google Maps and Microsoft Virtual Earth being two that I’ve gained a lot of respect for.  Of course, Google Earth is still my first love, but I thought I’d probably be wanting to talk a lot about a variety of products.  This didn’t really seem like the place for that.

So, I started the Digital Earth Blog, covering all software related to digital mapping.  For now, the focus is on the three mentioned above but it’ll certainly cover more over time.

This blog will continue to exist and really shouldn’t change much.  It’ll continue report any major site changes or big releases for Google Earth.  Since I’ll be trying to cover a variety of software on the new blog, don’t be looking for deep daily updates on any specific platform.  If you are wanting very in-depth Google Earth coverage, be sure to subscribe to Frank Taylor’s Google Earth Blog, though I’m guessing most of you are already following it.