461st BG (H), Mission 63, Aircraft Engine Factory Ostmark

16 July 1944, Target: Wiener Neudorf Aircraft Engine Factory, Austria

The Group continued the use of pathfinder methods with a formation of four flights against the Wiener Neudorf Aircraft Engine Factory in Austria on 16 July. Bombing through an almost complete undercast, the Group missed the target when the bombs fell short and to the right.

In Austria, around 380 bombers attack oil and aircraft targets in the Vienna area, bombing Munchendorf Airfield, Winterhafen oil depot, Vienna marshalling yard, and Wiener Neudorf engine factory; P-51s and P-38s fly 150+ sorties in escort while 132 other P-51s sweep the Vienna area; 100+ fighters oppose the raids; 10 AAF aircraft are lost and several others are missing; AAF claims of fighters shot down total 30+.


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