Bungy Jumping Golden Eye 007

Where is the 007 jump set up located?
On the Verzasca dam wall, at the beginning of the Verzasca Valley (Tessin, Southern Switzerland). The Lake behind the dam is the Lake of Vogorno, the closest city is Locarno. You may drive up into the Verzasca Valley from a village named Gordola,: after just about 2 Km, you will suddenly face the wall in all its majesty: it cannot be missed! The jumping platform is located at the center of the wall.

How high is the dam wall bungy jump?
The exact jump height is 220 m. This is 722 feet!

When is the operation running?
From the Easter week end till the end of October, the operation runs in the afternoons. Schedule may however vary: phone or e-mail bookings are therefore required. For groups we can open the site anytime!

What is the price of a "Goldeneye"-jump?
For the youth (up to 18 years), students etc., the first jump is CHF 195.–/EURO 130.–, while it is CHF 255.–/EURO 170.– for adults. A second jump the same day only costs CHF 125.–. Of course, there are special fares for groups… the larger the group, the cheaper it gets! Please feel free to contact us for detailed special offers.

What are the age limits?
Minimum age is 10 (minors need a signed authorization). We kindly request those over 60 years old to bring a medical certificate.

What are the weight limits?
Minimum: 45 kg, Maximum: 110 kg.

Which jumps are feasible?
Classic jumps, such as a swan dive or a backwards jump, all the way to special jumps for trained jumpers, such as the „helicopter“ or our very own „ultimo“. More acrobatic jumps are allowed when appropriate: the Jump Master is the sole in charge of deciding who may be allowed such jumps. For the time being, due to the technique involved in the 007 jump, tandem jumps are not available. You can do tandem jumps at the Centovalli bridge jumping center (it is only 20 min. away from the dam).

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