Boeseckendorf – Nearly the whole residents of the village fled in 1961

In the evening of October 2. 1961 14 families (53 citicens) of the village Böseckendorf fled over the newly erected border fence between West Germany and the GDR. It was the biggest common escape from the GDR ever known.

The escape was preceded by the systematic expansion of the border by the GDR leadership. After close to Böseckendorf been the first concrete post had been set up) were rumors of imminent "forced evacuations" of "negative elements" from the border area (Action cornflower, see also Action vermin. The Ministry of State Security had to arrange deportation lists, on which stood above all the names of farmers who had opposed the inclusion in the LPG, which for most long-established farmers in the conservative Catholic Eichsfeld was true. Many of the refugees found shelter in Angerstein north of Göttingen a new home.

The history of escape was used 2009 as the basis for the Sat.1 TV Böseckendorf – The night in which a village vanished.

The former border can be seen in the forest to the west of Böseckendorf.


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