Akbar Khan Hospital, Kabul, Afghanistan

Following extensive renovations, Wazir Akbar Khan Hospital in the Afghan capital, Kabul, was handed over to the Ministry of Public Health on 25 January 2005.

The Red Cross’ connection with Wazir Akbar Khan Hospital goes back many years. The 100-bed facility was, and still is, the main referral hospital for orthopaedic and emergency surgery in Afghanistan. In the 1990s, as fighting raged in and around Kabul, the ICRC provided the hospital with regular supplies of medicines, medical material, food and fuel -– help it sorely needed. In 1994, for example, up to one third of the capital’s thousands of war wounded were treated there or at Karte Seh Hospital in western Kabul, which the ICRC also supported. Between 1996 and 2004, Wazir Akbar Khan Hospital admitted 71,500 patients and performed 50,000 operations. Some 28,600 patients received blood transfusions.

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