Luftwaffenmuseum (Airforce Museum) Berlin-Gatow

The airfield is now called General-Steinhoff Kaserne. Units now based their are Bw Fachschule Berlin-Gatow, Fernmeldeaufklärungsabschnitt 921, Luftwaffenunterstützungskompanie Gatow, Kommando 3. Luftwaffendivision, Luftwaffenmusikkorps 4 and Truppenambulanz Berlin-Gatow.

Also on the site of the former RAF station, but not part of General-Steinhoff Kaserne, is a school, the Hans-Carossa-Gymnasium, and houses for government employees of the Federal Republic of Germany. This has been since 2003 part of the district of Berlin-Kladow.

The General-Steinhoff Kaserne is also home to the Luftwaffen Museum der Bundeswehr, the museum of the Luftwaffe which has many displays (including historic aircraft) and much information on German military aviation and the history of the airfield.

I have marked every airplane which could be clearly identify.

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