3 A-4 Skyhawks at MCOLF Atlantic

Atlantic was built during WW2 as a satellite airfield for MCAS Cherry Point. The Navy acquired 1,470 acres of land in early 1942, and construction commenced later that year.

The 1st aircraft reportedly arrived at Atlantic in 1943 [but that is contradicted by the 1942 photos above], the Douglas SDB Dauntless dive bombers of VMSB-341, followed shortly by VMSB-342.

Atlantic was commissioned as a Marine Corps Auxiliary Airfield in 1943. A total complement of 36 aircraft was present on the base in 1943 – 35 SBDs & one J2F Duck amphibian. A hangar was completed in late 1943, as well as barracks, workshops & other buildings.
Several other Marine dive bombing squadrons were assigned to Atlantic during 1943. In 1944 a detachment of Air Warning Squadron AWS-16 arrived, as well as VMSB-934 with new Curtiss SB2C Helldivers.



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