CCGS Terry Fox, Canadian Coast Guard Heavy Gulf icebreaker

Named after the late cancer research activist Terry Fox, the vessel was built in 1983 as MV Terry Fox by Burrard Yarrows Corporation in Victoria, British Columbia. MV Terry Fox, along with her sister ship MV Arctic Kalvik supported Gulf Oil’s operations in the Beaufort Sea during the 1980s. Not limited to escorting tankers through ice, these multipurpose ships were designed to act as heavy tugs and supply vessels to support offshore oil rig platforms in a hostile environment.

MV Terry Fox was acquired by the Canadian Coast Guard in 1992 and renamed CCGS Terry Fox. Classed as a “Heavy Gulf Icebreaker” by the coast guard, she is stationed at CCG Base Dartmouth in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and operates in the Gulf of St. Lawrence during the winter ice season and in Canada’s eastern Arctic during the summer shipping season, assisting in escorting the annual Arctic summer sealift to coastal communities.



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