Grave in the Middle of the Road

South of Franklin, a mile east of Highway 31 on County Road 400S is the grave of Nancy Barnett. And I do mean ON the county road, smack dab in the middle of it. At one time her grave was surrounded by other graves, but a path through the family plot eventually became a road and the other graves were moved. Her son refused to let her grave be disturbed, and at that time it wasnÕt in the way much. Years later the road was widened and her grave was in the way then, but a relative named Willard Barnett threatened workmen with a shotgun and wouldn’t allow the grave to be moved. Today it sits on a little hill in the middle of the road with a historical marker. Each end of the hill is marked by a highway sign for a divided road (a picture of a median), and each has a cross in the center of it. I wonder if these are the only such official highway signs in existence, designating a road with a grave in its middle.



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