Lidice – a czech city destroyed by the Nazis

May 27th. 1942 the Nazi-Reichsprotector Heydrich was assasinated by a bombin order of the Czech-British Operation Anthropoid on the way to his office. Hitler ordered Heydrichs replacement, Kurt Daluege, to find the assasinators in a rampage all over Czechoslowakia. Best known happened in Lidice on june 10th. when all men over 15 was put in a barn and the next day shot, women were sent to KZ Ravensbrueck and most of them died in the gas chambers. Children were sent to KZ Gneisenausstrasse in Lodz, Poland, for racial experiments. Those who were "racial OK" were sent to Germany for adoption, the rest to KZ Chelmo and were murdered in the gas chambers or shot.

The village itself was razed and bulldozed. A genuine film document, made by a German soldier, has survived.

All together, 340 people from Lidice were murdered because of the Nazi reprisal (192 men, 60 women and 88 children)




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