Biggest Front Shovel Excavator, Aurora Oil Shale Mine, Canada

With a huge 2,223,000 lb use-weight, the O&K RH 400 built in Germany the biggest front-shovel-excavator world-wide . It was presented in 1997 to the public in Dortmund officially.

This colossus of two 16 cylinder engines is based on directly-injecting turbo-diesel-aggregates from the Cummins company. These two engines of the type QSK 60 are developping power of 4398 HP together. In order to start up these two monstrous motors, the RH 400 is equipped with six 24V/510Ah car-batteries. The maximum output of the engines is reached at 1800 r.p.m. and these are supplied from one 4228 U.S. gal grasping fuel-tank. With these huge figures and the patented Tri-Power geometry, the RH 400 develops a shovel-encouragement-strength from a brutal 711,000 lb. The shovel-volume of this giant corresponds to a payload of 189,000 lb which amounts to 57 yd³. The hydraulics-system is supplied of a 3435 U.S. gal grasping tank. If it depends on it, the 18 hydraulics-pumps are in the position to pump 2642 U.S. gal oils per minute through the cylinders with a work-print of 4495 psi. Consequently, the RH 400 reaches cover-performances from up to 17,778,000 lb/h. The outer total-impression of this giant is just as huge. It is 32’1" wide and from the roof of the driver-cubicle down to the ground measures it 33’4" high. And with its 36’1" long, 10" high and 6’6" wide chains, the RH forces a traction force of over 889,000 lb.

Since 1997 only 6 of this gigantic earth-moving-machines built and shipped to America. Five of them work in a mine in Canada and one in the USA.



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