Football stadiums around the world

A list of stadiums, mainly geared towards football – the european version of the game, called “soccer” on the other side of the atlantic -, but also including a few other sports.

Features over 120 stadiums, some of them were copied from the “various stadiums” file on this site (mostly african and italian ones).

Includes :
– All English Premiership clubs’ stadiums
– All French Ligue 1
– Most if not all Spanish Primera Liga
– Most if not all Italian Serie A
– All stadiums that hosted a World Cup Final
– many more from Germany, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Argentina, Brazil …

Whenever possible and relevant, the tenant club and/or the town is mentioned.

NB : Santiago Bernabeu (Madrid) and Stadio Olimpico (Roma) hosted a world cup final and are home grounds for clubs in the Liga and Serie A, I only listed them in the “World Cup Finals” folder.

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