Eltanin Crater

A 1-4 km diameter asteroid splashed into the Southern Ocean, 1500 km SW of Chile at a time that saw the emergence of modern humans.
The Eltanin crater is located in the Bellinghausen Sea, and occurred 2.15±0.5 Million years ago The Eltanin Impact Layer asteroidal debris found within that was first discovered as an Iridium anomaly in 1981. In 2004 a possible source crater was found under 5000 meters of water. The crater is 132±5km in diameter, much larger than the previously proposed size of 24 to 80 km.
The impact would have produced a 200–300 m high tsunami to the Antarctic Peninsula and the southern tip of South America 1200–1500 km away. 60 m waves would have struck New Zealand, 6000 km away.



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