Maarup Church

The church was build in 13th. century, around 2 km (1,24 miles) from the coastline today, and was the thurch of nearby village Lonstrup until 1928 when the new church was build. A new church had to be build because the sea ate the coastline bit for bit through time because of storms.
The entire interior of the church has been moved to the new church in Lonstrup.

The GE image is only 5 years old or so. Today the edge of cliff is at the red line.

On the cemetery is the anchor of the british frigate “The Crescent” which stranded here on december 6. 1808 on the way to Gothenburg, Sweden, with supplies for the British Navy fleet. 226 sailors died and were buried on the cemetery. Only 7 officers and 55 sailors survived.

For years authorities and the local people have discussed how to save the church but because of bureaukracy and ignoring inventions that can’t be proved nothing has happened. Even though it’s protected by the Danish forestal and Nature Department, Skov og Naturstyrelsen.

So when the next severe west coast storm comes the church can be gone.

Today it’s popular to get married in the church. The last funeral took place 1961.

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