3D – Wind Turbines – Aeolian Park Osorio – RS – Brazil

The Osório Wind Farm produces electric energy from wind, and is located at the city of Osório, RS, Brazil. The turbine model is an Enercon E-70/2000 KW, which weighs 810 tons each. The wind farm´s 75 wind turbines are 98 metres high. Considering the blade tip positioned at a upright vertical position, such height rises up to 140 metres high. Such wind farm can be seen both from BR-230 and RS-30 highways. The tower segments were produced in Gravataí, RS, Brazil and sent to Osório, where they were installed. The wind turbine rotor blades were manufactured in Sorocaba, SP Brazil, by Wobben Windpower, subsidiary of the ENERCON GmbH, Germany.

Souce: Wikipedia

created by Walter Ribeiro – Brazil, Campinas
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