3 Cleveland Class Cruiser in San Francisco 1946

The United States Navy designed the Cleveland class of light cruisers for World War II with the goal of increased range and AA armament as compared with earlier classes.

Although 39 ships were projected to be built, only 27 were actually commissioned. Two additional ships, USS Fargo (CL-106) and USS Huntington (CL-107) were completed to a slightly different design, with a more compact superstructure and single funnel, and were known as the Fargo class. Nine ships were reordered as Independence-class light carriers. Six ships were later refit as Galveston- and Providence-class guided missile cruisers.

The ships were mainly used in the Pacific during World War II, but some saw action in Europe and off the coast of Africa. All survived the war. Except for Manchester, which remained in service until 1956, all were decommissioned by 1950. The six converted into missile ships were reactivated in the mid-50’s and retired in the early 70’s.

Only one Cleveland class ship remains, Little Rock, which is now a museum in Buffalo, NY.

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