Crashsite of a Boeing B-29A Superfortress

Serial: 44-62276
Operator: USAF (formerly, USAAF) 15th US Air Force, 301st Bombardment Group
Accident Date: 17 January 1949
Accident Site: Succoth Glen

Aircraft Accident Details

This particular B-29A was attached to the 301st Bombardment Group of the USAF (United States Air Forces). The aircraft had been involved in the post-war Berlin airlift. Together with another B-29, the crew were flying the aircraft back to their home base at Smoky Hill, Salina (via RAF Scampton), with a refuelling and re-supply stopover at Keflavik, Iceland. However, while over Scotland, the aircraft began to experience icing on the wings, making control of the B-29 very difficult.

The pilot of one of the two B-29s, Captain Donald E. Riggs, requested permission to return to RAF Scampton. The pilot of the B-29 featured here, 1/Lt. Sheldon Craigmyle, requested permission to climb from 10,500 to 14,500 feet. This, however, may have proved extremely difficult, if not impossible, in view of the icing on the wings. Ultimately, the aircraft lost height, clipped the summit of Beinn Tharsuinn in Argyll, and crashed in flames in Succoth Glen below.


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