British Airways Flight 38 crash site

British Airways Flight 38 (call sign Speedbird 38) was a scheduled flight from Beijing Capital International Airport which crash landed just short of the runway at its destination, Heathrow Airport, London, on 17 January 2008 after an 8,100 kilometres (4,400 nmi; 5,000 mi) flight. There were no fatalities, but thirteen people sustained injuries. It was the first accident that resulted in a Boeing 777 hull loss.

The cause was determined to be ice crystals in the fuel clogging the fuel-oil heat exchanger of each engine. This restricted fuel flow to the engines as thrust was demanded during the final approach to Heathrow. Because temperatures in flight had not dropped below the 777’s designed operating parameters, the AAIB recommended Boeing and Rolls-Royce take interim measures on Trent 800 powered 777s to reduce the risk of ice restricting fuel delivery. Pilots now have procedures to keep such clogs from forming, and to clear them if they do form, but both the AAIB and the American NTSB have requested the part be re-designed and replaced as soon as practical. This redesign is now in progress.



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