E-40s House

This is E-40’s house. He is a famous Bay Area rapper.

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  1. Anthony “Tony” Loria Sr., also known as “Tony Aboudamita”, was a mobster who played a major role in the French Connection heroin scandal. In October 1973, Loria was indicted along with the boss of the Lucchese Family Carmine Tramunti and 42 other mobsters on drug dealing charges.[89] Loria was known to federal agents and the BNDD as a major drug trafficker within the Lucchese Crime Family. He was implicated along with his longtime partner Vincent Papa, Anthony Passero, Virgil Alessi and Frank D’Amato in the New York Police Department scandal which over $70 million worth of drugs seized during the French Connection operation was stolen from the police property room. The crew stole 398 pounds of heroin and 120 pounds of cocaine from 1969 to 1972.[90] Loria was convicted in 1961 trafficking heroin but was overturned on appeal 1968 for a violation of the Fourth Amendment. The case People v. Loria is still cited today in case law. Loria, along with Papa and his crew are known as “The Men who Stole The French Connection” In 1989, he died from natural causes.

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